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Anod-X 1.02.1

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Anod-X (AN Other Dash Xbox) is a dashboard for the Xbox written from scratch, not using any Microsoft dashboard resources.


  • Auto/manual update
  • Apps/homebrews/skins/gamesaves download from dash (list is updated once you start AnodX)
  • RSS Newsfeeds
  • SNTP client
  • Skin manager (download, preview and auto install)
  • Gamesaves manager (only on HDD for the moment) with download and auto install
  • Files Manager with .rar support
  • Remote Manager
  • Shortcuts
  • Multilanguage (french and english for the moment)
  • Configurable menus
  • FTP Server (login/pass "xbox")
  • Auto detect Xbox/Video DVD, Audio CD with auto or manual launch of the linked apps (set default apps directly from dash)
  • Play WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG audio files, shuffle, auto, playlist
  • Copy DVD to HDD
  • Eeprom & HDD tools compatible with Xbox v1.6 (protected by password - "xbox" by default): Lock/delock HDD -Backup "C" drive -Clean cache drive -Read Xbox Eeprom -Read Eeprom from .CFG & .BIN files -Save Eeprom in .CFG & .BIN file * Enable/disable F and/or G drives
  • Speedfan Manager
  • LED color manager
  • Autoupdate lists (game/apps/save etc...) without need to restart dashboard
  • Animated background (.XMV)
  • Show free space of each drive
  • Show hardware/network infomation (video chip, IP, CPU Temp etc...)
  • Screensavers (configurable from dash)
  • Possible to put a password when starting Xbox (your console will turn-off after 3 wrong attempts)
  • Take screenshots from dash (white button)

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