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Plutonium 0.2.1

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Plutonium is a high-level, C++ graphical library with the aim of making UIs in a more user-firendly way.

It uses libnx and SDL2, so both libraries are required.

To be more exact, this libraries should be installed via pacman:

pacman -S switch-sdl2 switch-sdl2_ttf switch-sdl2_image switch-sdl2_gfx switch-sdl2_mixer switch-mesa switch-glad switch-glm switch-libdrm_nouveau switch-libwebp switch-libpng switch-freetype switch-bzip2 switch-libjpeg-turbo switch-opusfile switch-libopus

Internal structure and performance

Plutonium uses SDL2 for UI rendering.

Plutonium's performance is based on WPF's system. The user doesn't directly interact with the rendering, as it's done via a main rendering system and different objects to render.

Same way WPF does, you can create an UI by making a custom Application class inheriting from pu::Application class, or simply creating a variable and adding elements to it.

The main function to initialize the application is Show().

Check the examples for a basic usage of the libraries. In case you want to see a really powerful app which really shows what Plutonium is capable of, take a look at Goldleaf.

Check the documentation for a more detailed explanation of the library's usage.

Simple project layout

This is how a regular Plutonium project would (more or less) have its Makefile and project layout using Plutonium:


LIBS := -lpu -lfreetype -lSDL2_mixer -lopusfile -lopus -lmodplug -lmpg123 -lvorbisidec -logg -lSDL2_ttf -lSDL2_gfx -lSDL2_image -lSDL2 -lEGL -lGLESv2 -lglapi -ldrm_nouveau -lwebp -lpng -ljpeg `sdl2-config --libs` `freetype-config --libs` -lnx

Project directory

 |-- Makefile
 |-- source
 |-- include
 |-- Plutonium
      |-- include
      |-- lib

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