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  5. A mi algunos juegos no me los carga, cuando le doy al botón de iniciar el juego desde Swiss, lo parchea pero al entrar en el juego se queda la pantalla en negro
  6. No pongas la tarjeta en nada que no sea fat 32, aunque se supone que también debería leerlo en exfat, a mi me dio problemas
  7. ARIEL "EL BURRITO" ORTEGA face+stats (World Classics)
  8. Wildz Online Casino https://wildz-casino.net/ welcome deposit Bonus 500$ + 200 Free Spins!
  9. Gracias,con 4 gigas de flash se puede poner kodi sin problemas...
  10. Version 24.09.2020

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    Lista de canales actualizada en formato .bin para mostrar todos los canales con el nuevo orden de Movistar en el decodificador Stelar ST-27.
  11. Version 24.09.2020

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    Lista de canales actualizada en formato .bin para mostrar todos los canales con el nuevo orden de Movistar en el decodificador Iris 9700 HD 02.
  12. No estoy muy puesto en este tipo de decos, pero según tengo entendido las mejores imágenes con estas: Yo tiraría por la de OpenSPA porque está en español y claramente enfocada a nuestro mercado. Y en cuanto a Oscam o cccam... yo tiraría por CCCam, la verdad. A mi me va bien y es muy simple de configurar en cualquier deco. Luego el tema de Kodi, Plex y demás depende del uso que tu le quieras dar. Yo con el combo de deco para canales deportivos y el Plex para películas y series descargadas voy bien. Pero entiendo que hay muchos tipos de usos.
  13. Version 3.1.0

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    Imagen del firmware BlackHole para el decodificador Vu+ Zero 4K.
  14. Hola a todos, donde puedo descargar el parche de MKF team de pes 5 de ps2 ya que los enlaces están caídos y no lo encuentro por ningún sitio si alguien lo tiene le agradecería que me ayudase con su descarga o que me lo pase si puede... un saludo y muchas gracias.
  15. Hola me he decidido a comprar un vu zero 4k,leo q es muy buen deco,pero quisiera saber si alguien lo tiene,q imagen es la mejor,oscam o cccam,kodi,etc vamos si es muy dificil de configurar.Gracias
  16. Hola a todos, excelente iniciativa, pudieron subir los parches de fernando para traducir todos los we al espanol y o ingles?
  17. Version 1.11.2020

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    Lista de canales actualizada en formato .udf para mostrar todos los canales con el nuevo orden de Movistar para el decodificador GTMedia v8 UHD. El último firmware para este deco se puede descargar desde aquí: GTMedia v8 UHD - Firmware.
  18. Pues no... hay tantas caras para hacer y no tengo demasiado tiempo la verdad !! Pero me la apunto 👍
  19. Dekuwa

    Vita Launcher

    Version 2.3

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    This is a app/game launcher application. The main purpose of this app is for users who have hundreds of games on their vita. The psvita has limitation of 500 bubbles only. I couldn't find an app that served me well to manage my library of games so I decided to create my own. Use in conjuction with the CopyIcons app to get icons not created by psvita. Features Games are groups into multiple categories (vita/psp/homebrew/favorites) including retro consoles like nes,snes,gb,gbc,gba,n64 etc.. Can launch all vita games, Adernaline bubbles and (retro games without bubbles). Has parental control for hiding certain settings. Customize categories via configuration file. Favorites. With hundreds of games, it's takes a quite a while to browse all the pages to find your favorite game. Therefore I've implemented a feature to add a game to you favorites for easy access. Game images loaded on demand. With hundreds of games, we can't possibly load all the game images into memory. So images are loaded on demand only and a few pages of images are cached. Last but not least, you can access you full library of games/apps. Just an FYI, I could load 1600 games/apps on my vita-tv. Controls up/down/left/right - for browsing your games left analog stick - for browsing your games square - add the selected game to favorites circle - un-select or back. triangle - display settings to switch between Grid/List view. cross - start the selected game/app L-trigger - previous page R-trigger - next page by cy33hc.
  20. Dekuwa


    Version 1.2

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    Henkaku plugins which adds motion control support for PlayStation TV with DualShock controllers. It can also be used on a real PS Vita with "ds3vita" or "ds4vita" plugins to replace the console internal motion sensors by those from the controller (however, it doesn't work well with "ds3vita", see limitations section). There are 2 plugins: Kernel plugin dsmotion.skprx: it hooks BlueTooth calls to catch DualShock controller packets and exposes user services to get the intercepted motion data User plugin dsmotion.suprx: it calls the kernel plugin services and reinterprets the given data for SceMotion functions return Installation In order to activate those plugins featues, you must edit your ux0:tai/config.txt file: *KERNEL ux0:tai/dsmotion.skprx *TITLEID00 ux0:tai/dsmotion.suprx Replace TITLEID00 by a title identifier which needs motion control or by ALL to affect all titles. Compatibility NPXS10007 - Welcome Park - The skate board game is playable. PCSF00214 - Tearaway - Introduction which asks to shake the PS Vita can now be passed by shaking the controller. PCSF00349 - Flower - The game is playable. PCSF00007 - WipEout 2048 - The game can be played with motion commands option. PCSA00029 - Uncharted Golden Abyss - River game at chapter 12 and other balance mini-games can be completed. PCSB00360 - Rayman Legends - Murfy can now perform actions which requires motion control. PCSB00031 - Virtua Tennis 4 - "Match VR" mode could feel it has inverted horizontal controls (read limitations). PCSF00024 - Gravity Rush - "No gravity" mode could feel it inverted horizontal controls (read limitations). Limitations If a DualShock 3 controller is used, it must not be directly plugged with USB on the PS TV otherwise, signal will be sent through USB instead of BlueTooth (and it won't be catched): use an external charger for the controller. It doesn't work well on classic PS Vita with "ds3vita": for an unknown reason, motion control samples seems to be too much spaced over time. It hooks documented "SceMotion" user functions instead of undocumented "SceMotionDev" kernel functions: if we could understand those kernel functions, we could have more compatibility with a single kernel plugin (no more need for a user plugin). Computed orientation is wrong when the controller is turned upside down (it could happen in a game when you try to look too verticaly high). Currently, gyroscope data is not exploited during orientation compute (due to drift problems I had when I tried), feel free to give help if you have some maths/IMU skills! Some games could be perceived like they have inverted horizontal controls (specially during FPS and TPS viewpoints) but it is a wrong impression (on a real PS Vita, tilting the device on the left also makes the view goes to the right and vice versa). Credits xerpi for his "ds3vita" and "ds4vita" plugins source code which helped me a lot to understand BlueTooth communication! TheFlow for his "VitaShell" source code which helped me to understand how to export functions from kernel plugin and call them in user plugin YifanLu for Henkaku which makes everything possible (except coffee) on this device! by OperationNT414C.
  21. Dekuwa


    Version 0.3

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    Enable the plugin: Add ds3vita.skprx to taiHEN's config (ux0:/tai/config.txt): *KERNEL ux0:tai/ds3vita.skprx You need to refresh the config.txt by rebooting or through VitaShell. Pairing the controller: Download this tool (or this other one if you want to compile it yourself) Connect your DS3 to the PC and open the tool Introduce the Vita's MAC address plus 1 to the tool (Settings -> System -> System information) Using it once paired (see above): Just press the PS button and it will connect to the Vita Note: If you use Mai, don't put the plugin inside ux0:/plugins because Mai will load all stuff you put in there... by xerpi.
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