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  1. CDecrypt

    Aplicación  para Windows que nos permite desencriptar el contenido de los archivos NUS.

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  2. DiscU

    A Windows Tool that can Extract and Decrypt Wii U Game Images in WUD Format
    New in this Release:
    Fixes wrong IV in sys part Adds content extraction for WUP install Few other minor changes & fixes.

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  3. Homebrew App Store

    Homebrew App Store allows you to download homebrew apps for HBL directly in the app. Installed apps can also be reinstalled, updated, or deleted. It is an attempt at a poor man's Cydia for Wii U!
    Apps featured within HBAS are made by other homebrew developers. If anyone takes an issue with their work being distributed in this manner, contact the respective repository owner.
    Although "store" is in the name, the apps within are all free-- If a specific homebrew developer wants to charge for their app, they would have to do so outside of HBAS. The name just refers to the concept of an App Store.
    - Internet connection - SD card - A way to run HBL (see stickies) How to Use Unzip the "appstore" folder from the zip at the above download link. This is the bundled HBAS app. Place this folder inside the /apps/wiiu/ folder on your SD card. After this, run HBL and select it from the menu.
    Once the app launches, press A or touch the screen to dismiss the splash screen. You can scroll with either stick, the D-pad or the touch screen. To download an app, touch its icon and choose "GET".
    LOCAL - An app that is only on your SD card INSTALLED - An app on your SD card and the server UPDATE - An app on your SD card and the server, with a different version number GET - An app only on the server Changelog
    It's been a while, but here's the second release of the HBAS!
    In particular, the 1.5 release seeks to address major crashing/freezing issues as well as a way to help sift through the growing number of apps on the store.
    There are a lot of much needed changes in this build:
    Icons are cached and no longer load asynchronously (#20 and #6) Categories added based on web frontend (#13) App loading restructured, more Stabiity™ (#14) "Random" button added to help discover new apps App re-themed to mimic the new wiiubru.com Elf is 35% smaller Minor text fixes

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  4. JWUDTool

    Here is just a simple program that uses the Jnuslib. The usage should be pretty self explaining.
    STILL EXPERIMENTAL. Bugs may occur, please report them!
    Compressing .wud and splitted wud files into .wux Decompressing a .wux back to .wud Extracting from the GI or GM partition Extracting .app/-h3/.tmd/.cert/.tik files from a .wud/.wux or splitted .wud Extracting just the contents/hashes/ticket. Decrypting the full game partition from a .wud/.wux or splitted .wud Decrypting specific files the game partition from a .wud/.wux or splitted .wud Verify a image / Compare two images (for example a .wud with .wux to make sure its legit) Usage
    Copy the common.key into the folder next to the .jar or provide the key via the command line Copy the game.key into the folder next to the wud image or provide the key via the command line usage: -commonkey <WiiU common key> Optional. HexString. Will be used if no "common.key" in the folder of this .jar is found -dev Required when using discs without a titlekey. -compress Compresses the input to a .wux file. -decompress Decompresses the input to a .wud file. -decrypt Decrypts full the game partition of the given wud. -decryptFile <regular expression> Decrypts files of the game partition that match the regular expression of the given wud. -extract <all|content|ticket|hashes> Extracts files from the game partition of the given wud (Arguments optional) -help shows this text -in <input file> Input file. Can be a .wux, .wud or a game_part1.wud -noVerify Disables verification after (de)compressing -out <output path> The path where the result will be saved -overwrite Optional. Overwrites existing files -titlekey <WUD title key> Optional. HexString. Will be used if no "game.key" in the folder of the wud image is found -verify <wudimage1|wudimage2> Compares two WUD images to find differences Examples
    Getting .app files from an Wii U Image:
    Extract .app etc. from a WUD:
    Get .app files from "game.wud" to the folder "extracted" with game.key in the same folder
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -out "extracted" -extract all Extract .app etc. from a WUX (compressed WUD):
    Get .app files from "game.wux" to the folder "extracted" with game.key in the same folder
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wux" -out "extracted" -extract all Extract .app etc. from a splitted WUD (dump with wudump):
    Get .app files from "game_part1.wud" to the folder "extracted" with game.key in the same folder
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -out "extracted" -extract all Compressing into .wux examples:
    Compress a .wud to .wux:[/B]
    Compress a "game.wud" to "game.wux"
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -compress Compress a splitted game_part1.wud to .wux:
    Compress a "game_part1.wud" from a wudump dump to "game.wux"
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -compress Decryption game files examples:
    Decrypt a WUD image to game files
    Input can be a .wud, game_part1.wud or a .wux. This decrypted the full game partition. Given a game.key and common.key in the same folder.
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -decrypt //WUD java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wux" -decrypt //WUX java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -decrypt //game_part1 Decrypt a single file from an WUD
    Input can be a .wud, game_part1.wud or a .wux. This decrypted the full game partition. Given a game.key and common.key in the same folder.
    Extracting the code/app.xml file.
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -decryptFile /code/app.xml java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wux" -decryptFile /code/app.xml java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -decryptFile /code/app.xml Extracting all .bfstm files.
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -decryptFile /.*.bfstm java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wux" -decryptFile /.*.bfstm java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -decryptFile /.*.bfstm Extracting the folder /content/Sound
    java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wud" -decryptFile /content/Sound/.* java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game.wux" -decryptFile /content/Sound/.* java -jar JWUDTool.jar -in "game_part1.wud" -decryptFile /content/Sound/.* Compiling
    clean assembly:single package
    Thanks to:
    Crediar for CDecrypt
    All people who have contributed to vgmtoolbox
    Exzap for the .wux file format
    FIX94 for wudump
    The creators of lombok.

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  5. Loadiine

    RPX/RPL and File Replacement Tool.
    - 1......Requirements 
    - 2......How to Use 
    - 3......Preparing the SD Card 
    /*                              Requirements                                  */
    Wii U FW 5.3.2 SD(HC) Card Super Smash Bros for Wii U (Disc or EShop version) - optional but may be needed for some games
    /*                               How to Use                                   */
    - 1. Setup your SD Card (see below)
    - 2. In the Internet Browser, launch the included kernel exploit (www/kexploit)
    (You need a modified kernel exploit that sets 0xA0000000 virtual memory range to 0x10000000 physical memory address)
    - 3. Relaunch the Internet Browser
    - 4. Insert your SD Card into the Wii U, if it's not already done.
    - 5. Launch loadiine (www/loadiine)
        - Press A to install loadiine
        - Press X to install loadiine with server enabled (use it for debug purpose, the server must be running before pressing X).
    - 6. The loadiine menu should open. Now, Select your App/Game using the D-Pad.
        - Press A to use Smash Bros mode and launch directly the disk
            - Note : auto-launch does not work for everyone, launch manually Smash Bros instead
            - Note : if you are using Smash Bros EShop version, press Y instead, it returns to Home Menu, then launch Smash Bros.
        - Press X to use Mii Maker mode (Smash Bros disk is not needed)
            - The game should start
    - 7. Enjoy
    - Note: When exiting the Game/Application, you must relaunch the Mii Maker and select the game again.
            If you don't, launching Super Smash Bros will result in a crash.

    /* Preparing the SD Card / How to add a Game or Application                   */
    Note: You may add multiple Games/Applications, but ALL STEPS are REQUIRED
    Setting Up RPX/RPL and Data Files
    1. Create a folder named "wiiu" in the root of the SD Card.
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu
    2. In "wiiu", create another folder named "games"
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games
    3. In "games", create a new folder with the name of your app
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/
    4. Copy the "code" folder of your app/game inside your application folder (with rpx, rpl and xml files)
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplicatin/code/my_application.rpx
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplicatin/code/my_application_library.rpl
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplicatin/code/app.xml
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplicatin/code/cos.xml
        - note : if you don't have the xml files, loadiine will try to use default values instead
    5. Copy the "content" folder of your app/game inside your application folder
        - ex : SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/content/...
        - ex : H:/MyApplication/vol/content/data.bin -> SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/content/data.bin
        - ex : H:/MyApplication/vol/content/datab/datab.bin -> SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/content/datab/datab.bin
    Note : Do not rename RPX and RPL files
    Your file structure should look like this if the above information was used :
    - SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/code/my_application.rpx
    - SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/code/*.rpl [only if application contains .rpl files]
    - SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/code/app.xml
    - SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/code/cos.xml
    - SDCARD/wiiu/games/MyApplication/content/[content files/folders]

    /* Limitations :                                                              */
    - The total size of each RPX and RPL files must be less than 65.7 MB (tested up to 47.3 MB)
    - Don't go in the wiiu settings it breaks everything

    /* Notes :                                                                    */
    - If you have problems with saves, try delete your Smash Bros saves.

    /* Special thanks :                                                           */
    - To everyone involved in libwiiu and webkit/kernel exploit !
    - To the testers !

    Feel free to modify and improve this software.

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  6. Loadiine GX2

    Loadiine is a WiiU homebrew. It launches WiiU game backups from SD card. Its Graphical User Interface is based on the WiiU GX2 graphics engine.
    Dimok Cyan Maschell n1ghty dibas The anonymous graphics dude (he knows who is ment) and several more contributers

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  7. Nintendont

    A Wii Homebrew Project to play GC Games on Wii and vWii on Wii U
    Works on Wii and Wii U (in vWii mode) Full-speed loading from a USB device or an SD card. Loads 1:1 and shrunken .GCM/.ISO disc images. Loads games as extracted files (FST format) Loads CISO-format disc images. (uLoader CISO format) Memory card emulation Play audio via disc audio streaming Bluetooth controller support (Classic Controller (Pro), Wii U Pro Controller) HID controller support via USB Custom button layout when using HID controllers Cheat code support Changeable configuration of various settings Reset/Power off via button combo (R + Z + Start) (R + Z + B + D-Pad Down) Advanced video mode patching, force progressive and force 16:9 widescreen Auto boot from loader Disc switching Use the official Nintendo GameCube controller adapter Features: (Wii only)
    Play retail discs Play backups from writable DVD media (Old Wii only) Use real memory cards GBA-Link cable WiiRd Allow use of the Nintendo GameCube Microphone What Nintendont doesn't do yet:
    BBA/Modem support What Nintendont will never support:
    Game Boy Player Quick Installation:
    Get the loader.dol, rename it to boot.dol and put it in /apps/Nintendont/ along with the files meta.xml and icon.png. Copy your GameCube games to the /games/ directory. Subdirectories are optional for 1-disc games in ISO/GCM and CISO format. For 2-disc games, you should create a subdirectory /games/MYGAME/ (where MYGAME can be anything), then name disc 1 as "game.iso" and disc 2 as "disc2.iso". For extracted FST, the FST must be located in a subdirectory, e.g. /games/FSTgame/sys/boot.bin . Connect your storage device to your Wii or Wii U and start The Homebrew Channel. Select Nintendont. Notes
    The Wii and Wii U SD card slot is known to be slow. If you're using an SD card and are having performance issues, consider either using a USB SD reader or a USB hard drive. USB flash drives are known to be problematic. Nintendont runs best with storage devices formatted with 32 KB clusters. (Use either FAT32 or exFAT.)

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  8. USBLoaderGX

    Game backup loader for Wii and vWii
    USBLoaderGX is a GUI for Waninkoko's USB Loader, based on libwiigui.
    It allows listing and launching Wii games, Gamecube games and homebrew on Wii and WiiU vWii mode.
    Its interface, based on the official theme from Nintendo Wii, is easy to use and perfect for kids and all the family. A lot of options are available and directly editable from the loader's interface.

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  9. Uwizard

    Uwizard is an all-in-one Wii U PC program.
    To import a system key, open the settings tab, and enter the key in the text box, or click "Import" and select a .bin or.txt file that contains the key.
    The open a WUD (Wii U disc image), open the WUD Manager tab, then click "Open Wii U Game Backup", then select your WUD file.
    Uwizard will automatically download covers from http://www.gametdb.com/WiiU/List
    You may also extract the contents of the game using Crediar's DiscU by clicking the "Extract Game Files" button.
    To do this, you must enter the disc title key. Because of legal reasons, the keys are not included with Uwizard,  but SHA-1 hashes are included for most games to help verify your keys.
    To download a title from NUS, open the NUS Downloader U tab, then either type in the 16-character title ID, or choose a title from the list. The title version is optional. You may also decrypt and extract the contents of the title using Crediar's CDecrypt by checking the "Decrypt Contents" check box.
    Use the "Add Title" button to add the currently entered title ID and version to the list. Use the "Delete Title" button to delete the selected item from the list. Use the "Clear List" button to remove all titles from the list. This includes titles that came pre-entered with Uwizard.
    To decode a BFSTM Wii U sound stream to a WAV audio file, open the BFSTM Decoder tab, then click "Convert a BFSTM to a WAV", then select the input BFSTM and the output WAV. You may also display all BFSTM and WAV files within a folder in the list on the left by clicking "Select Folder".
    In the settings tab, the "Check for Updates" button makes updating to the latest game list and Uwizard versions easy.

        German language added.
        Spanish language added.
        Minor bug fixes.
        BFWAV decoder added.
        MP3 compiler added.
        SZS and SARC archive management added.
        BFSTM multi-select and optional channel separation added.
        Command line interface added.
        More NUS titles added to the easy-access list.
        Multiple languages added.
        Minor bug fixes.
        NUS Downloader U added.
        BFSTM decoder added.
        List selection of Wii U games added.
        Minor bug fixes.
        Option to hide keys added.
        Minor bug fixes.
        Program Creation
      Mr. Mysterio - Programmer of Uwizard
      Crediar - Programmer of DiscU and CDecrypt
      MasterF0x - Distributor of BFSTM Decoder
      GameTDB - Game Covers
      VinsCool, capito27, Phanteon, send0r - Translation

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  10. WiiFlow Lite

    WiiFlow Lite is a wii homebrew app used to display and launch your games and apps stored on a USB device or SD card plugged into a Wii or Wii U in Wii mode. The games and apps are displayed in cover flow style display.
    Simply download the latest release and extract it to your apps/wiiflow_lite folder on SD or USB HDD. SD is recommended. Your device should be formatted to FAT32.
    wfl_as_wiiflow should be extracted to apps/wiiflow folder.
    To start WiiFlow Lite you will need the Homebrew Channel or a WiiFlow Lite forwarder channel installed on your Wii or vWii system menu.

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  11. wiiSXR

    PSX Emulator for Wii U & Wii.
    ISOs can be .bin/.cue (Make sure .cue contains _relative_ directory!), .img, or .iso format To install: Extract the contents of wiiSXR-beta2.2.zip to the root of your SD card For SD/USB: Put ISOs (.bin/.cue or other formats) in the directory named /wiisxr/isos, All save types will automatically be placed in /wiisxr/saves For DVD: ISOs may be anywhere on the disc (requires DVDxV2 on Wii) For actual BIOS: Put SCPH1001.BIN in the directory on SD/USB named /wiisxr/bios Load the executable from the HBC or in the loader of your choice Once loaded, select 'Load ISO' and choose the source and select the ISO to load (Note: to go up a directory select '..', B will exit the file browser) Select 'Play Game' to play    The game can be exited any time by pressing a configurable key combination together   on a GC pad (START & X), Classic Controller (HOME), Wiimote (- & +),  Wiimote+Nunchuck (1 & 2), or the reset button  (Note: this must be done to save your game; it will not be done automatically) CONTROLS:
    Controls are now fully configurable so any button on your controller can be mapped The controller configuration screen presents each PSX button and allows you to toggle through sources There are 4 configuration slots for each type of controller To load a different, previously saved configuration, select the slot, and click 'Load' After configuring the controls as desired, select the slot, and click 'Save' After saving different configurations to the slots, be sure to save your configs in the input tab of the settings frame Clicking 'Next Pad' will cycle through the PSX controllers assigned There is an option to invert the Y axis of the PSX's analog sticks; by default this is 'Normal Y' The 'Menu Combo' configuration allows you to select a button combination to return to the menu SETTINGS:
    General  Native Saves Device: Choose where to load and save native game saves  Save States Device: Choose where to load and save save states  Select CPU Core: Choose whether to play games with pure interpreter (better compatibility) or dynarec (better speed)  Save settings.cfg: Save all of these settings either SD or USB (to be loaded automatically next time)  Video  Show FPS: Display the framerate in the top-left corner of the screen  Screen Mode: Select the aspect ratio of the display; 'Force 16:9' will pillar-box the in-game display  Input  Configure Input: Select controllers to use in game  Configure Buttons: Enter the controller configuration screen described above  Save Button Configs: Save all of the controller configuration slots to SD or USB  Auto Load Slot: Select which slot to automatically be loaded for each type of controller  Audio Disable Audio: Select to mute the sound  Saves Auto Save Native Saves: When enabled, the emulator will automatically load saves from the selected device on ISO load and save when returning to the menu or  turning off the console Copy Saves: Not yet implemented Delete Saves: Not yet implemented CREDITS:
     * WIISXR fork: mystro256  * WIISXR logo: iiiGerardoiii  * General Coder: emu_kidid  * Graphics & Menu Coder: sepp256  * Audio & Core Coder: tehpola  * Artwork: drmr  * USB 2.0 support: matguitarist  * LibWUPC integration: Daxtsu  * LibWUPC: https://github.com/FIX94/libwupc  * pcsx team http://www.pcsx.net/  * pcsx-df http://pcsx-df.sourceforge.net/  * pcsxr http://pcsxr.codeplex.com/  * pcsx 1.5-test3 mac version by Gil Pederson http://pcsx.gpost.dk/  * P.E.Op.S. PSX Gpu & SPU http://sourceforge.net/projects/peops/  * franspu  * CDRMooby  * SSSPSX  * Compiled using devKitPro

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  12. wud2app

    convert wudump folders and .wud images into cert, tik, tmd and app files.

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