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  1. Dekuwa

    PS2 Linux Live DVD

    Version v3

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    This is the version 3 of the Linux Live DVD for the Playstation 2. The changes in this version are: Bochs (PC emulator) Windowmaker (Graphic User Interface) Firefox vncviewer p7zip (command line tool) lame ps2fdisk_0.9-3 mpg123 Updated YouTube script which should work with all videos. EyeToy Webcam Support for slim PSTwo v12/v13 (v14 and higher was already working) You need only one file. You should know if you have modchip. If you don't know what a modchip is, you probably doesn't have one, so you need to download the "no_modchip" version. PAL and NTSC is the format of your TV. If you don't know what you have, you can look at the cover of a game which is working your PS2. It is printed on the front cover in the upper right corner. You can extract the archives with p7zip. The archives contain ISO files. You can burn it with your favoured DVD burning program. The DVD contains a readme file for additional information. If you don't have a modchip, you need to start the program KLOADER.ELF from the DVD. You can use uLaunchELF which can be installed with FMCB. You may need to copy KLOADER.ELF to a PS2 memory card or an USB stick.
  2. Dekuwa

    PES 2013 GDB Kit Manager

    Version 1.0.0

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    With this program, you will be able add kits to teams more quickly and regularly. When you set your profile settings at startup, you'll be able to use the program faster in your next entries. Just set your profile settings correctly. What's the profile setting? The program asks you to "edit.bin" "kit folder" and "profile name". They should be entered correctly. You'll not need to set them, when the program is reopened. Features Manage GDB kits data with preview. Folder manager Auto-linked kit map Auto-loading kit server Boot reconnect Advanced team search Simple program interface Language options Multiple profiling Programming by Devil Cold52. Contributors juce,robbie,jenkey1002 (kitserver13) neogeo64 ve W!ld@ (EDIT decrypter) map.txt layout: Kitmaker by AbdDlsz Test and error investigations and installation video: SpecificFootball.Com Team
  3. Dekuwa

    Playstation 2 Regional Faker

    Version 1.0.0

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    This program allows you to fool some games into thinking that your console is a Japanese console, hence allowing you to have access to otherwise restricted content. Such games include the SEGA Gems Collection, which has been reported to have more content available to only Japanese gamers. Simply pop in your game and launch this program. The program will adjust the OSD parameters within your kernel and boot your game directly. If something goes wrong, it'll boot the Playstation 2 browser. Note: THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO PLAY IMPORTED GAMES!! Please take note that this program is experimented and has only been tested on PCSX2. It should work properly on real Playstation 2 consoles. What does this program actually do? It changes the language field within the OSD parameters block that gets stored in your Playstation 2's kernel to Japanese. Games check that field to determine what language to use and for region-locking purposes. The parameters are not saved to your console's Non-Volatile memory, so everything should be back to normal if you were to reset your console or exit back to the OSD (Since the OSD will reload the OSD parameters from NVRAM). by SP193.
  4. Version 1.0.0

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    This is a little test application for PS2 IOP of Abyss AHX replayer. It contains 200 (AHX) or 600+ (AHX Reloaded) different songs by a number of great AHX artists. It was created mainly to test the irx module functioned correctly. by Raizor.
  5. Dekuwa


    Version 1.14

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    Here's an experimental tool that can patch some PS2 games to output in progressive mode (480p). It was wrote for Ar Tonelico 2 since TSR-based methods cause Gust games to hang. A secondary benefit is that this method is also compatible with hdloader etc. The patch mechanism is somewhat generic so should work for other games ... but It wasn't tested much else. Games which depend on the VSYNC field indicator for timing may run at an unusual frame rate. by asmodean.
  6. Dekuwa

    Dummy File Creator

    Version 1.2

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    A simple program which generates files of any size with ease. Very useful for disk speed test, CD burning test, network speed test, or simply create files to fool your friends. This program also has a built-in random function, so users can choose to create either compressible or non-compressible files. The idea was simple: a dummy file. Usually, a warez FTP site would include a dummy file of exactly 1 MB for people to test the speed of the FTP server. Dummy File Creator fits right in the spot; it can easily create a file of any size for testing network speed, or data transfer rate of a disk drive. Also, Devices like hard drives have different data transfer rates at different physical location on the disk. For example, You will get different data transfer rates from the same 100GB hard drive when it's empty and when it's 80% full (defragged). With Dummy File Creator, you can easily fill your hard drive with 80GB of data and do the speed measurement again to compare. However, Dummy File Creator is not only useful for speed testing; it is also useful to make fake files. Why would you need such fake files? Prevent easy spread of illegal copies of your software - Imagine you just publish a new software with a size of 56MB onto a CD. You can fill the the remaining 644MB free CD space with fake files. If you cannot stop the crackers, you can still slow them down. People who try to transfer your software over the internet will have to spend longer time, while the authentic users who purchased your CD will not be affected. Fool people on peer-to-peer file sharing networks - Although most peer to peer network programs have built-in CRC/Hashing check to prevent malicious fake files, a person can still share fake files with the same file name or catching program/media title to confuse P-to-P users. Enhance protection of exsiting encryption - put a few fake files with randomly generated content along with your encrypted files. Investigators will have tough time finding/decrpyting your files, since they won't even know which one to start with! Test drive fitness - simply fill up the drive with a large dummy file. Any bad sector will result an write error. Wipe data to prevent file recovery - Have important data that you want to make sure it's deleted beyond recovery? Simply fill the drive after deletion/formation with a large dummy file. Normal file deletion or disk formation procedures only modify the file allocation table (FAT) to make the space available for writing without actually removing the data, so it makes data recovery possible by scanning through the entire disk to look for remaining data traces. By filling up those available spaces with dummy file contact, it overwrites all the those data traces with dummy file content. Manual - How to use? Execute Dummy File Creator Input desired file size (integer) and unit Click on "Browser" (ALT+B) to choose desired file name and location Click on the check box(ALT+R) if you want a file with randomly generated content Click on create (ALT+C) and the program will start generating a file The program will stop when the progress bar reaches 100% Click on "Exit" (ALT+X) to quit this program by Nikko Cheng.
  7. Dekuwa


    Version 1.0.0

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    Automatically switch between your preferred speaker and headphone volumes. Usage Plug in your headphones, and the volume automatically changes to the volume you last used for your headphones. The opposite happens when you unplug. This works even if they were plugged in or unplugged while the Vita is powered off or suspended. If your Vita is muted, the volume changes but remains muted. Press the volume buttons to unmute. AVLS functions normally. For European region Vitas, AVLS does not turn back on by itself. Installation Supported firmware versions: 3.60, 3.65-3.73 Download the latest version and install under *main of your taiHEN config. *main volume_profile.suprx This plugin supercedes NoAVLS so noavls.skprx can be removed from under *KERNEL. Known Issues Plugins that modify the input buffer may interfere with detection of headphones (fix for LOLIcon) Credits Plugin idea: nkekev Testing: dots-tb, nkekev, ATTLAS Marketing: dots-tb Product manager: dots-tb Funded by: CBPS (discord) by cuevarius.
  8. Dekuwa

    Super Mario War PS3

    Version 1.8 R4

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    Super Mario War PS3 Port by lachrymose, updated to work without the need of copying the game files to '/dev_hdd0/' or a USB stick. Resigned to 3.55 to work with HEN. Tested on SuperSlim on HFW 4.84.2 using HEN v2.0.0. Changes: r4: Made a background with game assets so it fits better the game Fixed the game icon (again) r3: Automatically installs 'smw' folder to '/dev_hdd0/game/SMW00PS33/USRDIR/' and code changed to read that folder from there. Fixed XMB icon proportions. Added XMB wallpaper. Changed name in PARAM.SFO from 'SuperMarioWar' to 'Super Mario War' Thanks to lachrymose for making the first port and @aldostools for the 25 directory depth psn_package_npdrm.exe (thanks to that I was able to add the 'smw' folder in USRDIR).
  9. Dekuwa


    Version 0.1.0

    0 descargas

    Change NetworkSystemClock. Credit @thedax for NX-ntpc, from which this project is forked. Functionality Change time by day/hour Contact a time server at http://ntp.org to set the time back to normal Disclaimer This program changes NetworkSystemClock, which may cause a desync between console and servers. Use at your own risk! It is recommended that you only use the changed clock while offline, and change it back as soon as you are connected (either manually or using ntp.org server.) by 3096.
  10. Dekuwa

    Switch Official Firmwares

    Version 9.0.1

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    Todos los firmwares oficiales de Nintendo para Switch. Incluye: Firmware 9.0.0 Firmware 9.0.1 Subiendo...
  11. Dekuwa

    Pes 2020 ps4 Formaciones

    Me alegro! A disfrutarlo mucho! Para cualquier cosa, aquí estamos ^_^*
  12. Dekuwa


    Version 2.1.1

    1 descarga

    NSZ - Homebrew compatible NSP/XCI compressor/decompressor. How to install: Put dumped prod.keys to %userprofile%/.switch, install python, execute "pip install nsz" and use "nsz" like every other cmd command. or just use the windows portable build. To manually install dependencies use: pip install -r requirements.txt How to Update pip install nsz --upgrade or download the latest windows portable build. NSZ NSZ files are not a real format, they are functionally identical to NSP files. Their sole purpose to alert the user that it contains compressed NCZ files. NCZ files can be mixed with NCA files in the same container. NSC_Builder supports compressing NSP to NSZ, and decompressing NSZ to NSP. The sample scripts located here are just examples of how the format works. XCZ XCZ files are not a real format, they are functionally identical to XCI files. Their sole purpose to alert the user that it contains compressed NCZ files. NCZ files can be mixed with NCA files in the same container. NCZ These are compressed NCA files. The NCA's are decrypted, and then compressed using zStandard. Only NCA's with a 0x4000 byte header are supported (CNMT nca's are not supported). The first 0x4000 bytes of a NCZ file is exactly the same as the original NCA (and still encrypted). At 0x4000, there is the variable sized NCZ Header. It contains a list of sections which tell the decompressor how to re-encrypt the NCA data after decompression. It can also contain an optional block compression header allowing random read access. All of the information in the header can be derived from the original NCA + Ticket, however it is provided preparsed to make decompression as easy as possible for third parties. Directly after the NCZ header, the zStandard stream begins and ends at EOF. The stream is decompressed to offset 0x4000. If block compression is used the stream is splatted into independent blocks and can be decompressed as shown in https://github.com/nicoboss/nsz/blob/master/nsz/BlockDecompressorReader.py class Section: def __init__(self, f): self.magic = f.read(8) # b'NCZSECTN' self.offset = f.readInt64() self.size = f.readInt64() self.cryptoType = f.readInt64() f.readInt64() # padding self.cryptoKey = f.read(16) self.cryptoCounter = f.read(16) class Block: def __init__(self, f): self.magic = f.read(8) # b'NCZBLOCK' self.version = f.readInt8() self.type = f.readInt8() self.unused = f.readInt8() self.blockSizeExponent = f.readInt8() self.numberOfBlocks = f.readInt32() self.decompressedSize = f.readInt64() self.compressedBlockSizeList = [] for i in range(self.numberOfBlocks): self.compressedBlockSizeList.append(f.readInt32()) nspf.seek(0x4000) sectionCount = nspf.readInt64() for i in range(sectionCount): sections.append(Section(nspf)) if blockCompression: BlockHeader = Block(nspf) Compressor script Requires latest hactool compatible prod.keys at Windows: %userprofile%.switch\ (enter .switch. as foldername to get a folder named .switch) Linux: $HOME/.switch/ or keys.txt at the location of nsz.py/nsz.exe Please dump your keys using Lockpick_RCM Always keep your keys up to date as otherwise newer games can't be decrypted anymore. Example usage: nsz --level 18 -C title1.nsp title2.nsp title3.nsp will generate title1.nsz title2.nsz title3.nsz This tool was only tested with base games, updates and DLCs. Usage nsz.py --help usage: nsz.py [-h] [-C] [-D] [-l LEVEL] [-B] [-s BS] [-V] [-p] [-t THREADS] [-o OUTPUT] [-w] [-r] [-i INFO] [--depth DEPTH] [-x EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...]] [-c CREATE] [--rm-source] [file [file ...]] positional arguments: file optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -C Compress NSP -D Decompress NSZ -l LEVEL, --level LEVEL Compression Level -B, --block Uses highly multithreaded block compression with random read access allowing compressed games to be played without decompression in the future however this comes with a low compression ratio cost. Current title installers do not support this yet. -s BS, --bs BS Block Size for random read access 2^x while x between 14 and 32. Default is 20 => 1 MB. Current title installers do not support this yet. -V, --verify Verifies files after compression raising an unhandled exception on hash mismatch and verify existing NSP and NSZ files when given as parameter -p, --parseCnmt Extract TitleId/Version from Cnmt if this information cannot be obtained from the filename. Required for skipping/overwriting existing files and --rm-old- version to work properly if some not every file is named properly. Supported filenames: *TitleID*[vVersion]* -t THREADS, --threads THREADS Number of threads to compress with. Numbers < 1 corresponds to the number of logical CPU cores. -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT Directory to save the output NSZ files -w, --overwrite Continues even if there already is a file with the same name or title id inside the output directory -r, --rm-old-version Removes older version if found -i INFO, --info INFO Show info about title or file --depth DEPTH Max depth for file info and extraction -x EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...], --extract EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...] extract / unpack a NSP -c CREATE, --create CREATE create / pack a NSP --rm-source Deletes source file/s after compressing/decompressing. It's recommended to only use this in combination with --verify Credits SciresM for his hardware crypto functions; the blazing install speeds (50 MB/sec +) achieved here would not be possible without this. by Nicoboss.
  13. Version 1.0.0

    0 descargas

    General Features: This patch is updated to the 2019/2020 season, both for the leagues as for all the teams that the game brings. Leagues: England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Teams: Other European Teams, Second divisions and Other American Teams. Updated selections and classic selections, also many classic players and soccer legends. Kits (Uniforms) for ALL teams in the game. More than 500 new faces (Faces) and hairs (Hairstyles) for players. New stadiums for some important clubs in Europe. New graphics: New shields, emblems, UEFA Champions League style menu design for this European version of the patch. New music, which includes themes from the PES series and others related to the football environment. New Boots (Booties / Boots) that most players use for this season. PS3 style buttons New Scoreboard (Scoreboard) inspired by the UEFA Champions League. New Balls (Balls / Balls) of the leagues of the game and others used for this season. New Stories and callnames (BETA): Stories were canceled in this version but several player callnames were added. The rapporteur is Rodolfo de Paoli. In order for them to work properly they must have the stories in Spanish (Both the stories in Spanish and the texts in Spanish will have a link to download them if they do not have them). Notes: It is necessary NOT to have any other patches installed, since it is not guaranteed to work properly. Includes the version of the official PES 2008 version patch , with its respective settings and its 2 new files that installed said patch. Kits (Uniforms), Faces and Hairs (Faces and hairstyles) are adapted from other PES, they may have some transparency problems.
  14. Dekuwa


    Version 3.1.3

    2 descargas

    This program can be used for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2 for the following tasks: Generating Action Replay codes to create Pokemon, modify the Pokedex, and add Mystery Gift data, including exporting to an XML file that can be dragged to the Action Replay code manager Loading and saving of save files. Pokemon data and Pokedex data can be fully modified. Loading and saving of party and PC .pkm files (136, 220, and 236 byte, encrypted and unencrypted) Adding Wonder Cards to save files Conversion of Action Replay codes into Pokemon information (This is limited.) Finding a PID to match IVs, nature, gender, ability, shininess, and hidden power type/power - with variable IVs Recalculating save file checksums Editing items Editing C-Gear background images by Codr.
  15. Dekuwa


    Version 19.11.15

    0 descargas

    Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#, for Switch, Nintendo 3DS and GameCube. Supports the following files: Save files ("main", *.sav, *.dsv, *.dat, *.gci) GameCube Memory Card files (.raw, .bin) containing GC Pokémon savegames. Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*) Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk* Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way. Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported. Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing. Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, JKSM, or SaveDataFiler). We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use. by Kaphotics.