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DVD-X 2.0

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Some said it couldn't be done. Some said we had no talent.

Some were wrong.

Enjoy this free release from your favourite kernel hackers ;)


  • ALL controls can be accessed via your XBOX game controller.
  • Sub Menu system features identical to stand alone DVD player.
  • Fully AC-3, Dolby Digital & DTS Compatible.
  • Full Multiregion Support.
  • No dashboard patch needed - this is a stand alone application.
  • Can be run from disc (CDRW - won't work on DVDR) or straight from Hard Drive


  • We have also unlocked the VCD & SVCD capabilities but have not had chance to test correctly.
  • We recommened using CDRW and with a different DVD ROM Unit (instructions to swap ROM on xbox-scene.com)
  • Please post your results on the usual places.


Mod that has the eject trick feature enabled


Tested On:

  • USA 4034 Retail Machine with X-ecuter modchip fitted

Compiled On:

  • PAL 4034 Retail machine with our own (and very old) debug kernel ;)

Greets To:

  • Xantium (xbox-scene.com)
  • SiliconIce (xboxhacker.net)
  • Project-X
  • X-ecuter, Evolution-X, Enigmah, Xtender, PC-Bioxx (The ONLY names in XBOX modding)

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