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EvolutionX Dashboard build 3935

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EvolutionX Main Features List:

  • Microsoft Dashboard Replacement
  • Build in FTP Server
  • Configurable Menu System
  • Flash BIOS utility
  • Upgrade Harddisk and Format/Partition easily
  • Create game backups
  • Build in Trainer menu system     


Changelog build 3955:

Improved IGR

We have worked hard on improving the IGR, and it is now 95% compatible.

If the IGR fails it will timeout (1sec approximately) and then do a cold reset instead of warm.

The old 3 settings are gone, there is now 1 on/off toggle for IGR, located in [MISC] in evox.ini

Partion7 / G-Drive support

Evox now officialy supports harddisk drives larger than 137GB

INI File changes:

UseGDrive = yes

Use <SpaceG> in your skin file.

SMART/HDD Temperature:

You can now readout the harddisk temperature by enabling the SMART feature in settings menu.

Settings :

You need to enable SMART mode for reading the temp out
EnableSMART    = Yes
You also need to specify the SMART attribute # to use, 194 should be the standard for all drives.
HDD_Temp_ID    = 194

Use <Temp3> in your skin file.

HDD Lock / Unlock

Your harddisk can now be locked/unlocked from evox.

Action Script commands:

Sample Action Scripts


LogFile          = "f:\lock.log" 
Info "This function will lock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now lock your XBOX harddisk and will be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"



LogFile          = "f:\unlock.log" 
Info "This function will unlock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX harddisk and will not be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"

Also more commands are available though Telnet:

    Will dump the IDENTIFY DEVICE from the Harddisk

    Usage : HDDInfo

    Will disable the HDD lock

    Usage : HDDLockDisable

    Will lock the HDD, with the key from eeprom/harddisk,
    and set the master password to "TEAMASSEMBLY"

    Usage : HDDLockEnable

    Will diskable the hdd lock

    Usage : HDDMasterDisable

    Will unlock and disable the hdd lock with the "XboxHDKey" key.
    this key can be extracted from the eeprom

    Usage : HDDLockDisableXboxHDKey <Key[0]> <Key[1]> ... <Key[15]>

    Will unlock and disable the hdd lock with the full password.

    Usage : HDDLockDisablePassword <Key[0]> <Key[1]> ... <Key[31]>

Gameregion / Videomode switch

You can now change Gameregion / Videomode with Evox.

Settings panel :
Game region: 
    # for evox ini    = SETTING    = DESCRIPTION
    0         = default    = eeprom
    1         = Auto        = Get region from the game itself (some games are flagged with all regions)
    2         = North America = NTSC
    3         = Japan        = NTSC-J
    4         = Rest of world    = PAL

You can also force specific games to run in a special videomode by adding a parameter to the Items

Available Parameters:evoxBootscreen.jpg

ID_Reg_NA   : force region to NTSC US
ID_Reg_J    : force region to NTSC-J
ID_Reg_ROW  : force region to PAL


Item "SoulCalibur 2","f:\Games\SoulCalibur2\default.xbe",ID_Reg_NA

Trainer Menu

You can add the trainer menu to Evox by adding the following line in your INI file:

Item "Trainers",ID_trainer

Next you have to copy the Trainer files to c:\Trainers

We have included a few sample Trainer files with sources, so you can see how they work.
It should be easy to convert existing Trainers, and or create new Trainer files for use with Evox.

Normal TSR needs to be enabled if you want to use the Trainer functions !


TSR_Type = 0

0 = Disabled
1 = Normal
2 = Debug

Normal TSR usage allows you to use game trainers.

Debug TSR can be enabled from the settings menu.
Because of the memory usage it is not compatible with all games, and some will lock up.
Debug TSR can be used for making game trainers memory dumps, setting breakpoints etc.
Commands are issued from a standard telnet client.

List of commands:

FREEZE or FR       
     This will freeze the game or application  
     This unfreeze the game or application ;-)  
     Break Point On Execution.  
Usage :     BPX <0-3> <Adr>  


You can set four different breakpoints on different addresses.
XBOx will Halt execution when Breakpoint is reached.
Example: BPX 0 ffffeeee  
     Break Point On Memory Byte  
Usage :     BPMB <0-3> <Adr> [RW/W]  

You can set four different breakpoints on Memory byte Read/Write
XBOX will halt execution when reading a byte from <adr> or writing a byte to <adr>
Example: BPMB 0 ffffeeee RW
     Break Point On Memory Word  
Usage :     BPMW <0-3> <Adr> [RW/W]  

You can set four different breakpoints on Memory word Read/Write
XBOX will halt execution when reading a word from <adr> or writing a word to <adr>
Example: BPMW 0 ffffeeee W

     Point On Memory Dword  
Usage :     BPMD <0-3> <Adr> [RW/W]  

You can set four different breakpoints on Memory Dword Read/Write
XBOX will halt execution when reading a Dword from <adr> or writing a Dword to <adr>
Example: BPMD 0 ffffeeee RW
     Break Point Clear  
Usage :     BPC <0-3>  
Break Point Disable  
Usage :     BPD <0-3>  
     Break Point Enable  
Usage :     BPE <0-3>  
     Break Point List  
Usage :     BPL  
     Hard Reset  
Usage :     Reset  
     Soft Reset  
Usage :      SRESET  
     This is used to find memory locations where the given value is present  
     Find Value  
Usage :     Value <Current Count>  


The "Value" command will search XBOX memory for <Current Count> bytes and store the memory locations
Unfreeze the xbox.. loose a life and freeze again

Search for the new <Current Count> in previosly stored memory locations.

This way the address is narrowed down.


Value 5   <--- This is a decimal value, Not HEX !!!
Value 4

     Dump memory in bytes  
Usage :     DB <Addresse> <Len>  
     Poke a byte in memory  
Usage :     poke <Addresse> <data>  
     Reset the value search    
Usage :     NEWSEARCH        

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