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Awoo Installer 1.3.1

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A No-Bullshit NSP Installer for Nintendo Switch.


  • Installs NSP/NSZ files and split NSPs from your SD card
  • Installs NSP/NSZ files over LAN from tools such as ns-usbloader
  • Installs NSP/NSZ files over the internet by URL or Google Drive
  • Installs and manages the latest signature patches quickly and easily
  • Based on Adubbz Tinfoil, and will continue to receive updates alongside it
  • Uses XorTroll's Plutonium for a pretty graphical interface
  • Just werks


Because Goldleaf tends to not "Just werk" when installing NSP files. I wanted a free software solution that installs titles, looks pretty, and doesn't make me rip my hair out whenever I want to install a title on my Nintendo Switch. Awoo Installer does exactly that. It installs titles. That's it!

If you want to do other things like manage installed tickets, titles, and user accounts, check out Goldleaf!

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Thanks to

  • HookedBehemoth for screen-nx and his Plutonium fork
  • Adubbz and other contributors for Tinfoil
  • XorTroll for Plutonium and Goldleaf
  • blawar (wife beater) and nicoboss for NSZ support
  • The kind folks at the AtlasNX Discuck
  • The also kind folks at the RetroNX Discuck
  • namako8982 for the Momiji art
  • TheXzoron for being a baka

by Huntereb.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3.1



  • Files received for installation remotely are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed a bug that caused installations to fail when sending a large amount of files over USB
  • Installations now use a lot more RAM in title override mode, slightly speeding up remote NSZ installations
  • Behind-the-scenes Plutonium changes and optimizations (Thanks @HookedBehemoth!)
  • Some translation string fixes and changes
  • Other small changes and bug fixes


  • Remote installations over USB
    • Files can now be installed over USB from other devices!
    • Just select the "Install over USB" option on the main menu!
    • NS-USBloader in Tinfoil mode is recommended for ALL remote installations with Awoo Installer
    • Support will NOT currently be given for other uploaders, but that doesn't mean they won't work
    • A setup guide for USB installations can be found here
  • Updates to Awoo Installer are now checked for automatically on startup
    • Updates can be installed in-app or ignored for later
    • This feature can be disabled in the Settings menu
    • Updates can also be checked for manually in the Settings menu
  • Languages can now be changed in the Settings menu
    • Languages will be automatically selected based on the system language
  • Russian language support (Thanks @developersu!)
  • German language support (Thanks @HookedBehemoth!)
  • Support for NSP/NSZ files containing multiple contents
  • Contents installed previously are now removed before re-installation
  • Config files are now stored in JSON
    • Previously selected settings will not carry over to 1.3.0+
  • Mashing the exit button on startup no longer crashes the software
    • Now a feature exclusive to Goldleaf :^)
  • Many small changes and bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug that caused XCI installations from SD card to fail
  • Builds are now compiled with a properly built lib-zstd (large NSZ/XCZ files actually install now)
  • Audio notifications for warnings, errors, and complete installations
    • Can be disabled by turning your volume down :v)
  • Home button is no longer blocked during installations
  • Users are now warned about potential instability using Applet Mode
  • Losing connection during a LAN/internet install no longer causes the software to crash
  • Google Drive API key can now be set in your config.ini
    • Will appear in your config after running the software and changing settings once
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes for USB installations (Coming soon!)
  • Many other small changes and bug fixes


  • Fixed SD card NSP/NSZ installations causing the software to crash

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