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Dash2Gam 3.0b

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Dash2Gam is a replacement dashboard for the Xbox console.

Some features of Dash2Gam are:

  • it is possible to put the dash anywhere you want (except cd/dvd).
  • Embedded FTP Server in the dashboard
  • Embedded Region Free DVD Reader in the dashboard
  • Support the setup of the Xbox LED color
  • Support of the '0' key to switch off the Xbox while a DVD is playing
  • Scan a lot of Hardware informations of the Xbox
  • Display a lot of informations about the Xbox
  • Display of time and date on every screen
  • Display on every screen the soundtrack, name and time of the current background music
  • 29 buttons to set up (launching applications or internal function)
  • Display the amount of space used/free on each drive
  • Skin support
  • Possibility to set a password for each application or internal function
  • Custom Screensaver
  • The choice of the reader (internal or other) for playing a video DVD or audio CD
  • Multi-language: french, english, german, spanish (+ easily other languages)

How to use:

  • To copy the file ' dvd.dll' with the root of the partition E:
  • To copy the file ' Dash2Gam' plus the executable or you want.
  • To configure your dashboard by modifying the file ' config.ini' (for the beginners) in the file ' Dash2Gam/2GAM.data/'or the file ' config_pro.ini' (to initiate them) in the file ' Dash2Gam/2GAM.data/' more the files of section in the file ' Dash2Gam/2GAM.data/Datas/Config/'.
  • Launch the file 'Dash2Gam.xbe' (as an application or as default dashboard).

Note: If you wish to use the Config Pro, do not forget to set up JUST the first line of the file 'config.ini' for beginners.

Button Combos:

The default button presets are as follow :

  • (B) ...................... to restart the Xbox from the Main Menu
  • (X) ...................... to display the Music Control Panel (by tHc)
  • (BLACK) .................. to play the game MemoryX (by BobMcGee)
  • (Right Stick) ............ to take a screenshot of your dashboard. You can snap up to 11 shots per session, they would be saved in the directory 'Screenshot' at the root of your E: drive
  • (Left Stick) ............. to load the next Skin
  • (Left) + (A) ............. to change the background image
  • (Left) + (B) ............. to display or not the Clock
  • (Left) + (X) ............. to show informations about your Xbox
  • (Left) + (BLACK) ......... to display or not the Audio Vizualizer on Main Menu
  • (Left) + (Y) ............. to show or not the soundtrack, name and time of the background music
  • (Left) + (Right) + (B) ... to switch off the Xbox
  • (Left) + (Right) + (X) ... to open/close the DVD tray

If you are using the config_pro.ini file, do not forget to fill out the 1st line of the config.ini for beginners

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