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  1. ConfigMagic Xbox

    This is a new version of ConfigMagic (orginally made by Team Assembly) modified by Yoshihiro to add support for Xbox v1.6/v1.6b EEPROMs.
    You can now read and modify EEPROMs of Xbox v1.0 to 1.6(b) directly on your Xbox with this release.
    The source code of this new modified version has also been released.
    Thanks goes to the Xbox-Linux Team, this release is based on their sources.

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  2. Craxtion

    Craxtion is the cleanest and easiest to use xbox ISO tool that enables the users to create/extract *true* xbox ISO using Microsoft GDFImage/XDFSextract and now with Ximage.  Craxtion has also implemented  a MultiGame creation wizard which creates a ready-to-burn ISO image from  a list of ISO's or Directories that you select.
    Why Craxtion:  Combines "Creation/Extraction"
    by Fedge and LepPpeR.

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  3. Extract-XISO Gui

    This is a gui for the widely popular Extract-XISO created by in.  This GUI allows you to create, rewrite, and extract an XISO.  Just run the install.

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  4. Final Burn Legends

    Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox.
    It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. Support for over 2700 games. Some games are not playable anywhere else on the Xbox. 

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  5. MADrigalX

    MADrigalX makes possible to play a lot of the "game and watch" handheld simulators developed by MADrigal... in your original Xbox! It is a standalone emulator based on the "game and watch" Libretro core and the work of Andre Leiradella. 
    Currently, 59 games are supported (54 of them are already playable at full speed!). You don't need to search for "roms", as the games are already included in the emulator. 
    Big thanks to Luca "MADrigal" Antignano for developing these awesome simulators and the user interface, and giving permission to make this possible; and also big thanks to Andre Leiradella for his incredible work converting those simulators to Lua and creating the interpreter!
    * Amazing user interface designed by Luca "MADrigal" Antignano (thanks, Luca!)
    * Huge optimization that makes almost all the games playable at full speed, even with zoom mode enabled!
    * Fixed some bugs in gameplay, and in highscores saving. Now highscores will be properly saved.
    * Special zoom modes for some 2-screen games.
    * Fixed problems with the controls that existed in a few 2-screens games, like Donkey Kong (Nintendo, Multi Screen) or Donkey Kong II (Nintendo, Multi Screen). These games are playable now too.

    Each game has different controls, because each machine has different buttons. If you keep pressed the START button, you will see a help window with the key mapping for the game that you are playing to. 
    In a lot of games, the LEFT and RIGHT TRIGGERS are mapped to the "Game A" and "Game B" buttons. So, to start playing you should press the LEFT trigger (easy game) or the RIGHT trigger (difficult game). A few games have different controls though, and you can always see them pressing START.
    Besides, if you press BACK you will toggle the ZOOM mode, making the screen larger. Please, be informed that zoom mode is experimental.
    If you simmultaneously press START+BACK, you will exit from the game.
    * There are a few games that are still not playable: Chicky Woggy, Crazy Chewy, Donkey Angler and Pac Man.
    * The "zoom" functionality is still working bad in a few games.
    * The coconut doesn't work well in the "Donkey Kong Jr (Panorama version)". This is not important because you can play the Coleco version, that is basically the same and works well ;)
    * A few games rarely crash when booting. If this happens, please re-launch the emulator and run the game again.
    These issues will hopefull been fixed in later updates.

    Big thanks to Luca "MADrigal" Antignano for developing these awesome simulators and giving permission to make this possible, and also for his huge support with the rom list interface.
    Besides, big thanks to Andre Leiradella (twitter handle: @leiradel) for his incredible work converting those simulators to Lua and creating the libretro core to run them. 
    Also big thanks to the Libretro team for caring about generic emulation for everybody!

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  6. MAMEoXtras

    New games now supported
    Bubble Bobble (Prototype On Tokio Hardware)
    DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou
    DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label
    In Your Face
    Games fixed and now working
    Fighters History
    The Killing Blade (Via protection improvements new Rom required)

    Games now with sound or improved sound
    Crazy Balloon
    Knights Of Valour / Sangoku Senki
    Knights of Valour Plus / Sangoku Senki Plus
    Oriental Legend / Xi Yo Gi Shi Re Zuang
    Oriental Legend Special / Xi Yo Gi Shi Re Zuang Special (tencent version unprotected)
    Photo Y2k
    Puzzle Star
    The Killing Blade

    Toaplan Improvements
    Ported a new video file from ShmupMAME which fixes some graphical problems
    in the Toaplan 1 games and brings them all up to full speed with no more slowdowns
    for the following games.......
    Demon's World / Horror Story
    Fire Shark / Same! Same! Same!
    Out Zone
    Rally Bike / Dash Yarou
    Truxton / Tatsujin
    Zero Wing

    Added proper HD647180 sound for Ghox and removed the samples which are no longer needed

    Source Changes
    Hooked up custom sound for Crazy Balloon game now has music and extra SFX which were missing before
    Hooked up the CPU protection and decryption for Gardia game now playable
    Added In Your Face to the megasys1 driver
    Hooked up the HD647180 sound MCU for Ghox
    Fixed flickering graphical problems and random crashes when triggering certain moves in Fighters History
    Updated the Killing Blade protection game should be 100% now
    Ported the toaplan 1 video file from ShmupMAME removing severe slowdowns in the games
    Added support for the Cave PGM games plus then updated and vastly improved the sound for the Cave PGM shmups
    and to a lesser extent all the rest of the PGM games via a new custom ICS2115 soundcore many thanks to ShmupMAME
    and amadvance for the original code.

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  7. MessoXtras

    Emulated systems are currently Bally Astrocade, Casio PV-1000, coCo 1, 2 and 3, Emerson Arcadia 2001, Epoch Game Pocket Computer, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, Fairchild Channel F, Fujitsu FM-7, Fujitsu FM77-AV, Funtech Super A'Can, Hartung Game Master, Mattel Aquarius, Mega Duck, PC-6001, PC-6601, Philips CDi, Philips VG-5000, Sharp MZ-2500, Sharp X1, Socrates Educational Video System, Sord M5, Tatung Einstein and VTech Laser 200. Mores systems will be added in later releases.
    This is a Madmab and HCF co-production after years of work. We finally managed to port the MESS emulator to Xbox, so we finally have emulation for a lot of new systems. At the moment, we have added emulation for these ones: Bally Astrocade, Casio PV-1000, coCo 1, 2 and 3, Emerson Arcadia 2001, Epoch Game Pocket Computer, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, Fairchild Channel F, Fujitsu FM-7, Fujitsu FM77-AV, Funtech Super A'Can, Hartung Game Master, Mattel Aquarius, Mega Duck, PC-6001, PC-6601, Philips CDi, Philips VG-5000, Sharp MZ-2500, Sharp X1, Socrates Educational Video System, Sord M5, Tatung Einstein and VTech Laser 200. Mores systems will be added in later releases.
    When you launch the emulator you will see all the supported systems. Systems in green color can be usually played without keyboard, while systems in yellow color need to use a keyboard (real keyboard, or the virtual keyboard of the emulator).
    Each system has its own folder for the roms. For example, roms for the "Emerson Arcadia 2001" must be copied in the "roms/arcadia" folder. Please don't change the structure of the directories.
    There are generic controls, and specific controls for each system. Both can be configured. The most important keys are the A and WHITE buttons (they are normally used to Start a game and/or Action button), the START button (Main Menu) and the BACK button (exit/cancel). Pressing both triggers simultaneously activates the "Fast forward" (used to make load times shorter in some systems), and moving the right analog stick displays the virtual keyboard. Enjoy!
    how to run it
    The emulator works easily: simply launch the "default.xbe" and select the desired console/computer that you want to emulate. After that, you will see all the games for that system, and you can select the one that you want to play. If the emulator displays a message telling "press OK", simply move to left and right the left analog stick, and the game will begin.
    In the list of systems, you will see that some of them are green, and other systems are yellow. Yellow systems usually need a keyboard to play many games (you can use the Virtual Keyboard if you don't have a real keyboard plugged on your Xbox). Green systems should be easily controlled with a joypad.
    where to put the roms
    You must not change the directory structure, and you only need to know that there is an important folder named "roms". Inside of that folder, there is a subfolder for each system. For example, "roms/scv" is the folder for the "Super Cassette Vision", and "roms/cdimono1" is the folder for the Philips CDi. Do not change the names of these folders!
    Those subfolders inside "roms" contain both the BIOS files of the systems and the ROMS (games). So, if you have a game for the "Super Cassette Vision", you have to copy it in the "roms/scv" path (more subdirectories are not supported).
    MESS have some "Generic" controls (valid for all the systems) and also some "specific" controls for each system. You can configure them in the Main menu, but we have created good configurations for almost all the supported consoles and computers.
    In almost all the systems, you will be able to control the games with the left analog stick and with the dpad. The main buttons that you will use to start a game or for "action" are the A BUTTON or the WHITE BUTTON in almost all the supported systems, and BLACK button to select game modes.
    Anyways, the "README-SYSTEMS-DETAILED.TXT" file will have information about the way to use each system.
    Some special controls that work in almost all the systems:
    * Left analog stick and dpad: Move
    * A button: In many systems, it is Start or Action
    * WHITE button: In many systems, it is Start or Action
    * BLACK button: In many systems, it is the "Select" button
    * START button: Main menu
    * BACK button: Cancel or Exit (exit from a menu, or exit from the emulator)
    * Left and Rigth triggers simmultaneously: Fast forward (boosts the emulation; it is useful to improve the loading times!)
    * Press Left analog stick: Load State (read SAVESTATES section for more info)
    * Press Right analog stick: Save state (read SAVESTATES section for more info)
    * Move right analog stick: Opens the Virtual Keyboard (read the VIRTUAL KEYBOARD section for more info)
    * Y button: It toggles the keyboard emulation mode (usually you will not need to do this).
    * Left trigger: In systems with a keyboard, it is ENTER.
    * Right trigger: In systems with a keyboard, it is SPACE.
    Several systems support savestates. To save your state, press the right analog stick. A window will ask you to select the desired slot: press A to confirm, or BACK to cancel.
    To load your state, press the left analog stick. A window will ask you to select the desired slot: press A to confirm, or BACK to cancel.
    virtual keyboard
    If you don't have a real keyboard, you can configure the controls and map the most used keys to the buttons of your joypad... but another alternative is using the Virtual Keyboard feature. The virtual keyboard is very useful when you only need to press a key once (for example, if a game says "press S to Start") and it is not worth it to map that key to one of the joypad buttons. The virtual keyboard is also useful to type commands (for example, to load games in the computer-based systems).
    The virtual keyboard is very basic, but I hope that it can help to play a lot of games. The original Mess didn't have a virtual keyboard, and including it has been a real challenge!
    How to launch the Virtual Keyboard? If you move the right analog stick, the emulation will be paused and the virtual keyboard will appear. You can select the key or keys that you want to press, selecting them with the A button. You can even type a text, pressing the keys one after the other! If you make a mistake, you can press on the Backspace key (or press the X button) to erase the last pressed key. When you finished entering your text, press B and the virtual keyboard will disappear. The text that you typed will be "pasted" and the emulation will go on.
    If you press START while in the Virtual Keyboard, you will get access to the Hint related to the current system (read the following section for more info).

    Known bugs:
    * The virtual keyboard don't work in a few systems: Bally Astrocade, Epoch Super Cassette Vision, or Emerson Arcadia 2001.
    * The ENTER key don't work in a few computer-based systems. But this is not a problem, because it is mapped to a button of the joypad (usually the left trigger).
    * Quotes don't work in the FM-7 and FM77-AV systems, making impossible to launch TAPE games with the Virtual Keyboard. DISKs games in these systems work though.
    launching games in difficult systems
    A lot of computer-based systems need that you type a few commands to launch a game (LOAD, RUN, CLOAD...). You can see these commands in the README-SYSTEMS-DETAILED.TXT file, but they are often difficult to memorize, so I have included a hint about this in the emulator:
    Enter the Virtual keyboard (moving the right analog stick). While in the virtual keyboard, press START and that will activate the "hint". Exit the virtual keyboard (pressing B) and the emulator will display a hint about the command that you must use in the current system. The hint will disappear in a matter of seconds, unless you launch the virtual keyboard again. If you do so, you will be able to read the hint while you type the commands.
    CDI games
    MessoXtras v0.5 supports CDi games in the "old" CHD format that was used in MESS 0.140. But if you have CHD files for MESS, they are probably in the "new" CHD format (not supported).
    To solve this problem, in this release we have included a script named "chd_revert" developed by Madmab, to convert files from the new CHD format to the old one, that is supported in MessoXtras.
    Simply copy your "new" CHD files in the same folder than the script, and launch "chd_revert.bat". The script will create CHD images in the "old" format (supported by MessoXtras) and place them in a directyory named "v140". Simply copy these generated files in the "v140" directory over to your xbox in the "roms\cdimono1" folder, and you will be able to play them.
    Q: Can you add more systems?
    A: Of course. Adding more systems is easy... but learning how to use them can be a long task. If you are interested in adding a new system to MessoXtras and want to help, contact HCF. We will need anyone to learn how that system works, mainly if it is a computer and it needs some commands to be typed to load the games.
    Q: Why didn't you add support to [ANY SYSTEM THAT IS ALREADY EMULATED IN XBOX]?
    A: It is really easy to add support to Atari 2600, Gameboy, Sega Master System... Madmab and I tried to do it, but we saw that the emulation in Mess is a bit worse than in the standalone emulators. So, we think that adding already supported systems will only add confusion. Anyways, we are open to add any system if the emulation in Mess has any big advantage over the standalone existing emulators (we don't have found this case yet).
    Q: The controls (for example the Start button to open the Main Menu) sometimes don't work!
    A: You have probably pressed the Y button, that toggles the keyboard emulation mode. When you do it, some of the main commands don't work. Press Y button again to go back to the main emulation mode.
    Q: How does the "Philips CDi" emulation work?
    A: Surprisingly, it runs at very good speed. At first it worked like a snail, but we did a very effective optimization and now it runs at full speed in Xbox. Some games don't work because some video modules of the CDi are not emulated, but a lot of the most famous games run very well.
    Q: How can I build valid CDi roms?
    A: MessoXtras v0.5 supports CDi games in the old CHD format that was used in MESS 0.140. If you have CHD files for MESS, they are probably in the NEW CHD format. in the emulator there is a folder "chd_revert" with an script developed by Madmab, to convert files from the new CHD format to the old one, that is supported in MessoXtras.
    Q: Parts of the top, bottom, left or right ofthe screen are cut off.
    A: You can adjust the screen size by pressing Start button to bring up the menu. Then select "Slider Controls". Decrease "Screen Vert Stretch" to affect top/bottom and "Screen Horiz Stretch" for right/left.

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  8. NestopiaX

    NestopiaX is a NES emulator for the XBOX. This is a port of the pc NES emu nestopia and is now the best NES emu on XBOX. It also plays the famicom disc system games at full framerate.
    What's new/added/fixed/broken eh?

    The biggest and best update yet! This release has been the culmination of another 2 years of frustration, testing, tweaking, and research. 
    1.) Added the ability to set the ram power on state of the emulated NES. This affects games like River City Ransom's start up enemies and other games. By default a real NES used random values to flush into ram on startup. Nestopia still defaults to 0XFF.  To toggle the settings, go into general options while in game and set the state to random and reset to hard and Nestopia will flush ram like a real NES did after resetting. 
    2.) Added the option to emulate the famicom mic. Most famicom and FDS games did not utilize the mix but some games like the zelda FDS version utilized the mic to kill pols voice. The option can be found in controller options in general settings. You can set the simulation of the noise of the mic to the xbox dpad. Press it repeatedly to simulate sound into the mic. 
    3.) Added support for the Bandai Hypershot for games like space shadow. It is integrated with the lightgun support, so set controller 1 to gamepad and controller 2 to lightgun. Button a on the xbox dpad is to shoot, and B moves the character forward after killing an alien. Button b also throws a grenade while fighting an alien. This will be cleaned up in the future but for now, Bandai Hypershot games are now playable on xbox. 
    Note: Lightgun games are not compatible with the NTSC filter. 
    4.) Correct and accurate emulation of the MC-ACC mapper. Games like Mickeys safari in letterland and others now play accurately. 
    5.) Lutter FDS Was freezing, fixed!
    6.) Blaster master pimp your ride was not working correctly, FIXED!
    7.) Core and Xbox side code cleanup
    8.) Added partial support for mapper 168 - Racermate Challenge II
    9.) Added support for mapper 162 - Zelda Triforce of the gods pirate and translation now work
    10.) Added support for Board KS-7031 Dracula II FDS conversion works (perilsensitive)
    11.) Added support for mapper 190 - Magic Kid goo goo now works
    12.) Added support for Kaiser unif board 7012 Zanac FDS conversion
    13.) Added support for Highway Star FDS conversion
    14.) Fixed Resident Evil Nes translation (now saves and plays correctly)
    15.) Added support for Getsufuu Maden Translation 
    15.) Updated the Database.xml file with TONS of new games and fixes. Please overwrite the current database.xml with the new one. The following games now work:
    1.)B-Wings (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.0)
    2.)Added entry for scrambled screen on some Arkanoid II roms
    3.)Cris force prototype 
    4.)FIFA International 2 '96
    5.)Crisis Force
    6.)Contra (Sample prototype)
    7.)Contra (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.01
    8.)Keisan Game - Sansuu 2 Toshi (Eng-Trans, Pikachumanson, 1.0)
    9.)Ganbare Goemon Gaiden (Eng-Trans, Adventurous Translations, 0.99c)
    10.)Wai Wai World I (Eng-Trans, Dylan Robley, 1.0)
    11.)I'm Kid Dracula (Eng-Trans, Vice Translations, 1.04)
    12.)Parodius - From Myth to Laughter (Eng-Trans, Stardust Crusaders, 1.0)
    13.)Twinbee 3 prototype
    14.)Puzzle prototype (was garbled)
    15.) Others i forgot :/

    Thanks to emuxtras!, Madmab, hcf, Gamezfan, Cbagy, Weinerscnitzel, nes6502, xport, SPPV, 
    +T+, Dragon2snow, Rdanbrook, Lidnariq, Xenon_Xyanide, RessurectionX, Martin Frej for an awesome nes emulator and making it open source, FrankMorris, scorp316, philexile, gillou999, destronger, freakdave and any and all who support the gold old xbox still, and if you are reading this and i havent thanked you, well thank you too!

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  9. NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC converter

    The Enigmah Video Mode Select CD is a tool that converts any NTSC box into a full PAL box so you get a full color output. 
    Also works on JAP machines and PAL machines,(if you want to convert PAL to NTSC). Elminate all Black & White problems without the need for a full RGB lead. Press A to select PAL and Press B to select NTSC, press X and Y for a few extras :) It works best on DVDR but will boot on CDRW just as well. Tested 100% on the amazing Enigmah Xbox Mod - the only mod that does everything all on one chip.

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  10. SimpleX ISO

    SimpleX is a legal tool to make "TRUE" Xbox Iso.

    1. What is SimpleX ISO?
    It's a 2 in 1 program.
    It's legal tool to make "TRUE" Xbox iso
    or extracts an Xbox ISO.
    (It can do both at the same time :) )
    2. Why ?
    I wrote this just 'cause I hate XDFSExtract.exe and gdfimage.exe :)
    They are slow and rape the CPU's resource.
    3. Features of SimpleX ISO ?
    -= Create "TRUE" XBOX iso :
    You can compare the iso file created by gdfimage.exe with the iso file created by this program. There are only some differences at the address: 1001Ch -> 10023h ; These addresses holds the creation time of the iso; So of course they should be difference.
    -= It uses less CPU resource than XDFSExtract and gdfimage (You can use it while listening to your favorite music)
    -= It's fast
    -= It is using Graphical User Interface (GUI-Simple Window GUI)
    -= It's simple:
    After you apply the "Establish shell extensions", you can right-click on
    * a folder to create an xbox iso
    * an iso file to extract it.
    4. How to Install?
    - Unzip
    - Copy SimpleX.exe and SimpleXExt.dll to any folder (suggesstion: where you used to store applications or make a new folder)
    - Run it from there
    5. Contact:
    I wrote it in MASM32 (see the included source code)
    If you see any bugs, please report it to me via email below (please give me more detail if possible)
    BTW, I'm not good in English - I appreciate all grammar corrections.
    [March 18 2003]
    What's Fixed in v0.2a:
    1. fixed: Free-Space checking function
    2. Rewrite some functions to reduce potential problems on slow PCs.
    Thank to MikeB for reporting a bug and testing this release.
    Work in progress:
    I received emails from TheJay and Mike requesting to add the shell extensions
    like WinZIP and WinRAR (Extract Here, Extract to <name of folder>).
    I'll add if I have free time this weekend.
    [March 10 2003]
    What's New in v0.2 ?:
    - fixed a bug (reported by Itech, Thank man)
    - Add Partition Check to prevent people want to create an oversize iso on non-NTFS partition. (FAT32)
    and special thank to Xeero on Xbox-Scene for giving his time to test SimpleX.


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  11. SlaYers EvoX Auto-Installer

    Slayer's EvoX installer is a ISO you burn to disc which will format, partition and basically setup your hacked Xbox from scratch.You can also recover a console that has been hacked, for example if you have deleted your C: partition by accident Slayers EvoX Auto Installer will fix your problem and get your Xbox working again.
    Slayers EvoX Auto Installer will work with all Xbox consoles from version 1.0 to 1.6.

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    Xbox Media Center for the original Xbox.

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  13. Xbox HD Maker (xboxhdm)

    This explains howto build a burnable iso from this distribution.
    For information on howto use the xbox HD builder script read the readme.txt in the linux directory.
    The xbox HD builder script (xboxhd) needs the xbox C-, and E-drive files. 
    You can supply the script with these files in two ways. You can either :
    - burn a seperate CDROM with two folders containing the xbox C-, and E-drive respectively, or - Put the xbox C- and E-drive files in the C and E folders in linux directory before making the burnable iso.
    In windows upon a 'Command prompt' and navigate to this directory.
    Run the following command :
    > make-iso-win.bat
    In linux navigate to this directory and execute :
    > make-iso-lin.sh
    This should produce a file called linux.iso that you must now burn  to blank CDROM. It's important that you burn this raw image and don't create a Data CDROM containing this image...
    If you need to lock or unlock xbox HD's use also have two options :
    1) Boot the CDROM an choose option 3) at the boot prompt. This will     bring you to a DOS prompt with the unlockx, hdlock, hdunlock, hddisabl  utilities. However as the CDROM is read-only on log files can be saved  so you will be prompted the used passwd when a HD is locked. Write this down in case the passwd later turns out to be incorrect. You can also insert a fat-formatted floppy and run the save-logs command to save the used passwd's   onto floppy
    2) If you have a floppy-drive you can create a DOS-floppy with all nessecary HD tools by running the make-DOS-floppy.bat script in a command-prompt.  Running the HD lock/unlock tools from a floppy the log-files with used  passwd's will automatically be saved.
    Good luck - and remember to read the readme.txt before using this tool! ldots.

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  14. XBoyAdvance

    XBoyAdvance is an Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Color/Super Gameboy emulator ported for XBox from VisualBoy Advance.
    v25 changelog:
    * Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b35. See "Interface Changelog.txt" * Changes to the screenshot code to account for new directory layout when using "Extras menu" screenshot options. * Just a refresher (this was already present in last version) Frameskip is set to 0 if a gameboy or gameboy color game is selected (file extension .gb, .gbc, .cbg, .sgb). This will only apply to games without configurations. On games with configurations you have to manually set the framerate to 0. * Frameskip is set to 1 for GBA games thanks to Tabajara's INTEL optimizations! See below. Not all games quite at 100%, but close! This will only apply to games without configurations. On games with configurations you have to manually set the framerate to 0. * Frameskip in default game configuration is overriden by above settings. If you have a problem game (slow) just set the frameskip for it individually. * INTEL optimizations by Tabajara. Here are a few examples of improvements you will see below

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  15. Xerc2

    The latest update to the XERC family is now for sale – the XERC 2 XE. This version includes a diode onboard so you can directly connect the MS DVD Kit dongle to the XERC to share the same IR receiver.
    SICKmods XERC 2 XE
    If you are unfamiliar with the XERC, it is a small device which allows you to turn your Xbox on and off with your remote. It also allows you to eject and emulate long and short power presses, to enter different boot modes if you have a modchip installed. The MS DVD Kit dongle can be internally hardwired to share the same IR receiver as the XERC 2 XE.
    The XERC can be configured to work with many different remotes, and you can change the button setup at any time without opening your Xbox. It also includes a bonus LED Fader feature on the status light. 

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