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  1. RDX

    rdx (at this point at least) is a collection of new (but comparitivly)  basic emulator ports along with very basic dashboard like functionallity. 
    The primary aim of releasing this is to try and stimulate the xbox  homebrew dev community a little as things seem to be quieting down a bit  lately. :)
    You are encouraged to make as many changes to the code as you want and  submit them back to us for inclusion in a future version.
    There are a few, hopefully non-restrictive, licencing type rules at the  top of dash.cpp about what you can and can't do with the source to team xos developed code. They are not there to limit what you can do with  the code but more to ensure that you release the modified source to any released binaries to help the development community. Certain parts of the code written outside of Team XOS have slightly more restrictive licences but please always follow the licence the original developers have assigned  to there code. 
    by TMaul and the rest of Team Xos.

    P.S. Here are the emulators and other misc libs used in this version of  RDX. 
         TinyXML 2.3.2 (c) 2000-2002 Lee Thomason (www.grinninglizard.com)      TinyPTC (c) Gaffer (www.gaffer.org)      Zlib (c) The awesome zlib team (http://www.gzip.org/zlib/)      XKutils 0.2 (c) Team Assembly (www.team-assembly.com)      Rendering Panel Code (C) Xboxmediaplayer team (http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/)      Misc bits and bobs from FBAx (c) Lantus, Tmaul and FBA team (www.lantus-x.com and fba.emuunlim.com)      Snes9x 1.43(c) snes9x team (http://www.snes9x.com)      GENS (c) Stef and gens contributors (http://gens.consolemul.com/)      SMSplus (c) Charles McDonald (cgfm2.emuviews.com)      FCEUltra (c) Xodnizel (www.?????) Release Notes
    everything is more than basic in this current version but features are:
    Emulates Snes, Nes, sms, megadrive configurable rom, application and game paths via XML config file Dashboard style app launching The skelton code for some other features     Install Notes
    Setup config.xml to your paths, copy to a dir on your xbox and run. :) Acknowledgements
    Greetings to (in no particular order: Carcharius, Lantus, Likklebaer,  The_joker & team ava, Iriez, XBMC team, X-port, unleashx team, evo-x team, Xbox-scene.com staff, FBA team, and everyone else involved in xbox  homebrew development  
  2. SimpleX ISO

    SimpleX is a legal tool to make "TRUE" Xbox Iso.

    1. What is SimpleX ISO?
    It's a 2 in 1 program.
    It's legal tool to make "TRUE" Xbox iso
    or extracts an Xbox ISO.
    (It can do both at the same time :) )
    2. Why ?
    I wrote this just 'cause I hate XDFSExtract.exe and gdfimage.exe :)
    They are slow and rape the CPU's resource.
    3. Features of SimpleX ISO ?
    -= Create "TRUE" XBOX iso :
    You can compare the iso file created by gdfimage.exe with the iso file created by this program. There are only some differences at the address: 1001Ch -> 10023h ; These addresses holds the creation time of the iso; So of course they should be difference.
    -= It uses less CPU resource than XDFSExtract and gdfimage (You can use it while listening to your favorite music)
    -= It's fast
    -= It is using Graphical User Interface (GUI-Simple Window GUI)
    -= It's simple:
    After you apply the "Establish shell extensions", you can right-click on
    * a folder to create an xbox iso
    * an iso file to extract it.
    4. How to Install?
    - Unzip
    - Copy SimpleX.exe and SimpleXExt.dll to any folder (suggesstion: where you used to store applications or make a new folder)
    - Run it from there
    5. Contact:
    I wrote it in MASM32 (see the included source code)
    If you see any bugs, please report it to me via email below (please give me more detail if possible)
    BTW, I'm not good in English - I appreciate all grammar corrections.
    [March 18 2003]
    What's Fixed in v0.2a:
    1. fixed: Free-Space checking function
    2. Rewrite some functions to reduce potential problems on slow PCs.
    Thank to MikeB for reporting a bug and testing this release.
    Work in progress:
    I received emails from TheJay and Mike requesting to add the shell extensions
    like WinZIP and WinRAR (Extract Here, Extract to <name of folder>).
    I'll add if I have free time this weekend.
    [March 10 2003]
    What's New in v0.2 ?:
    - fixed a bug (reported by Itech, Thank man)
    - Add Partition Check to prevent people want to create an oversize iso on non-NTFS partition. (FAT32)
    and special thank to Xeero on Xbox-Scene for giving his time to test SimpleX.

  3. SlaYers EvoX Auto-Installer

    Slayer's EvoX installer is a ISO you burn to disc which will format, partition and basically setup your hacked Xbox from scratch.You can also recover a console that has been hacked, for example if you have deleted your C: partition by accident Slayers EvoX Auto Installer will fix your problem and get your Xbox working again.
    Slayers EvoX Auto Installer will work with all Xbox consoles from version 1.0 to 1.6.
  4. Titan - Xbox Kernel Patches for Extended Storage

    Titan es una serie de parches binarios escritos a mano para el núcleo original de la Microsoft Xbox. Estos parches están diseñados para ampliar las capacidades de almacenamiento de la popular videoconsola de 2001 por encima de los 16TB.
    Esto se consigue modificando el kernel para que soporte LBA48 y ampliando el número de sectores de disco de 512 bytes direccionables en la pila de E/S.
    El parcheador del kernel para PC de Titan está escrito en Python 3. Se recomienda encarecidamente que descargue los paquetes liberados que incluyen las dependencias aplicables para Windows, Linux y macOS.
    A continuación se ofrece un ejemplo de uso:
    python3 tpatch.py m8plus_kernel.img El resultado satisfactorio debería ser algo parecido a lo siguiente:
    [*] Patching with Titan v1.0 -- by Markus Gaasedelen [*] - Hashing kernel 'C:\titan\m8plus_kernel.img' to ensure compatibility [*] - 0x800243AA: Patching HddStartVerify(...) [*] - 0x8002443F: Patching HddVerify(...) [*] - 0x800244E6: Patching HddStartRw_Length(...) [*] - 0x80024534: Patching HddStartRw_Transfer(...) [*] - 0x80024632: Patching HddRw_Save(...) [*] - 0x8002465B: Patching HddRw_Smuggle(...) [*] - 0x80024485: Patching HddCompleteRw(...) [*] - 0x800246F3: Patching HddGetDriveGeometry(...) [*] - 0x8002F066: Patching HddPartitionCreate(...) [*] - 0x80024B5A: Patching HddCreateQuick(...) [*] - 0x8005546D: Patching HddCreate(...) [*] - 0x80027143: Patching FatxParseSupeblock(...) [*] - 0x80029CE5: Patching FatxStartAsyncIo(...) [*] - 0x80029E5B: Patching FatxAsyncIo(...) [+] Patching successful! Notas adicionales
    Algunas notas adicionales sobre Titán son las siguientes:
    Formateo El proyecto FATX es actualmente el único método probado/soportado para formatear un disco para un sistema basado en Titan XBPartitioner/XBlast/XeniumOS/FATXplorer se consideran sin soporte y probablemente requieran actualizaciones Espero que estas herramientas sean actualizadas en un futuro próximo. Particiones Titan está esencialmente codificado para usar un esquema de particionamiento del tipo "F (Partición 6) se lleva todo". Titan podría extenderse para soportar particiones adicionales, pero parece innecesario Clústeres Titan permite aumentar el tamaño de los clusters a 128kb, 256kb y 512kb Se recomienda encarecidamente formatear los discos grandes (2TB+) con 1024 sectores por cluster (512kb) Matt's FATX es la única herramienta que actualmente puede formatear discos con clusters más grandes Los tamaños de cluster aumentados aumentan dramáticamente la velocidad de montar volúmenes de FATX (arranque más rápido) Aumentar el tamaño de los clusters asegura más lecturas lineales en el disco (lecturas de archivos más rápidas, carga de juegos, etc.) El aumento del tamaño de los clústeres permite tener más elementos en el directorio raíz del disco (8192 elementos en clústeres de 512kb) Si estás usando Titan, puedes permitirte el lujo de clusters más grandes, así que deja de quejarte del espacio desperdiciado El aumento del tamaño de los clusters nunca fue el problema para limitar el tamaño de las unidades/particiones, esto es FUD Los clusters de 64kb deberían funcionar en la partición Titan, pero el arranque/montaje será lento para los discos grandes. UDMA Titan puede cambiar el modo de transferencia UDMA utilizado por el kernel con --udma N Se ha comprobado que aumentar el modo UDMA mejora los tiempos de carga de algunos juegos en más de un 20%. El aumento del modo UDMA requerirá un cable IDE de 80 pines La Xbox de venta al público utiliza UDMA 2 (33mb/s) por defecto (al igual que muchas/todas (?) las BIOS modificadas) El máximo modo UDMA soportado por el southbridge de la Xbox es UDMA 5 (100mb/s HDD <--> CPU) UDMA 5 NO FUNCIONA CON TODOS LOS ADAPTADORES IDE A SATA Se ha confirmado que UDMA 5 funciona con los adaptadores Startech, pero no se ha evaluado adecuadamente UDMA 5 es inestable en adaptadores basados en RXD-629A7-7, pero UDMA 4 parece estar bien Los adaptadores WLXKG-863B son los "peores" que he visto funcionar en la Titan y no han sido probados. Juegos Se ha probado un surtido de juegos al azar para asegurar una línea de base en la estabilidad del sistema No espero que haya problemas importantes, pero es obvio que hay que hacer más pruebas Dashboards XBMC parece funcionar bien EvoX parece funcionar bien EvoX muestra el tamaño de disco incorrecto porque realiza un módulo de 'gigabytes disponibles' por 1000 Esto no significa que hayas formateado mal, o que el disco duro esté corrupto ¿El FTP parece estar bien? Los FTPs basados en Dashboard son probablemente mucho más seguros que los FTPs basados en BIOS (ej. XeniumOS) Considere todos los demás dashboards como no probados Otras notas de Homebrew DVD2Xbox funciona bien El FTP a través de XeniumOS es probablemente arriesgado. Yo sólo lo usaría para transferir archivos a particiones REALES (C o E) Cualquier cosa que arranque en una BFM BIOS (PBL, Hexen?) es totalmente incompatible para acceder a la partición Titan (F) Considera el resto de homebrew como no probado Parches Titan sólo es compatible con el kernel M8+. M8+ es una versión modificada del kernel final (5838) Titan/M8+ puede utilizarse en TODAS las revisiones de hardware de venta al público (1.0 -> 1.6b) Estos parches pueden ser portados a otros kernels de Xbox, pero no es algo que planee hacer Las iteraciones anteriores de estos parches modificaron el kernel para usar sectores 4K pero se consideró innecesario Los parches publicados pueden simplificarse aún más, alejándose de la implementación original de 4K Es posible que más adelante se añadan más parches experimentales que aceleren el montaje de grandes volúmenes FATX Titan ha sido creado por gaasedelen.
  5. UnleashX

    UnleashX is a replacement dashboard for the Xbox, it is an alternative to the original Microsoft Dashboard.

    ****    Change Log    ****
    UnleashX V0.39.0528 Build 584
    Version:    0.39 Build 584
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    05/28/2007
    *Fixed    Problem displaying Zipped skins properly.
    *Fixed    Black color in images are rendered as transparent.
    *Fixed    Dash lockup when scrolling up in Game Manager.
    *Fixed    MP3 files are now playable directly from USB FAT32 devices.
    *Changed    z-buffer bit depth to 16-bit from 32-bit to decrease
            memory footprint.
    *Added    "Compress Texture" in video settings. Default is Off/No/False.
        Settings this to true enables the Dash to use Texture compression
        for big images, decreasing the memory requirement to display those
        in exchange for a lesser quality image. You can set this to "Yes" if
        you are using a skin with lots of videos/images 
    *Added    "Browse Folder" in Music manager. You can now select folders
        containing MP3 and WMA files and the dash will queue them
    *Added    WMA playback support for ISO9660 disc/USB FAT32 devices.
        Note: Files are copied to a temp folder. File streaming in XACT
        appears to be broken so I can't play from the media source directly.

    UnleashX V0.39.0515 Build 582
    Version:    0.39 Build 582
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    05/15/2007
    *Fixed    UnRar code failing on some Rar archives.
    *Fixed    Right and Bottom offset of Playlist background image.
    *Fixed    Music info database for custom soundtracks.
    *Fixed    Improved USB Keyboard handling
    *Fixed    InfoText: Drive C Size display
    *Fixed    Xbox Information. Incorrect label for "Xbox Info"
    *Fixed    Better handling of long soundtrack name.
    *Changed "Middle" alignment reverted back to old implementation.
    *Changed Re-wrote InfoText source which demands too much memory causing
         corruption in the display

    *Added    AlbumArt for custom soundtrack. Drop a file named "folder.jpg" or
        "folder.png" in each of your custom soundtrack folder. You can
        then display the album art like the following in either the main
        screen, or the music player.
        <Image Left="520" Top="285" Width="90" Height="80" Source="AlbumArt" />
    *Added     Limited USB mouse support.
    *Added    Rotate and accordion effect to the SlideShow screensaver
    *Added    SlideShow to Image viewer. To invoke: select an image to display from
        File Explorer, when the Image viewer comes up, press "Start" button
        Button Control:
            A/Start: Pause/Resume
            Y: Turn off/On effect
            DPad Up: Increase interval by 1 sec
            DPad Down: Decrease interval by 1 sec (min 2 sec)
    *Added    Full support for USB 1.1-compliant FAT32 devices via File Explorer. Write
        speed is still slow. I patched the XDK library to go around the 4GB
        limit hardcoded into the system but my mobile HD still wouldn't work.
        It's could be that it's not USB1.1 compliant but I ran out of hardware
        to test. Tested with 128MB, 512MB, 1GB flash disk and 4GB iPod Nano. Let
        me know if you have success with bigger HDD. 
            Read rate: ~1MB/sec
            Write Rate: ~350Kb/sec
            Multiple partition is support (Max 4 partition)
            Limited to a single mounted device.

    UnleashX V0.39.0221 Build 572
    Version:    0.39 Build 572
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    02/21/2006
    *Fixed    InfoText that doesn't have "Width" attribute doesn't show up.
    *Fixed    Newsticker only displays the first item after it's done displaying
        the first set of news items. (Continuous only)
    *Changed    Copy and Edit screen of Music Player reverted to old style.
            Use MMBorderColor, MMLightBackColor to modify the dialog.
    *Added    Copy and Edit screen of Music Player can now have it's own background
        image like the Playlist. Format is:
        <Dialog OffsetX="x" OffsetX2="x2" OffsetY="y" OffsetY2="y2">
            x = offset from left where text should start
            y = offset from top where text should start
            x2 = offset from right (default equals x)
            y2 = offset from bottom. (default equals y)
    *Added    Right and Bottom offset for Playlist image. Format is same as the
        <Dialog> node.
    *Added    InfoText: Drive Free space in percent format. 2 digit, non-decimal
        format only.
        C_PFree, E_PFree, F_PFree, G_PFree, $C_PFree$, $E_PFree$, $F_PFree$
    *Added    Extended DVD Media check. Experimental and haven't been tested as
        I don't use PC-DVD drive. This can be found in Storage setting, under
        DVD Information.
    *Added    Music info database for custom soundtracks (music Not ripped via MS-dash).
        This will be placed in the selected music folder and named "Info.xml"
    *Added    Custom soundtracks is now listed in music player. Can only be played and 

    UnleashX V0.39.0212 Build 570
    Version:    0.39 Build 570
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    02/12/2006

    *Fixed    FTP client should be more tolerant with 0 byte-sized file
    *Fixed    Right-aligned screen items were off by significant pixels
    *Fixed    Bug in title searching where it always search for icons and videos 
        everytime, making it appear somehow slower.
    *Fixed    Copy and Edit screen of Media Player always using the default
    *Added    File manager sorting option: Name, Size, Type and Date. Press start
        to activate
    *Added    Video mode: You can now change betwen PAL and NTSC. Setting is 
        persistent, meaning it won't reset on reboot. On bootup, you can 
        hold Back+LT to change to PAL, Back+RT to NTSC instantly.
    *Added    Video Settings: Widescreen/Normal, HDTV Modes are now persistent 
        and will affect programs that uses them, including MS dash.
    *Added    Storage Settings: Hard disk can be lock/unlock now. 
        WARNING: Not tested with apps that patches the ROM, or any of the 
        virtual drive stuff.
    *Added    Storage Settings: Full S.M.A.R.T. reporting, including but not limited 
        to HD Temp. Sometimes, you would see the current value greater than 
        the max recorded value. This is because I don't update the data in the 
    *Added    RSS Newsfeed: Continuous settings. Makes RSS feeds like news ticker.
        Defaults to On. When turned on, Newsfeed will ALWAYS scroll and no
        custom text can be added to this item.
    *Added    RSS Newsfeed: Separator. You can customize the separator for each item.
    *Added    HDTemp, HDTempC, HDTempF to InfoText for HDD Temperature.

    UnleashX V0.38.0515 Build 565
    Version:    0.38 Build 565
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    05/15/2005
    *Fixed    Preview video looping bug introduced in build 564.
    *Fixed    Relative path wasn't working for "List" element type.
    *Fixed    Items that are not visible in FTP client window is not being deleted.
    *Fixed    A problem with the "Fonts" collection that could cause the font to
        render huge display.
    *Fixed    Video screensaver renders semi-opaque when file explorer or music 
        player is active.

    *Added    Network link status to system info, and also to screen Text Item.
        100Mbps/Full Duplex, 10Mbps/Half Duplex...etc.
        Ex: <Text Left="514" Top="376" Source="LinkStatus" />
    *Added    FreeMemory and TotalMemory added to screen text item.
        Ex: <Text Left="550" Top="285" Source="FreeMemory" />
    *Added    MMActiveForeColor to the color scheme.
    *Added    Force 24H time display format. Note: Time setting control is still 
        in 12H format (and will probably remain that way).

    Note:     This is a quick fix release intended to address the issues listed above.
        Some unconfirmed/reported bugs may still exists.
    "SITE FREESIZE" that was mentioned in 564 was supposed to read: "SITE FREESPACE"

    UnleashX V0.38.0508 Build 564
    Version:    0.38 Build 564
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    05/08/2005

    *Fixed    Ambient sound stopped working.
    *Fixed    C:\xboxdash.xbe is used/inserted automatically when the Audio CD player 
        is blank and you modified the Autoplay option.
    *Fixed    Screen flashes when transferring files to/from the xbox.
    *Fixed    SITE FreeSize is reporting a wrong value if the free HD space on the 
        target drive is more than 3.5GB (approx.).
    *Fixed    Extracting Rar files was very slow. 
    *Fixed    Auto-shutdown was not functioning properly.
    *Fixed    Playlist does not display the name of song when played using the file 
    *Fixed    Removing the language file causes the xbox to reboot, but changes are
        still saved.
    *Added    Auto-log off of FTP users after 5 minutes of inactivity.
    *Added    "Relative" attribute to the MusicPlayer section. This will cause the 
        coordinates of the items to be relative to the top-left coordinate of 
        the player window, rather than the screen. Default value is False.
        Ex: <MusicPlayer Left="10" Top="96" Width="308" Height="288" 
        This means that an item with (0,0) coordinate will be shown at (10,96).
        Note: Playlist window is still absolute.
    *Added    "Direction" attribute to the "Progress" and "Volume" element of the
        music player, which controls the way these element are drawn. Acceptable
        values are "Up", "Left", "Right" and "Down" with "Left" being the default.
    *Added    The button ("Element" element) sequence is now honored by the player,
        meaning you can re-order them and the control sequence will follow that
        order. It is also possible to omit a button and still keep the sequence
        Note: For music player related skinning, take a look at 
        OrangeShapes_ConstantineMP.zip. This is a skin based on OrangeShapes
        with Constantine music player theme.

    *Changed    ScreenSaver will default to Text mode if Slideshow path or video 
            file is not found.
    *Changed    On screensaver text mode, the "tick" sound is suppressed if 
            background music is playing.
    *Changed    All fonts has been modified to include characters above ASCII 127. 
            Hence, the caption should also display accented characters.

    UnleashX V0.38.0501 Build 562
    Version:    0.38 Build 562
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    05/01/2005
    *Fixed    Freezing in Game Saves Manager when downlading or trying to download a game
        save file.
    *Fixed    Can't transfer 0 Byte to/from FTP Server
    *Fixed    Can't trasfer to/from FTP Server any filename with unicode characters
    *Fixed    File manager and FTP client doesn't correctly display filenames containing
        characters above ASCII 127.
    *Fixed    FTP Server halts to a slow when more than one client is transferring files
    *Fixed    FTP client can now connect to EvolutionX FTP Server
    *Fixed    FTP Site editor only accepts/stores up to 20 characters for the address.
    *Fixed    Bug in ISO9660 Disc parsing routine
    *Fixed    Booting the dash from Drive G over writes its configuration file
    *Fixed     Xml parser fails to parse an xml document if a comment element contains ">"
    *Added     Formating option directly from the file manager. Just highlight the drive
        then select Format. Disabled for Drive C, E, F & G. Use an script for that.
    *Added    Formating of Memory Unit. Use the file manager to do this. Uninitialized 
        memory unit, including those FAT/FAT32 formatted MU, can now be formatted.
    *Added    Audio CD playback capability. Leave the Audio CD Software Player option 
        blank to use the dash for playback.
    *Added    Ability to play MP3 and WAV (wma is still experimental) files directly from
        an ISO9660 disc. Use the file manager to select your audio file.
    *Added    Fully skinable Music Player front end. See this XBS link for more info:
    *Added    Capability to localize some text and messages via external xml file. This 
        means that a lot of text can now appear in your favorite language.
        See this XBS link for info: 
        Note: Not 100% of strings are localizable, yet.
    *Added     Xbox soundtrack manager. The same usual stuff found in MS Dash. Copy, edit, 
        rename, delete...etc, except CDDA to WMA or CD ripping.
    *Added    LED settings -See under system settings. You can now assign LED color 
        when the following events occur: ScreenSaver, File copying, FTP Send, 
        FTP Receive, FTP Boost, and when the system is busy doing background tasks. 
        All LED combinations are available, flashing and alternating.
    *ADDED    Mapped right thumbstick to lower-right portion on screen calibration.
    *Changed    Picture slideshow screensaver is now random
    *Changed    Upgraded UnRar engine to 3.40

    -Improved Skinning support. 
    *Screen    items can now be stacked/ordered by adding the zIndex attribute, i.e., 
        zIndex="5". Items with the same zIndex value will be drawn in the order they
        are found. zIndex don't have to be sequential or continuous, meaning you can
        use 1,2,3,5,8,10...n. This means that you can now draw in this manner: 
            text, image, shape, text, text, image...etc. 
        However, menu item is still on top of everything else.
    *Added    Fonts collection. You can now have a fonts collection and use them where 
        they're possible. So, it is now possible to display Text items using different fonts. 
        The Format is:
                <Font Name="MyFont">mycoolfont.xpr</Font>
                <Font Name="MyOtherFont">whatever.xpr</Font>
        Then use them like this:
            <Text Left="180" Top="142" Source="SongTime" Font="MyFont" zIndex="2" />
    *Added     a few more items for text source
        -SongTrack - concatenation of song and soundtrack 
        -SongBitRate - Ex: 128 KBPS...etc
        -SongLength - Ex: 5:12
        -SongFrequency - Ex: 44.1KHz (Almost always)
        -SongChannel - Audio CD, Stereo or Mono

    Live Update Server: Use this for the Server option as an 
    alternative server.
    UnleashX V0.37.1218 Build 543
    Version:    0.37 Build 543
    Status        Alpha
    Release Date:    12/18/2004

    *Fixed    FTP Server transfer bug.
    *Fixed    Bug in FTP client where a 0 byte file will fail the process, and stop
         the entire queue
    *Fixed    Bug FTP Client issuing/requesting for file/folder with invalid
    *Fixed    Bug where any disc you insert after inserting an ISO9660 disc won't be
         recognize and requires a reboot.
    *Fixed    Lock up when switching from skins with video background.
    *Fixed    WMA Song title gets cut off after the 15th character.
    *Fixed    BGM not playing after boot up when there's a preview video on the first
         menu item
    *Fixed    More accurate display FTP client transfer rate.
    *Fixed    Filter Level, not properly set on boot up.
    *Added    Cancel confirmation dialog when transferring (ftp client). Transfer
         still continues in the background until you actually confirms.
    *Added    Network Settings: FTP Client - Minimum and maximum Port number when
         using Active transfer (not PASV) for the ftp client (so it should be
         firewall friendly now).
    *Added    Network Settings: FTP Client - option to turn off auto-search for Xbox
    *Added    FTP Client: Remote (Server) and Local(Xbox) Path to sites.
    *Added    Enable/Disable option for "Open Containing folder" in File manager
    *Added    Enable/Disable option for "Open Saves Folder" in File manager
    *Added    skin-configurable (replaceable) splash screen. For zipped skins,
         just add "UXSplash.jpg" in the archive, no need to modify the xml.
         For non-zipped skins, drop "UXSplash.jpg" in the same folder as the skin.
    *Changed    Color of the cursor bar is now the same as the text color
             (virtual kb, text editor).
    *Changed    Removed Splash Screen fade out after menu is loaded.

    Note:    This is a Quick fix release addressing the issues listed above.
    New Live Update Server: Use this for
    the Server option as an alternative server.

    Version: 0.37.1207A Build 536
    Release Date:    12/07/2004
    *Fixed        corrupt transfer of files less than 1MB in size.
    *Fixed        Empty/shrinking message box.
    Note:    This is a Quick fix releas addressing the issues listed above.

    Version: 0.37.1205A Build 534
    Release Date: 12/05/2004
    *Fixed        Lock up when launching an app too soon when Network is enabled and no cable
            is plugged in.
    *Fixed        Game Saves Manager doesn't create the  proper destination when transferring
            game saves from Memory unit to HD. HD to MU is fine.
    *Fixed        Text Editor is misalligned on PAL video mode.
    *Fixed        Scrolling text flickers.
    *Fixed        XML parser generates empty Xml element (<>).
    *Fixed        RSS feeds with URL not ending in .xml are filtered out.
    *Fixed        System settings does not reflect the changes until next reboot.
    *Fixed        Some MP3s gets cut off near the end.
    *Fixed        Music skips, or pauses when going in/out of a submenu, or opening the
            Storage option.
    *Fixed        Random music, is now really random.
    *Fixed        WMA is now more skip-resistant.
    *Fixed        Video screen saver plays at a faster rate when activated the second time.
    *Fixed        Default Destination folder when copying is being ignored.
    *Fixed        Auto-File renaming generates invalid filename if the file extension is more
            than 4 characters long.
    *Changed    FTP Server File IO routine improvement for faster, more efficient transfer.
    *Changed    Background music manager totally rewritten.
    *Changed    WMAs and MP3s can now reside in the same folder.
    *Changed    Smaller and faster MP3 decoding engine.
    *Changed    Transition of the Total progress bar indicator is now smoother and more
    *Changed    Music volume control now affects WMVs and XMVs too.
    *Changed    Default screen calibration data now uses smaller values.
    *Changed    Audio/Music settings has it's own section in config.xml. If you are using
            BGM, you must reconfigure the music options.
    *Added        FTP client for your Xbox-to-Xbox, Xbox-to-PC file transfer needs.
    *Added        Live Dash Update with self-check feature.
    *Added        Auto-check for new version.
    *Added        Embedded Xml-only skins. There are currently 11 skins made by Jezz_X and 
    *Added        File manager now supports ISO9660 format.
    *Added        Surround 5.1 for MP3 playback.
    *Added        Surround 5.1 for XMVs and WMVs (preview movie)
    *Added        Time elapse, estimated remaining time and transfer rate to the progress bar
            indicator (File operation).
    *Added        <WindowBackCOLOR> and <WindowForeCOLOR> to the Color scheme tags. These 
            currently applies to the Text editor's background and foreground color, 
    *Added        Exposed embedded fonts used by the dash. You can use the following tags,
            in place of the font filename: 
                MenuFont -The font the main menu uses (Arial 16)
                SmallFont, -font used in the dialogs, virtual keyboard...etc (xboxbook 12)
                InfoFont -font used by InfoText (xboxbook 14)
                CaptionFont  -font used by dialog caption/Loading screen(Xbox 14)
            Example: <Font>CaptionFont</Font>
    *Added        Used kernel calls to provide kernel version, Hardware info and hddkey(used to 
            come from eeprom data).
    *Added        FREESPACE site command to the FTP server. (SITE FREESPACE <Drive Letter>)
    *Added        Enable/Disable Recently launched title list.
    *Added        modifed mkjones' logo as a Splash screen. The logo came from Javienn, further
            modified with kthulu's tip.
    *Added        Textured Settings' background.
    *Added        Ability to change sound effects (.wav) use by the dash (Initial implementation).
    Version: 0.36.0620A Build 499
    Release Date: 06/07/2004
    *Fixed    Stupid bug that could lock the dash when launching an app too soon when
        BGM is enabled.
    *Fixed    locking up when changing skins and there's an icon on the systems submenu
    *Fixed  weird scrolling up of the menu items when using the free format menu style
    *Fixed  HTTP Proxy settings/saving
    *Fixed  Password/Passcode is ignored when showing the context menu.
    *Fixed  Icon/Video assignment on the menu item editor for items other than an xbe.
    *Fixed  GameIcon tag should now work again, although skinners should use the
        <Image> tag instead.
    *Fixed  Minor bug when installing skin.
    *Changed Removed Blue screen on startup
    *Changed Flicker Filter level set to 2 by default
    *Changed Soften display set to True by default
    *Changed 32bit is now the default color quality again
    *Changed Copy command changed back to older implementation
    *Changed Modified line drawings to use native DX Render State
         for line thickness, instead of drawing the lines several times.
    *Changed Filtered the 'A' and 'Start' button to prevent the event from
         bubbling up when screensave is active.
    *Changed System Settings and put ScreenSaver in its own section
    *Changed Editing the title of a menu item when it's an xbe will also edit the
         title of the xbe.
    *Changed Option to launch a title in NTSC/PAL mode is now enabled regardless of
         the video switching settings.
    *Changed Only one ftp client can transfer in boost mode at anytime.
    *Changed Networking internal parameters to improve data throughput.
    *Added  "SafeBorder" Attribute to <FileManager> section of the skin with default
        value set to True. For new skins that want to maximize the viewport, you
        must set specifically add this attribute and set it to False.
    *Added  "DrawBorder" attribute to <FileManager> section of the skin with default
        value set to False. 
    *Added  "Enable BGM" option to ScreenSaver section with default value set to True 
        (useful for video screensavers).
    *Added  Launch homebrew titles (region 0) in NTSC/PAL mode.
    *Added  Additional check to ensure randomness when selecting music.
    *Added  "Info" IR button maps to "Y" button so you invoke file downloading

    Note:  This is a Quick fix release -some reported bugs may still exists.
    Make sure your xbe, zipped skin file, custom music...etc., doesn't contain multiple 
    periods (".") in its file name. It seems the search file API has a problem when 
    using search filter such as "*.mp3" or "*.zip". It won't return files like 
    "my.cool.song.mp3". I'll take a look on this and it's probably something wrong on my 
    part, but I don't wanna take out the filter and check for the extension myself.
    I'm using the standard FindFirstFile/FindNextFile API, if anyone has a tip, that
    would be cool.
    Version: 0.35.0605A Build 439
    Release Date: 06/07/2004

    Fixed:    "SkinFile" Game saves gets corrupted when switching zipped skins frequently
    Fixed:    Screen gets corrupted when launching an xbox title when WideScreen is enabled
    Fixed:    Going in and out of sub menus causes unnecessary pauses.
    Fixed:    Going in and out of sub menu pauses the BGM.
    Fixed:    Going in and out of sub menu too quickly will mess the menu structure.
    Fixed:    Launching an Xbox title too quickly on bootup when BGM is enabled crashes
        the dashboard.
    Fixed:    Virtual workspace of the text editor is now narrower so the cursor doesn't
        get too close to the right edge.
    Fxed:    Sometimes, items in a batch script executes without waiting for the current
        item to finish its task.
    Fixed:    X2IGR_ON/X2IGROFF was interchanged.
    Fixed:    SITE SHUTDOWN doesn't work.
    Fixed:    Only a few BGM gets played overtime.
    Fixed:    The image size being reported by image viewer is wrong.
    Fixed:    Images equal to and bigger than 1200x720 pixels doesn't load.
        Note: Free memory must be greater than 10MB for images to load succesfully.

    Changed: DelayLoad default value set to "False". Disk I/O has been optimized.
    Changed: Settings screen are now logically grouped, so it's easier to find
         what you are looking for without having to go thru a long list.
    Changed: ScreenSaver text can now accept a value pointing to a valid XMV/WMV
         file, or a valid path containing images for slideshow with 6 different 
         transition effect.
         Note: Use moderate sized images (1MP and below), especially when using a
         resource intensive skin.
    Changed: Settings that requires valid path or file uses file/folder browser
         instead of the virtual keyboard.
    Changed: Free/Used memory is now in KB.

    Skinning engine:
    Added:    Loading screen background now accepts the presets "GameIcon" and 
        "GamePreview" for its value.
    Added:    InfoText item scrolling. Add an attribute named "Scroll" to any infotext and
        set the value to 1 -scroll only when the content is wider than the width, 
        2 -always scroll the content, or 0 to disable scrolling.
        Note: Newsfeed are the only item that scrolls by default (Scroll="1").
    Added:    Menu item scrolling. Unlike Infotext, only the selected item will scroll
        and it will only scroll when the content is bigger than the width 
        (equivalent to Scroll="1").
    Note:    For text/items to scroll, the Width attribute must be provided.
    Added:    Smooth scrolling now uses Lerp for calculating the next position for
        smoother animation.
    Settings -Video:
    Added:    Support for HDTV modes (1080i, 720p, 480p). Note: These settings must also 
        be enabled from MS dash since this deals with EEPROM.
    Added:    Soften display option.
    Added:    Flicker Filter level. Set this option to 2 to minimize flickering, while
        maintaining sharpness on 480i.
    Added:    Option to limit the refresh rate to 60Hz. 
        Note: 1080i is always limited at 60Hz.
    Added:    Switchable color display quality (16 bit/32 bit).
        Note: Using 16 bit color on 1080i mode will improve the video performance.
    Added:    Screen calibration with individual settings for each screen mode.
    Added:    Safe boot mode. Press and hold "Back" button to ignore video settings and force
        the dash to boot at 480i. Holding the back button will also ignore the 
        calibration settings.
    Settings - Time/Network/FTP/HTTP:
    Added:    SNTP server port.
    Added:    HTTP protocol for time synchronization.
    Added:    Time will default to the last time you launched an Xbox title when the
        clock becomes invalid.
    Added:    Xbox Auto-detect. Right now, only Qwix/AvaLaunch uses this feature and is
        disabled by default.
    Note:    Auto-detect send the username/password pair in clear text.
    Added:    Minimum and maximum port for passive transfer, so those behind a firewall
        can configure the FTP server to use a limited range of port for better
        compatibility. Minimum port number is 1024.
    Added:    Avalaunch's Boost mode technology.
    Added:    Configurable SYST(em) name so the current release of Qwix will work with it.
        To make Qwix work with UnleashX, provide the same response to SYST as
        Note: This is only necessary until Devenic releases a new version that properly
        detects boost mode compatibility.
    Added:    HTTP proxy server and port configuration.
    Settings - Music/BGM:
    Added:    MP3 playback with ID3 V1.1 support. Can read Album/singer/song title info.
    Added:    Folder name will be use for Soundtrack name.
    Settings - File operation:
    Added:    Auto-rename invalid/long filename for both FTP server and file explorer.
        Off by default.
    Added:    Xbe Auto-Patch enable/disable settings.
    Added:    Skip on error settings, instead of aborting outright. Off by default.
    Added:    Default destination folder for backing up xbe title.
    Added:    Option to uninstall xbox title found on the HD, accessible from the 
        context menu.
    Settings - Font:
    Added:    Configurable font scaling with individual settings for each screen mode.
    Added:    Configurable font Scrolling speed. Default is 20ms.
    Settings - Autorun:
    Added:    You can use the gamepad buttons to launch applications during bootup, or
        the IR button anytime while in the menu after the dash has completely
        booted. You can map different Xbes to A, B, X, Y, Start, White and Black,
        while you can use 0~9 on the IR remote control.
    Added:    Unrar can now handle RARv3.0+ with multi-volume/spanned archive capability.
        Thanks to grebulon for providing the code, making this possible.
        Note: Using the dash to unrar huge archive may not be a good idea.
    Added:    "UnRar" to the list of action commands. Unzip/UnRar usage can be 
    Added:    Top 10 most recent launched titles. Press "X" while in the menu, or bring 
        up the context menu to display the list.
    Added:    "Delete Game" option to the context menu and a corresponding settings to turn this
        Off/On. This is turned Off by default.
    Added:    Launch in NTSC/PAL option to the context menu. Automatic Video mode switching
        should be enabled for this option to be visible.
    Added:    Simple Menu Item editor. Gives you to option to edit/assign icon, preview video, 
        password, passcode, as well as the title. For xbox titles, the title change is not 
        permanent and only items.xml/config.xml gets edited. For entries found in items.xml,
        title may revert back to the embedded title when he timestamp don't match that of 
        the cache.
    Added:    Game Saves Manager. This module list down all game saves, as well as downloadable
        content found in your harddisk alphabetically. It could also list down saves from 
        your memory unit, if one is found. You can copy saves HD to MU and vice-versa. 
        This module also allows you to delete individual item, as well as all saves for 
        a game. To enable this feature, add the following line to your config.xml
        <Item Action="SavesManager">Game Saves Manager</Item>
        Note: As a precaution, this feature is only available when the dash is run from the 
    Added:    Added online downloading and installation of game saves from www.xbox-saves.com
        courtesy of TeamX4. I'd like to particularly thank Keiths, Lc204 and Savvy of
        www.xbox-saves.com for making this possible. To enable downloading, open Game 
        Saves Manager, highlight the game you wanted to download saves for, and hit the 
        "Y" button. If one or more games is found, you will be presented with a list for 
        you to choose from. Note: It will not overwrite any existing games saves on your
        xbox. Some games, like "Mortal Combat: DA" can only contain one game save. In 
        order for you download a save for this type of game, you must delete the item first.
        Note: Downloading of game saves is subject to the rules and regulations of the site. 
        Please support them by visiting their site.
    Added:    Online downloading of skin from www.allxboxskins.com and www.xbox-skins.net with
        automatic checking and installation of zipped and rarred files. Thanks to koldfuzion
        and BLazeD for making this possible. 
        Note: Downloading of skins is subject to the rules and regulations of the site. 
        Please support them by visiting their site.
        Note: AXS uses thumbnail for preview, while Xbox-Skins uses a full size image.
    Added:    Game Icon and preview video downloader with auto-request if one is not found. 
        Start by invoking the menu item editor, select the appropriate option, then hit 
        "Start" to bring up a context menu. Thanks to BLazeD, koldfuzion, flattspot...etc
        for building and maintaining the online game DB.
    Version:    0.31.0222A
    Release Date:    02/29/2004
    Note:        Quick fix release, no major enhancement.
    Fixed:    Full USB keyboard functionality when in Text editor. Keys should act like they should. Press L/RWinkey to bring up the menu
    Fixed:    Menu list gets messed up when going in and out of submenu if done quickly.
    Fixed:    Menu items alignment when using the free form layout.
    Fixed:    True-Widescreen support. Somehow, it got messed up during one of the updates.
    Added:    Passcode using just the gamepad. Valid characters for Passcodes are: A, B, X, Y, W(hite), L(eft), R(ight), U(p), D(own) and 0~9 (using the IR). Passcodes are case sensitive  and have a maximum of 15 characters. Note that Password and Passcode can't be use in the same function/action together, and Password takes precendence over passcode.
        <Passcode MaxTries="3">ABXY</Passcode> -for system passcode or
        <Item Action="LaunchDVD" Passcode="1234567890">Launch DVD</Item>
    Added:    DelayLoad attribute to submenus/automenus with a default value of True. Setting this to "False" will instruct the dash to scan all related files on boot up, adding a little delay while booting up.
        <List Text="Applications" Sort="On" Auto="On" DelayLoad="False">
    Added:    EnableMusic attribute to the "Preview" element so you have more control about how the BGM behaves. 
    Added:    Forced video mode switching for multi-region titles.
    Added:    When video mode autoswitch is enabled, all titles can be force to boot to specific video system by editing config.xml/items.xml by adding/editing the Region attribute. Valid values are 1, 2, 4, and 7(multi).
    Version:    0.30.0222A
    Release Date:    02/22/2004
    Fixed:    Frequent lock ups when doing an IGR.
    Fixed:    XBE Title editor messes up the title when editing to a shorter title.
    Fixed:    Pressing Display button on the IR control to turn the xbox off was broken.
    Fixed:    Using MessageBox in batch execution cancels the entire process.
    Fixed:    Fan Speed gradually goes back to the default value.
    Fixed:    Fan Speed and Memory display doesn't include the fraction part. 2.5x is being displayed as 2.0x.
    Fixed:    or rather changed. Embedded game icons won't show if you didn't put anything on the Item element in config.xml.
    Fixed:    Problem with the newer IR Control.
    Fixed:    Background music (BGM) gets muted even though the audio of preview video is disabled.
    Changed:    EnableDriveF default value was changed to False. This should ensure greater compatibility with older BIOSes.
    Changed:    Default Infotext Font was expanded to include characters 128~255, so it's now possible to display the ⌐ and « characters.
    Changed:    Virtual keyboard expanded to include accented characters.The Alphabet<->Symbol button is now changed to Alphabet->Symbol->Accents
    Changed:    USB keyboard mapping to gamepad events. Enter key maps to A, Esc to B, Ctrl+Enter to Start and Ctrl+Esc to Back button. This should make using USB keyboard with the text editor easier.
    Changed:    WMA (BGM) decoding engine, and overall handling. Random option limits the selection to the same track and will only change track if all the songs have been played.
    Changed:    Option to play ripped WMA only, custom music only, or both. The old configuration will still work (<EnableSoundTrack>True</EnableSoundTrack>) but it will be mapped to "Off" and "Both".
            <EnableSoundTrack>Both</EnableSoundTrack> -Posible values:Off, Xbox, Custom, Both
    Changed:    "Copy DVD" option on the file manager so that instead of taking the current selected item as the destination, it will ask the user for one, using the virtual keyboard.
    Changed:    Batch command is now expanded to handle any number of level. Previous implementation will only handle the "Items" element from the parent "List" element. The parent "List" element can contain as many "List" element up to several levels deep. Because of this the "AskUser" command is modified to exit the current level and skip the remaining items on queue, unless it belongs to the top level menu.
    Changed:    "Path" element can now be placed right after the "Menu" Element, not just within a "List" element.
            All your games can now be listed on the root menu, not just as a sub menu.
    Added:    Integrated Text Editor. Find and select your txt, xml, ini from the File Manager.
    Added:    Video mode Auto-Detect/Auto-Switch using Cherry's patch code so it's EEPROM safe (Doesn't modify and write to EEPROM). Force PAL60 option is also included. A simple reboot reverts everything back to original settings. It's smart enough to apply only when needed. Note: Multi-region titles like RainbowSix3 won't be set.
        <AutoVideoMode UsePAL60="False">True</AutoVideoMode>
    Added:    LED Color settings. Possible values: Default, Red, Orange, Off
    Added:    CPU Temperature Threshold. The dash will dynamically increase the fan speed until it reaches the desirable temperature level.
    Added:    Horizontal Menu layout. <Menu Horizontal="True" Smooth="True" ShowIcon="True" Rotate="False">
        This will also enable Dpad Left and Right as an additional input for navigation.
    Added:    Freeform Menu layout. You can now put items anywhere on the screen.
        <Menu Smooth="True" ShowIcon="True" Rotate="False">
            <ItemPos Left="285" Top="96"></ItemPos>
            <ItemPos Left="310" Top="138"></ItemPos>
            <ItemPos Left="315" Top="180"></ItemPos>
            <ItemPos Left="310" Top="222"></ItemPos>
            <ItemPos Left="290" Top="264"></ItemPos>
        The ItemPos element can contain Width and Alignment attributes.
    Added:    You can now include a non-selectable menu item. To do this, don't include the action attribute to an Item element.
        <Item Icon="C:\Games\Action.png"> -= Action =- </Item>
    Added:    You can now include a blank, non-selectable menu item. To do this, don't include the action attribute, and don't put anything for the value to an Item element.
    Added:    TextEditor to the Action command. Ex: <Item Action="TextEditor">Text Editor</Item>
    Added:    X2IGR_ON/X2IGR_OFF action commands. Ex: <Item Action="X2IGR_OFF">Turn Off X2 IGR</Item>
    Added:    SetClock action command. Ex: <Item Action="SetClock">Date/Time Settings</Item>
    Added:    InputBox action command. Displays the virtual keyboard and wait for userÆs input. This is useful when doing an installer disk, giving the user the capability to choose the destination.
        <Item Action="InputBox" Arg1=öKB Captionö>Sample Value</Item>
        To use the value entered by user later, you can use the keyword KBResult or $KBResult$ to combine it with any text. Ex: <Item Action="MessageBox" Arg1=öHiö>You entered æ$KBResult$Æ</Item>, or
        <Item Action="Copy" Arg1=öD:\CDriveö Arg2=öKBResultö>Copy C Backup</Item>
        Note that the use of $KBResult$ is case sensitive. Also, do not use KBResult and $KBResult$ after asking for password. In the event that a password is required for an item, ask for another input again from the user.
    Added:    Context Menu. Press start button to bring it up. Options available are Select/Play, Information, and Backup to Harddisk (backup only for that specific game/title). The type of information displayed is dependent on the type of the currently selected item. The context menu will be expanded to include more actions in the future.
    Added:    Ability to personalize/name your DVD compilation disk by simply adding a file named "DiskTitle.txt" containing the alternate Title you want. Instead of having a disk with title showing as "UnleashX CD", or "MediaXMenu"(?) or "RemoteX"/"Evox CD", you can have it like "MultiGame disk Vol. 2" or "Halo/MechAssault Disk". Note: For UnleashX bootdisk without this file, auto-launching is suppressed irregardless of your setting.
    Version:    0.26.0119A
    Release Date:    01/19/2004
    Fixed:    Won't boot on BIOSes patched with Big F partition.
    Fixed:    Crown/crosshair doesn't rotate when triggers are use to move between menu items.
    Fixed:    Memory Units drive assignment conflicts with Drive F & G when inserted on Port 1. Thanks to BenJeremy for the hack.
    Fixed:    Root of Memory units is not accessible. Instead of the actual root Root, it displays the Saved game's metadata.
    Fixed:    WMV playback is choppy. Also, WMV9 file makes the dash crash.
    Fixed:    Music doesn't play when you press right thumbstick, if you disabled background music in your settings.
    Fixed:    DDS formatted, DXT3 compressed game icons doesn't show up (Hunter: The Reckoning...etc.)
    Fixed:    Skin settings doesn't save if "Settings" section isn't found.
    Fixed:    FTP compatibility with some FTP client (xFer and Qwix and I hope some Unix based clients too -sorry, don't have anything to test this on).
    Fixed:    File Manager won't do anything if the current selection is the first item ("..") and you select "Copy".
    Fixed:    Smoother navigation when using the IR remote control.
    Fixed:    Pressing the Back button while virtual keyboard is being displayed should dimiss ONLY the virtual keyboard, not the current screen/dialog.
    Added:    Capability to format new Harddisk and restore backup when run from from CD-R/RW or DVD. See hdprepare_movie.txt for details. Thanks to Modchip-Source (www.modchipsource.com) for providing the HD used for testing.
    Added:    New Action command: "PrepareHD". Performs formatting of HD as if you just installed a new disk. Run only from DVD/CD to avoid error because of open files. Ex: <Item Action="PrepareHD">Prepare New HD</Item>
    Added:    New Action command: "Delete". Deletes a single file or a directory recursively -please be cautious and don't blame me for lost data. Deleting from action command WILL NOT ASK for your confirmation. Ex: <Item Action="Delete" Arg1="C:\Items.xml">Delete Cache</Item>, or  Ex: <Item Action="C:\Skins">Delete Skins folder</Item>
    Added:    New Action command: "Zip". Zip a single file or a directory.  Ex: <Item Action="Zip" Arg1="C:\Skins" Arg2="C:\Skins.zip">Zip up Skins folder</Item>. Format is Command-Source file/folder-destination file
    Added:    New Action command: "UnZip". Expands a zip file.  Ex: <Item Action="UnZip" Arg1="C:\skins.zip" Arg2="C:\Skins">Extract Skins</Item>. Format is Command-Source zip file-destination folder
    Added:    FTP SITE EXEC command. Ex: SITE EXEC <Fullpath to XBE>
    Added:    XBE Title editor. Find and highlight your xbe using the File manager, bring up the menu, and find "Rename XBE Title" option.
    Added:    Detects if an XBE was modified -then updates the cache to reflect info. (Should now update the title when you use XBERenamer, or any XBE-editing tool)
    Added:    Music can now be controlled using the IR. Play, Pause, Stop, Forward(next song), Reverse(prev. song), Skip+(next Soundtrack), Skip-(prev. soundtrack)
    Added:    Enable/disable Preview video via the Black button (only for skins that uses preview videos)
    Added:    Windowed/Fullscreen mode for preview video via Right thumbstick press, or Display on the IR control. (Menu items will still show up when in full screen mode)
    Added:    Background Sound effect is now muted when Music is playing.
    Added:    Background music is muted when preview video is playing.
    Changed:    All XBE can now be patch(Media flag), not just "default.xbe" -Thanks to xeero, BTW.
    Version:    0.25.1218A
    Release Date:    12/18/2003
    Fixed:     FTP server resume command -This isn't actually a bug but most FTP client like to use REST then STOR rather than the APPEnd command.
    Fixed:     XML Parser. -There was a bug when setting the attribute. Setting the value works fine, so this should fix the problem with some settings not being save like <DVD AutoLaunch="True" />
    Fixed:     Track/song skip. Using the DPad and White button to change soundtrack scrolls too fast..
    Fixed:     UnleashX ignores the Width attribute of the menu on custom skins (Please specify a wider Width for your skins). UnleashX uses 270 for the standard mode and 350 on Widescreen mode.
    Fixed:     AskUser action. Fix to treat "B" button as cancel.
    Fixed:     Embedded Game Icon using XPR1 format should now display properly (Top Spin...etc.).
    Fixed:     Cell images get's corrupted when the fog is turned off.
    Fixed:    Music should stop playing when the right thumbstick is pressed and won't continue until it has been press again.
    Fixed:    Music won't play if you only have one soundtrack stored.
    Added:    Unrar (works with V2.0 Rar only -Winrar 2.9). Rar 3.0 can be displayed but can't be extracted.
    Added:    Cycle news item (Black + DPad Right)
    Added:    Newsfeed and Item interval can be configured from the settings menu.
    Added:    Ability to turn off the arrows on the menu from the skin file( <Menu ShowArrows="False"> )
    Added:    Skin can show preview from the skin selection menu(requires the presence of preview.jpg). Preview can be toggled by pressing the White button (Off by default).
    Added:    skin files can be packed into zip file. It doesn't have to be extracted. It can have "preview.jpg" too to display the skin preview.
    Added:    User defined path for the music (currently, supports WMA format only)
    Added:    File Manager can now have a custom background (png or jpg). Format is:
        This section should be in the same level as the Main section, not within.
    Added:    Loading screen can now have a custom background, and the text turned off. Format is:
        <LoadingScreen ShowInfo="True">
        This section should be in the same level as the Main section, not within.
    Added:    Xbox System Info. Press the Y button when on the main menu. This is also accessible from the settings screen. 
    Added:    Video support directly from the file manager, or thru skinning. To toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode, press the right thumbstick. Look for the WinUX skin and the updated docs to see how videos can be integrated into your skin.
    Added:    Preview video for your games, apps, even the top most menu. Name your movies "preview.xmv" or "Preview.wmv" and drop it into the game folder for auto detection.
    Added:    Intro Movie. Now, UnleashX can display an intro movie before showing up the main screen. Intro Movies can be interrupted by pressing the buttons. 
    Changed:    Screen Capture new keypad combo -LeftThumbpress + Black Button.
    Changed:    Fast scroll speed is now variable depending on how hard you pressed the trigger buttons. Fast scrolling using the trigger button is slower than using the left thumbstick -this is by design.
    Changed:    Used a smaller font for the Settings Screen.
    Changed:    It should now respond to All controller, if you have more than one plugged in.
    Changed:    Removed the drive statistics on the FTP server. Some clients just wouldn't know how to handle the info. Modified it into SITE DRIVESTAT command.
    Version:    0.2.1201A
    Release Date:    12/01/2003
    Fixed:     Memory Unit detection. MUs are now properly detected. NOTE: Mounting MU on Port 1, Slot A would probably throw an error. Please use another port.
    Fixed:    USB Keyboard now works properly. 
    Fixed:    Zipping/Unzipping of files to a non existing folder would cause the process to fail.
    Fixed:    Lock ups on xboxes without the Audio folder
    Fixed:    DVD/CD Player on drive F can't be detected on bootup.
    Fixed:    Game name is one charecter short for Xbox titles that doesn't have title name
    Fixed:    Detects properly if UnleashX was launch as the default dash or as an application
    Fixed:    Depending on which mode it was run, Reboot will either go back to the default dash, or resets the system.
    Fixed:    InterChanged: L/R trigger for fast scrolling
    Fixed:    Menu Item spacing is too wide for skins that suppresses game icon.
    Fixed:    File manager, sometimes, doesn't respond to the commands. It just sits there saying checking for files but there's really nothing going on
    Fixed:    Added a check when saving settings to a read-only config.xml.
    Added:    Quick Reset ( <Item Action="Reset">Reset</Item> )
    Added:    Powercycle ( <Item Action="PowerCycle">Power Cycle</Item> )
    Added:    Displays the current file when zipping.
    Added:    Displays the destination file when moving/copying.
    Added:    The fog can now be turned off from the skins ( <Main Fog="False"> )
    Added:    Ability to change Main Menu font thru skinning. Please only use XPR (Add <Font>MyFont.xpr</Font> INSIDE the "<Menu></Menu>" element)
    Added:    Ability to change InfoText font thru skinning. Please only use XPR ( <InfoFont>MyFont.xpr</InfoFont> )
    Added:    Ability to scale infotext in both direction using "ScaleX" and "ScaleY" attribute. Note: Value is in percent without the % sign. Default is 100 and can not be less than 25. ( <Text Left="35" Top="30" ScaleX="150" ScaleY="150" Source="IP"/> )
    Added:    Ability to customize infotext further by using your own text. ( <Text Left="35" Top="30" ScaleX="150" ScaleY="150" Source="My IP: $IP$"/> ) Note: $IP$ will be replaced with the current IP. The ID enclosed in $ sign is case sensitive, meaning $IP$ will work and $ip$ won't. Please see skinning overview for details.
    Version:    0.1.1126A
    Release Date:    11/27/2003
    First public release
  6. User Interface X (UIX)

    It's about friggin time - I mean - it's with great pleasure we present to you the 1st official release of the user.interface.x dashboard. This is as basic, yet functionally complete as one could need. This will most likely be the 1st and last release using  anything from the original Microsoft dashboard, all future releases will be completely our original material, from the scripts to the meshes and everything in between.
    Listed below are the new scriptable functions and objects now at your disposal, as  well as descriptions/samples of each. They were made to be as simple as possible to use  so you should have very little heartache implimenting them into your work.
    This release includes our last Microsoft menu to replace the very used up drop down  style hard drive menus. We now give you one you have been waiting for since day 1... the memory menu. This is a user.interface.x exclusive, as is the brand new file manager :)
    This dash is released in two separate parts to make future updates easier and a much smaller download (+-7mb compared to 40+)
    Part One: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.rar
     this is the dash core, the smaller of the two and the one we will update Part Two: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.audio.&.fonts.rar
    this is the contents of the audio and fonts folders, audio will not need  updating unless you use custom sounds, fonts should never need updating Network runs on either static or dchp and yes - you can ftp while watching on movie on the dongle free dvd player. Config is fully handled in the settings menu, but for those of you who like editing files, everything is in a simple ini in system folder,   there you can set your paths and names for menu listings as well as toggle the other goodies in there. Here's a quick rundown of ini...

    The distro contains 'user.interface.x.dash' folder and 'uix.xbe', the xbe may be renamed to whatever you want to call it. The folder however is hard coded in the xbe and can NOT be changed. 
    To install as an app simply place the xbe and folder in the same path, ie: E:\dashboards\UIX so you have E:\dashboards\UIX\user.interface.x.dash and E:\dashboards\UIX\uix.xbe
    To install as a main dashboard simply place the folder and xbe on a partition root,  ie: E:\ so you have E:\user.interface.x.dash and E:\uix.xbe
    Bug Reporting:

    As this is the first public release the increase in number of users will no doubt unveil some bugs we have yet to come across. Everyone in #teamUIX is more than helpful with resolving script bugs and will be able to pass on to devs to resolve actual issues with the xbe itself.

    The new memory style menus have 'Launch Title' and 'Delete Title' in their submenu. Don't worry, 'Delete Title' doesn't do anything. It was simply left to show that more can be added to that submenu if desired. One could script in for it to be 'Edit Comments' and use the keyboard to create a file in the titles save dir to read text from and display that text in the meta panel below. Just an idea :)
    Playlist Player\Editor in music menu is not in this release, that will be our first update as well as the inevitable bug fixes found from finally being publicly used.
    New Menu Options and Usage:
    Music Menu: "Playlist Player\Editor" is disabled  for now, will be 1st update. In "Edit Soundtrack"  menu press Y to rename the soundtrack.
    Hard Drive Menu: Will load title lists on 1st use. To refresh the list of a given menu press Y in  the menu and you will be prompted to resfresh the cache. This will update the lists after adding or removing a title from hd or after changing option to list titles from xbe internal names to using folder names.
    Back and Start buttons are globally mapped to raise/lower music volume. White and Black buttons are globally mapped to eject and close the dvd tray.         
    I personally would like to thank h3inrich - he knows why. Thanks to Voltaic (where did you go??), team avalaunch, complex/wam, team Xecuter, damajor, team iND and everyone who has helped and supported our efforts. Special thanks to jokko for being such a positive role model - seen anything good on a  newsgroup lately ? A monster special thx to BLeST as this would never be complete atm if not for him. 
    A massive shout out to all the ppl who have stuck with us through 'the cold war' and make up the coolest  chan on irc #teamUIX :) Thanks to XanTium and HSDEMONZ at www.xbox-scene.com for all the support they have  given us from day 1. Thanks to Ben Jeremy for not only trying to help when asked for it - but also for  xselect, if you're gonna script anything xselect is your best friend and #1 error 21 avoider :) finally, thanks to everyone who spends their time building and rebuilding, writing and rewriting, creating and  tweaking, and giving up their free time so our free time can be that much cooler. we all owe them a  tremendous thx. and finally thanks to you, there is no scene without users,  and the user is who we do this all for...
    ... now get to scripting :) below is the list of changes and features added, as always there are  plenty of helpfull ppl in #teamUIX.
        ...enjoy TeamUIX
  7. ViridiX Explorer

    An Xbox Neighborhood replacement compatible with the latest Windows versions.

    by Ernegien.
  8. XBMC - Xbox Media Center

    XBMC (Xbox Media Center) es un completo reproductor multimedia para la Xbox original basado en XBMP (Xbox Media Player), que incluso sep uede utilizar de dashboard principal de la consola.

    ¿Cómo instalar XBMC?
    Descargamos la versión para nuestra consola, la descomprimimos y editamos el archivo XBMC/xboxmediacenter.xml a nuestro gusto. Luego pasamos toda la carpeta XBMC a nuestra carpeta "APPS" de la Xbox.

    XBMC4XBOX es una puesta al día de XMBC (Xbox Media Center) para la Xbox original.
  10. Xbox Dashboard

    El dashboard oficial de Microsoft para la primera Xbox.
    Se incluyen las siguientes versiones:
    1.00.4034.01 v1.0 1.00.4817.01 v1.1 1.00.4920.01 v1.1 1.00.5659.03 v1.4
  11. Xbox HD Maker (xboxhdm)

    This explains howto build a burnable iso from this distribution.
    For information on howto use the xbox HD builder script read the readme.txt in the linux directory.
    The xbox HD builder script (xboxhd) needs the xbox C-, and E-drive files. 
    You can supply the script with these files in two ways. You can either :
    - burn a seperate CDROM with two folders containing the xbox C-, and E-drive respectively, or - Put the xbox C- and E-drive files in the C and E folders in linux directory before making the burnable iso.
    In windows upon a 'Command prompt' and navigate to this directory.
    Run the following command :
    > make-iso-win.bat
    In linux navigate to this directory and execute :
    > make-iso-lin.sh
    This should produce a file called linux.iso that you must now burn  to blank CDROM. It's important that you burn this raw image and don't create a Data CDROM containing this image...
    If you need to lock or unlock xbox HD's use also have two options :
    1) Boot the CDROM an choose option 3) at the boot prompt. This will     bring you to a DOS prompt with the unlockx, hdlock, hdunlock, hddisabl  utilities. However as the CDROM is read-only on log files can be saved  so you will be prompted the used passwd when a HD is locked. Write this down in case the passwd later turns out to be incorrect. You can also insert a fat-formatted floppy and run the save-logs command to save the used passwd's   onto floppy
    2) If you have a floppy-drive you can create a DOS-floppy with all nessecary HD tools by running the make-DOS-floppy.bat script in a command-prompt.  Running the HD lock/unlock tools from a floppy the log-files with used  passwd's will automatically be saved.
    Good luck - and remember to read the readme.txt before using this tool! ldots.
  12. Xbox Kernel

    El kernel original de la primera Xbox de Microsoft.
    Incluímos las versiones:
    1.00.3944.01 1.00.4034.01 1.00.4817.01 1.00.5101.01 1.00.5713.01
  13. Xbox OS

    This dashboard was dream up one day while screwing around on the xbox.  They ideas for
    it are still comming,but I'm not going try and reinvent the wheel.  The goal of my project
    is to have a nice bundle of software like an 'os' so its almost just a plug and play with
    very few configurations.  I have include some homebrew xbes not written by me.  So if your 
    having problems with them contact them.
    Bugs & Bashes & Comments:
    If you find a bug contact me at SinnerSol@hushmail.com.  I am looking for dump sites so when new
    release are out I can just upload to a few sites and be done with it. Also I am looking
    for people with skills in graphics to do some backgrounds. Join the Xbox-os Revolition and 
    Features Included:
    1. Menuing System
    2. Autoboot DVD's to default dvd player
    3. Plays sound tracks from menu.
    4. Comes with all the tools you need.
    5. Play multipul games from one cd, see advance_readme.txt
    Menu Movement:
    1. Thumbpad for up and down movement.
    2. Start or 'A' to select.
    3. Back or 'X' to go back to the main menu.
    4. 'B' to play next song on sound track.
    5. 'Y' to go to next sound track.
    6. Right Trigger next skin
    Modifing Ini: Auto
    run the "menu editor3.exe"
    Modifing Ini: Manul
    The entire dashboard is very configurable.  Everthing is loaded into ini files. No spaces 
    between the "==". Here are two examples.
    File Manager==d:\filemanager\default.xbe
    File Manager== d:\filemanager\default.xbe
    Sub Menu A==c:\xos\ini\name.ini
    Sub Menu A==name.ini

    It has to be perfect or it wont run. No spaces between the "=="! Also use the absolute path.
    --How the menu works
    Any menu can create submenus. menu.ini is the first menu. Thus you can make Xbox-os look/run how you want it.
    If you dont want any menus just games on your boot page. Then you could do something like
    Game A==e:\games\a\default.xbe
    Game b==e:\games\b\default.xbe
    Game c==e:\gamesothergames\c\default.xbe
    --Auto Add games ands Apps listed a directory

    The dashboard has only been tested as the file c:\xboxdash.xbe. 
    I dont think it will boot from a dvd/cd, but its not tested.
    Files & directories should be located here for proper functionality. You can change
    the name of xboxdash.xbe, but it has to be located in c:\.

    Files to modify
    c:\xos\ini\games.ini    Set the location of any games.
    c:\xos\ini\defaults.ini    Set the location of the background picture
    c:\xos\ini\media.ini    Set the location of MS dash, If you have it
    c:\xos\ini\tools.ini    Set the location of Evo, If you have it.
    Keep the scene alive and kicking, especailly Homebrew programmers.
    by SinnerSol.
  14. XBoyAdvance

    XBoyAdvance is an Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Color/Super Gameboy emulator ported for XBox from VisualBoy Advance.
    v25 changelog:
    * Updated to madmab edition interface CFv1b35. See "Interface Changelog.txt" * Changes to the screenshot code to account for new directory layout when using "Extras menu" screenshot options. * Just a refresher (this was already present in last version) Frameskip is set to 0 if a gameboy or gameboy color game is selected (file extension .gb, .gbc, .cbg, .sgb). This will only apply to games without configurations. On games with configurations you have to manually set the framerate to 0. * Frameskip is set to 1 for GBA games thanks to Tabajara's INTEL optimizations! See below. Not all games quite at 100%, but close! This will only apply to games without configurations. On games with configurations you have to manually set the framerate to 0. * Frameskip in default game configuration is overriden by above settings. If you have a problem game (slow) just set the frameskip for it individually. * INTEL optimizations by Tabajara. Here are a few examples of improvements you will see below
  15. Xemu

    Xemu es una aplicación para Windows y macOS, de código abierto, que emula el hardware de la Xbox original, permitiendo a los usuarios jugar a sus juegos de Xbox en PC o Mac.

    Principales características de Xemu
    De código abierto El código fuente de Xemu está disponible públicamente. Cualquier usuario está invitado a ayudar a mejorar el proyecto. Multiplataforma. Xemu corre navitamente en Windows y macOS.  System Link Las conexiones de red están soportadas. Podemos conectar a otros jugadores de Xemu así como con Xbox reales, sea en local o a través de internet.  Xemu está creado por mborgerson.
  16. Xerc2

    The latest update to the XERC family is now for sale – the XERC 2 XE. This version includes a diode onboard so you can directly connect the MS DVD Kit dongle to the XERC to share the same IR receiver.
    SICKmods XERC 2 XE
    If you are unfamiliar with the XERC, it is a small device which allows you to turn your Xbox on and off with your remote. It also allows you to eject and emulate long and short power presses, to enter different boot modes if you have a modchip installed. The MS DVD Kit dongle can be internally hardwired to share the same IR receiver as the XERC 2 XE.
    The XERC can be configured to work with many different remotes, and you can change the button setup at any time without opening your Xbox. It also includes a bonus LED Fader feature on the status light. 

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