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  1. PS4 Payloads

    Payloads and packages for PS4 updated.
    by Scene-Collective.
  2. PS4 Payloads

    Todos los payloads de PS4 compatibles con el firmware 7.55.
    Estos son los payloads incluidos, en formato .bin:
    todex rif-renamer restore module-dumper kernel-dumper kernel-clock history-blocker ftp fan-threshold enable-updates enable-browser disable-updates disable-aslr backup app2usb app-dumper miraloader by Al Azif.
  3. PS4 Permanent UART

    Enables Permanent UART for PS4.
    Requires a 5.05/6.72/7.02 Jailbroken PS4.
    To build, you require ps4-sdk from Scene-Collective/ps4-payload-sdk
    In the terminal, type make in the folder and then use bin loader from an exploit host to load the payload.
    Once done, reboot and you have permanent UART for your PS4 until you update.
    Credit to zecoxao for the information he posted on enabling persistent UART.
    In Theory 6.70, 6.71 7.00, 7.01 and 7.02 are added but these are experimental, if you crash when loading, please make an issue and provide a kernel dump for your firmware and i will update and add 🙂
    by JTAG7371.
  4. PS4 PKG Installer (Store Remote Tool)

    Rebex FTP PS4_Tools Windows Metro Framwork For use with the PS4 Store Custom FTP ONLY.
    Xerpi xDPx all those involved with the Dependencies
    by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  5. PS4 PKG Linker

    Aplicación que nos permite instalar o desinstalar archivos PKG de forma remota desde el PC.
    Extrae los archivos en tu PC. Introduce la dirección IP de la PS4. Haz doble clic en el cuadro del directorio para seleccionar la carpeta que contiene el pkg. Inicia el servidor. Selecciona un paquete para instalar o desinstalar. by PINK1.
  6. PS4 PKG Sender

    PS4 PKG Sender es una aplicación para Windows que nose permite enviar fácilmente a una PS4 modificada juegos, DLCs y parches de actualización.

    by FrostySo.
  7. PS4 PKG Store

    Simple static Frontend for Flatz's Remote PKG Installer.
  8. PS4 PKG Tool

    PS4 PKG Tool es una aplicación para Windows que nos permite mostrar la librería de PKG de Playstation 4, gestionarla y realizar varias operaciones sobre esos archivos.
    Principales características de PS4 PKG Tool:
    Ver PKG en vista de cuadrícula Ver información de parámetros, lista de trofeos Renombrar y exportar PKG Verifique la actualización y el complemento Ver y extraer contenido sin cifrar Ver y extraer imagen PKG Generar desbloqueo de complementos FPKG Ya no uso la herramienta python de n1ghty
    Cómo usar la funcionalidad Remote Package Installer
    Esta opción es solo compatible con cualquier PS4 capaz de ejecutar la aplicación Remote Package Installer de Flatz. Un PKG actualizado dividido en partes no está soportado por el momento.
    Abrir las preferencias de la aplicación. Introducir la IP del PC y la PS4. Installar node.js y el módulo http-server. Si la instalación de http-server falla vía PS4 PKG Tool, reiniciar la aplicación e intenta reinstalar el módulo. Si sigue fallando, instálalo manualmente usando el comando "npm install http-server -g" en la línea de comandos. Guardar y salir del programa. Ejecutar Remote Package Installer desde la PS4. Seleccionar el PKG que queremos instalar, hacemos click derecho y seleccionamos "Send PKG to PS4". Agradecimientos:
    xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx por la librería PS4 Tools Maxton por LibOrbisPkg stooged por psDLC DefaultDNB por el testeo Aplicación creada por pearlxcore.
  9. PS4 PKG Tools

    Collection of PS4 pkg tools which currently consists of pkg_list and pkg_rename.
    Pkg list generator for PS4 pkg files.
    This tool parses all pkg files in the specified directory/directories recursively and generates an excel sheet from the parsed infos.
    Pkg file renamer for PS4 pkg files.
    This tool renames PS4 pkg files to the sony format (default), a readable name format or a custom specified format.
    by n1ghty.
  10. PS4 PKG Viewer for Android

    This app is just so you can view PKG Files on Android.

    by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  11. PS4 PKG-BackUP

    PKG-BackUP es una versión modificada de App Dumper para hacer una copia de seguridad de los archivos PKG en un disco duro externo.
    Aplicación creada por kmeps4.
  12. PS4 Player

    Reproductor multimedia para PS4.

    Es compatible con los siguientes firmwares: 4.74, 5.05, 6.72, 7.02 y 7.5X.
    by Lapy.
  13. PS4 Playground

    A collection of PS4 tools and experiments using the WebKit exploit. This is for firmware 1.76 only at the moment.
    Although initially just a framework to help write and execute ROP chains, the playground now allows for running unsigned binaries compiled with the PS4 SDK, and booting Linux from USB.
    You should clone the repo and upload it your own server if you wish to make changes:
    git clone git://github.com/CTurt/PS4-playground.git Usage
    After executing a test, you should either refresh the page, or close and reopen the browser entirely; running multiple experiments sequentially is not reliable. If you are using a web browser view in an app which isn't the Internet Browser, you can use the Refresh button under Misc to refresh the page.
    Code Execution
    Click "Go", and wait for the text "Stage: Waiting for payload..." to appear.
    Send the desired binary over TCP to your PS4 on port 9023; you can use any standard networking tool to do this, or my custom Windows tool, WiFi-Loader
    If you're on Linux, the easiest way is probably to use netcat:
    nc -w 3 9023 < *.bin After you have sent the binary, it will be executed automatically.
    Linux loader
    You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4's USB port with the following files on the root directory:
    bzImage : Kernel image that will be loaded. Recommended to use this sources to compile it.
    initramfs.cpio.gz : The initial file system that gets loaded into memory during the Linux startup process. This one is recommended.
    The file names must match with the above and you can have more files on the same USB drive. From there you can setup the environment to run from an NFS share or from an external drive via USB (recommended) and boot a complete distro!
    Get PID - Get process ID
    Get Login - Get login name and leak a kernel pointer
    Get Loaded Modules - Get a list of currently loaded modules, index and ID
    Dump Loaded Module - Dump a currently loaded module (use Get Loaded Modules to see all available)
    Load Module - Load an additional module from this list
    Once you have loaded a module, refresh the page, and you will be able to dump it.
    Browse - File Browser
    Get PSN username - Read your PSN username from account.dat
    Get Sandbox Directory - Get the name of the current sandbox directory (10 random characters which change each reboot)
    Get Stack Protection - Get stack base, size, and protection
    Get Stack Name - Get stack base, size, and name
    Send Message - Send a TCP message to the specified IP and port
    Receiving data
    File and memory dumps will be sent over TCP to the IP and port you specified.
    You can use a simple tool like TCP-Dump to write the data to a file.
    by Cturt.
  14. PS4 PS2 Classics GUI

    Aplicación que nos permite crear unestros propios PKG de PS2 Classics para PS4 modificadas, ya sean juegos o homebrew.
    by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  15. PS4 Reaper

    PS4 Reaper is a kind of swiss knife for game modders, it include a multitude of debugging and RTE tools and also save and load mod as custom trainer format.
    by Shiningami.
  16. PS4 Reaper Studio

    PS4 Reaper Studio es una aplicación para Playstation 4 que nos permite crear trucos para juegos y compartirlos.

    La aplicación incluye:
    depurador Convertidor de herramientas (bytes -> a tipo de variable o código de ensamblaje -> bytes) Motor de Trainer Creador de trucos asistido por interfaz de usuario y muchos más... PS4 Reaper Studio es una aplicación creada por ScriptSK.
  17. PS4 Remote Package Installer WEB GUI

    # Requirements:
    PS4 with HEN 1.8
    Installed RP
    Any web server with PHP and cURL
    Finding WEB and PS4 on the same network
    The speed is limited only by the bandwidth of your network.
    # Full guide using UwAmp WEB Server
    PS4 and your PC must be on the same network and see each other
    1. Clean all traces from previous HEN, clean cookies, cache and run HEN 1.8 (http://zecoxao.github.io)
    2. Install the PKG remote_pkg_installer.pkg
    3. Download and unpack UwAmp it requires C ++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.
    4. In the folder www you throw off the game * .pkg
    5. Run Remote Package Installer
    6. Run UwAmp.exe
    7. Access the browser at http: // <ip of your pc>: 8080, not http: // localhost: 8080
    8. Enter the ip of your PS4 and choose a game from the list, next time it’s rainy to automatically enter its url
    9. Push send
    If the page loads for a long time, update and send it again.
    If everything went well, it will be something like:
    Successful game: Valkyria Chronicles is set, task_id: 77 Check operation task_id: 77
    All task_id are in task_id.txt in the www folder.
    As soon as the installation started successfully, a notification appeared on the PS4, in the browser we saw "Successfully", Remote Package Installer on the PS4, wait a minute and can be minimized. Further, all the progress can be viewed on the PS4
    During installation, you can not close UwAmp.exe on PC
    Possible errors leading to the appearance of "No connection with PS4, or cURL is not installed" The wrong console ip address is entered, PS4 does not use HEN 1.8, Remote Package Installer is not running on PS4.
    For all questions and suggestions I wait, the script will be updated and refined.
  18. PS4 Remote Play Auto-patcher

    Ever wanted to use your PS4 on your local network but couldn't because you didn't have an Internet connection available?
    Here's the solution!
    Before we get started, a little message for Sony
    Hello Sony, If you ever happen to read this, don't you think it would be nice to have this feature built-in?
    Think about it like this for a second: you are going on holiday with your PS4 and your laptop because you have no other display available for it. Most laptops aren't shipped with an HDMI input port so you can't directly connect your PS4 to your laptop's screen. However, what you can do is connect your laptop and your PS4 with an ethernet cable and use Remote Play... until you realize that you need an Internet connection to start the software.
    Looking for updates is nice, but is there really a point in preventing players from using their console because they don't have an Internet connection available all the time?
    Incidentally, if you have any problem with me posting this, please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Supported versions of the Remote Play
    You can find older versions of the Remote Play on the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine! - Hash : 694659629815D82CDCD62A95FA771237 - Hash : 53DF9F442EEC309D95BE88D28CC21E18 - Hash : FCD0DD66996B399F6A1A9A254F7E85B3 - Hash : 2E4C4CA5ECFD3138CB734ED603958A1A - Hash : 9961E4475745881FAC537D58B1BCD5FB (seems to work without even logging to the Playstation Network) Any with the new PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher! Getting started
    For various reasons, I can't give you the patched executable. However, I can still tell you how to patch it yourself.
    You can just download and run the latest version of the PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher.
    Compared to the other patcher, this one doesn't need a list of patches, it will patch the assembly by itself, so it should, in theory, be compatible with any version of the RemotePlay.
    You can just download and run the latest version of the PS4 Remote Play Patcher.
    If the software can't find the Remote Play by itself it'll ask you to specify its location.
    Once that is done, the software will patch the Remote Play (with the latest patch available) and create a backup of your original Remote Play if you want.
    Don't forget that, to use the PS4 Remote Play, you still need a local network (connect your PS4 to your computer using an ethernet cable or a local Wi-Fi network hosted on your computer)!
    You will need to download BsPatch and the Patches.zip file. Extract the patch of your choice and execute the following command :
    bsdiff RemotePlay.exe RemotePlay-Patched.exe mypatch Then you have to start RemotePlay-Patched.exe to enjoy your PS4 Remote Play offline experience. I'll describe below another method to do the same thing without having to change RemotePlay.exe itself.
    Will Remote Play work as usual?
    Yes, every aspect of the original Remote Play have been kept, except for the updates window, which will not even appear with the latest version of the patch.
    I don't trust those patches thrown at me like this...
    ... and that's perfectly fine.
    Here are the steps so that you can reproduce the patch (the first version) by yourself:
    Throw your RemotePlay.exe at de4dot to remove the obfuscation. Open your brand new RemotePlay-cleaned.exe using your favorite decompiler (ILSpy, .NET Reflector, etc...). In my case, I am using dnSpy. Navigate to the class containing the entry point of the program (this class is not in a namespace). In the Main method, get rid of checkUpdate.ShowDialog();. And that's it, you can now export your brand new Remote Play executable (using the Save Module... function on dnSpy) and enjoy playing on your PS4 anywhere. If you wonder why we aren't just removing ShowDialog and setting the two assignments under to false directly, that's because it triggers my antivirus for some reason.
  19. PS4 Remote Sender

    A simple GUI app for MacOs that I wrote for my use. Based on flat_z remote package installer project. Written natively in swift, good-to-go tool.
    How to use for Package install
    Run remote package installer by flat_z Enter PS4 IP address Choose packages to install Press SEND Press STOP after installation is complete. How to use for Payload send
    Run Bin loader payload on PS4 Enter PS4 IP address Choose payload to send Press SEND That's it! Enjoy :) Note: Try to use simple package naming, as: Package.pkg for one pkg and Package_1.pkg, Package_2.pkg... for multi-part packages.
    Cheers to: Suolapeikko and Erikberglund for example of privelleged task runner.
    by IH0kN3m.
  20. PS4 Save Manager

    This tool allows you to manage save files dumped from the ps4 using either PS4 Tools Homebrew or PS4 Save Mounter by ChendoChap

    This tool also features a save data cheater ( for anyone who want to modify save values).
    Note: PS4 Save Manager it's part of PS4 Tools.
    by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  21. PS4 Store

    PS4SDK (Unlicense License) Liborbis for 5.05 (Orbis2d is MIT, LibPNG is libpng license) JSMN (MIT) FTPS4 (MIT) INI Parser (Apache License 2.0) OpenSSL/SHA512 (Apache License 2.0)
    How to Update your CDN
    Replace your Homebrew.elf with ther Latest from the Release Section of this Github Credits
    Flatz SocraticBliss TheoryWrong Znullptr Xerpi TOXXIC407 Masterzorag Psxdev/BigBoss Specter by LightningMods.
  22. PS4 Store Remote Tool Android

    Android Based Version Of PS4 Package Installer.
    Rebex FTP PS4_Tools File Picker Credits
    Xerpi xDPx all those involved with the Dependencies For use with the PS4 Store Custom FTP ONLY.
    by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  23. PS4 Syscon Keys

    What is the PS4 Syscon?

    The System Controller is a chip on the PS4, which is in charge of powering up other components of the system and communicating with them. According to hackers, it also happens to be storing some data on behalf of SAMU, the PS4 security processor.
  24. PS4 Temperature

    PS4 Temperature es una aplicación para Playstation 4 para controlar la temperatura de la consola.
    Es compatible con los firmwares 4.74, 5.05, 6.72 y 7.02.

    by Lapy.
  25. PS4 Tool

    An APK file, an Android application, that allows to activate a lot of things.
    by Cedsaill.

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