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  1. 5KPlayer

    5KPlayer is a free media player for Windows and macOS with embedded video cutter to deliver high quality playbacks of 4K/5K and even 8K FUHD, iPhone, GoPro, etc videos.
    It plays almost any media file including music, videos (UHD/3D/HDR/360°), DVDs, etc on macOS and Windows with 5.1/7.1 DTS surround sound support.
    Play videos in H.265/H.264, VP8/9, WebM, MP4, MKV, WMV, FLV etc and DVDs. Play internet radio, M3U8/IPTV stream, MP3, APE, FLAC, AAC and more. Video music manager. Easily organize all media files and cut videos into clips.  

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  2. 7-Zip

    7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
    Main features
    The main features of 7-Zip High compression ratio in 7z format with LZMA and LZMA2 compression Supported formats: Packing / unpacking: 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM Unpacking only: AR, ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DMG, EXT, FAT, GPT, HFS, IHEX, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, QCOW2, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, UEFI, VDI, VHD, VMDK, WIM, XAR and Z. For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides a compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than the ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip Strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats Self-extracting capability for 7z format Integration with Windows Shell Powerful File Manager Powerful command line version Plugin for FAR Manager Localizations for 87 languages 7-Zip works in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2016 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT.
    by Igor Pavlov.

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  3. Alfred

    Alfred is an award-winning app for macOS which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.
    by Running with Crayons.

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  4. AMD Ryzen Wraith Prism RGB lighting control software

    Aplicación para Windows que nos permite gestionar el sistema de iluminación del ventilador Ryzen Wraith Prism de AMD.

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  5. ApplyPPF

    ApplyPPF is part of the commandline distribution of the PPF3.0 tools and is used to apply PPF files to binfiles. ApplyPPF3 can handle PPF1.0, PPF2.0 and PPF3.0 patches. It will recognize them automatically so you don't have to worry about this. It can also be used to undo a PPF3.0 patch. (Only if undo-data is available of course).
    How to use ApplyPPF ?
    It is (still) very simple to apply a PPF2.0 patch to a binfile. Here is a commandline example to patch a binfile called "game.bin"
    ApplyPPF3.exe a game.bin patch.ppf Command "a" is used for applying a patch.
    If you want to undo a PPF3.0 patch in case undo data is included type the
    ApplyPPF3.exe u game.bin patch.ppf Command "u" is used for undo patch.

    If a bin can't be verified the following warning may occour:
    1. "The size of the bin file isn't correct, continue ? (y/n): "
       - This warning should not be taken too seriously as the filesize check
         isn't really reliable. One more reason for me not to include this one
         in PPF3.0 anymore. This caused alot more trouble than helped to verify.
    2. "Binblock/Patchvalidation failed. continue ? (y/n): "
       - This warning *IS* actually very accurate and i suggest if you see this
         cancel for once and check everything (PPF & BIN) once again.
    3. "Error: no undo data available"
       - If you see this errormessage you probably wanted to undo a PPF3.0 patch.
         This message is self explaining. There is NO chance to undo the patch if
         the patch creator did not include undo data.

    Final words
    You can find precompiled ApplyPPF versions for you favorite OS as they are: Win32, Linux (Redhat) and MAX OS-X.
    - Win32 version was compiled on a PC using Visual C++ by Microsoft Corp.
    - Linux version was compiled on Redhat linux 7.0 using gcc.
    - Mac version was compiled on and for MAC OS-X.
    by Icarus / Paradox.

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  6. Audacity

    Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
    Recording: Audacity can record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media. Export / Import: Import, edit, and combine sound files. Export your recordings in many different file formats, including multiple files at once. Sound Quality: Supports 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit. Sample rates and formats are converted using high-quality resampling and dithering. Plug-ins: Support for LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST and Audio Unit effect plug-ins. Effects can be easily modified in a text editor – or you can even write your own plug-in. Editing: Easy editing with Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete. Also unlimited sequential Undo (and Redo) in the session to go back any number of steps. Effects: Real-time preview of LADSPA, LV2, VST and Audio Unit (macOS) effects. Plug-in Manager handles plug-in installation and addition/removal of effects and generators from the menus. Accessibility: Tracks and selections can be fully manipulated using the keyboard. Large range of keyboard shortcuts. Analysis: Spectrogram view mode for visualizing and selecting frequencies. Plot Spectrum window for detailed frequency analysis. Support for Vamp analysis plug-ins. Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.

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  7. Basic Compression Library

    Basic Compression Library is a portable library of well known compression algorithms, such as Huffman coding, written in standard ANSI C. It is intended to serve as a set of building blocks for specialized compression algorithms.

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  8. Batch File Manager

    First, a warning.... Used incorrectly this program could serioulsy damage your OS! Make sure you do not move files from Windows system folders (e.g c:\Windows or c:\Program Files) 
    Whats this program do? Its a very quick and easy way to move files and folders to multiple destinations without the need to sit at the PC or have multiple copy/move operations going in parallel.
    Select the your destination drive and folder first by double clicking the actual folder name. Mapped network drives can also be used. Select whether you want to move or copy the file from the drop down box in the action menu. Select the source drive and then the source folder. If its the entire folder to copy over make sure all is correct with the selec tions before clicking the Add Folder button. (Checks are not in place if your destination is a sub directory of the source folder!) If it's a file to move/copy, double click the file required in the right hand pane of the From section. The current jobs will be in the Job List section, source is the first panel, the next is move (M) or copy (C) and the last is the destination. To remove a job, double click it from the list. For quickness you can select the desktop or My Documents folder for source or destination quickly via the Shortcuts menu at the top. To start the process, simply hit the Go button and it will start - it may look like the program has crashed if there are large files to process but be patient and it will finish.

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  9. Be.HexEditor

    Be.HexEditor is a small, fast and simple hex editor. It contains a reusable hex edit control called HexBox. This C# control is reusable for every .NET Framework application.
    Opens files of unlimited size. Multi-language support (English, German, Japanese and Russian) Contains a reusable control for .NET developers

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  10. Blowcrypt

    probably the best blowcrypt script for you eggdrop ;) 
    copy the .conf and .tcl file into your eggdrops script directory and add: 'source scripts/blowcrypt.tcl' to your eggdrops configuration file. edit the blowcrypt.conf (options should be self explaining). rehash, thats it!  Changelog:
    typo (exlusive-binds) fixed!! fixed bug on nicks with special chars fixed bug with " ... messages more eggdrop-like behaviour ( even messages w/o ':' are valid for 1 word ) fixed nicktracker  

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  11. BlueZ

    BlueZ provides support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols. It is flexible, efficient and uses a modular implementation. It has many interesting features:
    Complete modular implementation Symmetric multi processing safe Multithreaded data processing Support for multiple Bluetooth devices Real hardware abstraction Standard socket interface to all layers Device and service level security support Currently BlueZ consists of many separate modules:
    Bluetooth kernel subsystem core L2CAP and SCO audio kernel layers RFCOMM, BNEP, CMTP and HIDP kernel implementations HCI UART, USB, PCMCIA and virtual device drivers General Bluetooth and SDP libraries and daemons Configuration and testing utilities Protocol decoding and analysis tools

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  12. BsPatch

    BsPatch + BSDiff + Patches.

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  13. C64 Forever

    Cloanto, developers of Commodore/Amiga software since the 1980s, has introduced C64 Forever, the official CBM 8-bit preservation, emulation and support package. C64 Forever embodies an intuitive player interface, backed by a built-in database containing more than 5,000 C64 game entries.
    Support for the innovative RP9 format allows for advanced title authoring, preservation and easy cross-platform playback.

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  14. CCS64

    CCS64 is a Commodore 64 Emulator for PC and also in the future other platforms. It was developed by me, Per Håkan Sundell, as my Master Thesis at my university in 1995 and have been expanded a lot since then.
    My personal  interest in the C64 has been very intensive since 1983 when I was spending nearly all my time with it, and I was deeply involved in the so called "Scene".
    When I later in 1987 bought my Amiga 500, I missed the old good times I had with my C64 and since then I have tried my very best to make all the old programs to work on my new machines.
    One of my first attempts was to resurrect the old C64 music, the famous SID chip. In 1990 I and Ron Birk released a demo called "100 most remembered C64 tunes" which was very popular, and in 1991 we released the very first tool for Amiga called "PlaySID" which later inspired a lot of similar programs on other platforms.
    CCS64 is a program that runs on your PC that turns your computer into an old Commodore 64 computer. This means that the program simulates, or rather emulates the old computer, enabling you to run most of the old software you had for that old machine, running it just like it would in the past.
    Of course there are some small differences compared to the real thing, but my goal has been to minimize the differences as much as it is possible.

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  15. CDRWin

    CDRWIN is a CD and DVD recording program supporting binary (.BIN), cue sheets (.CUE), overburning, MP3 burning, disc copy, track ripping, and much more.

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  16. ClipMenu

    A clipboard manager for Mac OS X.
    New ClipMenu, completely rebuilt using Swift language, is now under development.

    The source code is dependent on some libraries. You have to download and install them if you want to compile, run, or test the source code.
    PTHotKey by Quentin D. Carnicelli Shortcut Recorder by contributors to ShortcutRecorder Sparkle by Andy Matuschak DBPrefsWindowController by Dave Batton Google Toolbox for Mac by Google Inc. BWToolkit by Brandon Walkin Author
    Naotaka Morimoto (@naotakaM)
    ClipMenu is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.
    Icons are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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  17. Clipy

    Clipy is a Clipboard extension app for macOS.
    Requirement: macOS 10.10 Yosemite or higher.

    Clipy is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.
    Icons are copyrighted by their respective authors.
    Special Thanks
    Thank you for @naotaka who have published ClipMenu as OSS.

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  18. CMake

    CMake is an open-source, cross-platform family of tools designed to build, test and package software.
    CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files, and generate native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.
    The suite of CMake tools were created by Kitware in response to the need for a powerful, cross-platform build environment for open-source projects such as ITK and VTK.

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  19. Coreutils

    The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system.
    These are the core utilities which are expected to exist on every operating system.

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  20. CreaPPF

    App for create PPF patches that works directly in Windows and frees us from the command line of the original PPF-o-Matic.
    by Yursoft.

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  21. CRI File System Tools

    /**************************************************************************** * * CRI Middleware SDK * * Copyright (c) 2016 CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. * * Title : CRI File System tools * Module : Release Notes * File : release_crifstools_e.txt * Date : 2016-03-10 * Version : 2.50.03 * ****************************************************************************/ /*--------------------------------------------------------------------------* * * [Table of Contents] * 1. About CRI File System Tools * 2. Version Information * 3. Tool Package * 4. System Requirements * 5. Notes * 5.1 Known problems * *--------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ 1. About CRI File System Tools "CRI File System tools" is a tool package for creating files used by the CRI File System library. CRI File System tools package comes with the following components: (a) "CPK File Builder" A Windows GUI version of CPK file making tool. This tool is an advanced verison of "CRI Packed File Maker", and it has a number of higher-level features. Various operations such as, organizing files and directories, configuring compression settings, and optimizing file locations, are supported. (b) "CRI Packed File Maker" A simple GUI version of CPK file making tool. A CPK file can easily be created simply by dragging and dropping the folder containing files. (c) Console Version of "CRI Packed File Maker" A console program for "CRI Packed File Maker". Define files in a CSV file that are packed into a CPK file, and then start the tool specifying the CSV file as a command line option. (d) CPK File Making Tool 'MakeCpk' for Excel A tool that can create a CPK file directly within the Excel worksheet. A CPK file can easily be created by defining a file list in the worksheet and clicking the button. (e) cpkencryptor A console program to encrypt the content files contained in the CPK file that is built with CPK File Builder etc. This tool extracts content files from the existent CPK file, specifying those files as encryption target, and then encrypts them with user's own encryption tool. 2. Version Information (1) Tool Package CRI File System tools : Ver.2.50.03 (2) Tools (a) CPK File Builder : Ver.1.49.34 (b) CRI Packed File Maker : Ver.2.40.13 (c) CRI Packed File Maker for Console : Ver.2.49.32 (d) MakeCpk(Excel) : Ver.1.00.03 [Note] (*) denotes the updated tool. 3. Tool Package This tool package includes the following tools and documentation. (1) Executables (a) CpkFileBuilder.exe : CPK File Builder (b) CriPackedFileMaker.exe : CRI Packed File Maker (c) cpkmakec.exe : CRI Packed File Maker for Console (2) Execubale sub-files (a) CpkMaker.dll : Common sub-modules (b) CpkBinder.dll : Common sub-modules (c) CpkMakerControl.dll : CPK File Builder sub-modules (d) ja-JP/CpkFileBuilder.resources.dll : CPK File Builder jpn-resource (3) Excel files (a) MakeCpk_e.xsl : Excel file for MakeCpk (Its manual and samples/tutorials are included in the excel file.) (4) Documents (a) release_crifstools_e.txt : Release notes (this file) (b) history_crifstools_e.txt : Revision history (c) CRI_File_System_e.chm : User's manual For tool's usage, please see the manual "CRI File System tools user's manual" (CRI_File_System_Tools_Manual_e.chm). 4. System Requirements (1) CRI File System Tools Environment CRI File Systemn tools run on the following environment: PC : IBM PC compatible OS : Windows 7 / 8.1 (x86 or x64) .NET Framework : .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 [Note] CRI File System tools are built for the .NET Framework 4.0. However, it runs on the .NET Framework 4.5 environment. If .NET Framework 4.5 is already installed, there's no need to additonally install the .NET Framework 4.0. CRI File System tools are 32-bit applications but can run on 64-bit OS. (2) Getting the .NET Framework You can get the .NET Framework from the following website. - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=17718 /*--< end of file >---------------------------------------------------------*/  

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  22. DB Browser for SQLite

    DB Browser for SQLite is a high quality, visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite.
    It is for users and developers wanting to create databases, search, and edit data. It uses a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, and you don't need to learn complicated SQL commands.
    Controls and wizards are available for users to:
    Create and compact database files Create, define, modify and delete tables Create, define and delete indexes Browse, edit, add and delete records Search records Import and export records as text Import and export tables from/to CSV files Import and export databases from/to SQL dump files Issue SQL queries and inspect the results Examine a log of all SQL commands issued by the application

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  23. Displayplacer

    macOS command line utility to configure multi-display resolutions and arrangements. Essentially XRandR for macOS.
    Install via Homebrew with brew tap jakehilborn/jakehilborn && brew install displayplacer or visit the releases tab.
    Show current screen info and possible resolutions: displayplacer list
    Apply screen config (hz & color_depth are optional):
    displayplacer "id:<screenId> res:<width>x<height> hz:<num> color_depth:<num> scaling:<on/off> origin:(<x>,<y>) degree:<0/90/180/270>" Apply screen config using mode:
    displayplacer "id:<screenId> mode:<modeNum> origin:(<x>,<y>) degree:<0/90/180/270>" Apply screen config with mirrored screens:
    displayplacer "id:<mainScreenId>+<1stMirrorScreenId>+<2ndMirrorScreenId> res:<width>x<height> scaling:<on/off> origin:(<x>,<y>) degree:<0/90/180/270>" Example w/ all features:
    displayplacer "id:18173D22-3EC6-E735-EEB4-B003BF681F30+F466F621-B5FA-04A0-0800-CFA6C258DECD res:1440x900 scaling:on origin:(0,0) degree:0" "id:4C405A05-8798-553B-3550-F93E7A7722BB res:768x1360 hz:60 color_depth:8 scaling:off origin:(1440,0) degree:90" "id:A46D2F5E-487B-CC69-C588-ECFD519016E5 mode:3 origin:(-1440,0) degree:270" Instructions:
    Manually set rotations 1st*, resolutions 2nd, and arrangement 3rd. For extra resolutions and rotations read 'Notes' below. Open System Preferences -> Displays Choose desired screen rotations (use displayplacer for rotating internal MacBook screen). Choose desired resolutions (use displayplacer for extra resolutions). Drag the white bar to your desired primary screen. Arrange screens as desired and/or enable mirroring. To enable partial mirroring hold the alt/option key and drag a display on top of another. Use displayplacer list to print your current layout's args so you can create profiles for scripting/hotkeys with Automator, BetterTouchTool, etc. Notes:
    *displayplacer list and system prefs only show resolutions for the screen's current rotation. Use an extra resolution shown in displayplacer list by executing displayplacer "id:<screenId> mode:<modeNum>" Rotate your internal MacBook screen by executing displayplacer "id:<screenId> degree:<0/90/180/270>" The screen set to origin (0,0) will be set as the primary screen (white bar in system prefs). The first screenId in a mirroring set will be the 'Optimize for' screen in the system prefs. You can only choose resolutions for the 'Optimize for' screen. If there is a mirroring resolution you need but cannot find, try making a different screenId the first of the set. hz and color_depth are optional. If left out, the highest hz and then the highest color_depth will be auto applied. Persistent screen ids always stay the same. Contextual screen ids change when switching GPUs or when switching ports. It's recommended to use persistent screen ids. In some rare cases, you may need to use contextual screen ids since the modes list changes when macOS switches GPUs. by jakehilborn.

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  24. DKZ Easy FTP

    DkZ Easy FTP
    Para cualquier consulta, duda y/o fallo del programa Mándame un e-mail a:
    Este programa es Freeware, libre de distribución  (Acompañado siempre de este Leeme) y no está sujeto a ningún tipo de ley.
    El hecho de no estar sujeto a ninguna ley no implica el poder modificar el programa de ninguna manera sin el expreso consentimiento del autor.
    Autor: abScroll
    E-mail: abScroll@hotmail.com

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  25. Easy2Boot

    Just copy your ISO files to the E2B USB drive and Legacy-boot!
    Easy to maintain - just copy over your ISO files/.imgPTN files/other files (or delete them from the USB drive) - a new menu is automatically created each time you boot from the E2B USB drive. No need to reformat your E2B USB drive ever again, even if you want to update it with the latest version of E2B. Directly MBR-boot from the USB drive to unmodified files: .ISO, .IMA, .IMG, .VHD, .VHDX, .WIM, WinBuilder WinPE ISOs, Windows Install ISOs, Linux ISOs, FreeDOS, Hirens ISOs, MemTest86, diagnostics, repair software, Anti-Virus cleaners, etc. etc. etc. The file extension determines how E2B will boot from it. E2B recognises many additional 'special' file extensions. The E2B download is a Windows self-extracting .exe executable (a .zip file is provided for linux users) which allows you to make an NTFS multiboot USB drive with just a few mouse clicks. You can also Make an E2B USB drive using a linux bash shell script (provided in download). You can add your own files, applications, portable apps, etc. UEFI-booting (incl. Secure Boot) is possible by converting UEFI-bootable payloads (ISOs, disk images, flash drives, etc.) into .imgPTN files (partition images). Use the MPI Tool Pack to make .imgPTN files for MBR+UEFI booting (supports Secure Boot). Over 340 different types of ISOs and payload files supported. USB Flash drives (and USB HDD\SSD drives with some workarounds) are supported (NTFS is recommended). E2B is designed to work on a wide variety of different PCs and Notebooks, even those with buggy/quirky BIOSes. Generic - unlike other solutions, there is no need to update E2B when a new linux distro is released Multiple linux ISOs+Persistence possible (via .mnu menu files) - persistence files larger than 4GB are supported. Add images of other single- or dual-partition bootable USB drives (e.g. add partition images of Rufus, WinsetupFromUSB, YUMI, XBOOT, DOS USB, etc.). 15+ languages for the E2B menu system. Press F1 in the E2B Menu for help. Use E2B for unattended Windows installs (drivers+apps+updates using an unmodified Microsoft Windows Install ISO file) by using the SDI_CHOCO feature - when a new version of Windows is released, simply copy on the new Windows ISO! Fully configurable - it is easy to change the menu text, menu order, menu defaults, timeouts, background wallpaper, add your own grub4dos menu files, add your own sub-menus, configure the menu with the E2B_Editor GUI Windows app., load different themes\skins and much more...

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