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SaltyNX 0.4.0a

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Background process for the Nintendo Switch for file/code modification.

This fork includes many QoL improvements and beside plugins support also supports patches.

Patches pattern:

  • filename is symbol of function with filetype .asm64,
  • inside file write with hex editor instructions that you want to overwrite for this function,
  • put this file either to SaltySD/patches to make it work for every game, or to SaltySD/patches/*titleid* to make it work for specific game.

For additional functions you need SaltyNX-Tool

Tests were done on FW 7.0.1-10.0.0, Atmosphere 0.9.1-0.9.4, 0.10.1-0.10.4, 0.11.1-0.12.0

It should work with ReinX too.

SX OS older than 2.9 are not working (no technical support for all SX OS versions). Tested only on sysNAND 9.0.0, 2.9.2

Clean Kosmos crashes SaltyNX because of too much sysmodules. You need to delete some (f.e. emuiibo, because it crashes SaltyNX on it's own). It's recommended to use Kosmos v14.0.1 at least.

Known issues:

  • Instability with some homebrews and sysmodules,
  • You need to have at least Hekate 5.0.2 if you don't want issues related to Hekate,
  • 32 bit games are unsupported,
  • Cheats using directly heap addresses may not work properly.

by masagrator.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.4.0a


  • Resolves issue with nonconsistent heap reserving.
  • FIFA 18-21 and Darksiders 2 are now working properly.

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