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3DS Ropkit 1.0.0

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This is a codebase intended to be used with userland title exploits in general for Nintendo 3DS.

The exploit would use the scripts here for locating the required ROP addrs. Then in the .s, it would include "ropkit_ropinclude.s", and if this is an regular-application "ropkit_boototherapp.s".

Currently this is only usable with GCC with the "-x assembler-with-cpp" build option.

This requires ropgadget_patternfinder.


This handles booting the otherapp *hax payload, various defines are required.

This automatically handles locating each 0x1000-byte page in .text used with the payload in physmem, across the entire APPLICATION memregion. Hence, this bypasses the codebin physmem randomization added with v10.4, which was later enabled for more titles with v11.0.

by yellows8.

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