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Nintendo 3DS

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  1. 3DS Battery Checker

    Check your 3DS battery.
    by Core_2_Extreme.

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  2. 3DS ROM Tool

    'rom_tool' is a command line tool designed to check/manipulate CTR Cartridge Image (CCI) files, usually referred to in the 3DS Scene as "3DS ROM dumps".
    Its major use is to reduce the size of CCI files (trimming) by removing dummy bytes(and being able to restore them again). Trimmed CCI files are compatible with the Gateway 3DS flash cart, and associated clones.

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  3. 3DS Video

    This is a program for converting videos to the 3DS.
    Source Video - Choose the video you want to convert Video Folder - Folder to place converted video in (e.g. 3DS video folder) Format - Type of 3D video, or 2D video Quality - Quality (31 is lowest, 1 is max) Advanced... - Show advanced options (replace Quality with Bitrate & FPS) Bitrate - Bitrate of converted video Framerate - Framerate of converted video Notes:
    The included ffmpeg.exe is 32-bit. If you have a 64-bit CPU, you may want to replace it.
    *Fixed: Simple Mode now rounds down the original framerate to the nearest integer and uses a maximum of 30 fps by BelowZero
    *Fixed problem with Progressbars when the program was canceled before
    *Fixed MsgBox prompt in Simple Mode
    *Simple Mode now takes over the original framerate to a max of 30 fps by BelowZero
    *Conversion of very short Testfiles works correctly now by BelowZero
    *Added choice of the duration of the test file option by BelowZero
    *Added media infos by BelowZero
    *Added test file option by BelowZero
    *Added several audio options by BelowZero
    *Enabled upscaling of video framerate by BelowZero
    *Added keep aspect ratio option by amzg
    *Improved progress bars by BelowZero 
    *GUI rewrite by amzg
    *Mirrored input option fixed by amzg
    *Progress bars added by BelowZero and amzg
    *New error if destination folder has spaces
    *GUI is disabled while converting
    *Added mirrored input option
    *Added option for 480x240 resolution (default is still 400x240)
    *More bug fixes (thanks to amzg, xxNathanxx and Guy.brush at GBATemp)
    *Remembers video folder
    *Source tidied a bit
    *Fix splitting 3D video (thanks to Stylpe at GBATemp)
    *Fixing (some of) the bugs of v0.2
    *Added auto-splitting of files
    *Added "Advanced..." options
    *Fixed bugs of v0.1
    *Initial release
    by SifJar.

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  4. 3DShell

    3DShell (pronounced 3D-Shell) - is a multi-purpose file manager GUI for the Nintendo 3DS.
    The program is currently in its early stages and lacks many features that are currently in development. More information will be given once the program matures.
    This program's design elements are clearly inspired by CyanogenMod's built in file manager, and so I take no credit for that.
    Current features:
    Storage bar (at the very top, just beneath the current working directory). Precise battery percentage using mcu::hwc Creating new folders Renaming files/folders File/folder deletion Copy/Cut files and folders Multi-select items for delete/cut/copy (using Y button) FTP server (Press select or tap the ftp icon to toggle) Image preview (If the image is around 400 * 480 which is the size of both screens, the image will be split in half and displayed. Have a look at the screenshots below). Support for the following image formats. PNG, JPG, GIF[un-animated], TGA (untested ->) HDR, PIC, PNM, PSD) Zip file extraction. Searching for directories (allows you to quickly visit a directory by clicking the search icon on the top right (bottom screen).) File properties - lets you view info on current file/folder. Screenshots - Press (L + R) -> (/screenshots/Screenshot_YearMonthDay-Num.bmp) Fast scroll - Use analog stick File's time-stamp Browsing CTRNAND MP3, vorbis (ogg), flac and wav playback support. (All thanks to deltabeard/MaK11-12) Dir list Sorting (alphabetical - ascending, alphabetical - descending, size - largest to smallest, and size - smallest to largest) Online updater (nightly/releases) Credits:
    deltabeard/MaK11-12 for sound support. mtheall for ftpd. Steveice10 for allowing me to use his screen.c C3D code as a template to build and make modifications on. preetisketch for the banner. FrozenFire for the boot logo.

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  5. b9sTool

    WARNING: Never, under any circumstance, use this homebrew in conjunction with a youtube/video guide of any kind! General Info
    This app only writes to FIRM0, not FIRM1, so it should be safe given your FIRM1 is not corrupt or a9lh'd. Never use this on anything but 3DS FIRM 11.8.X-YZ. NEVER use this if arm9loaderhax or sighax is installed (on any firmware)! The result will be a brick! Compiling:
    Just supply the current decrypted FIRMs for both new/old 3ds and put them in the firm_new and firm_old directories respectively. Then place the newest boot9strap.firm payload in the payload directory. Then compile with make FIRM_INFO="11.8 only" or whatever is actually the firmware range of the current native firm. The user does not have to supply any extra files like in previous versions. Needs the latest libfat version. Important b9sTool 5.X.X differences to 4.X.X
    This has been removed. This feature was made in the interest of safety, but the realization that the update trick can reliably restore corrupted firms made it redundant.
    It was also a pain in the ass.
    This is dumped to your boot9strap folder when b9s is installed. It isn't used now but may be useful in the future. Don't delete it.
    The hex number in the filename is the first 4 bytes of the file's SHA1.
      Cycling firm types:
    When you install boot9strap multiple times, the standard behavior is that it will cycle between b9s and stock firm.
    Don't count on this though, it's just a property of xoring operations and really isn't intended.
    It is recommended you only install boot9strap once.
      Firmware info:
    4.0.1 - 5.0.0 is for firmware 11.8 ONLY (always check the firmware in the app menu to be sure as this can change as new firmwares are released!) 4.0.0 is for firmwares 11.4 to 11.7 ONLY Be careful using b9sTool between firmware updates - only use b9sTool on the firmware it's intended for. Credits
    zoogie, plailect

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  6. BigBlueMenu - BigBlueBox

    Well heres a menu to manage all your CIA files
    You can just use the .3DS file to run and install or install the .cia to your console so its always there mucher newer than the old DevMenu version everyones using
    Enjoy as Always

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  7. Boot9strap

    Boot9/Boot11 code execution.
    Install via SafeB9SInstaller.
    Launches "boot.firm" off of the SD card or CTRNAND. Hold Start + Select + X on boot to dump the bootroms/your OTP.
    Normmatt: Theorizing the NDMA overwite exploit.
    TuxSH: Help implementing bootrom payloads.
    Luma3DS: Codebase used in the stage 2 FIRM loader.
    This software is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3.
    You can find a copy of the license in the LICENSE file.

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  8. Dead Simple EULA Set

    DSES is a simple tool to set the EULAs for the 3DS to accepted.
    In order to play 3DS games online/make use of streetpass, the 3DS makes the user accept an EULA. If this is for in-region titles, this is can be handled by the 3DS itself. If you wish to make use of out-of-region titles however, you will need to use homebrew to set the EULA to accepted.
    A number of EULA setting tools exist already (notably, SciresM/EULASetter, which is the base for this tool).
    However, all of these tools I've encountered so far sometimes offer a lot of other features and more importantly, put hex values in front of the user.
    This tool does none of that. It does one thing. Set your EULA to accepted if it isn't and to unaccepted if it is. No complications, nothing. Just press A and it changes the EULA.
    Note that when unaccepting the EULA, you will need to reaccept it the next time you use a 3DS game in your own region.
    Download the CIA from the releases page and open it with FBI. Press A to change your EULA. Press SELECT to remove the program after running it.
    If for whatever reason you need to reset the EULA to its initial values, rerun the application again.
    There is also a 3DSX option available for those who prefer 3DSX homebrew. Put it on your SD card and run it with the Homebrew Launcher or with 3dslink. Press SELECT to remove the program after running it.

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  9. dsbuff

    dsbuff is a Windows .NET application which allows you to perform basic operations on *.nds files. It removes the need to use batch files or command line arguments just to perform a simple task.
    How to Use dsbuff:
    On the top of the form, you see a large browse button. Use this to find your *.nds file. Once you have done that, then there are several things you can consider doing. I think this would be a good place to list the features:
        *CrashMe Scan
        *Edit the Header
    Each of these features does a different operation. They will be explained further down. For now, an example scenario could be:
        You want to shrink the *.nds file, so you use the Trim function. The header has some random advertising text in it, so you remove it and press the Edit Header button. Then you hit the Drive button to send the *.nds file straight to your flashcard.
    That is just an example of what you can do with this program, and how you can use it.
    Feature Description:
    Trim: Use this to remove excess empty data from *.nds files. This empty data is not needed for use, only for allowing the file to fit on an official cartridge.
    DLDI: Patches homebrew *.nds files so that they can use your flashcards filesystem. Sometimes this is mandatory for homebrew to function. For instance, PocketPhysics requires patching to use it's Open/Save functions. Many newer flashcards do this for you automatically.
    Unpack: Extracts the contents of an *.nds file. Unlike *.gba files, *.nds files have a file structure which can be extracted and modified. This allows for easy editing of a game. You can select to have every file unpacked, or only a few sections.
    Pack: This compiles the unpacked *.nds structure back into a single file. This new file would be identical to the original if you didn't make any changes to the previously unpacked files.
    Arm7: Replaces the arm7.bin in the *.nds file structure with a different one. This feature may be slightly outdated/useless now, but I don't have any other features to add it its place. Primarily used by those who need the Arm7 fix in order to run the game on their flashcart.
    Drive: Copies the *.nds file to your specified location, whether it be your flashcard or a hard drive. **Be sure to set this option in the Options menu** It will be sent to C:\ by default!
    Edit the Header: This modifies the internal header in the *.nds file, which is basically a description and an icon. This is different from the other features, in that it is situated in the middle of the form, instead of just being a button. You can change the (ordered from top-left to bottom-right) Game Title, Game Code, Game Description, and Game Icon. The only confusing part might be the icon controls. The big picturebox shows the icon, and you can either double click that or click the folder button beside to to browse for a different icon. The little save button saves the icon to your computer. The small arrow sets the picturebox back to the icon in the file, incase you browsed for the wrong one and wanted to leave the current one in the *.nds file. The checkbox is checked if the file is homebrew/has an invalid header. You shouldn't have to worry about it(set automatically). To save the changes, press the Save Header button, which appears after you make any changes.
    Icon Database: This is the button below the homebrew checkbox near the header controls. It allows you to search for a game icon by release number. I really need a different database to search from, since the icons will probably not work, they are poor quality and do not meet the icon pallete color requirements. So if you receive an error when trying to save the header with a downloaded icon, it is just the incorrect formatting of the icon.
        *dsbuff is in no way affiliated with dslazy. They are seperate programs all together, and I have never been involved with the development of dslazy.
        *You MUST have the dsbuff.exe.config file in the same directory as the exe! This holds all your settings, and without it you will receive errors a lot!
        *If anyone was still wondering, you need the .NET Framework 2.0 or greater to use this!
    Credits and Thanks:
    DarkFader - author of NDSTool
    Chishm - author of DLDITool
    Kyuzumaki - author of RomeR
    Mark James - Silk icon set 1.3
    TPDK Casimir - NDS Application Icon
    And I suppose I wrote the entire interface, so if you need to contact me, you could try
    I will always be checking the http://nintendo-scene.com forums, so if you need help beyond the (to-be-completed) help documents, then feel free to post there!
    Hope you find this useful!

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  10. DSVideo

    Aplicación creada por Dominic Ludlam que permite reproducir video en la Nintendo DS.
    How to watch videos
    First you will need to DLDI patch the DSVideo.nds file.  DSVideo doesn't contain any drivers by default, so you'll have to patch it even if you have a homebrew device that doesn't usually need patching, like the supercard. 
    When run, DSVideo presents a filesystem browser to find video files made with the encoder (described below) which must have a filename ending with ".dsv".  By default, the player will start in a directory called "videos" if it exists, or the top level otherwise.  You can play a video file either by touching it on the screen or by using the up and down keys to highlight it then pressing the A button to start it playing.
    While watching, you can use the touchscreen controls to rewind, fast forward, pause, seek, return to the video selection screen and to change the screen brightness.  In addition to the touch screen, fast- forward and rewind can be used with the left and right keypad keys and shoulder buttons.  The A button will toggle between pause and play, X will change the brightness and select will go back to the select screen.
    NOTE FOR THE R4:  There is a special version of DSVideo for the R4, which has been patched with a slightly modifier version of the R4 dldi driver (source is also included here).  If you have an R4, you'll need to use the r4tf7.dldi patch and stop the R4 from autopatching it when it boots.  This can be done with the 'dldinoap' tool (source is in the thirdparty directory).
    How to encode videos
    The encoder is a command line utility.  The basic usage is very simple - the command:
       dsvideo input_video.avi
    will convert the file 'input_video.avi' into a file called 'input_video.dsv' which can then by copied onto your homebrew flashcard.
    By default, 16:9 (or other widescreen sizes) will be encoded as centre- cut-out, meaning the height will fit the DS screen and the sides will
    be removed.  The original video size can be kept by passing the "-l" option to the encoder, for example:
       dsvideo -l input_video.avi
    There are some other options to control the encoder which are explained (briefly) by running the encoder with no arguments.  
    DSVideo was developed by Dominic Ludlam, with artwork and design by Denise Wilton, and additional artwork and the website by Nick Ludlam. Nick also made the spiffy intro video.  Many thanks to Lee Maguire for testing and feedback.
    The sound track for the intro video is by James Tubbritt (Sharp), downloadable from http://fxhome.com/sounds/
    The following additional software is used:
     devkitPro.  Used to build the decoder.  FFMpeg.  Used by the encoder to provide   input video and audio data. TwoLAME.  Used by the encoder for audio   encoding. LibFB.   Used by the decoder to access the flash card on the DS.  Freetype2.  Used during the build process   to convert a freetype font to a bitmap font usable on the DS.  * Libungif.  Used during the   build process to convert images into a format usable on the DS.  Yasm.  Used while building   the encoder.  

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  11. fastboot3DS

    A bootloader for the 3DS console, written by derrek, profi200, d0k3.
    fastboot3DS is a bootloader for the 3DS console, intended to be installed to the FIRM0 partition. It allows you to assign homebrew in .firm format to bootslots, and to chainload bootslots via either a bootmenu or a button combo of your choosing. fastboot3DS also contains basic tools for NAND backups and restores.
    fastboot3DS installs to a critical partition of your system, and thus becomes one of the softwares critical to the functioning of your system. Although having been thoroughly tested, some risk may still remain, especially when fastboot3DS is not used in the way it is intended. In short: we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your system as a direct or indirect result of you using fastboot3DS.
    Quick start guide
    These short instructions require you to have a way of booting OpenFirmInstaller. If you already have boot9strap installed, this is as simple as chainloading the OpenFirmInstaller.firm (either via some chainloader of your choosing, or put it on your SD card as sdmc:/boot.firm).
    Have fastboot3DS.firm inside the sdmc:/ofifolder on your SD card. When installing from A9LH, secret_sector.bin is also required. Boot OpenFirmInstaller and follow the on screen instructions. You will reboot to the fastboot3DS menu. [optional] Enter Boot setup... -> Setup [slot 1]... -> Select [slot 1] firm and select the FIRM file of your main CFW. On typical systems that is smdc:/boot.firm, but anything goes.[optional] Enter Boot setup... -> Change boot mode... -> Set quiet boot. Your system is now set to autoboot and will silently boot the CFW you selected above. You may also want to set up the other boot slots and assign key combos to them. Keep in mind you need one autoboot slot (= a slot with no key combo assigned). If you want to access the fastboot3DS menu at a later point in time, hold the HOME button when powering on the console. From the fastboot3DS menu, you may continue the boot process via Continue boot, chainload a .firm file via Boot from file..., access the boot menu via Boot menu... or power off the console via the POWER button.

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  12. FBI (3DS File Manager)

    FBI is an open source title manager for the 3DS.
    Requires devkitARM, along with 3ds-zlib and 3ds-jansson from the devkitPro pacman repository, to build.
    Banner: Originally created by OctopusRift, touched up by Apache Thunder, updated for new logo by PabloMK7.
    Logo: PabloMK7
    SPI Protocol Information: TuxSH (TWLSaveTool)

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  13. Frogtool

    Frogminer is a free CFW (Custom Firmware) installation method for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

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  14. fuse-3ds

    fuse-3ds is the best and most efficient way to extract data for Nintendo 3DS games and NANDs. It works by presenting a virtual filesystem with the contents of your games, NAND, or SD card contents, and you can browse and copy out just the files that you need.
    Windows, macOS, and Linux are supported.

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  15. Gateway Ultra

    Today we are proud to present GATEWAY ULTRA 3.1.0 which brings support for the New 3DS, up to firmware 9.2 for regions EUR, USA and JAP! 
    Every feature of the GATEWAY experience on the original 3DS is supported on New 3DS, such as but not limited to:
    - 100% game compatibility - Multirom menu - Gateway and Classic mode - Emunand - Eshop application support AND Eshop ROMs support - Homebrew support - Savegame backup and restore - Gamecard dumping - System nand dumping - EXFAT and FAT32 support - Diagnostics - And many more features We have spent months trying to find an alternative method that did not require you to have anything extra for New 3DS similar to our original 3DS solution, but we now realise that we should just have released what we have and improve it iteratively!
    And that's exactly what we are doing! We polished our current solution and made it into something we would feel comfortable with to release as a beta.
    Keep in mind that finding a more convenient solution for our New 3DS users will remain a priority task to us.

    We decided to release this as a public beta, so if you find any serious issues, please let us know. 
    Our current New 3DS solution is still a work in progress but it is a fully WORKING solution and that's all that matters currently.
    Currently we know there are a few minor issues in our release but we feel these are not serious show stopper bugs to put this beta release on hold.
    One example is the paused head tracking and the 3D slider switching incorrectly between 2D and 3D when in Gateway or Classic mode. 
    But rest assured, we are working on fixing these bugs!
    †- A save dongle OR a friend with a original 3DS that can launch our Gateway menu
    †- A genuine physical gamecard copy of "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D"
    †- Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat file
    1. Drag and drop the Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA Launcher.dat file to your New 3DS's internal microSD card, behind the back plate.
    2. Locate the savegame for "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D" for your region in the Gateway 3.1.0 ULTRA release.
    3. Restore the savegame to the game: you can either use a generic savegame dongle OR use our Gateway menu's Restore savegame option with a original 3DS from a friend.
    4. Boot up the New 3DS and launch the Zelda game.
    5. Select the GATEWAY savegame and Link will be standing inside a tree hut.
    6. Simply press A to load the Gateway menu.

    You will be greeted with the Gateway menu, and from there you can insert the Gateway card and boot into Gateway mode.

    NOTE: We are also working on using Cubic Ninja as a means to load our Gateway menu, please stay tuned for more information soon!

    Support the innovators not the imitators, and as always ENJOY!

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  16. GodMode9

    A full access file browser for the 3DS console 
    GodMode9 is a full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console, giving you access to your SD card, to the FAT partitions inside your SysNAND and EmuNAND and to basically anything else. Among other functionality (see below), you can copy, delete, rename files and create folders.
    This is powerful stuff, it provides you with the means to do basically any thinkable modification to any system data available on the 3DS console. However, precautions are taken so you don't accidentally damage the data of your console. The write permissions system protects you by providing warnings and forces you to enter an unlock sequence for enabling write permissions. It is not possible to overwrite or modify any important stuff without such unlock sequences and it is not possible to accidentally unlock something.
    As always, be smart, keep backups, just to be safe.
    Quick start guide
    These short instructions apply to all users who have boot9strap and Luma3DS installed (Luma3DS set up with standard paths), which will be the majority of all GodMode9 users. Here's how to set it up quickly:
    Rename GodMode9.firm (from the release archive) to X_GodMode9.firm (change X to the button of your choice) and put it into sd:/luma/payloads/ Copy the gm9 folder from the release archive to your SD card. Then, get good versions of seeddb.bin and encTitleKeys.bin from somewhere (don't ask me!) and put these two files into sd:/gm9/support (optional but recommended for full functionality). It is also recommended you setup the RTC clock if you're running GodMode9 for the first time. Find the option via HOME button -> More.... Also keep in mind that you should fix your system OS clock afterwards. Helpful hint #1: Go here for step by steps on doing some common tasks in GodMode9. Especially users coming from Decrypt9WIP or Hourglass9 may find this to be helpful. Helpful hint #2: Never unlock the red write permission level unless you know exactly what you're doing. You will notice that prompt when it comes up, it features a completely red screen. It is recommended you stay on the yellow permission level or below at all times to be completely safe. Also read more on the write permissions system below. You may now run GodMode9 via holding the X Button (or any other button you chose) at startup. See below for a list of stuff you can do with it.
    Buttons in GodMode9
    GodMode9 is designed to be intuitive, buttons leading to the results you'd expect. However, some stuff may not be obvious at first glance. So, here's a quick, incomplete rundown of what each button / button combo does.
    <A> button: The <A> button is the 'confirm' / 'choose' button. It confirms prompts and selects entries in menus. In the main file view, it pulls up a submenu for files and opens directories (use <R+A> on directories for a submenu, also including the invaluable title search). In the hexviewer, <A> switches into edit mode. <B> button: The <B> button is the 'cancel' / 'return' button. Use it to leave menus without action, hold it on file operations to cancel said file operations. <X> button: In the main file view, the <X> button deletes (marked) files. With <R+X> files are renamed. <Y> button: In the main file view, the <Y> button copies and pastes files. With <R+Y> you can create folders and dummy files. <L> button: The <L> button is the 'mark' button. Use it with <LEFT> / <RIGHT> to mark / unmark all files in a folder, hold it and use <UP> / <DOWN> to select multiple files. <R> button: The <R> button is the 'switch' button. It switches buttons to their secondary function. Notable exceptions are <R+L> for a screenshot (works almost anywhere), <R+LEFT> / <R+RIGHT> to switch panes and <R+DOWN> to reload the file listing. <START> button: Use the <START> button to reboot from GodMode9. Use <R+START> to poweroff your 3DS. <SELECT> button: The <SELECT> button clears or restores the clipboard (depending on if it's empty or not). <HOME> button: The <HOME> button enters the HOME menu, including the scripts / payloads submenus, options for formatting the SD, setting the RTC, and more. <R+UP> combo: This little known keycombo, when held at startup, pauses the GodMode9 boot so that you can stare at the splash screen for a little longer. <R+LEFT> combo: If you have installed GodMode9 as your bootloader, this keycombo enters the bootmenu. Hold on startup! If you built GodMode9 as SALTMODE and have it as a bootloader, the keycombo is simply the <START> button.

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  17. HiyaCFW-Helper

    In order to make things easier for me, and because I don't have Windows, I edited the HiyaCFW Helper Python script by jerbear64 and LmN in order to add a graphical user interface to it.
    What it does:
    Allows you to browse for your NAND backup, no need to place it at the same folder. Shows the option to choose the output destination, which should be a (preferably empty) FAT formatted SD card or any other folder. Downloads the latest HiyaCFW release and decompress it. Autodetects the console region from the NAND dump, downloads and decrypts its v512 launcher. Creates the patched 00000002.app and bootloader.nds for the custom firmware. Uses your platform's twltool (binaries for Linux and MacOS included) to decrypt the NAND. Mounts the decrypted NAND (OSFMount required for Windows) and extracts it to the chosen output destination. Installs the HiyaCFW and the patched files on the chosen output destination. (Optional) installs the latest release of TWiLightMenu++ (or any of the previous releases of it or DSiMenu++ or SRLoader placed at the same folder as the helper) on the chosen output destination. NAND mode:
    Clicking on the integrated circuit button will give you a NAND mode, where you can uninstall unlaunch or install its v1.4 stable release, remove the No$GBA footer or add it. Recommended only for those with a hardmod.

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  18. LibFB

    LibFB is a set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts using the DS extended rotation buffer mode on both screens. Features include clipped and wordwrapped fonts, automatic cursor display, normal and compressed custom software sprites, and several functions for customizing said functions.
    The text rendering engine is strong enough to base an rtf or html editor off of it, and can be rendered to an arbitrary buffer as well as to both screens in a managed mode. This library also does not need c++.
    - 11/20/2007 - Added orientation feature to both screens. Fixed some minor bugs.
    - 9/25/2007 - Added select feature, fixed a cursor bug, some minor speed improvements.
    - 4/27/2007 - Many optimizations to the sprite and text engine resulting in much faster code.
    - 1/13/2007 - Fixed the last wordwrapping bug in the text rendering engine and optimized it a bit. Also, separated the code so features not used will not be compiled in for smaller executables. Also, the font tool has been updated to support new characters, and a new fixed width font has been included in the fonts collection. The libfb.h file now includes documentation on the libFB API for any wondering exactly how to use it.
    - 9/16/2006 - Changed the font functions to support any character from 32-254 on the ascii chart (255 is reserved, anything under 32 is too). Also deleted the setOldFont routine as it was horrible. Also, updated the toolsets.
    - 8/07/2006 - Changed some functions so that you can pass a font directly instead of setting the font first, added in setOldFont, a few general improvements and such. All fonts included in the font rar are also properly compressed so as to save you space in your executable.
    - 6/21/2006 - I've forgotten what all I've added and improved in this version, but it includes support for bold, underline and italics. Also, fixes a few small bugs I've found, and improves cursor management.
    - 2/23/2006 - A few new functions available, vast improvement to font rendering engine that takes care of some wordwrapping issues, adds in managed cursors, and adds in ability to display umlats and accented characters to some extent. Also fixes random crash bugs due to undisplayable characters. New dsfont.exe as well to generate the extended fonts. Check it out as it is a vastly improved version.
    - 1/29/2006 - I added in several cursor functions and the ability to change the font on the fly. Also in this release is a font creation utility to aide you in getting your favorite fonts in your program. Also refined some functions and added a hollow rectangle drawing function.
    - 1/15/2006 - A few new things in this update. First, I consolidated a few functions that did not need to have duplicates, such as character width, height, etc... Also, I added functions that allow you to supply a raw buffer and use the sprite and wrapped text functions on your own 15bit color backgrounds. I have also added the ability to draw text or sprites inverted.
    -10/13/2005 - I've been sitting on this update for awhile, but I decided to release it, seeing as the DS Text editor requires it to run properly. This release includes built in display for pallated sprites. This allows you to save space by compressing your sprites to achieve up to around 80% savings. Also, I've finally made my tools for converting sprites available online.
    - 8/25/2005 - MAJOR improvements to libfb including hardware fix for the clear rpg boxes. This is now a quite usable library and you are all encouraged to make use of it in your homebrew programs.
    - 8/12/2005 - Updated to show off multiple screen capabilities.
    - 8/07/2005 - Updated arm9.c to not include the framebuffer library and created the necissary library files to link to libfb.
    - 8/05/2005 - Updated make process to run with new r15 of devkitpro and new libnds. Also runs with just standard make command now.
    - 8/04/2005 - Updated sources with a dispChar function, and a few more graphics for the font.
    - 8/02/2005 - First release posted.

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  19. Luma Installer

    This is a tool designed to assist in the installation of Luma3DS onto a 3DS system.
    It comes with usage instructions built in.
    It is designed for people who either are unsure of where to copy files on the SDCard, or people who just want to save time.
    Really all it does is organize your Homebrew and games (CIA files) into a tidy list, allowing you to choose what items to install, and push one button to do so. I find it VERY handy, as I install a lot of CFW on friends consoles, and this makes the process MUCH faster and easier.
    Anemone was created by Astronautlevel, credit to him for his work.
    Luma was created by AuroraWright, credit to him for his work.
    FBI was created by Steveice10, Credit to him for his work.
    Load the Installer, choose the SD card location, and any Homebrew/Games you want installed, and hit Start.
    This will install the first "Package" on the SD card, You will then need to follow the directions on the website provided in the Kit from last time.
    How to Add Games and Homebrew:
    You can choose to look for Games/Homebrew in any folder you choose, or search for *.CIA files in order to locate the Installation Directory.
    As standard, Homebrew Apps will be in the APPS folder, Games will be in the GAMES folder
    The program reads the FOLDER NAME in order to populate the list, so games must be stored like so
    Homebrew Apps must be stored Accordingly

    Some homebrew apps contain folders that are needed to run. in these cases copy the folders to "3ds" folder
    C:\Apps\Appname\3ds\Put Folders Here

    If you follow these instructions, the program will Automatically include any Games/Homebrew you put in these folders.
    by StatusQuo.

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  20. Luma3DS

    Luma3DS is a program to patch the system software of (New) Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles "on the fly", adding features (such as per-game language settings and debugging capabilities for developers) and removing restrictions enforced by Nintendo (such as the region lock). It also allows you to run unauthorized ("homebrew") content by removing signature checks. To use it, you will need a console capable of running homebrew software on the ARM9 processor.
    Since Luma3DS v8.0, Luma3DS has its own in-game menu, triggerable by L+Down+Select

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  21. MACpass

    Another mac changer for 3DS homepass. Got some nice features.
    This program cycles Mac addresses similar in fashion to previously released programs  such as Chaldron's Mac Cycler and Team Fail's MACycle. Many thanks to them for  inspiration.
    WARNING !! Cycling Mac addresses could disrupt your system registry, corrupt your network device drivers, and make your computer unstable. Use with caution and at your own risk. See License.txt for  more info. BACKUP your computer before doing this! 
    Also note that this homepass method simply will not work with some network devices (ex. intel centrino).
    Changelog v2.0
    Edit Macs in app window or txt file Enter Windows cmd prompt commands in app window Customize cmd prompt commands in app window or text file Toggle off virtual miniport restart when not using Windows 7/8 Edit cooldown time (time between network reset and virtual miniport restart) Countdown timer, run custom number of macs at a time
    -Editable mac list in txt form -Saves cycle progress, delay time, and random mac list -Custom adaptor name -Pausing -Skip to next mac -Random by default (unique list order per user) -Simple gui interface -Low CPU overhead -Open source in Python -Stand alone Python distribution Directions:
    Just follow the setup directions here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-have-a-homemade-streetpass-relay.352645/#Windows7 Name your wifi card Wi-Fi in Network and Sharing Center. (or custom name, see below) Run this program (as adminisrator) after your virtual access point attwifi is started. Press start to begin cycling macs. Shuffle macs is really not necessary since a random mac list is generated on first usage. Deleting or renaming macs.txt will force program to generate new list on startup. This is recommended if you desire a new random list. A custom sequential ordered list can be added as macs.txt, but it is not recommended.    
    Note: for custom adaptor name in place of default 'Wi-Fi', create a 'config.ini' file and place it next to MACpass.exe. Open the file and type your custom adaptor name directly after 'adapter=' and save. The custom name should appear in the window's title bar when you run the program.
    Start -- Begins Mac Cycle. Don't press while cycling. Use Save/Pause or Stop first.
    Shuffle Macs -- Reshuffles mac order. (since this is done for you this is not necessary or recommended)
    Save/Pause -- Does just that in that exact order. Overwrites previous data. Only one save txt generated. 
    Press Start to resume. Most commands in MACpass only function when the program is paused.
    Load Saved Macs -- Loads saved mac list along with mac cycle position and delay
    Next Mac -- Move to next mac if you have spare time left over after a hit. Do NOT do this until your 
    network is done reseting. This takes about 10-20 seconds. Pay attention to the signal strength icon
    in the Windows taskbar, it 'swirls' when the network is resetting. Adjust your cooldown time accordingly.
    Delay -- Seconds in between mac changes. Less than 30 seconds not allowed for saftey. It takes about 10-20secs for the network to reset.
    Mac List (scrollbared mini-window on right) -- Click on a mac to then press START to begin cycling at that point.
    Countdown -- Enter a number here for the number of macs to run before the program pauses. It counts down in real time.
    Execute -- Inputs and executes the command directly in the text field to the left (they can be edited before entering). 
    Use this only as a convenience and choose your commands carefully according the instructions on GBAtemp linked above. 
    There is a config.ini file where you can add additional cmd commands. Just add 'command=' to a new line and then your 
    command immediatly after. Take note of the commands already present for an example on the correct format.
    Load --  (small button under mac list) Load Currently selected mac into editing field.
    Enter -- (small button under mac list, to right of Load) Confirms edited mac address. Press Save/Pause to save it to macsave.txt.

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  22. mGBA for Nintendo 3DS

    mGBA is an emulator for running Game Boy Advance games. It aims to be faster and more accurate than many existing Game Boy Advance emulators, as well as adding features that other emulators lack. It also supports Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.
    - Highly accurate Game Boy Advance hardware support[<sup>[1]</sup>](#missing).
    - Game Boy/Game Boy Color hardware support.
    - Fast emulation. Known to run at full speed even on low end hardware, such as netbooks.
    - Qt and SDL ports for a heavy-weight and a light-weight frontend.
    - Local (same computer) link cable support.
    - Save type detection, even for flash memory size[<sup>[2]</sup>](#flashdetect).
    - Support for cartridges with motion sensors and rumble (only usable with game controllers).
    - Real-time clock support, even without configuration.
    - Solar sensor support for Boktai games.
    - Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer support.
    - A built-in BIOS implementation, and ability to load external BIOS files.
    - Turbo/fast-forward support by holding Tab.
    - Rewind by holding Backquote.
    - Frameskip, configurable up to 10.
    - Screenshot support.
    - Cheat code support.
    - 9 savestate slots. Savestates are also viewable as screenshots.
    - Video and GIF recording.
    - Remappable controls for both keyboards and gamepads.
    - Loading from ZIP and 7z files.
    - IPS, UPS and BPS patch support.
    - Game debugging via a command-line interface and GDB remote support, compatible with IDA Pro.
    - Configurable emulation rewinding.
    - Support for loading and exporting GameShark and Action Replay snapshots.
    - Cores available for RetroArch/Libretro and OpenEmu.
    - Many, many smaller things.
    #### Game Boy mappers
    The following mappers are fully supported:
    - MBC1
    - MBC1M
    - MBC2
    - MBC3
    - MBC3+RTC
    - MBC5
    - MBC5+Rumble
    - MBC7
    The following mappers are partially supported:
    - MBC6
    - MMM01
    - Pocket Cam
    - TAMA5
    - HuC-1
    - HuC-3
    ### Planned features
    - Networked multiplayer link cable support.
    - Dolphin/JOY bus link cable support.
    - M4A audio mixing, for higher quality sound than hardware.
    - Re-recording support for tool-assist runs.
    - Lua support for scripting.
    - A comprehensive debug suite.
    - e-Reader support.
    - Wireless adapter support.
    Supported Platforms
    - Windows Vista or newer
    - OS X 10.7 (Lion)[<sup>[3]</sup>](#osxver) or newer
    - Linux
    - FreeBSD
    - Nintendo 3DS
    - Wii
    - PlayStation Vita
    Other Unix-like platforms, such as OpenBSD, are known to work as well, but are untested and not fully supported.
    ### System requirements
    Requirements are minimal. Any computer that can run Windows Vista or newer should be able to handle emulation. Support for OpenGL 1.1 or newer is also required.
    Downloads can be found on the official website, in the [Downloads][downloads] section. The source code can be found on [GitHub][source].
    Controls are configurable in the settings menu. Many game controllers should be automatically mapped by default. The default keyboard controls are as follows:
    - **A**: X
    - **B**: Z
    - **L**: A
    - **R**: S
    - **Start**: Enter
    - **Select**: Backspace
    Compiling requires using CMake 2.8.11 or newer. GCC and Clang are both known to work to compile mGBA, but Visual Studio 2013 and older are known not to work. Support for Visual Studio 2015 and newer is coming soon. To use CMake to build on a Unix-based system, the recommended commands are as follows:
        mkdir build
        cd build
        cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/usr ..
        sudo make install
    This will build and install mGBA into `/usr/bin` and `/usr/lib`. Dependencies that are installed will be automatically detected, and features that are disabled if the dependencies are not found will be shown after running the `cmake` command after warnings about being unable to find them.
    If you are on macOS, the steps are a little different. Assuming you are using the homebrew package manager, the recommended commands to obtain the dependencies and build are:
        brew install cmake ffmpeg imagemagick libzip qt5 sdl2 libedit pkg-config
        mkdir build
        cd build
        cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=`brew --prefix qt5` ..
    Note that you should not do a `make install` on macOS, as it will not work properly.
    #### Windows developer building
    To build on Windows for development, using MSYS2 is recommended. Follow the installation steps found on their [website](https://msys2.github.io). Make sure you're running the 32-bit version ("MSYS2 MinGW 32-bit") (or the 64-bit version "MSYS2 MinGW 64-bit" if you want to build for x86_64) and run this additional command (including the braces) to install the needed dependencies (please note that this involves downloading over 1100MiB of packages, so it will take a long time):
    For x86 (32 bit) builds:
        pacman -Sy base-devel git mingw-w64-i686-{cmake,ffmpeg,gcc,gdb,imagemagick,libelf,libepoxy,libzip,pkg-config,qt5,SDL2,ntldd-git}
    For x86_64 (64 bit) builds:
        pacman -Sy base-devel git mingw-w64-x86_64-{cmake,ffmpeg,gcc,gdb,imagemagick,libelf,libepoxy,libzip,pkg-config,qt5,SDL2,ntldd-git}
    Check out the source code by running this command:
        git clone https://github.com/mgba-emu/mgba.git
    Then finally build it by running these commands:
        cd mgba
        mkdir build
        cd build
        cmake .. -G "MSYS Makefiles"
    Please note that this build of mGBA for Windows is not suitable for distribution, due to the scattering of DLLs it needs to run, but is perfect for development. However, if distributing such a build is desired (e.g. for testing on machines that don't have the MSYS2 environment installed), running `cpack -G ZIP` will prepare a zip file with all of the necessary DLLs.
    ### Dependencies
    mGBA has no hard dependencies, however, the following optional dependencies are required for specific features. The features will be disabled if the dependencies can't be found.
    - Qt 5: for the GUI frontend. Qt Multimedia or SDL are required for audio.
    - SDL: for a more basic frontend and gamepad support in the Qt frontend. SDL 2 is recommended, but 1.2 is supported.
    - zlib and libpng: for screenshot support and savestate-in-PNG support.
    - libedit: for command-line debugger support.
    - ffmpeg or libav: for video recording.
    - libzip or zlib: for loading ROMs stored in zip files.
    - ImageMagick: for GIF recording.
    - SQLite3: for game databases.
    - libelf: for ELF loading.
    SQLite3, libpng, and zlib are included with the emulator, so they do not need to be externally compiled first.
    <a name="missing">[1]</a> Currently missing features are
    - OBJ window for modes 3, 4 and 5 ([Bug #5](http://mgba.io/b/5))
    - Mosaic for transformed OBJs ([Bug #9](http://mgba.io/b/9))
    <a name="flashdetect">[2]</a> Flash memory size detection does not work in some cases. These can be configured at runtime, but filing a bug is recommended if such a case is encountered.
    <a name="osxver">[3]</a> 10.7 is only needed for the Qt port. The SDL port is known to work on 10.5, and may work on older.
    mGBA is Copyright © 2013 – 2018 Jeffrey Pfau. It is distributed under the [Mozilla Public License version 2.0](https://www.mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/). A copy of the license is available in the distributed LICENSE file.
    mGBA contains the following third-party libraries:
    - [inih](https://github.com/benhoyt/inih), which is copyright © 2009 Ben Hoyt and used under a BSD 3-clause license.
    - [blip-buf](https://code.google.com/archive/p/blip-buf), which is copyright © 2003 – 2009 Shay Green and used under a Lesser GNU Public License.
    - [LZMA SDK](http://www.7-zip.org/sdk.html), which is public domain.
    - [MurmurHash3](https://github.com/aappleby/smhasher) implementation by Austin Appleby, which is public domain.
    - [getopt for MSVC](https://github.com/skandhurkat/Getopt-for-Visual-Studio/), which is public domain.
    - [SQLite3](https://www.sqlite.org), which is public domain.

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  23. nds-bootstrap

    nds-bootstrap is an application that allows the usage of Nintendo DS/DSi Homebrew and ROMs through the SD card of the Nintendo DSi/3DS, rather than through emulators or flashcarts.
    In order to use this, you'll need to get a frontend:
    TWiLight Menu++ (recommended) is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement for DS/DSi/3DS. TWLoader is a discontinued 3DS frontend. nds-hb-menu is a 3DS frontend based off the Nintendo DSi homebrew menu.

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  24. NesDS

    nesDS1.3c [NTR], using toolchain devkitARM r43 (/release folder NesDS.nds binary was compiled with it). master branch is the one and only branch that uses fully libnds sources. (for TGDS support I won't add support as of now, too busy right now) We spent a few weeks to port the original nesDS project to the GCC toolchain. Then we made a new EX Edition, and made it possible to emulate the the NES/FC games that the origianl nesDS didn't work well. Since the 0.40 version, I ported the code of EX Edtion to the original nesDS, now it is the best nes-emulator~! If you found any bug on nesDS, just tell me. Maybe I could fix it. 08-14-2018 coto: - nifi, sound, touchscreen works in NTR mode as of devkitARM r43. - fixed exception due to buffer overflow in Rom Database 2011-3-23 avenir contributed some codes to version 0.45a. 2011-9-32 avenir contributed some codes to version 1.0a. Q: What can I do if some pics had been crashed? A: You can try the 'sprite per-line type' under the 'Display' menu bar. If it does not work, just tell me, I will try to fix it. CAUTION: The extlink may cause some problems to nesDS, if does, please try the new moonshell. Even if the sram is auto saved, it may be lost. This may be related to the dldi cache... If you have the same problem, just shutdown your DS when rom menu is shown. The coming figures are: ???? Tell me what you need. UPDATES: -------- 2014-08: mapper5 update. current: FDS and vcr6 sound are enabled in NSF mode sprite0y is updated in sp-pertile mode 1.3a: alpha blend fixed. touch the current menu item to hide menu. cheat list bug fixed. fix the flicking of cheat list. all saving flushed. Sound update, the volume = sin(original * pi / 2) ^ 0.7, like a linear to log conversion. Load and save slot number merged to one. nsf play supported, use <left/right> to select song, use <up/down> to play/stop, use 'debug' menu to see the details. 1.2b: vcr6 sound channel for mapper24 and mapper26 is added. a sound reset button is added to menu>settings>config, which is used when the sound goes bad, when close and open the DS, this is probly needed. Mapper253 is added. fds saving is disabled when the game is not a fds. CRITICAL NOTE: the sound rendering has almost reached the ability of arm7, so ..... the arm7 will auto detect the IF, by which to fix the mess of sound. 1.1b2: every apu channel mirrored to a nds sound channel 1.1b: sound update, fds sound works fine. AutoFire config can be saved. game is more stable & sound goes bad? binary files converted to .c/.h, can be compiled by devkitARM r39 1.1a: fds sound added, just works. Mapper198 added, SRAM saving not supported. Sound update. Gesture update. 1.0: rom patch database added, which can select a PAL/NTSC timing or fix the header of rom. Nifi fixed. 'About' flicking fixed. Better flicker when PALTIMING is enabled. dswifix(which is for nifi) src is added. 1.0b: Mapper240 added. fixed the tmpfile. DPCM weakened, sounds better? A bug with ppustat fixed. e.g.'teenage mutant ninja turtles' A bug with palette fixed. Patch update. Battleloads (Europe) <Double Dragons> added. SRAM can be saved whatever a game supports. 1.0a: code of .gz replaced with a new one, still works. .zip supported. NOTE: Only one file is allowed in the .zip archive. code of ips been re-written. 'Double Screen Show' is supported to show all the pixels at the same time. Check 'About' for more info. Sprites with SP-perframe updated. Some bugs related to 'Scaling' are fixed. Some other changes. Thanks to avenir. 0.56a: Short-Cuts updated. Fast forward & rewind can be changed. Screen scaling can be saved to nesDS.ini gzip file supported. only .gz could work. Thanks to dszip. The decompression of large files would take a while. compiled with latest libnds(as required). 0.55b: Sound update. Sprites update. A bug of Memory fixed. Palette sync added, click Menu > Game > Display > OnOrOff to change. More info, see the 'About'. Pal sync needed:Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, Micro Machines, Wizards & Warriors, Feng Shen Bang. 0.55a: A bug with nesDS.ini fixed, works with latest devkitARM-r34 Saving for FDS added. Menu > Game > Extra > Save FDS. Shows time on the top menu. Mapper 216 189 added. e.g. Magic Jewelry 2, Master Fight 2, Street Fighter 4... Some others.. 0.54a: Big nose freak out update. mapper225 226 227 229 230 231 255 added. Sound enhanced. Raw PCM update, nearly perfect. sprite0y update. nifi update. NOTE: unstable with devkitARM r33, using r32 instead. 0.53b: Mapper1 updated. Auto-fire adjusting added. Swap-Screens disabled if LIGHTGUN active. sprite0y for SP-pertile fixed. Careful to use Swap-Screens, which may shutdown DS. 0.53a: IPS supported. First, load a .ips file, then load the rom to start a patched game. The rom file won't be changed. The ips file should be smaller than 512kB. Barcode supported. Click Menu>Game>Extra>Barcode Gesture supported. Click Menu>Config>Short-Cuts to configure. When the menu is hidden or the LIGHTGUN is enabled, you can touch the sub-screen to draw a gesture. Mapper245 added. Mapper16 updated. Raw PCM updated. 'SP-Pertile' updated. E.g. The issue with Super Mario 3 is fixed. Some others... 0.52a: The 'menu' is re-designed. Raw PCM supported, not perfect, can be switched off in menu>Settings>Config. Settings of nesDS can be written to 'nesDS.ini' at runtime, done in menu>Settings. Short-Cuts can be configured in menu>Settings. 'LightGun' is placed in menu>Game>Extra, 'Micphone' and 'FDS disk' are also added there. 'Micphone' is not tested. Nothing more. 0.51a: Roll back some updates in 0.50b. Mapper90 added. It works fine. You need to reload the nes rom to get a 'Soft-Reset'. Light-Gun added. Under the 'Input' bar, click 'No LightGun' to active Light-Gun. When shooting, hold L-button and touch the sub-screen. 'Swap screens' is recommended. R-button can be used to rewind game play. sprite0y calculation for SP-pertile corrected, better. V-flip for SP-pertile corrected, better. A patch file added, used to correct the header of rom or modify the settings of nesDS. Below shows the games patched: PRGCRC Name 0x33AA Akumajou Densetsu 0x0A62 Joe & Mac 0x49B3 TMNT 1 0xE91E Duck Hunt(JUE) 0x15CF Wild Gunman 0x15CF Gum Shoe 0x9F65 Hogan's Alley (JU) 0xB2B5 Three Eyed ONE/Mitsume Ga Tooru 0x8A35 Feng Shen Bang(Chinese) 0xD796 Alien Syndrome (J) 0.50b: nesDS.ini commented. nesDS.ini: ScreenSwap added. If your DS' top-screen did not work well, set this value to 1. mapper 19, 71, 118 updated. NES cycles-per-scanline modified to 121, to make the graphic more smooth. E.g. tmnt, Akumajou Densetsu.... Also makes Joe&Mac work fine. A sound bug fixed, which may cause a panic.... Sub-screen will be closed if there is a NES_RESET. Cheat list can be loaded/saved from/to a file. EXTENTION:.cht FrameSkip for Pure-Soft rendering can be adjusted. If you have a DSi, frameskip 1 would be OK; For DS/DSL, frameskip 2 is recommended. frameskip 1 means that the graphic is updated at 30fps. 2 for 20fps. On the older nesDS, frameskip 2 equals to 30fps. sprite0y changed, which makes the graphic better. e.g. Super Mario... CRAM added.. 0.50a2: All memory needed is pre-allocated, and all malloc() are deleted.. This is done for those who cannot run nesDS well. The average length of roms' names MUST be lower than 64bytes, for saving memory. MAX_ROM_SIZE is set to 3M. Delay for multi-player is slightly lower. Mapper4 is updated. e.g. tmnt3 works well now. Path for nesDS.ini is updated. Available paths now are:"/","/_dstwoplug/","/ismartplug/","/moonshl2/extlink/","/_iMenu/_ini/","/_plugin_/" 0.50a: Nifi/Multi-players supported. Cheat re-added. About/Help tip added. NTSC/PAL timing supported. Roms menu cached, which will speed up the rom menu when start another game. some bugs fixed. 0.48b: Mapper68 updated. e.g. After Burner(U) Some bugs fixed. nesDS.ini updated. 0.48a: software-render re-added, to deal with the mappers 9, 10, 19, etc. 0.47b: sound update. L+UP to show NES on top screen when playing. L+DOWN for bottom screen. 0.47a: sound enhanced. MAX VOL x2. fds supported. Do NOT use realtime saving and loading.("save state" and "load state"). Safe to use KEY_R and KEY_L. R+UP = disk A R+LEFT = disk B R+DOWN = disk C R+RIGHT = disk D 0.46a: mapper163 added.. sound updated. MAX FILES enlarged. 0.45b: The memory region of "NES" is relocated from 0x23f0000 to 0x23ec000. advised by avenir. Now the nesDS on my DS could return to the homebrew menu. A software for sprite-scaling is added. Select 'Per-scanline' to active it. Mid-frame BG pal refresh is supported. Some games like 'Wizards Warriors' work fine. Some others not important... 0.45a_v2: sound fixed.. 0.45a: avenir write a patch to nesDS, what's new? He said... @----------- start -----------@ Extended the reset to "If not loaded from hbmenu/xenofile, returns DSi/3DS menu on DSi/3DS". stringsort() is now a wrapper for qsort(). extlink now accepts multibyte filename thanks to Unicode support. Directory listing is shown the same way as WinNT(8.3 lower case). <- If you name a file all lower case in 8.3... /nesDS.ini is used for configuration(minIni). @----------- end -----------@ updates: Add the shout-cuts for configuration. Sound fixed.. better than 0.44b. Almost no noise(not the noise channel). sprite0y of 'per-scanline' fixed. h-blank interrupt handler added, which was removed since 0.44b. some other chanegs.. No update for mappers. 0.44b: Since the nesDS file is larger, this version is NOT recommended for those who just want to play nes games. Port the whole project to devkitPro, using libnds, libfat.... Almost no update, but some figures may be worse. e.g. sound with the games that read reg4015. Some games' sounds work better... - -! You guys can try 'Start+Select+R+L' to exit your nesDS and return to the main menu of flash-card. On mine, it just shotdown my DS(R4SDHC with kernel1.34, no help with moonshell2 either). Since this version, the mem region cannot be accessed freely, be careful if anyone wants to write a patch. The libnds and libfat are too big... 128k around. Shit that! 0.44a: A bug of cartflags was fixed, which will definitely make the game unable to save.. something about 'fetch_c' was changed, which may cause some problem. the bug logged in 0.43 was related to this. set the nes ram reset value to 0x0, not 0xFFFFFFFF, which will cause the 'Super Mario' starting from world 0-1. Supprised that karateka(j) works now... 0.43: Warning: A bug of SRAM was fixed. It may cause the games that use SRAM crashed.... 0.43b: DPCM/DMC suppoted! I should say that this is just for testing.... DPCM causes a lot of sound crashes, and I am busy fixing them.. well, Mario 3 works fine, also 'Chan'.. no other updates. I need to slow down this project... 0.42b: no sound updates. short-cuts added.. extlink supported. some unused files of sound are removed. It is much clear now... no more... 0.41b: mapper 9, 10, 118, 228 updated/fixed. Punch-Out, Action 52 IN 1, and some others games play well now. The 'Flicker' function was slightly fixed. Our eyes will not be that hurt now ;p A new bg render method was added, but not actived in this version, there are still alot work to do. 0.40: 'roll back' fixed... I did not release this version because there is no need to... 0.40b named as 'nesDS 0.40', not 'nesDS EX 0.40', because the two versions had been merged into one. some bugs fixed .... 0.31 mapper 23, 25 supported rendering method changed scaling supported 0.30beta All the rendering sections has been re-written. Uses the NDS hardware to emu the NES graphic. Much better speed and sound. 0.22 uses software to cal the CRC, same as Virtuanes. mapper074 updataed, supporting some special games. mapper0, 1, 4 updated. fixed some bugs.. 0.22b mappers supported: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 16, 19, 74, 246 (EX's mapper files is very different from the original.) function added: cheat CHANGES£º -------- Touch screen should work better now Fixed bug that was causing ARM7 to crash on emulators (ideas and desemu inputs were not working) CAUTIONS: --------- Run the nesDS EX Edition on ideas may cause a crush, because ideas does NOT support "swi". NOTES: ------ All other functionality should be identical to the original. nesDS inputs now work properly on emulators. You can run the nesDS on ideas by DLDI patching it with the R4 dldi patch using dlditool. You must then enable DLDI support for R4 under File->Properties. You can also run nesDS on desmume but you will need to create a filesystem image from some files and embed the files to the emulator (you need to use fcsr for this). COMPILING: ---------- You need devkitARM to compile this project. If you are compiling on windows you also need mingw. On linux you will need to have make installed. The project compiles on windows and linux using devkitARM r32 (devkitPro). To compile on windows use msys-1.0.15 (devkitPro) as well. You do not need anyhting else to comiple the project. Compiling on windows: 1) extract devkitARM to a folder 2) extract msys to a folder 3) add DEVKITARM environment variable and set its value to the path where you extracted devkitARM, e.g: /c/devkitARM (must be linux style path!) 4) (OPTIONAL) add path to msys binaries in you windows path, e.g: c:\msys\bin (must be windows style path!) You only need to do step 4 if you want to compile from the windows command shell. You can compile the project without step 4 by launching mingw using msys.bat in the msys folder. 5) change to the project main directory, either in the windows command shell (step4 required) or mingw then type make. Compiling on linux: 1) extract devkitARM 2) create a DEVKITARM shell variable with the path to where you extracted devkitARM, e.g: /usr/local/devkitARM You can create a variable in /etc/profile or in your home directory .bash_profile file as follows export DEVKITARM=/usr/local/devkitARM or just type this command in the shell before typing make 3) change to the project main directory then type make. To delete all object files type: make clean in the main project directory If you make changes to the emulator and want to add them to this project or if you want to join the project notify us on http://sourceforge.net/projects/nesds CREDITS: -------- Original nesDS team: Coding: loopy, FluBBa More code: Dwedit, tepples, kuwanger, chishm Sound: Mamiya ___________________________ ported to gcc by minitroopa EX Edition made by huiminghao 0.4x Edition made by huiminghao more credits: ------------- avenir (License) nesDS is released into the PUBLIC DOMAIN. You may do anything you want with it. If you make any changes you'd like to see added to the official version, please let me know. -- nesds@olimar.fea.st nesDS was compiled with ARM ADS 1.2. To build it, open the project file (nesDS.mcp) and click Project -> Make. --------------------------------------------------------- Memory map: 1ff8000-1ffffff: ITCM (6502 core, etc) 2000000-23fffff: cached ram 2400000-27fffff: uncached ram 2800000-2803fff: DTCM (misc tables and data) -------------------------- misc NES data 23f8000 -> 23fe000 sound and DMA buffers 27fe000 -> 27ffc00 (uncached) firmware settings 23ffc00 -> ... IPC 27fff00 -> 2800000 (uncached) scratch memory is (Image$$EWRAM$$ZI$$Limit -> 23f8000), used for file list storage, rom storage, game recording other ptrs: rombase = Image$$EWRAM$$ZI$$Limit freemem_start = end of rom freemem_end=23f8000 (all of freemem_start -> end is used for recording) --------------------------------- VRAM: A=MAIN OBJ (128k) 6400000-641ffff B=MAIN BG (128k) 6040000-605ffff C=MAIN BG (128k) 6000000-601ffff D=MAIN BG (128k) 6020000-603ffff E F G H=SUB BG 6200000-6207fff I 6000000-605e000 MAIN CHR (#? chr banks) 605e000 MAIN SCR

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  25. New Super Ultimate Injector 3DS

    New Super Ultimate Injector 3DS is an app created by Asdolo94 which allows you to inject Nes, Snes, GameBoy, GameBoy Colour, GameBoy Advance, Mega Drive, Game Gear and TurbiGrafx 16 roms in to the 3DS, allowing roms of games from these popular classic consoles to be loaded from the 3DS home screen.
    - Beta 26: 2017-12-30 00:14:39 - Asdolo's commit: Hidden gpSP and mGBA injection methods. Coming soon in beta 27 2017-12-29 23:42:10 - Asdolo's commit: Hidden VirtuaNES injection method. Coming soon in beta 27 2017-12-29 23:03:56 - Asdolo's commit: Default per-injector settings configuration! 2017-12-18 12:42:48 - Asdolo's commit: Added cartridge color injection for Famicom (JPN) 3D banner 2017-12-18 10:52:01 - Asdolo's commit: Hidden ColorLCD edit field from BG, OBJ0 and OBJ1 palettes (not applies) 2017-12-18 10:31:18 - Asdolo's commit: Updated RetroArch forwarders to 1.6.7 2017-12-10 11:40:19 - Asdolo's commit: Added an option to toggle databases autoupdates. 2017-11-29 22:20:07 - Asdolo's commit: Auto-update Title ID databases 2017-11-28 20:00:00 - Asdolo's commit: Redesigned the Content Options window and added custom borders to Snes9x forwarders! 2017-11-27 15:32:04 - Asdolo's commit: Hidden the Options and Controls tabs and added info about how to use cheats in Snes9x forwarders 2017-11-27 13:36:24 - Asdolo's commit: Added Snes9x Content Options and updated to 1.21. Added descriptions to all the forwarders Core Options too. 2017-11-21 18:02:51 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GBA sleep patch applying bug with certain roms - Beta 25: 2017-11-21 12:39:08 - Asdolo's commit: Export & install CIA from Library 2017-11-20 19:51:38 - Asdolo's commit: Finished with the adaptation of the new Library (for now) 2017-11-17 00:40:55 - Asdolo's commit: Polished the Library system plus some bug and databases fixes 2017-11-14 19:57:02 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed duplicated Library consoles 2017-11-14 19:31:55 - Asdolo's commit: Improved the GBA VC Save Type detection 2017-11-13 23:59:13 - Asdolo's commit: Changed the databases to more accurate ones 2017-11-13 22:47:46 - Asdolo's commit: Improved the UI 2017-11-13 21:16:38 - Asdolo's commit: Updated some icons and added the Video CIA menu (not available yet) 2017-11-13 19:21:09 - Asdolo's commit: Now using the NSUI folder as the temporal folder 2017-11-13 17:11:35 - Asdolo's commit: Improved a LOT the NES VC compatibility 2017-11-13 15:34:24 - Asdolo's commit: Merge fix 2017-11-13 15:33:58 - Asdolo's commit: New Library system by namanix 2017-11-13 14:03:09 - Asdolo's commit: Updated PlatformCommonUtils 2017-11-13 13:59:51 - Asdolo's commit: Updated the Library branch with some fixes. 2017-11-11 21:09:42 - Asdolo's commit: Merged Master into Library 2017-11-11 19:30:53 - Asdolo's commit: Custom button combo for GBA Sleep patch. Also added a hard-reset patch. 2017-11-11 19:29:44 - Asdolo's commit: Show Dark Filter preview in GBA VC 2017-11-11 19:29:44 - Asdolo's commit: Added a Retry button if the Push CIA feature fails 2017-11-11 19:29:19 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GB/C VC Dark Filter not applying in Default Global palettes 2017-11-11 19:29:19 - Asdolo's commit: Improved the database search system and updated the thumbnails databases 2017-11-11 19:27:52 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed a bug that caused GBA VC CIAs to double in size when applying the Sleep Patch 2017-11-11 19:27:52 - Asdolo's commit: Set 6 button mode on Picodrive by default 2017-11-11 19:27:52 - Asdolo's commit: Basic VirtuaNES for 3DS forwarder 2017-11-11 19:27:51 - Asdolo's commit: Resolution options revamped 2017-11-11 19:25:31 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed black square around GB/C VC (again) 2017-11-11 19:25:30 - Asdolo's commit: Removed non-essential tooltips 2017-11-11 19:25:30 - Asdolo's commit: Added an option to hide the game from the Activity Log 2017-11-11 19:25:14 - Asdolo's commit: Disable SD Savedata Backups for non-VC (and GBA VC) 2017-11-11 19:25:14 - Asdolo's commit: Proper CIA flags 2017-11-11 19:25:14 - Asdolo's commit: Added an option to turn tooltips off 2017-11-11 19:25:14 - Asdolo's commit: Added a "CIA created" dialog and an option to toggle it 2017-11-11 19:24:32 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed Genesis 3D frame banner 2017-11-11 19:24:32 - Asdolo's commit: Rearranged some code 2017-11-11 19:24:32 - Asdolo's commit: Hide the black square around palette swap icon in GB VC 2017-11-11 19:24:32 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GB Injector Long Name input text not being multiline - Beta 24: 2017-10-17 22:17:21 - Asdolo's commit: Added Tooltips to the other platforms 2017-10-17 21:14:45 - Asdolo's commit: Changed some phrases 2017-10-17 20:35:21 - Asdolo's commit: Added CIA Drag and Drop (pushing them to the 3DS) 2017-10-17 20:03:56 - Asdolo's commit: Changed GB(C) default Injection Methods to "Old GB(C) Virtual Console" 2017-10-17 20:00:37 - Asdolo's commit: Changed some phrases 2017-10-17 19:49:36 - Asdolo's commit: Changed phrase of Auto save/load state in RetroArch forwarders 2017-10-17 19:09:44 - Asdolo's commit: Revised Injection Methods descriptions 2017-10-16 13:00:57 - Asdolo's commit: Added homebrew database to the Title ID blacklist 2017-10-16 12:37:13 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed custom resolution input in theContent Options editor 2017-10-12 19:41:51 - Asdolo's commit: Added a button in the Color Picker to restore to the default color 2017-10-12 16:03:29 - Asdolo's commit: Added -nobatt and -nowarn arguments to bgb and removed the temp folder properly 2017-10-11 21:14:20 - Asdolo's commit: Improved the tooltip system and added some of them for NES 2017-10-10 20:09:30 - Asdolo's commit: Tooltips system 2017-10-07 20:05:01 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed the rewind warning 2017-10-07 19:21:40 - Asdolo's commit: Changed "Edit core options" to "Edit core-specific options" - Beta 23: 2017-10-06 19:22:08 - Asdolo's commit: Changed "Show a warning about the missing fonts for Footer Banner" to "Warn if {0} font for banner is missing" in settings 2017-10-06 17:58:10 - Asdolo's commit: Setted the default VC borders for GB and GBC instead of black border 2017-10-06 17:55:00 - Asdolo's commit: Show preview of game screen on GB/C border preview 2017-10-06 16:54:23 - Asdolo's commit: Added a button to swap the two global palettes in GB VC 2017-10-06 16:26:38 - Asdolo's commit: Hide the black square around player swap icon in New NES VC 2017-10-06 15:25:44 - Asdolo's commit: Removed the LCD color on GB VC if the user selected the No border option 2017-10-04 22:03:52 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed NSUI not asking to save unsaved projects if closed from the Title Bar 2017-10-04 17:48:41 - Asdolo's commit: Changed "JAP" to "JPN" on the names of banner styles - Beta 22: 2017-10-03 22:04:57 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GB VC border injection. Now it fully supports 400x240 borders! - Beta 21: 2017-09-29 14:48:19 - Asdolo's commit: Added a volume control for SNES Virtual Console CIAs 2017-09-29 14:21:19 - Asdolo's commit: Added SNES9x for Old 3DS 2017-09-28 16:42:19 - Asdolo's commit: Small merge fix 2017-09-28 15:20:37 - namanix's commit: Merged Master into Library so i can use the Direct install CIA function 2017-09-28 12:04:18 - namanix's commit: MdiTabControl.dll isn't found on initial clone. Going to fix this later - Beta 20: 2017-09-27 18:06:34 - Asdolo's commit: Improved the whole database's search system, especially for GBA ROMs 2017-09-27 13:45:10 - Asdolo's commit: Disabled motion blur in the second palette of GB VC - Beta 19: 2017-09-26 21:30:54 - Asdolo's commit: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive injection! 2017-09-25 16:18:30 - Asdolo's commit: Drag and drop support for load ROM files 2017-09-25 15:06:55 - Asdolo's commit: Allow to pick multiple IPS files 2017-09-25 14:17:20 - Asdolo's commit: Better Title ID random generation (less official releases matches) 2017-09-25 13:55:16 - Asdolo's commit: Added a standalone CIA install feature 2017-09-25 12:49:54 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed numeration bug in projects with repeated names 2017-09-23 23:36:30 - namanix's commit: Rightmouse click menu works on projects in the library 2017-09-23 23:25:16 - namanix's commit: Open project / Delete project from library now working! 2017-09-23 22:28:48 - namanix's commit: Design is done. Added an import feature in the file menu that supports multiple projects at once 2017-09-23 17:49:15 - namanix's commit: Small merge fix 2017-09-23 17:47:39 - namanix's commit: Merged Asdolo's changes to the Library Branch 2017-09-23 12:41:16 - Asdolo's commit: Drag and drop support for .uip files 2017-09-23 17:38:00 - namanix's commit: (Fixed) library screen stayed in front of everything 2017-09-23 17:15:20 - namanix's commit: Icon in library is now shown but the panel is always on top of everything. Comitting to find a fix - Beta 18: 2017-09-23 11:50:01 - Asdolo's commit: Got rid of the admin privileges requirement 2017-09-23 16:47:32 - namanix's commit: Added the games to the list. Only the game icon remains now for the design 2017-09-23 15:56:51 - namanix's commit: You can now click on consoles to open them. Buttons and container for games are placed. Only design 2017-09-23 14:14:44 - namanix's commit: Basic design is done! Nothing functional, only design. Also adding everything to the language file so it can be translated 2017-09-23 11:51:34 - namanix's commit: Base comit for the new library system 2017-09-22 18:38:46 - Asdolo's commit: Updated the New GBC VC 2017-09-21 18:45:44 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed a translation error 2017-09-21 18:17:20 - Asdolo's commit: Now every Open/Save File Dialog will remember its last used directory 2017-09-17 20:33:11 - Asdolo's commit: Added settings to enable/disable the open output folder message 2017-09-17 16:21:14 - Asdolo's commit: Allow to multiselect project files when opening them 2017-09-17 16:17:12 - Asdolo's commit: Automatically refresh recent projects list in Homepage 2017-09-17 16:09:54 - Asdolo's commit: Added project to recent list when saving it to a new project file 2017-09-17 15:53:56 - Asdolo's commit: Added a basic Homepage - Beta 17: 2017-09-15 16:54:13 - Asdolo's commit: Now when adding an image for the icon from a file it will also be added for for the banner if no image is present. Also this works in reverse 2017-09-15 16:44:59 - Asdolo's commit: (GBA) Hide the save type list and sleep patch on non-VC Injection Methods 2017-09-15 16:36:16 - Asdolo's commit: (GBA) Now the list of save types will always show 2017-09-15 15:57:43 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed the initial language selection 2017-09-15 15:51:57 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed the initial language selection 2017-09-15 12:36:31 - Asdolo's commit: Changed all the ComboBoxes to being read only 2017-09-15 12:27:05 - Asdolo's commit: Hide the banner offset sliders when importing an external banner binary - Beta 16: 2017-09-14 21:28:13 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed language list now showing properly 2017-09-14 20:07:08 - Asdolo's commit: Added a context menu when right-clicking a tab - Beta 15: 2017-09-14 17:05:54 - Asdolo's commit: Added german translation! - Beta 14: 2017-09-14 13:42:26 - Asdolo's commit: Search GBA ROMs in database by internal name instead of CRC, so trimmed ROMs are now found - Beta 13: 2017-09-14 10:40:07 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed SNES VC volume 2017-09-13 13:21:20 - Asdolo's commit: Official GBA banner creation if banner color is the default one 2017-09-13 12:24:35 - Asdolo's commit: Remove a project from recent files if it can't be opened 2017-09-13 12:17:34 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed project not saving when closing a new unsaved project 2017-09-13 11:58:48 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed an english and russian string - Beta 11 & Beta 12: 2017-09-12 23:03:31 - Asdolo's commit: Full GBA VC compatibility (thanks to Aurora) plus some bugfixes - Beta 10: 2017-09-09 15:50:34 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed Super Famicom Banner in EUR consoles with French language 2017-09-09 15:26:30 - Asdolo's commit: Delete export log.cmd 2017-09-09 15:25:16 - Asdolo's commit: Delete log.txt 2017-09-09 15:24:45 - Asdolo's commit: Easier multiline footer banner 2017-09-09 14:00:57 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed line breaks in icon.bin generation 2017-09-09 13:04:55 - Asdolo's commit: Changed GBA injector icon plus fixed flat banner preview transparency 2017-09-09 12:58:38 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GBA Banner sound and fixed banner export 2017-09-09 12:42:35 - Asdolo's commit: Added GBA EEPROM 8k save type plus a better rom save type recognition - Beta 9: 2017-09-08 10:42:11 - Asdolo's commit: Manual Pokemon GBA VC save patch fix 2017-09-08 09:39:14 - Asdolo's commit: GBA Sleep and SRAM patches - Beta 8: 2017-09-07 12:52:36 - Asdolo's commit: GBA button picker finished - Beta 7: 2017-09-07 01:03:24 - Asdolo's commit: GBA Injection! It also includes mGBA and gpSP forwarders! 2017-09-04 16:34:49 - Asdolo's commit: Updated About window 2017-09-04 16:19:22 - Asdolo's commit: Added a setting to disable the missing fonts warning 2017-09-04 15:40:05 - Asdolo's commit: Remember save path when creating the CIA 2017-09-04 14:47:16 - Asdolo's commit: Recent projects list 2017-09-04 13:05:00 - Asdolo's commit: Allow to keep using the injector while running the bgb emulator 2017-09-04 12:55:53 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed About window closing when closing Credits window 2017-09-01 00:08:23 - Asdolo's commit: CIA install via servefiles (Boop method) 2017-08-31 19:11:21 - Asdolo's commit: Option to export icon and banner finally added 2017-08-26 19:35:10 - Asdolo's commit: Translated some stuff 2017-08-26 19:27:34 - Asdolo's commit: Warning message the footer banner font is missing 2017-08-13 12:15:39 - Asdolo's commit: Bump 2017-08-07 02:04:51 - Asdolo's commit: GBC injection plus some bugfixes - Beta 6: 2017-07-25 13:39:51 - Asdolo's commit: Some fixes 2017-07-25 02:58:04 - Asdolo's commit: Basic applications settings, starting with language force setting 2017-07-25 00:19:49 - Asdolo's commit: Russian language! 2017-07-23 23:04:08 - Asdolo's commit: Added a preview button for colorization modes 1 & 2 (Game Boy VC) plus some bugfixes 2017-07-23 20:53:23 - Asdolo's commit: Moved all translatable strings to one file. Some bugfixes too. 2017-07-23 13:30:29 - Asdolo's commit: Option to disable the power LED on GB/GBC VC. Also now drawing the black bars to the sides of the custom borders 2017-07-19 18:14:39 - Asdolo's commit: Automatic palette application to downloaded title screens in Game Boy Injector 2017-07-19 17:32:25 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed stupid bug 2017-07-18 13:50:54 - Asdolo's commit: Import/Export Palettes Scheme - Beta 5: 2017-07-16 23:41:40 - Asdolo's commit: Game Boy borders! (with a small limitation) 2017-07-16 15:30:49 - Asdolo's commit: Color injection in the palette swapping popup (L+R+Y) for GB VC 2017-07-16 15:01:14 - Asdolo's commit: GB Injection Methods description fixes and small bugfixes 2017-07-16 13:54:48 - Asdolo's commit: VC .patch file injection 2017-07-15 20:09:34 - Asdolo's commit: Done all GB palette related stuff (for now) 2017-07-13 00:26:37 - Asdolo's commit: GB RetroArch core options 2017-07-12 20:59:23 - Asdolo's commit: Basic GB injection plus some bugfixes 2017-07-02 12:57:57 - Asdolo's commit: Added some credits 2017-06-30 16:27:02 - Asdolo's commit: CIA Version input check 2017-06-29 14:05:29 - Asdolo's commit: CIA Minor and Micro version plus small bugfixes 2017-06-27 14:28:03 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed banner inner image horizontal offset 2017-06-27 13:54:29 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed CIA not created on NES VC1 without Dowload Play and fixed ROM database bug 2017-06-26 20:23:06 - Asdolo's commit: Forgot to apply the offsets to banner.bin generation too :P 2017-06-26 19:55:25 - Asdolo's commit: X and Y offsets for banner inner image drawing 2017-06-26 18:25:16 - Asdolo's commit: Box Art download for banner 2017-06-26 14:54:42 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed some main menu strings 2017-06-26 14:52:30 - Asdolo's commit: Save and Save As menues fixed 2017-06-26 14:35:15 - Asdolo's commit: Added Download Play information and hiding option when selecting another injection method 2017-06-26 14:27:29 - Asdolo's commit: Selectable Download Play option and small bugfixes - Beta 4: 2017-06-26 01:10:21 - Asdolo's commit: NES Download Play support and fixed missing banners from Chinese and Korean languages - Beta 3: 2017-06-25 23:39:01 - Asdolo's commit: Dummy changes - Beta 1 & Beta 2: 2017-06-22 11:56:06 - Asdolo's commit: SNES support and some bugfixes! 2017-06-20 15:11:00 - Asdolo's commit: Translated and formatted remaining strings. 2017-06-20 01:28:42 - Asdolo's commit: Small bugfixes, code cleaned and translated some texts 2017-06-19 19:58:33 - Asdolo's commit: Bugfixes 2017-06-19 19:12:08 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed some bugs and finished with IPS patching 2017-06-19 14:09:19 - Asdolo's commit: IPS Patching and small bugfixes. 2017-06-19 13:32:43 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed main menu items 2017-06-19 11:11:11 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed small bug 2017-06-19 02:34:47 - Asdolo's commit: External Footer Banner image import 2017-06-19 01:59:20 - Asdolo's commit: Nestopia forwarder! 2017-06-19 01:11:52 - Asdolo's commit: QuickNES forwarder! (and small bugfixes) 2017-06-19 00:35:52 - Asdolo's commit: Small bugfixes 2017-06-19 00:10:09 - Asdolo's commit: Properly random Title ID and Product Code 2017-06-18 23:08:12 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed GBA 3D Banner not coloring properly 2017-06-18 22:56:50 - Asdolo's commit: Projects save and load 2017-06-18 19:07:37 - Asdolo's commit: Code prepared to implement projects save and load 2017-06-16 14:46:32 - Asdolo's commit: Fully working FCEUMM NES Forwarder 2017-06-15 01:40:43 - Asdolo's commit: RetroArch core options editor! 2017-06-15 00:34:45 - Asdolo's commit: First working CIA (nes)! 2017-06-08 01:10:52 - Asdolo's commit: CIA export: made Banner export method (need tests) 2017-06-06 01:27:38 - Asdolo's commit: Added some icons 2017-06-06 00:11:21 - Asdolo's commit: Content Options Editor finished (for now) 2017-06-06 00:07:36 - Asdolo's commit: Content Options Editor finished (for now) 2017-06-03 03:30:45 - Asdolo's commit: Added. Content Options Editor window, including Buttons layout editor 2017-05-29 23:39:42 - Asdolo's commit: Fixed small bugs on the footer banner creation. Added the Content Options Editor form, which will be like the Step 4 of my older injectors. 2017-05-26 00:44:19 - Asdolo's commit: Footer Banner generation completed (for now). 2017-05-23 00:07:54 - Asdolo's commit: All banner previews done. Added a new Color Picker, better than the one on my old injectors. The next commit should be the implementation of the footer banner creation. 2017-05-22 00:38:24 - Asdolo's commit: Made progress on the banner creation. 2017-05-18 01:20:42 - Asdolo's commit: Properly CIA icon handle, creation and import. Added Texture class. 2017-05-16 23:26:49 - Asdolo's commit: More UI improvements. Working on NES injector. 2017-05-16 01:04:32 - Asdolo's commit: About form added 2017-05-16 00:17:51 - Asdolo's commit: Final MDI testings: properly child form handling and improved UI 2017-05-12 01:56:52 - Asdolo's commit: Testing with MDI forms and tabs 2017-05-12 01:17:33 - Asdolo's commit: Initial commit: basic UI 2017-05-11 13:50:49 - Asdolo's commit: Initial commit  

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