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Kefir 648

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Pack de CFW para Atmosphere para Nintendo Switch. Soporte tanto para modelos Erista como Mariko.

¿Qué incluye Kefir?

  1. Kefirosphere, basado en Atmosphere
  2. Sigpatches. Gracias al sigpatch de Atmosphere, podemos ejecutar aplicaciones y juegos no firmados.
  3. hekate bootloader. Gracias a este bootloader podemos ejecutar un firmware y otros payloads a través de un mismo menú, crear y restaurar una copia de seguridad de la NAND, crear una EmuNAND, obtener información sobre el estado del sistema, montar una tarjeta de memoria al PC sin sacalar de la Switch o reparticionar la tarjeta de memoria para instalar otro sistema operativo, entre otras cosas.
  4. Payloads instalados:
    • Lockpick_RCM - Payload para dumpear las keys de la consola.
    • Incognito_RCM - Payload para eliminar la información prodinfo, que nos permite evitar un posible baneo de una forma más efectiva.
  5. Homebrew instalado:
    • DBI - Programa que nos permite instalar juegos vía USB o desde una tarjeta de memoria.
    • tinfoil - Programa que nos permite descargar juegos a la consola directamente desde internet.
    • FreshHay - program for downloading and unpacking the recommended version of the system software directly on the console
    • NX-Shell - file manager
    • NX-Activity-Log - a program that allows you to track time spent in games
    • JKSV - program for backup and restoration of saves
    • Kefir Updater - program for updating kefir via the Internet
    • pplay - video player
    • Daybreak - program for safe update version of the system software of the STB
    • NXThemes Installer - custom theme manager
    • switch-cheats-updater - a program for downloading cheats for installed games.
    • Linkalho - account linking program
  6. Installed modules. Modules are additional components that work inside Atmosphere and allow you to do various cool things, such as using xbox-compatible controllers, emulating amiibo, overclocking, and more. Unfortunately, SX OS modules do not support
    • sys-con - a module that allows you to connect almost any gamepads to the console via USB
    • Mission Control - a module that allows you to connect almost any gamepads to the console via bluetooth
    • Tesla Overlay Menu - special overlay menu for interacting with the system
    • ovlEdiZon.ovl - Module for using cheats
    • ovlSysmodules.ovl - A module for enabling and disabling installed system modules (such as overclocking, emuuibo, etc.)
    • nx-ovlloader{:target="_blank"} - Host process for loading Switch overlay OVLs (NROs)


Kefir installation instructions (auto, Windows only)

  • Download kefir.zip
  • Unpack kefir.zip anywhere on your PC
  • Insert into PC console's memory card
  • Run install.bat from the folder where you unpacked kefir.zip and carefully read everything that is written on the screen
  • Enter answers that are appropriate for your situation
  • If you are using Caffeine remember to select it in the options of installer
  • Wait for the end of copying

Manual installation instructions (all OS)

Connecting the STB memory card to the PC:

  1. Via DBI (Recommended for MacOS and other OS users too)
    1. Start DBI via HBL
    2. Connect your console to your PC using a USB cable
    3. In DBI select "Run MTP Responder"
    4. A new device is mounted on the PC - Switch, the folder "External SD card" and there is your memory card
    5. Remember, MTP can only transfer files manually. Automatic installation via MTP is not possible.
  2. By inserting a memory card into a PC (not recommended for macOS users)
    1. Reboot the set-top box through the menu called by holding the (POWER) button
    2. On the splash screen of kefir, press the volume down button to get into hekate
    3. Now you can remove the memory card from the PC and insert it into the switch. When you pull out the memory card in the hekate, you do not need to re-forward the payload to enter the firmware. It is enough to insert the card into the console and run the firmware via the Launch menu

Removing old firmware files

  1. Remove from the atmosphere/contents folder the folders with the following names (if any):
    • 010000000000100D
    • 0100000000000032
    • 0100000000000034
    • 0100000000000036
    • 010000000000000D
    • 420000000000000E
    • 0100000000001000
    • 0100000000000352
    • 4200000000000010
    • 010000000007E51A
  2. Delete all folders from the root of your memory card, except the folders emuMMC and Nintendo, if any.

Installing Atmosphere

  1. Copy the contents of ** the archive kefir.zip from the repository of kefir to the root of the memory card.
  2. Correct the attributes according to the instructions below

Fix attributes

  1. In hekate go to the Tools menu, switch to the Arch bit • RCM • Touch • Partitions tab (at the bottom of the screen), select Fix Archive Bit
    • To get into hekate, if you are not in it, restart the STB by holding the power button for 5 seconds while in the custom firmware, then select Power Options -> Restart. When the kefir splash skin appears, press (VOL-) (volume down button)
  2. After finishing fixing the attributes, click Close in the upper right corner
  3. Select Home -> Launch -> Atmosphere to boot back into the firmware

Important information!

  • Hekate reboots directly from the firmware, through the usual reboot menu. Just hold down (VOL-) during kefir splash screen
  • You can access your memory card without removing it from the HOS via MTP (DBI -> Run MTP Responder)
  • Installing and updating kefir is the same!

by rashevskyv.

Que novedades incluye la versión 648


  • Archivos adicionales para el Kefir Updater

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