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  1. PS4 Temperature

    PS4 Temperature es una aplicación para Playstation 4 para controlar la temperatura de la consola.
    Es compatible con los firmwares 4.74, 5.05, 6.72 y 7.02.

    by Lapy.
  2. PS4 Tool

    An APK file, an Android application, that allows to activate a lot of things.
    by Cedsaill.
  3. PS4 Tools

    PS4 Tools es una colección de herramientas de código abierto de Playstation 4 en una misma librería.
    Soporta Unity.
    Projectos que actualmente ejecuta PS4 Tools:
    PS4 PS2 Classics Manager (sin publicar) PS4 PS2 Classics GUI PS4 PKG Installer (PKG Store) PS4 PKG Installer Andorid PS4 PKG Tool By pearlxcore PS4 Explorer - By Lapy PS4 Tools Homebrew (WIP) PS4 Save Manager
    Getting Started
    Add the .DLL to your solution. Done Dusted and ready to use Class Structure
    The class strucutre might change in future releases namespace PS4_Tools ├── PS4_Tools /*Some Defualt Methods For the Tools*/ │ ├── AppCommonPath() /*Returns Working Directory For Tools*/ │ ├── DeleteDirectory() /*Recursive Deletes Directory*/ ├── SELF /* Reserved class for SELF/ELF Handeling*/ │ ├──Self_Header /*Self Header Class*/ ├── Media /* PS4 Media Class*/ │ ├── Atrac9 /*Atrac9 Class*/ │ ├── ├── At9Structure /*Atract 9 Structure class*/ │ ├── ├── LoadAt9() /*Allows users to load an at9 for decoding and returns the wav as a byte array*/ │ ├── ├── Load_At9() /*Allows user to load an at9 to At9Structure*/ ├── Image /* PS4 Image Class*/ | ├── PNG /*PNG Class*/ │ ├── ├── Create_PS4_Compatible_PNG /*Creates a Complatible PS4 PNG*/ │ ├── DDS /*DDS Class*/ │ ├── ├── SavePNGFromDDS /*Saves a PNG from a DDS File*/ │ ├── ├── GetStreamFromDDS /*Gets a Stream from a DDS*/ │ ├── ├── GetBitmapFromDDS /*Gets a Bitmap from a DDS*/ │ ├── ├── GetBytesFromDDS /*Gets a byte[] from a DDS*/ │ ├── ├── CreateDDSFromBitmap /*Creates a DDS from a Bitmap*/ │ └── GIMImages /*GIM Image Class*/ ├── RCO /* PS4 RCO Class*/ │ ├── DumpRco /*Dumps a Rco File*/ │ ├── ReadRco /*Reads a RCO file into a RCOFile Container*/ ├── SaveData /* PS4 SaveData Reserved Class*/ │ ├── LoadSaveData /*Loads a savedata pfs using a SealedKey*/ ├── Trophy_File /* PS4 Trophy Files Reserved Class*/ │ ├── Trophy_File /*Reads a tropy file from a location on disk*/ │ ├── Load /*Reads a tropy file from a byte[]*/ │ ├── ExtractFileToMemory /*Extracts a tropy file item to a byte[]*/ ├── Licensing /* PS4 Licensing Reserved Class*/ │ ├── LoadSealedKey /*Loads a SealedKey file to Sealedkey Structure*/ │ ├── ReadRif /*Loads a rif file to Rif Structure*/ │ ├── CreateNewRif /*Creates a new Rif File*/ │ ├── Read_Act /*Reads an act.dat file to Act_Dat structure*/ ├── PKG /* PS4 PKG Handling Class*/ │ ├── Official /*Some Methods for Official PKG Items*/ │ ├── ├── ReadAllUnprotectedData /*Deprecated no longer included inside PS4 Tools*/ │ ├── ├── StoreItems /*Store Items Object Class (Placeholder)*/ │ ├── ├── CheckForUpdate /*Returns a Update_Structure Type*/ │ ├── ├── Get_All_Store_Items /*Returns a List<StoreItems> With Download Links and some other infrmation*/ │ ├── SceneRelated /*Some Methods for Scene Related PKG Items*/ | ├── ├── GP4 /*GP4 File Class*/ | ├── ├── ├── ReadGP4 /*Reads a GP4 File Into a Custom Object*/ | ├── ├── ├── SaveGP4 /*Saves a GP4 File From a Custom Object*/ | ├── ├── Create_DLC_FKPG /*Creates a PS4 Fake DLC Package*/ | ├── ├── IDS /*IDS Reserved Class*/ | ├── ├── PARAM_SFO /*Param.SFO Reserved Class*/ | ├── ├── ├── Get_Param_SFO /*Reads a Param SFO into a Param.sfo structure*/ | ├── ├── NP_Data /*NP_Data Reserved Class*/ | ├── ├── NP_Title /*NP_Title Reserved Class*/ | ├── ├── ReadPKG /*Reads a PKG File (Powered by maxtron)*/ | ├── ├── Read_PKG /*Reads all unprotected data from a pkg (Powered by Leecherman)*/ | ├── ├── Rename_pkg_To_ContentID /*Renames a PKG File to the Content ID of the SFO*/ | ├── ├── Rename_pkg_To_Title /*Renames a PKG File to the Title of the SFO*/ │ ├── PS2_Classics /*Class For Building PS2 Classics*/ | ├── ├── Create_Single_ISO_PKG /*Creates a Single ISO File PS2 Classic*/ | ├── ├── Create_Multi_ISO_PKG /*Creates a Multie ISO File PS2 Classic*/ │ ├── PSP_HD /*Class For Building PSP HD Items*/ │ ├── PUP /*Class For PUP Tools*/ | ├── ├── Unpack_PUP /*Unpacks a PUP Files*/ | ├── ├── Read_Pup /*Reads a PUP Files to a PlaystationUpdateFile Holder */ ├── Tools /* PS4 Tools Tools Class*/ │ ├── Get_PS4_File_Type /*Gets the ps4 file type from any file supplied to it returns File_Type Enum*/ └── (More to come) Aplicación creada por  xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.
  4. PS4 Tools Homebrew

    Its a tool to showcase the power of PS4 tools itself. Works on all current exploited firmware's should auto detect at start).

    PKG functions ( X To open PKG Selector) List all PKG's on the console itself and get additional info from it (e.g. Sealed Key, Lock Level, NpTitle, NpBind e.g.) Play .at9 files directly from the homebrew itself ([ ] Button on PKG screen). Show a games info (pressing X on the pkg screen) will show the Title , Size of the PKG , Retail or Fake , Content ID and the icon and background image of said game, Options: Mount PFS ( still looking into it) Dump to USB will work if we can mount the PFS Mount save data needs save data patches to work correctly Unlock Trophies ( Unlocks al trophies for this game via the DB) Lock Game ( Will hide the game from the XMB on reboot(if not in a folder)) Unlock Game( Will show a hidden game on the XMB(if not in a folder)) Read System Info ([ ] Button on the main screen) This will display info from the system Trophy Util This will load all trophy files on the console with their name and Icon from here you can unlock all trophies or just a spesific games trophies (this will be done via the db) Open Save Data This will open up save data on the console and allow you to mount and dump them to a usb for safe keeping (needs save mount patches to work) L3 is just a simple color change in the app itself Options shows credits R3 will load the recovery tools From here you can Rebuild App.db([ ] button) or Fix Trophy Timestamps (/\ Button) or fix Trophy Summary issues (X) by xDPx.
  5. PS4 Trainer (WebRTE)

    Introducing The PS4 Trainer. This trainer is light, fast, and reliable.
    How dow I enable WebRTE Payload?
    There are a number of ways you can do this:
    Go to the PS4 RTEs section on AlAzif DNS page and click WebRTE. Visit ps4trainer.com on your PS4 browser and click the Payload button at the top then click WebRTE. Send the payload with a payload injector from your PC.  What if a new game was added and I cannot see it?
    Clear your cache on the browser you're using the trainer with.                  
  6. PS4 Trophy Unlocker

    Trophy Unlocker for PS4.
    Its simple.
    Run TrophyUnlocker.exe Add the Param.sfo of the current game you want to run. Add the Nptitle and NpBlind files add the trophy.trp file All can be dumped with the app dump payload. Click build.
    Now install the created pkg on the ps4 (If the game is installed it will overwrite it so be careful) Run it. Click the arrows up and down to select the trophy you want unlocked [ ] to view the trophy list. X to unlock. And Triangle for a screenshot
    Note: Trophy Unlocker it's part of PS4 Tools.
    Have fun
  7. PS4 Trophy Viewer

    With this tool you can view your PS4 trophys.

    its simple download the folders from /user/trophy/conf off the PS4
    Then use the browser button to find the .trp file. (this needs the trophy.ini file in the folder as well)
    This should load all trophy info for it
  8. PS4 Unjail Plugin Unity Native Code 7.02

    This is the source code for the Unjail method converted into a Unity Plugin to be used in Unity PS4 for homebrew development.
    Open the SLN file into Visual Studio 2015. Be sure you've got the corresponding SDK to build this.
    When you compile it you will get in the upper folder of the project a new folder named Plugins. That folder has to be copied into Assets folder of Unity Project.
    That's all.
    This Unity Plugin was developed by @retrogamer_74, the source code for unjail is part of the libHB developed by @cfwprophet and the support for 7.02 have be made by @NazkyYT.
    by Nazky.
  9. PS4 Video Drivers

    Video drivers required to use 3d hardware acceleration on Arch Linux.
    Patch for ps4pro (GLADIUS) from eeply.
    We just set up a repository where you can get pre-patched video drivers for ps4
    Add the repository to /etc/pacman.conf sudo echo -e "\n[ps4]\nSigLevel = Never\nServer = https://psxita.it/repo" >> /etc/pacman.conf Update Arch Linux sudo pacman -Syu  
    Install the drivers sudo pacman -S mesa-git lib32-libdrm-git lib32-mesa-git libdrm-git xf86-video-amdgpu-git Reboot Arch Linux The drivers will be periodically updated and installed automatically when you upgrade Arch Linux
    by PS3itaTeam.
  10. PS4 Web Activator

    PS4 offline activator, pero reimplementado como payload web.
    Testeado y probado su funcionamiento en los firmwares 6.72, 7.02, 7.5X y 9.0.
    charlyzard por la aplicación original. Aplicación creada por sleirsgoevy.
  11. PS4 Webkit Exploit 6.XX

    Webkit exploit that give arbitrary R/W on 6.XX PS4 firmwares.
    by synacktiv.
  12. PS4 Webkit Exploit 7.02

    This is the Synacktiv's PS4 WebKit exploit, adapted for 7.02 firmware.
    by sleirsgoevy.
  13. PS4 WiFi-BT Patcher & Extractor

    This program, a micro version of my PS4 NOR Validator, is designed solely to validate and repair the WiFi/BT module of your PS4.
    How do I know I need it repaired? Well if your controller does not sync anywhere but the safe mode menu then your module is corrupted.
    Note: If your controller does not sync in safe mode, this program is not for you! You have a southbridge/usb port issue.
    I have included a small sample of VALID patches for you to use, but you may have to source more yourself. 
    Just place them in the /Patches/ directory with any file name.
    If your patch isnt listed and you enjoy risk, my program will allow this. You can patch a mis-matched firmware for your WiFi/BT module.
    Doing this will wipe c0020001.bin and its header from your PS4's NOR entirely and replace it with whatever you have chosen.
    I recommend you stick with the correct Torus version, which will be displayed on screen. Slim & Pro models are generally Torus 2.
    If you hate risk but still want to patch, simply ask around for your matching patch file. Just quote the file size.
    If you have found a patch that is not on my list, let me know at bwe@betterwayelectronics.com.au and send me a link to it.
    Feel free to use my EXTRACTOR to verify its validity and ensure proper extracting!
    I will add any new patches to my program in future revisions.
    NOTE: My program is designed for Windows 64 (If you're running a 32bit Windows, reconsider your life choices).
    Version 1.2 (27/11/18) (Fixed Entropy + Added Better MD5 Validation + Added Better Header Validation)
    Version 1.1 (25/11/18) (Added Entropy + Better Looks)
    Released 4/9/18 as Version 1.0
    by BwE.

  14. PS4 Xplorer

    Homebrew FPKG hecho en Unity para PS4.
    Permite las operaciones básicas de un explorador de archivos (cortar, copiar, pegar, renombrar y eliminar ficheros y carpetas completas) con una interfaz sencilla, fácil de usar y con permisos completos de administrador (root). Para acceder a los unidades conectadas por USB navegar a: /mnt/usb0 y /mnt/ubs1 Permite visualizar imágenes (png, jpg) y leer el contenido de textos planos (txt, ini, bat). Permite reproducir audio (wav, ogg) en segundo plano, por lo que podemos reproducirlos y seguir usando las otras funciones del explorador. Está traducido al español y el ingles. Español para los que tengan la consola en español, y en ingles para todas las demás configuraciones.
    A considerar:
    Cuando se copian o mueven ficheros o carpetas, y estos ya existen en el destino, se sobreescriben sin preguntar. Problemas conocidos:
    El teclado virtual esta hecho por mi desde cero y aún le faltan opciones por implementar. Los videos no se oyen porque el método usado (que es el estándar) entra en conflicto con el plugin para obtener permisos de root. Espero resolver todos estos problemas para la versión final con la ayuda de otros desarrolladores.
    Advertencia: no eliminar o modificar ficheros del sistema si no sabes lo que estás haciendo.
    Creado por Lapy.
  15. PS4-dlclose + linux-loader

    Fully implemented dlclose exploit for PS4 fw 1.76 with code to bootstrap Linux using fail0verflow's ps4-kexec. Compile it with CTurt's PS4 SDK.
    You need to compile kexec.bin and place it into the root folder of the project before compiling this one.
    by kR105-zz.
  16. PS4-kSDK

    This is an SDK for PlayStation 4 kernels! Support for 5.05 only right now!
    Created by Alexandro Sanchez Bach and maintained by golden
  17. PS4aCheater

    ¿Cansado de repetir una y otra vez la misma fase sin éxito?
    ¿Quieres jugar al máximo nivel de dificultad siendo invencible con los máximos poderes posibles?
    Con PS4aCheater podrás batir los juegos más difíciles solo con el uso de tu móvil.
    Por xZenithy.

  18. ps4debug

    This is a debugger for the PlayStation 4. Yes thats right! Look around and you will find some very useful tools online or on the PS4 Source Discord channel. Anything is possible, except kernel mode debugging, which I decided to leave out.
    Quickstart Guide
    I am going to try to give you a little rundown on how to use ps4debug....
    Download Debug Watch or another debugging tool, checkout the discord for downloads Load the latest version of ps4debug.bin on the console (on the release page) I recommend just loading ps4debug and your choice of HEN Start your favorite game! Attach to the game (or userland process) Start messing around with your debugging tool, try to find a bug for me! Make l33t hacks. Please look at the libdebug folder for a library to use with this payload.
    Created by golden, Twitter @cloverleafswag3
  19. PS4Delta

    PS4Delta is an advanced compatability layer for the playstation 4, written in c++.
    Note: This is very early and barely functional at its current stage.

    To build PS4Delta, you need the following dependencies:
    A Windows machine with Visual Studio 2019 (Community Edition is fine too) Then you can execute pmake.cmd in order to generate the project solution. The PS4Delta solution will be placed in the build folder. by Force67.
  20. ps4fancontrol

    Just a simple program to change the fan speed from linux (PS4).
    You need run ps4fancontrol with root privileges
    sudo ./ps4fancontrol Select your favorite threshold temperature, save and exit. The selected temperature will be saved in a config file and loaded when ps4fancontrol starts. If you want load automatically ps4fancontrol at boot of your distro just put
    ps4fancontrol --no-gui Kudos
    Thanks to Zer0xFF for finding the right icc cmd to change the threshold temperature and to shuffle2 for the patch to expose the icc to usermode.
    by PS3ItaTeam.
  21. PS4HEN (Homebrew enabler for PS4)

    Homebrew enabler for PS4.
    Homebrew Enabler Jailbreak Sandbox Escape Debug Settings External HDD Support VR Support Remote Package Install Rest Mode Support External HDD Format 7.xx Support FW Version Spoof to 7.02 (5.05) / 7.51 (6.72) Debug Trophies Support sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch UART Enabler Never Disable Screenshot Remote Play Enabler  
    qwertyoruiopz Specter flat_z idc Joonie Vortex zecoxao SiSTRo Anonymous Testers
    SCORPION SocraticBliss by SiSTR0.
  22. PS4JB

    This is a full chain exploit for PS4 firmware 6.72 to 7.55. This is somewhat stable than sleirsgoevy's exploit.
    Fire30 for the WebKit exploit TheFlow for the kernel exploit sleirsgoevy for the PS4 6.72 JB by DarkModderVC.
  23. PS4Load

    PS4Load es una aplicación basada en el ejemplo PS3Load de PSL1GHT, ahora construido utilizando el SDK de Open Orbis.
    Con ella los desarrolladores deberían de tenerlo más fácil a la hora de crear su homebrew para PS4.
    Cómo usar PS4Load:
    Instala el .pkg en tu PS4. Abre la aplicación host de PS4Load y luego utiliza el cliente ps3load de tu sistema operativo para enviar tu eboot.bin:
    export PS3LOAD=tcp:192.168.x.x ./ps3load /path/to/eboot.bin PS4Load es una aplicación creada por Bucanero.
  24. PS4NES

    Full speed NES Emulator for PS4. 
    ONLY for FW v5.05 PAL Roms work fine,  NTSC Roms are a little slower because of the different clockrate of the NTSC NES. Rom Location
    Create a folder called roms on the root of your fat32/exfat formatted USB drive, and put the roms inside. Then attach the drive to the right USB port of the PS4. by m0rph3us1987.
  25. PS4PKGViewer

    A Small Tool to View PS4 Package Info.



    Initial release.

    Improved speed when processing package. Added support to export unencrypted contents. v1.2:

    Added new options to:
    View package contents. Search package contents. Check for package updates. Check the integrity of package. Export all unencrypted contents. Extract folders and files from package. Split already merged official package. User interface is now resizeable. Updated read-me file. v1.3:
    Added new option to use single structure when listing or extracting package contents. Added support to change file name when extracting single file from the list. Updated package properties. Show error when file is being used by another process. v1.4:
    Added new option to manually check for package updates using the given title-id. Added ability to display package regions. Added ability to detect fake dlc unlocker. Fixed splitting package to multiple parts. Fixed an issue with single structure mode. v1.5:
    Updated package info detector. Updated package updates form and error handling. Notes:
    For official package, you need a passcode to be able to view, list or extract it's contents. If you want to display package contents then enable 'List Contents' option under Extra menu but for official package you need to enable both 'List Contents' and 'Ask for Passcode' options. If you want to save package title updates in json format then enable 'Save Updates' option. If you have a passcode for official package then press on the 'save' button in the passcode window to save it to a binary file, so the application can load it automatically when opening the package without asking for it. Requirement:
    Microsoft DotNet v4.0. If you find my works are useful and would like to support and collaborate on the development of my projects, any donation will be appreciated.

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