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A Nintedo Switch sysmodule for third-party controller support. No man-in-the-middle required!

[Switch FW 5.0.0+]


This sysmodule aims to provide complete functionality for most popular game controllers not supported by Nintendo Switch. At the current moment, only USB connection is supported.

This app is missing a lot of features. For more information, see the issues page.


  • Extract the zip file and copy the contents onto your SD card.
  • If you're not using Atmosphere, rename the atmosphere/ folder with the desired CFW name.
  • Reboot your Nintendo Switch.


sys-con comes with a config folder located at sdmc:/config/sys-con/. It contains options for adjusting stick/trigger deadzone, as well as remapping inputs. For more information, see example.ini in the same folder. All changes to the files will be updated in real time.


  •  Docked USB Support
  •  [5.0.0-7.0.0] FW Version Support
  •  Xbox 360 Controller Support
  •  Xbox One X/S Controller Support
  •  Dualshock 3 Support
  •  Undocked USB Support Works with a USB-C OTG adapter. Some knock-off brands may not support OTG.
  •  Xbox 360 Wireless adapter
  •  Dualshock 4 Support

by cathery.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.51



  • Fixed multiple controllers being disconnected when disconnecting any controller
  • Fixed the sysmodule crashing during sleep mode or eventually stopping recognizing controllers
  • Fixed Dualshock 3 getting chaotic inputs when Dualshock 4 is connected
  • Added an option to change the LED color of Dualshock 4 in config_dualshock4.ini: color_led. Optionally, if you want to turn LED off, set the color values to 0, 0, 0.


  • Added support for Dualshock 4.
    • NOTE: Due to firmware limitations, only one generation of Dualshock 4 can be recognized at a time. If you have a Dualshock 4 model "CUH-ZCT2E", you need to go to sdmc:/config/sys-con/config_global.ini and change the value of use_dualshock_2nd_generation to true.
  • Bonus feature: You can now customize controller colors! Head over to sdmc:/config/sys-con/ and modify the color values for each type of controller. Most controllers already have customized colors in place.

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