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3DShell 4.0.1

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3DShell (pronounced 3D-Shell) - is a multi-purpose file manager GUI for the Nintendo 3DS. The program is currently in its early stages and lacks many features that are currently in development. More information will be given once the program matures. This program's design elements are clearly inspired by CyanogenMod's built in file manager, and so I take no credit for that.

Current features:

  • Storage bar (at the very top, just beneath the current working directory).
  • Precise battery percentage using mcu::hwc
  • Creating new folders
  • Renaming files/folders
  • File/folder deletion
  • Copy/Cut files and folders
  • Multi-select items for delete/cut/copy (using Y button)
  • FTP server (Press select or tap the ftp icon to toggle)
  • Image preview (If the image is around 400 * 480 which is the size of both screens, the image will be split in half and displayed. Have a look at the screenshots below). Support for the following image formats. PNG, JPG, GIF[un-animated], TGA (untested ->) HDR, PIC, PNM, PSD)
  • Zip file extraction.
  • Searching for directories (allows you to quickly visit a directory by clicking the search icon on the top right (bottom screen).)
  • File properties - lets you view info on current file/folder.
  • Screenshots - Press (L + R) -> (/screenshots/Screenshot_YearMonthDay-Num.bmp)
  • Fast scroll - Use analog stick
  • File's time-stamp
  • Browsing CTRNAND
  • MP3, vorbis (ogg), flac and wav playback support. (All thanks to deltabeard/MaK11-12)
  • Dir list Sorting (alphabetical - ascending, alphabetical - descending, size - largest to smallest, and size - smallest to largest)
  • Online updater (nightly/releases)


  • deltabeard/MaK11-12 for sound support.
  • mtheall for ftpd.
  • Steveice10 for allowing me to use his screen.c C3D code as a template to build and make modifications on.
  • preetisketch for the banner.
  • FrozenFire for the boot logo.

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