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This tool can convert ps1 .bin's to ps4 fpkgs.

How to use:

  1. Select a disc image(.bin file)
  2. Select a region(region auto-detection coming soon!)
  3. Select the scaling mode(1=1280x720, 2=1920x1080, 4=3840x2160)
  4. Type in a NP Title(follow this format ABCD12345 or it won't work!, id auto-detection coming soon!)
  5. Type in a Title
  6. Press "Create fPKG"


Optional stuff you can do:

  • select a game icon
  • select a startup image
  • add addional commands to config-emu-ps4.txt(just put the commands into the big textbox)

FW 5.05 Support
I backported the emulator with flatz's python scripts.
It should work but I don't know if I messed something up.
So you need to check a box to enable it.


  • game id detection
  • region detection
  • title detection
  • some other stuff idk

by Jabu.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.2


  • added 5.05 support
  • fixed a typo

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