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NX Activity Log 1.2.2

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NX Activity Log (I'll come up with a name eventually) is a piece of homebrew for the Nintendo Switch which provides users with slightly more information than what is normally available about their activity on their console.

Currently, you can view (per game and per user):

  • Number of launches
  • Time of first play
  • Time of last play
  • Total playtime (down to the minute and not just 5 hour segments!)
  • Average playtime (per launch)

This application is fairly basic right now; I have plans to make a GUI (once I learn how to) as well as something bigger and better, so stay tuned!

You must have some method of launching homebrew in order to use this application.



This is my first homebrew I've written so expect some quirky bugs, however from my testing it works perfectly via Title Takeover and Applet Mode on ReiNX 2.3 (FW 8.0.1).

Note, however, that no support will be given for SX OS.

by tallbl0nde.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.2.2



  • Fixed an issue introduced in v1.2.1 where play time was incorrectly shown and calculated on recent activity/details
    • This occurred if you had your 'Default View Type' set to anything other than 'By Day'


  • Graph bars no longer go off screen if playtime is larger than anticipated
  • These bars are indicated with a plus after the value label (if you have them enabled)
  • This is aimed at you time travellers out there 😉
  • Ability to choose 12/24 hour time formatting
  • Added option to choose screen to show on launch
  • Added option to select view type on launch
  • Further improvements to the play time algorithm (thanks @Heartbeat-Heartbreak for testing!)
  • If this has messed up your play time (it shouldn't though) please see how to report it in the readme


  • Graphs have been added to the Recent Activity and Details screens
    • The value labels can be turned off in settings
  • A date selector panel has been added so spamming L/R to change date is no longer needed
  • 'Replace User Page' will no longer install the forwarder if the .nro is in the incorrect location
    • The expected location of the .nro is now /switch/NX-Activity-Log/NX-Activity-Log.nro
    • This should prevent any related crashes
  • Ability to view 'Play Sessions'
    • These are a period of time from when a game was launched to when it was quit (by actually closing not just minimising)
    • The individual events used to calculate all activity can be viewed by selecting a session
  • The user can be changed without having to exit the app
  • The algorithm for counting play time has been slightly improved
  • Removed restriction on available date range
    • This allows for viewing of data in the future/before the Switch was released (due to incorrect time)
  • Behind the scenes:
    • Almost all of the codebase has been rewritten
    • The UI has been moved to my own UI library Aether
      • This has fixed a few UI bugs and should make UI-related changes faster
  • A number of bugs fixed, including:
    • A crash after 20 successive launches due to not closing a service
    • A crash due to an incorrect config.ini
    • Random black screen freeze requiring a hard reset
    • Unable to replace user page on SX OS


  • A stunning new UI! It follows the appearance and usage of the Switch's UI for familiarity
    • Everything is completely accessible via either touch or a controller
  • NX Activity Log can no longer be used in "Applet Mode".
    • I plan to support applet mode again in the future though!
  • The activity of deleted games can be hidden by toggling an option in settings
  • Entries for unplayed games can also be hidden


  • Deleted games are now shown!
  • Average play time per launch is now shown
  • Formatting has been improved
    • Everything should now be more readable 🙂
  • Never played games are no longer first when sorting by "First Played"

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