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Mikerowesoft's XBOX Trainers

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Here is the latest edition of my trainer DIR. Contained within are only etm/xbtf and/or files that relate to each. There are no NFO files and no zip/rar files. These are all ready to go and all working. Post to let me know if you find something that isn't working. All of these work for me, so before you post about a trainer that doesn't work try to make sure the trainer is for the version of the game you have.

I apologize to all the people that have been Private Messaging me about getting an update. There are just so many messages and it is hard to answer them all. I hope this will satisfy your requests.

One last thing, while I appreciate your thank you comments, I want you to realize the people that deserve the thanks are the numerous authors that make collections like this possible. The list of names is long and a veritable who's who among the Xbox Scene. Here is a short list of names that thanks goes out to. Y2J, RoboZeo, Angle Fly, Acidflash, Death, Lampo, Goku, Seeker 2002, and Dootdoo. There are plenty more out there, so one big thank you to all.

by Mikerowesoft.

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