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  1. Streets of Rage MOD

    This beat-em up style homebrew game can be ran on either 4.05 / 4.55 / 4.74 or 5.05 firmware (w/ active exploit) and of course pays homage to classic Streets of Rage series.
    by Markus95.
  2. UnFSelf

    Windows application to convert PS4 FSELF files back to ELF files by simply dragging and dropping the FSELF file on UnfSelf.exe to get the resulting ELF file with "-decrypted" added to the filename.
    By DimosGsxR.
  3. Updater POC

    Flash Devkit Flash Testkit Revert back to Retail by LightningMods.
  4. Usefull Libraries

    A collection of usefull Libraries. Not only for PS4. Feel free to use. :)
    by cfwprophet
  5. X-Project GoldHEN MOD

    Exploit host para el firmware 5.05 de PS4 basado en XProject que ahora incluye la última GoldHEN con soporte de trucos y más!
    El mod ha sido creado por Godreborn.
  6. X-Project PS4

    X-Project (XMB SELF HOST PROJECT) aims to be the AIO customizable tool box for all your payload needs. Something the community can dissect and adapt, improve and contribute to: for the good of everyone!
    This project was the evolution of my now discontinued 4.55 self host packs, updating to something for 5.05 which was far more dynamic.
    Material styled "XMB" design In page sound/music POC with play/pause toggle (swap it out easily for your own music!) Easy customization (colors, font, sizes, icons, number of categories/payloads) 40+ Payloads: VTXHEN 1.7, Mirahen 1.7, Mira, Bin Loader, Mira+Bin Loader, blocker + ftp, unblocker, blocker EX, unblocker EX, Kexec, EepLinux, Linux, VTXDUMP 1.8, DB_SG, APPTOUSB 3.0, APPTOUSB1, USB FPKGS, Eversion (Kdump), KernelDumper, FS_Dumper, VR_Enabler, VTXFTP, FTP+R/W, ReactPSPlus, UnReactPSPlus, ReactPSPlus Moddable, PS4Trainer, JKPatch, PS4Cheater, PS4API, APII Intense EU 1.27, Lamance, Psyc0s, APII Intense 1.00, WildeMods, Trainer, NotAnotherMenu, ArabicGuy, Lamance 127, COD: ONLINE, VTX+COD: ONLINE, HOST_CACHE, USBCacheInstall, CacheInstall, ApplicationCache & HistoryBlocker! All Payloads up to date as of today! Easily upgradable payloads (or await updates) 10 distinct categories: HEN, BLOCK, LINUX, BACKUP, SYSTEM, TOOLS, CHEATS, MENUS, CACHE, ABOUT. Page within page loaders where possible. AIO VTXHEN 1.7 + Latest version of GTAV Mod Menus (and non HEN version included). AIO VTXHEN 1.7 + BO3 COD: ONLINE (and non HEN version included) Caching from offlinexmb.cache file (NOTE: it's huge: seriously I timed it: it takes 5 full minutes!) Tried and tested browser "stability" through spawned tabs (It just works better!) CONTROLS:
    Left Stick: Mouse Left Stick click: Zoom out Right Stick: Scroll Right Stick Click: Zoom in PS button: Minimize browser. KNOWN QUIRKS:
    Stick throttle is a little touchy if you accidentally push up/down+direction (possibly more so on DUALSHOCK 4 V2) Some payloads have to spit out an OOM error before it runs, its how Specter built the loader (bin loader or mira for example) VTXHEN+BO3 COD: ONLINE spits out 2 OOM errors before loading, but works fine Once any payload is loaded, you must hit the PS button to close the browser, then you can reopen X-Project main page to load the next payload. If you get excessive OOM errors, restart your console, then once at XMB restart it again, to clear the memory. If you get any kernel panic crash, reboot your console, then once at XMB restart it again, to avoid another crash when loading the next payload. For some reason you cannot cache the MP4 video used for sound. FAQ:
    How do I put this on my ESP: You cant, its not designed for ESP devices. It's designed for any other method of self hosting. There are too many payloads: Remove the ones you don't want from index.js, and from the payloads folder (edit .cache too). My right-analog stick goes crazy: Some pads may have a throttling issues, however its rare. The interface has a knack to it, it may jump if its still loading, and unfortunately I cant swap navigation to the D-PAD or Left Analog stick.... yet.... (PS4 API is in my sights). I cant load a second payload: Press PS button, and re-enter the web browser between each payload, unless its an AIO where it will load 2 in a row for you. Then press the PS button when loaded. This is a known problem with the web browsers limitations. I get KP (Kernel Panic): Start up the console: reboot it TWICE, then start from cold boot. I get OOM errors: If you get more than 3 there is an issue, hold O to close every open tab, PS button back out the browser, reboot, then start from cold boot. Caching takes so long: It's because you're caching every payload of the X-Project: it will take a few mins! You can always remove payloads from the index.js, and edit the cache down to just what you need. It's not perfect: Please contribute! Rewrite any parts that can be optimized or adapted and DM or @ mention me to update the main project! I wont be offended, in fact: I want it to be community driven! I dont like the music: Mute it or change it, it's super simple! Alternatively rename the xproject.html page to index.html to skip it altogether. SPECIAL THANKS:
    fenwick67 XMB based on his codepen.io. Leeful who is an absolutely legendary tester and coder.
    by KiiWii.
  7. XNA Remote Package Manager

    This is a lightweight installation manager for pkg files. It comes with a fully dynamic front-end using only jquery, jquery-ui and js-cookie (for storing tasks). NodeJS/NPM is the only component required to run the webserver.
    The manager can run on a headless server (no desktop needed). Ideally this server should be have direct and fast access to pkg files!

    NodeJS NPM (Node Package Manager) PS4 Remote Package Installer Installation
    Clone repository, cd into extracted directory Install modules: npm install Edit config.json (see below) Start server: To start in foreground (e.g. in screen): node index.js To start in background: nohup node index.js & Configuration:
    Edit config.json:
    pkgfolder: Full path to the folder containing your pkg files, must be accessible from server! myip: IP address of your server ps4ip: IP address of your PS4 optional:
    myport: Change port of server / landing page Remember to enable the configured port in your firewall!
    Optimizing transfer speed:
    With all your devices connected via Gigabit LAN (1000BASE-T) you should be able to reach transfer speeds of more than 20 MB/s. Given that, the installation of a 40GB pkg file takes around 30 mins.
    To optimize transfer speed check the following points:
    Server has 'fast' access to the configured pkgfolder, either directly or via Gigabit connection (for SMB share make sure to use SMB v3.0) Server and PS4 are connected to eachother via Gigabit LAN (1000 Mbit/s router/switch + Cat 5e/6/7 cables) Credits
    All credit goes to flatz for creating the Remote Package Installer!
    by cypheron.
  8. xPloitServer

    A persistant android webserver for xproject.
  9. Yabause for PS4

    Por del emulador de Sega Saturn Yabause para PS4.
    by Znullptr.

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