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NX-Shell 1.20

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Work in progress port of 3DShell (Multi purpose file manager) to the Nintendo Switch.


  • Delete files and folders.
  • Copy/Move files and folders.
  • Rename files and folders.
  • Create folders.
  • Displays file size. (files only ATM)
  • Image viewer (PNG/JPG/GIF/BMP)
  • Extract .ZIP files.
  • Sorting options (Sort by name, date, size).
  • Dark theme toggle.
  • Audio playback. (Following formats are supported: MP3, OGG, WAV and MOD)
  • Touch screen.
  • Ebook reader.


  • Preetisketch for some of the assets used as well as the banner.
  • StevenMattera for the implementing the foundation of all touch-screen code.
  • rock88 for integrating mupdf, allowing NX-Shell to read pdfs and other epubs.
  • grimfang4 for the original SDL_FontCache headers and BernardoGiordano for the port to switch.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.20


  • Now uses official software keyboard with text validation for creating/renaming folders and files.
  • Refactored FS code to support copying to/from other mount points. (copying files now uses internal fs functions)
  • Properly get free/max storage for each partition using FS rather than NS.
  • Fixed progress bar from incorrectly blending into the background.
  • Update SDL_FontCache to v0.10 and revert back to using the Roboto font - which now properly displays accented characters such as é.
  • Display MP3 id3v2 cover art image if found.