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Tinfoil 1.0

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A homebrew application for the Nintendo Switch used to manage titles.


  • Create the directory /switch/tinfoil/ on your switch's SD card.
  • Copy tinfoil.nro to /switch/tinfoil/tinfoil.nro.
  • Obtain or generate a keys.txt file and place it in /switch/tinfoil/keys.txt. keys.txt is a text file containing various Switch encryption keys. If you plan to generate it yourself, you can find instructions here: https://gbatemp.net/threads/how-to-get-switch-keys-for-hactool-xci-decrypting.506978/ or use kezplez-nx

Supported Protocols


Supports installing from the local SD card. Use the URI sdmc:/ to point to the SD card. Subdirectories also work, for example sdmc://nsps/.


Regular FTP, not FTPS, not SFTP, normal plain jane FTP.


HTTP requires directory listing / browsing be enabled.

SX USB Mass Storage Device / Hard Drive

Requires SX OS 2.2.1+. Attach the hard drive before you launch Tinfoil. Tinfoil will automatically scan the root directory, any subdirectories must be added to locations.conf. Does not currently support hot swap.


Requires a configured nut server. See here for details.


Requires a configured nut server. See here for details. Always ensure you are running the latest NUT server with Tinfoil.

Trouble shooting

I see my network locations, however no files are listed

Either Tinfoil cannot cannot connect with the network settings provided, you are using http and did not enable directory browsing, your firewall is blocking the connection.

  • Ensure that you can connect to the FTP/HTTP/NUT server using the provided settings from a different PC than the one running the server.
  • Tinfoil does not support sub directories, so each directory must point to the exact directory the NSP's are located in.
  • Ensure your firewall is allowing external connections. Configure or disable your firewall.
  • If using HTTP, ensure that directory listing / browsing is enabled. This must be manually enabled with IIS.

I can see the files, but cannot download them.

  • If using HTTP, verify that you can download the file using a web browser. IIS requires you to add a MIME type for NSP (application/octet-stream) before you can download.

Tinfoil Hangs at startup I launch it

  • Tinfoil blocks on USB wait if you have your switch connected to a PC upon boot, that is not running a USB Nut server.




Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0


  • Random GUI fixes.
  • Added overclock options for UI and install
  • fixed filebrowser copy progress bar.
  • Added theme support.
  • General UI enhancements.
  • Added ability to preload meta images.
  • Started storing all images in image databases rather than on the file system.
  • Internet icon glows when the app is downloading from the internet.
  • SD icon glows when the SD card is being written to (high chance of corruption if you press home while this is lit).
  • Fixed bug that would crash the switch after ~25 installs.
  • Added install all option.
  • Fixed "delete after install"
  • Added "Incomplete" section. Lists titles that are missing NCA's so they can easily be reinstalled with install all.
  • Changed path from /switch/dz/dz.nro to /switch/tinfoil/tinfoil.nro