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JKSV 17.05.2021

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Multipurpose tool for Switch.

JKSV on Switch started as a small project/port to test some things and get familiar with libnx.


A list of what it currently can do:

  1. Dump and restore save data.
    • This includes the ability to dump and restore to/from any location on SD by pressing minus and using the Advanced Mode.
  2. Dump system save data
    • Pressing all four shoulder buttons at once will rescan and include the previously unlisted system saves.
    • Dumping this data is allowed, but writing back is not.
  3. Open and explore bis storage partitions via the Extras menu
    • BIS Storage is opened inside a basic filebrowser. The partition's listing is on the left. Your SD is on the right.
    • Only copying to SD and file properties work on BIS partitions. Writing to and deleting are disabled for now.
  4. Misc Extras:
    • NAND Dumping
    • Ability to remove downloaded firmware updates from NAND.
    • Terminating processes by ID. Allowing you to dump normally unopenable system archives.
    • Mount by System Save ID. Normally used when the terminated process makes JKSV unable to rescan titles without the Switch crashing.

Que novedades incluye la versión 17.05.2021


The main reason for this update is to fix issues restoring New Pokemon Snap saves. Any new issues caused by the updated code to handle this can be reported. Other things since last time:

  • Updated Traditional and Simplified Chinese translation files.
  • New sort options: Games can be sorted alphabetically, by play time, or by last played.
  • Paths to directories and files can be filtered from being backed up and deleted on restoring saves.
    • Create a file named pathFilters.txt in the folder of the game you wish to filter files from. Add a file or folder for each line. For example, sv:/file.ext or sv:/directory for folders.
  • Various other tweaks.

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