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Swiss 0.5 r1085

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Swiss aims to be an all-in-one homebrew utility for the Nintendo GameCube.

Main Features

Can browse the following devices

  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Card via SDGecko
  • DVD (-/+R) via Disc Drive
  • Qoob Pro flash memory
  • USB Gecko remote file storage
  • SD/SDHC via Wasp/WKF
  • Samba via BBA
  • Wode Jukebox
  • Memory cards



  1. Download latest Swiss release and extract its contents.
  2. Copy the compressed Swiss DOL file found in the DOL folder to the device/medium you are using to boot homebrew.
  3. Launch Swiss, browse your device and load a DOL or GCM!

If the above steps do not work, try using the non-compressed Swiss DOL file.


Navigating Swiss


Control Action
Left Joysitck or D-Pad Navigate through the UI
A Select
B Enter/Exit Bottom Menu

Swiss UI

  • The top heading shows the version number, commit number, and revision number of Swiss.
  • The left panes show what device you are using.
  • The largest portion is the Swiss file browser, through which you can navigate files and folders. The top of every folder includes a .. option, and selecting this moves you back up a folder.
  • The bottom pane, from the left:
    • Device Selection
    • Global Settings, Advanced Settings, and Current Game Settings
    • System Information, Device Info, and Credits
    • Return to top of file system
    • Restart GameCube

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5 r1085   See changelog


  • Add recent list
  • Consolidate autoload / recent handling code into one
  • Add DOL/ELF support to recent list
  • Only update recent list if something has been updated
  • Fix 2 disc game detection (fixes issue when the second disc is outside of visible view too)
  • Cheats are now dynamically allocated, limit of 512 codes per cheat.
  • Fix Multi-Game discs
  • Unlock NR drives
  • Fix time/temp label overlap on large components such as the folder destination selector
  • Update patreon list
  • Update Redump database.
  • Other minor changes.
  • Optimize in-game reset.
  • Optimize interrupt service routines.
  • Find __OSInterruptInit.
  • Continue Dolphin SDK archaeology.
  • Fix heap corruption moving down recent entries.
  • Patch NPDP Reader IPLs.
  • Trap NPDP commands in IPL.
  • Update apploader. (extremscorner/cubeboot-tools@80772bf)
  • Patch TDEV IPL.
  • Identify TDEV.
  • Update apploader. (extremscorner/cubeboot-tools@495f182)
  • Update FatFs to R0.14b.
  • Identify NR Reader and NPDP Reader.
  • Fix disc drive firmware dumping.
  • Fix time/temperature display on blank screens.
  • Fix force vertical filter in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.
  • Fix framebuffer initialization in LOADRDVD/STUBRDVD.ELF.
  • Fix patching STUBRDVD.elf in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (Europe).

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