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Linkalho 1.0.5

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Linkalho is an homebrew app that will link NNID accounts offline. It links (or unlinks) existing accounts so you won't lose your saves. This app does not create a new account. If you create a new account and want to link it, just re-run the app.

Why do I need this app?

If you never had issues with games/apps failing to launch until you link your Switch user account and you never experienced issues with certain titles stuck in Updating game data or certain official emulators presenting you with nothing else but a black screen instead of the game selection, then you don't need to use this homebrew.



  • Place the .nro file in the /switch/linkalho folder of your SDcard.
  • Go to the homebrew app and run Linkalho

Reboot to payload

After completing the selected operation, Linkalho will try to find the best way to reboot to an existing payload:

  • if the user places a payload file in the application's root (/switch/linkalho/payload.bin)
  • if Atmosphere is detected and /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin exists
  • if ReiNX is detected and /ReiNX.bin exists
  • if SXOS is detected it will issue a soft-reboot


Link all accounts

  • Will link all accounts on the console. If any of the existing accounts is already linked, it will be re-linked. This operation creates a backup in /switch/linkalho/backups




Unlink all accounts

  • Will remove all NNID linking from any accounts on the console regardless of the NNIDs being officially linked or not. This operation creates a backup in /switch/linkalho/backups


Restore backup

  • Restores any previous state from a backup file. The file must be places in /switch/linkalho/restore/restore.zip This operation creates a backup in /switch/linkalho/backups



Create manual backup

  • Will create a backup in /switch/linkalho/backups. All linking and unlinking operations will produce a backup before making changes. You should only use this option if you want to manually create a backup!



  • devkitPro for the toolchain!
  • natinusala (lib borealis) for the amazing library that mimicks the Switch's original UI and UX
  • sebastiandev (zipper wrapper for minizip) for their nice wrapper to the minizip
  • Kronos2308 for the help in the initial phases of research.
  • SciresM for his "reboot to payload" code and HamletDuFromage for the code contributions
  • stick2target for the icon, the beta testing and for supplying crucial files that helped in the creation of the generators.
  • boredomisacrime for the beta testing.

by rdmrocha.


Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.5


  • Erista/Mariko detection. If a non Erista is found, reboot to payload is disabled
  • Reworked reboot to payload: now requires explicit reboot.bin in linkalho folder. If the file is found, it will attempt to reboot to that payload (Erista only)
  • Updated Borealis library to latest version

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