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RPCS3 0.0.6

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Emulador de PS3 para Windows y Linux, escrito en C++.


Que novedades incluye la versión 0.0.6


  • » Removed SSSE3 dependencies! RPCS3 now works with any x64 CPU. Obviously, CPUs without SSSE3 are too slow for RPCS3;
  • » Ryzen 5/7 performance improvements on Windows! Added internal thread scheduler for Ryzen as Windows' scheduler for Ryzen CPUs is faulty (Linux was already working properly!);
  • » Native user interface! You no longer need to reach your keyboard for GUI actions (excluding on-screen-keyboard actions which are not implemented yet) when playing with a controller;
  • » Huge Input Improvements! Greatly improved customization of all input options (XInput, MMJoy, DualShock 4, evdev);
  • » Multiple Input Profiles! You no longer need to change input settings every time you change to a game that requires a different layout;
  • » Huge Compatibility and Performance Improvements!
  • » Tons of awaited games finally started working!
  • » More AVX-512 Support! Added AVX-512 code-paths to ASMJIT Recompiler. Also added more AVX2 code-paths.
  • » More XOP Support! Added XOP code-paths to ASMJIT Recompiler.
  • » Game List Compatibility column! Database is now included on download for Windows builds, you can now easily see the status for your games (Linux users can easily download the database!);
  • » Removed PSP2 (PS Vita) code. A dedicated PS Vita project has emerged, therefore we chose to abandon the idea of PSP2 emulation inside RPCS3 and focus solely on PS3.
  • » Uniformized version counter! No more confusions! RPCS3 now uses commit count everywhere instead of using TravisCI and AppVeyor individual build counters on file names. Build strings for Windows and AppImage binaries are now the same.
  • » And TONS of Bugfixes as always!