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BluuBomb 2.0

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Exploits the Wii U's bluetooth stack to gain IOSU kernel access via bluetooth.

Not to be confused with BlueBomb for the Wii and Wii Mini.


  • A Wii U which is able to pair a Wii Remote
  • A PC with bluetooth
  • A PC or VM running a version of Linux which is able to run the custom build of BlueZ

How to use

  1. Run sudo apt install build-essential libbluetooth-dev libglib2.0-dev libdbus-1-dev to install the required dependencies.
  2. Download Wiimote Emulator.
  3. Run source ./build-custom.sh to build BlueZ.
    • Don't worry if building the emulator itself fails due to missing SDL headers. Just continue with the next steps.
  4. Stop the already running bluetooth service sudo systemctl disable --now bluetooth
  5. Run the custom built bluetoothd sudo ./bluez-4.101/dist/sbin/bluetoothd -d -n
  6. Download the bluubomb from here (kernel binaries included).
  7. Make the bluubomb file executable by running sudo chmod +x bluubomb.
  8. Power on the Wii U and press the sync button.
  9. Run sudo ./bluubomb arm_kernel.bin and wait for the pairing process to complete.
  10. This might take a minute.
  11. If you get a warning about Simple Pairing mode read the Simple Pairing mode section below.

Write down the Wii U's bd address that should be displayed after the pairing is complete.
You can now run sudo ./bluubomb arm_kernel.bin <bdaddr here> to connect directly to the Wii U and skip the pairing process.

Kernel binaries

  • arm_kernel_loadfile
    • Launches a launch.rpx from the root of your SD card on the next application launch.
  • arm_kernel_fw_launcher
    • Launches a fw.img from the root of your SD card on the next OS relaunch (for example when exiting System Settings).
  • arm_kernel_region_free
    • Applies IOSU patches to temporarily remove region restrictions.
    • This should be helpful if you've locked yourself out of your applications due to permanent region modifications.

Simple Pairing mode

  • On some devices the simple pairing mode can't be disabled by bluubomb.
  • You can check the current Simple Pairing mode by running hciconfig hci0 sspmode.
  • Make sure it says Simple Pairing mode: Disabled.
  • If not run sudo hciconfig hci0 sspmode disabled and sudo hciconfig hci0 reset.
  • Then check the mode again.

by GaryOderNichts.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0


  • This release supports pairing with the Wii U on Intel Bluetooth chips.

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