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  1. BDEMU

    Enables BD-ROM emulator.
    Supported firmwares and types:
    MFW 3.41: Hermes4 (syscall8) CFW 3.55: Standard (syscall36)  CFW 3.55: Hermes4 (syscall8)

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  2. Blackb0x FTP Server

    A threaded, multi-connection FTP server for the Playstation 3 with custom firmware 3.55.
    New in this release:
    Fixed auto-exiting when using the PS3 Remote Control instead of a gampad. Removed leading "/" from roots Fixed multiple transfer connection issues for filezilla. More then 1 transfer connection at a time should work. Fixed misreported file size for files over 4gb.

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  3. CFW Ferrox 4.83

    Costruito sulla Base Firmware originale 4.83. PSN / SEN Abilitato. Possibilità di Aggiornare da qualsiasi CFW (CEX). Possibilità di Aggiornare da OFW 3.55 e OFW 4.82 (da 4.82 è necessario PS3Xploit 2.0) Possibilità di Downgrade da qualsiasi CFW con QA Flags attive. QA Flags attive se abilitate in precedenza. FEATURE - Compatibilità con l' ultima versione di ReactPSN. FEATURE - RSOD Screen Bypass per Console affette da RSOD. FEATURE - Key 4.83 per avviare Giochi firmati con chiavi 4.83. FEATURE - App_home/PS3_GAME. FEATURE - Supporto XMB In-Game Screenshot. FEATURE - Supporto Remote Play. PATCH - LV1: Patchato per rimuovere la Protezione LV2. PATCH - LV1: Patchato il coreOS Hash Check per prevenire il Brick su Console Downgradate non-Dehashed. PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke. PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke. PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch. PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch. PATCH - Disabilitato Messaggio Epilessia al Boot. PATCH - Protezione CINAVIA Disabilitata.

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  4. CFW Maker

    Creador de Custom Firmwares personalizados para PS3.

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  5. CFW2OFW-Helper

    Providing aid in converting video games.
    .NET Framework v4.0 make_npdata.exe (bundled with release) License

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  6. CINAVIA Tools Remover

    • to enable / disable the Cinavia DRM protection quickly 
    • installation directory: dev_hdd0/game/CINAVIA00 
    • compatible CFW CEX 4.41 / 4.46 / 4.50 / 4.53 / 4.55 (also compatible CFW Rebug Lite and REX) 

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  7. Console Manager (CCAPI)

    CCAPI is a software that establishes a connection between your ps3 and another device such as your computer or your smartphone. You can control your ps3 with it.
    A few functions available:
    Game modding Debug non-fself & fself in real time Wireless connection Modify idps and psid Edit console Leds Ring console buzzer Get ps3 temperature How to install:
    Put this .pkg on a usb Plug in into your ps3 Use install package Run the program Follow the instructions on your ps3 by Ernstone.

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  8. Downgrade Tool PS3

    This is a utility for downgrading your PS3's firmware.

    -Read, Write Support (NOR & NAND)
    -Offset & Address Support
    -Flash Teensy++ 2.0
    -Drivers and Necessary Programs
    -Install Images
    -NOR & Nand Support
    -CMD Line 
    -CFW Downloads
    *** CHANGELOG ***
    -Added Auto Updater
    -Updated to support 4.50 OFW
    -Added link Rogero 4.50 CFW
    -Right click (Patch nand without checking)

    -Added Write Mode Options
    -Edited Some Text
    -Added Flow Reduilder
    -Added Diff Write
    -Bug Fix

    - First Release
    ** Thanks**
    by coolshrimp

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  9. DragonFTP

    DragonFTP, which is an alternative choice to OpenFTP and blackb0xFTP, has several new improvements.
    The latest release includes improvements to dev_dragon, added debug screen for devs, and the app now compiles with the deadrsx library.

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  10. ErmaC 4.30 CFW

    More Stable than any other CFW out there and completely brick free  Tested with numerous PS3, slim and phat models Can run games signed with Keys up to 4.30 without any patching needed PSN enabled You need to be on 3.55 cfw or ofw to install this CFW. Use exactly the same precautions on  upgrading/downgrading used on other CFWs to avoid any complication.

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  11. FAT32 File Copier & Splitter

    This script for macOS copies a directory in its entirety to a new destination, and automatically splits files greater than 4gb along the way without compression.
    by nabilfreeman.

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  12. FckPSN

    Allows PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) users to access Sony's PlayStation Network.
    Changelog for v0.6:
    * Fixed consoleid spoofing
    Since the source code for v0.6 was available, Some guy at jailbreakscene decided to compiled this version for you guys (as per the instructions provided by drizzt):
    What is fuckPSN?
    A simple SSL proxy used to spoof PSN version.
    * CA27.cer (included in download)
    * dev_blind.pkg (download here) or dev_blind.geohot.pkg (download here)
    * OpenPS3FTP
    Installation (by drizzt):
    1. Install dev_blind.pkg and OpenPS3FTP on your PS3 (using FTP, external USB or what else)
    2. Launch dev_blind and make it mount the flash
    3. Open OpenPS3FTP
    4. Connect via FTP to PS3 (using username root and password openbox)
    5. Go to /dev_blind/data/cert
    6. Rename CA27.cer to CA27.cer.bak
    7. Put my CA27.cer as /dev_blind/data/cert/CA27.cer
    8. Set the PS3's PRIMARY and SECONDARY DNS server to your PC's IP address
    9. Reboot your PS3
    10. Start fuckPsn-v0.5.exe
    11. Enjoy with PSN

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  13. HAN Toolbox

    New Features:
    Self injector added Cert remover added Demo Downloader updated with demos from all regions Theme Downloader added Wallpaper Downloader added Menus rearranged Debug Settings Toggler added DEX Xploit links added (Auto switching, see below) New icons External Content Downloaders
    For the downloaders, There is an initial setup to be done, this involves going to Toolbox Settings and Downloading a resource pkg, its quite simple, download the pkg then reboot. If you don't want to use the content downloaders then you don't need to do this step.
    @ShaolinAssassin Has done some amazing work adding the other regions demos to Demo Downloader, This is really excellent because it was not something I planned to get back to for a long time if ever tbh.
    @pink1 Helped me rewrite the original XMBPD theme downloader from scratch and in a much better way, now all themes have icons which is something I wanted to do for a long time, theme type and size are displayed on the XMB too, and we also increased the available theme count to over 1001.
    Wallpaper downloader: When downloading a wallpaper, when the image loads up in the browser, press triangle, go to File>Save Image>System Storage, then you can go to the photo category to set it as a wallpaper.
    Note: If you browse thousands of items in one session you will get missing icons, a reboot solves it.
    Debug Settings Toggler
    Options to download CEX and DEX settings files to HDD, and then options to inject which ever files you have downloaded, if you don't already know how to use Debug Settings DO NOT use this item.
    Auto Switching to DEX Xploit links
    If you use the new Debug settings Xploit from Team PS3 Xploit, and you want to have your Xploit links in the Toolbox auto switch to DEX http links when on DEX XMB, then inject this category_game_tool2.xml = DOWNLOAD , if you don't understand what is meant by this, don't use this feature.

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  14. IDPSet

    Aplicación que modifica de forma permanente el IDPS de PS4 y el PSID de la consola.
    -Add : Support fw 4.83C v0.88
    -Add : Support IDPS from latest ps3 models -Add : eid_root_key dumper is working on almost every cfw v0.87
    -Added : fw independant -Added : root key dumper 4.75D (thanks to Joonie who ported it) -Added : more message in the log to be more aware of what's going on and also to allow me to know precisly what's causing some 'random' freeze (thanks to your feedbacks ofc) Note :
    -The root key dumper and Converter are not fw indepedant -We can't write PSP IDPS in the EID0 without bricking the system. v0.86
    -fix : no more freeze when you dump your key for firmware under 4.65. v0.85
    -Added: Background image (a PNG is: /USRDIR/BG.PNG) -Added: Homebrew support fw 4.70 and 4.75 -Added: The root key dumper support fw 4.70C, 4.70D and 4.75 v0.84
    -Added : Swap of "software_update_plugin.sprx" v0.83
    Fix : No more freeze when making CEX&DEX dumps with a DEX system v0.80
    -fix : The dumps no longer have the attribute "system" v0.79
    -fix : Les fichiers n'ont plus l'attribut "system" -fix : bug d'affichage sur la bar de progression v0.78
    -fix : changement de "/dev_hdd0/temp/eid_root_key" à "/dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key" -fix exit freeze : Ajout du déchargement des modules à la sortis de l'homebrew v0.76
    _fix : correction d'une coquille sur l'affichage d'un des messages lors du "make dump" _Add : Ajout de la version dans le TITLE du param.sfo v0.75
    -fix freeze : lors dump root_key -Add : root key sauvegarder à "/dev_usb000/eid_root_key" sinon "/dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key" -Add : Ajout d'une barre de progression pour les copies de fichiers v0.70
    -Add : nouveau GUI -Removed : tout ce qui est en rapport avec le PSID -Removed : "save/load from/to file -Add : "dump eid_root_key" -Add : "Convert to DEX/CEX" -Add : "Make CEX/DEX dumps" est plus rapide v0.63
    Add : compatible fw 4.65 v0.62
    -Fix : ptit bug v0.61
    -Fix : le nom des dumps. Le dump dex s'appelais CEX-FLASH... et le dump cex s'appelais DEX-FLASH... tssss. v0.6
    -Add : changement d'idps dans la section 6 de l'eid0 -Change : nom "IDPS tool" à "IDPSet" -Change : ICON0 -Add : écriture des dump DEX/CEX dans la clé USB v0.5
    -Add : "Load IDPS from EID0" -Add : "Save PSID to EID0" v0.43
    -add : Menu -Add : changement PSID lv2 via fichier .bin v0.41
    -Fix : petit bug v0.40
    -Removed : offset idps "fixe" donc c'est maintenant compatible avec tout les firmware y compris les futurs fw -Add : Dump CEX/DEX  -Add : ICON0 animés <3 -Removed : "Convert DEX/CEX" pour + de securité car switch kernel est necessaire v0.34
    -Fix : petit bug v0.33
    -Add : changement d'idps dans l'eid5 v0.32
    -Add : "load original idps from EID5"  -Add : "Convert to DEX/CEX" -fix : petit bug v0.31
    -Add : "Change IDPS in EDI0" compatible avec les NAND et NOR v0.3 
    -Add : "Change IDPS in EID0"  compatible uniquement pour le NOR v0.22
    -Add : 3eme offset de l'IDPS v0.21 
    -Add : "Save et load idps" v0.2
    -Add : Curseur pour modifié l'IDPS v0.1
    -version initiale

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  15. LV2 Patcher

    Lv2 Patcher is used to temporarily patch the PS3 Lv2 memory.
    It's used to allows access to PS3 Syscall and BD-emu functions like the dongles payload, bdemu.bin and cfw, or to patch specific memory like Blu-ray movie region.
    Bump to V9: panic, lv1en/lv1dis, lv1_allocs for payloads. v8
    * Support of Syscall 36 * Support Waninkoko V2 CFW v6
    * New ICON0.PNG v5/4/3/2/1
    * Add 50 Pixel Margin * Add Credits File * Fix +0◊8000000000000000 offset, handle bad reads, show current patch.txt path * More build system stuff * Changed u64 to void* for lv2_alloc * New Makefile stuff * Fixed some crashes by disabling some patches * Prepare to share some code with GaiaManager * Reindent the code using new Makefile (make indent) * Change patch format * Add indentation rules * Font pixel doubling * Initial Release

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  16. ManaGunZ

    PS3 backup manager.
    _ NETISO _ group PKG _ Add : PFD extractor _ Add : Speed Start / Speed Scan _ UI XMB : Use setting column _ debug EBOOT _ shortcut pkg : keep only usefull files in pkg. _ TXT edit _ Hexa edit _ Audio _ system info _ create backup from disk _ Fan control plugin standalone? _ game list supports / shows installed PKG games (PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP) _ PS2 guitar hero EUR not in real xmb : e51e79bf3ca4b49be51656e0fdc912e1 _ setting : install  mamba autoloader _ toggle _ timestamps and permissions : Inside the window, at right of the "size" can be added a new column for timestamps and another for permissions _ Controller setting _ global setting tabs _ copy/convert/extract : ETA/timer _ verifier si il y a de la place avant de faire un copie de fichier _ update_mgz _ double click _ load only displayed pic ... _ rebuild DB _ goto recovery _ MAX_GAME = infinite _ whitelist.cfg & blacklist.cfg files in /dev_hdd0/tmp _ font sizes / Y / shadow ? _ text viewer = fix scroll _ GameList SCAN in Background thread _ New Filemanager Root interface _ real BDVD dump : lv1 ? read_storage ? Changelog:
    Add : New loading icon.
    Add : Scan to /dev_sd, /dev_ms/ and /dev_cd.
    Fix : Apply pnatch (bug introduced in previous update)
    Add offsetfinder : IDPSet & ERK_dumper offsets.
    Add : Definitions files from RCOmageMOD
    Add : Game TAGS

    Fix : reading issue with splitted iso.
    Add : 482D support
    Add : Game option "Join".
    Add FileManager : Option "Join" to join files to the current path.
    Fix : Reduced memory usage to avoid 'random' freeze.
    Fix FileManager : No more deep scan on ISO.
    Fix Filemanager : Scroll bar.
    Fix : MD5/SHA1 of +4GB files
    Fix : Scetool keys file.
    Fix : Issue with cmdID 0x4A.
    Fix : FLOW3D full covers.
    Fix : Shortcut pkg.
    Add : It ask you to load a PS2 CONFIG if it doesn't exist.
    Add : Increased loading speed of PS2 game menu.
    Add FileManager : New buttons map.
    Add FileManager : Click on backup ISO to mount it then it go back to XMB.
    Add FileManager : Dock to left/right/full screen. See note (1).
    Add FileManager : hold X to move the slider.
    Add FileManager : Use R2 to increase move speed of cursor and windows.
    Add : Join or split big files. See note (2).
    Add : Default UI set to XMB.
    Add : Background waves.
    Add : Set alpha of colors.
    Add : (R2+L2) Screenshots saved at '/dev_hdd0/photo/ManaGunZ_XXX.bmp'.
    Add : Check md5 files from ISO with IRD.
    Add : Add/Remove LIMG sector in PS2 iso.
    Add : Choose Font. It search recursivly ttf font in the directories '/dev_flash/data/font' and '/USRDIR/GUI'. See note (3).
    Add : Choose colorset. See note (3).
    Fix FileManager : Convert iso.
    Add FileManager : LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to scroll up/down a page.
    Add FileManager : L1+LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to go to the parent/child folder.
    Note :
    (1) There is 2 way to do it :
    The first one is to open the option menu while the cursor is on the header of the window.
    The second is to use the following combo:
    - Dock to LEFT : Hold R1 + LEFT D-PAD.
    - Dock to RIGHT : Hold R1 + RIGHT D-PAD.
    - Dock to FULL : Hold R1 + UP D-PAD.
    - Restore : Hold R1 + DOWN D-PAD.
    (2) Use the copy function in game menu. If the destination is FAT32, the big file will be splitted, if it's not it will be joined.
    In file manager to join files, select ONLY the first file with the extension '66600' then paste it.
    (3) To reduce memory use, it won't load 4 themes anymore. Only the theme of the current UI is loaded.
    For each theme in each UI, it search for the following files.
    -BG.PNG : Main background
    -BGS.PNG : Settting background
    -SIDEBAR.PNG : Sidebar background
    -FONT.TTF : Font. 
    -colorset.ini : Set of color used in the homebrew .
    When u load the theme it will use this font and the first colorset defined in the file. But you'll be able to change them in theme setting menu.
    XMB UI use more files for the columns : SETTINGS.PNG, FAVORITES.PNG, PS3.PNG, PS2.PNG, PS1.PNG, PSP.PNG.
    Also, before loading files from 'common' directory, it will check if this file doesn't exist in the theme directory.
    Fix : Read&write file.
    Fix : Support big files (+4GB).
    Add : Italian, hungarian and spanish language.
    Add : Support fw 4.82 CEX.
    Fix : Some pnach wasn't applied correctly.
    Fix : Issue with reading files from bin/cue disk image.
    Add : Mount Game from file manager.
    Fix : Removed the refresh window everytime you use an option, sometimes it's useless.
    Add : CONFIG files extracted from softemu and gxemu.
    Add : Improved PS2 CONFIG editor. See note (1).
    Fix : Removed the DBCONFIG.txt system.
    Add : Plugin Monitor, it allow you to load or unload a plugin.
    Note :
        The PS2 CONFIG editor is able to load CONFIG files and to display the result on the screen.
        You'll be able to load :
        - "NET" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/NET'. These are the CONFIG found in official ps2 classic pkg.
        - "GX" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. These are the CONFIG extrated from gxemu.
        - "SOFT" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. These are the CONFIG extrated from softemu.
        - "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. This config is currently used.
        - "CUSTOM" config files from '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM'. These are unofficial CONFIG.
        Morever, PS2 CONFIG editor check if the original data from the commandID : 0x9 & 0xA & 0xB matches with the data of your PS2 backup.
        If it's not a match the commandID on your screen will be displayed in red.
        Once it's loaded, you'll be able to ADD or REMOVE a command ID.
        For now, you can only ADD the commands without parameter, the 'simple' ones.
        You can add in CONFIG the patches from pnach files. So, the widescreen patches can be added.
        You can add the patches '480' 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' to the config too.
        Finally, with the button START, it save your configuration to '[You PS2 Backup Path].CONFIG'. Also, if you edited the CONFIG then a backup of your config is stored in '[ManaGunZ Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/CUSTOM' folder.
    Add : Re-sign option change the fw version in param.sfo too.
    Add : PS2 bin/cue image.
    Fix : Paths containing a point.
    Add : Remote control.
    Add : Without peek&poke. 
    Add : Filemanager standalone. To compile it, type 'FILEMANAGER=1 make pkg'.
    Fix : Increased read&write file speed.
    Add : New loading screen for the file manager.
    Fix : Movements in UI are more smooth/fuild.
    Add : Flow 3D. See note (1).
    Add : Plugin Manager can create the boot file.
    Add : Plugin Manager can create '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
    Add : Plugin Manager can move the enabled plugins (from the boot file) to '/dev_hdd0/plugins'.
    Add : Languages.
    Add : Help.
    Add : New CONFIG file management. See note (1).
    Note :
    (1) If the CONFIG file exist in MGZ folder, MGZ force the use of it and 'PS2 CONFIG creator' is not available. 
    I removed the option 'CONFIG to use' it became useless. I removed the distinction between OFFICIAL and CUSTOM.
    I added the file DBCONFIG.txt to manage the CONFIG file used by several GAME, so I don't have to dulicate the same file.
    (2) The full covers must in the folder 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'. For PS1, it will use the front cover from 'USRDIR/covers/[gameID].jpg' and the back from 'USRDIR/covers/3D/[gameID].jpg'.
    Fix : Several issues.
    Fix : It detect iso built without the 'official' structure.
    Fix : System crash after mounting a game in olders firmwares. Bug introduced in v1.26.
    Add : [Themes] Display TAGS when you choose a theme to be aware of the path and the type of the theme.
    Add : [Themes] Disable theme.
    Add : [Themes] A default theme is loaded in a fresh install.
    Add : [Themes] If there isn't a 'settings background' then the 'main background' is used for the setting menu.
    Add : [Interface] Show game case.
    Add : [Settings] Add TV test screen.
    Add : [Settings] 'Update ManaGunZ'.
    Add : [PS1][PSP] Game menu.
    Add : [PS1][PS2] ICON0 creator. It allow you to 'cut' an ICON0 from the cover to use it as the main icon.
    Fix : [PS2] Function to apply patches.
    Add : [PS2] It can apply widescreen patches and another pnach file silmutaneously. 
    Add : [PS2] '480P', 'YFIX' and 'FMV skip' options. ps2wide.net/480p.html
    Add : PS2 CONFIG creator.
    Add : Re-write code to be more 'flexible' (almost nothing change for the user).
    Add : Filter.
    Add : "Use game sidemenu".
    Fix Mamba : offset PSP_savedata.
    Fix : error libxml when compile the project.
    Fix : No more 'browsing freeze' when PIC1 was loading.
    Add : A progress bar will be displayed, when the PIC1 is loading.
    Add : PS2 WideScreen option. See note (1). 
    Add : local DB of hash to check games integrity. See note (2).
    Add : Plugin manager. See note(3).
    Add FileManager : Extract ZIP files.
    Add : New covers server.
    Add : Re-signed games can be restored.
    Add : For PS2 and PS1 the main icon (aka 'ICON0') is loaded at the path of the game. See note (4).
    Note :
    (1) It use the included WideScreen pnach collection from PCSX2. 
    If you want to use your own pnach from "/dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach", you must disable WideScreen because when you apply a pnach to the iso it change the CRC.
    (2) I downloaded every MD5 for PS2 & PSX games from redump.org. It's inside ManaGunZ folder 'USRDIR/sys/Check.zip'. 
    For PSP backups, it come from renascene.com. Every CRC32 are saved in 'USRDIR/sys/PSP_CRC.txt'.
    (3) The plugin Manager will deal with every sprx inside "/dev_hdd0/plugins" ONLY. If this folder do not exist, the option is not available.
    (4) If the backup path is "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.iso", so the main icon path must be "/dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/Okami.jpg".
    The following extention is supported : 'jpg', 'JPG', 'png', 'PNG'.
    _ Add : Support CFW 481 DEX.
    _ Add : Mamba v3 is ported to every supported fw.
    _ Add : PS2emu patcher is updated with the new payload to support PS2 CONFIG. See note (1).
    _ Add : PS2 CONFIG files from psdevwiki are included. It will be added automatically if there isn't any CONFIG used.
    _ Add : PS2 Menu. See note (3).
    _ Add : To have a faster loading, ICON0s and covers are loaded in a background task, a progress bar is displayed.
    _ Fix : Navigation with L joystick is less sensible.
    _ Fix : Better detection of the firmware version to avoid issues with similar fw. See note (2).
    _ Fix : freeze when it scanned some PS1/PS2 games. Fixed 'Get_ID' function.
    _ Fix FileManager : NTFS drive are mounted when the window is refreshed.
    _ Add FileManager : Press L3 to refresh the window.
    _ Add FileManager : xRegistry viewer. It convert the registry to a txt file in "/dev_hdd0/tmp/xreg.txt".
    _ Add FileManager : Scroll option menu with direction pad.
    _ Add FileManager : Check CRC of PSP ISO with CRC from renascene.
    _ Add Offsetfinder : It generate firmwares informations for mamba v3.
    Note : 
    (1) To allow ManaGunZ to patch the PS2 netemu, it must be the original self. It won't patch the self if it's already patched with the old payload.
    (2)    It fix some issues with 481 478 476 which was detected as 4.75.
    (3) PS2 menu have the following options :
    - Rename : it rename the ISO name
    - Add/remove to favorite
    - Apply/restore pnach : it use the pnach file in "/dev_hdd0/game/MANAGUNZ0/USRDIR/setting/PS2/[CRC].pnach" or "/dev_usbXXX/PNACH/[CRC].pnach" or "/dev_ntfsX:/PNACH/[CRC].pnach". 
    The CRC is the same used in pcsx2. You can find lot of widescreen pnach here : https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/blob/master/bin/cheats_ws.zip
    ManaGunZ change the value directly in the ISO, but it keep a backup of the original value so you can restore the iso.
    - Disable/enable netemu : It available only for BC system in cobra 7.50+. It force BC system to use the sofware emulation.
    - CONFIG to use : This option allow you to use a custom CONFIG instead of the official CONFIG.
    - Check MD5 : It compare the md5 of your ps2 backup with md5 from 'redump.org'.
    - Delete : It delete the iso.
    - Copy : It copy the iso to another device.
    - Properties : It display some info like size, CRC, game ID...
    _ Add : JPG and PNG can be used for all images used by MGZ.
    _ Add : Retro games (PS1, PSP and PS2) with mamba v3 and cobra.
    _ Add : It read the files inside iso. So, extern param.sfo and icon0 aren't used anymore.
    _ Add : New icons used by MGZ in "/USRDIR/GUI/COMMON".
    _ Add : Hold button to scroll evertywhere.
    _ Add : Scroll speed is managed with R2 button pressure, push it to increase speed. Also, the default speed is faster.
    _ Add : Navigate with the left joystick.
    _ Add : 'Pseudo-support' of Dynamic theme *.p3t.
    _ Fix Game Menu : Make pkg.
    _ Fix Game Menu : Extract ISO from NTFS.
    _ Fix Settings : Issue when the theme of UI LIST was disabled.
    _ Add Settings : IRD check result is displayed in the TXTviewer.
    _ Add Settings : Show the background picture PIC1.PNG. XMB&FLOW UI display the background if you enabled it in settings. For all UI, hold R1 to display it.
    _ Add Settings : UI FLOW can display covers instead of ICON0.
    _ Add FileManager : NTFS support.
    _ Add FileManager : Make APNG.
    _ Add FileManager : PS1&PS2 dumps md5 check with md5 from redump.org.
    _ Add FileManager : Set Permission to 0777.
    _ Add FileManager : CXML extract (P3T, RAF, QRC). It convert vag2wav, jsx2js, gtf2png and gim2png.
    _ Add FileManager : Convert JSX to JS ; VAG to WAV ; GTF to DDS ; DDS to PNG ; GIM to PNG.
    _ Add FileManager : Extract MultiMan theme *.thm.
    _ Add FileManager : PictureViewer : support APNG (animated PNG).
    _ Add FileManager : TXTviewer : can open few more file type.
    _ Add FileManager : TXTviewer : hold up&down to scroll.
    _ Fix FileManager: the parent dir ".." always stay a the top

    Add Settings : Platform filter
    Add FileManager : Decompress/Compress PSP ISO (CSO files)
    Fix FileManager : fixed bug when the length of files' names was too big
    Add : Display covers in the UI "XMB" and "LIST" 
    Add Settings : Download covers
    Change : I removed the limitation to calculate hash for files bigger than 10Mo
    Add : Support IRD to check MD5(s) of a JB game (in Game Option and in the FileManager)
    Add FileManager : Generate MD5 log file
    Add FileManager : Generate SHA-1 log file
    Add FileManager : Trophy Extractor
    Add FileManager : PKG Maker/Extractor
    Add FileManager : RCO extractor
    Add FileManager : Now the TXT viewer display the whole file (scroll with pad)
    Add FileManager : The picture viewer can display the next/previous picture of the folder
    Add FileManager : SFO Viewer
    Add FileManager : Extract/Make PS3 ISO
    Fix FileManager : Sometimes the file name of a selected item was hidden
    Fix : Notification message
    Fix : Make ISO
    Add : Latest mamba v3.1.0
    [Untested] Add : Retro games (PS1, PSP and PS2)
    Fix : UI Flow without theme
    Fix : no more freeze in 4.75 CEX
    Add : support 4.75 DEX
    Fix : Make pkg
    Add : support fw 4.75
    Add : XMB priority. When you change this option it will be activ only after the next boot of the homebrew.
    Add : Acces to FileManager even if with 0 game detected
    Fix FileManager : Window resize
    Fix FileManager : Scroll bar
    Fix FileManager : Some minor issues (I forgot)
    Add FileManager : Move window with cursor
    Add FileManager : Icon with color for some file (ex : *.self = RED) 
    Add FileManager : Preview of *.txt . It's only the begining of the file ~25 lines.
    Add FileManager : View PNG and JPG
    Add FileManager : Display SHA1 and MD5 in file properties. Only for file lower than 10 Mo if the file is too big it take too many time.
    Add FileManager : Extract & Sign EBOOT.BIN, *.self and *.sprx
    Add FileManager : Add/Remove a sprx to/from a boot list
    Add FileManager : Dump Lv2 & Flash
    Fix : issue with partitioned storage device
    Add : File manager
    Add : support 4.70 DEX
    Change : UI "Flow" mouvement is inversed by default
    Fix : folder "game_settings" was missing
    Fix : after extracting an ISO, there is no more 2 game added in the list
    Fix : issue in the display of properties
    Fix : issue with NTFS devices
    Fix : issue in Plug & Play thread
    Add : New mamba 1.20 by _NZH_ (i just removed the map_path("/app_home", "dev_usb000", 0))
    Add : mount JB games with mamba (syscall 35)
    Add : mount app_home with ISO
    Change : In Game Settings with UI "XMB", the 'back' button isn't triangle anymore, it's circle like in other UI
    Add : Hold Cirlce 3s to go back to XMB
    Add : Custumize colors used by ManaGunZ
    Fix : Minor stuff (I forgot)
    Add : Support multiMAN's themes (*.thm) and original static themes (*p3t). (see note)
    Add : Support fw 4.70
    note :
    To use a new theme (*.p3t or *.thm) you just have to put it in the root of USB device inside the folder "Themes". 
    For example : "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.p3t" or "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/MyTheme.thm"
    You can also put a new "native" ManaGunZ themes in this folder.
    For example : "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/List/MyTheme" or "/dev_usbXXX/Themes/XMB/MyTheme"
    Then go in ManaGunZ settings to load it.
    Ajout : confirmation pour supprimer un jeu
    Ajout : "Fix permission"
    Correction : Patch ecran noir
    Ajout : "Set Primary USB"
    Correction : réécriture du mode AutoMount
    Ajout : Nouvelle interface du menu "Settings"
    Ajout : Nouvel ICON0 et PIC1
    Correction : freeze pour le GUI "Flow"
    Correction : notification si download cancel
    Correction : clavier
    Correction : "Turn OFF" est actif que s'il existe au moins 1 update
    Correction : "Get_ICON0()"
    Ajout : "Game Ext"
    Ajout : "Rename"
    Ajout : "Copy Game"
    Ajout : "Make pkg Stealth"
    Ajout : "Fix EBOOT"
    Ajout : "Re-Sign"
    Ajout : "Convert/Extract ISO"
    Ajout : "Download Update"
    Ajout : "Properties"
    Ajout : Une interface "Game menu" regroupant "Game Setting" et "Game Option"
    Correction : Ecran noir avec les fw 4.60+
    Ajout : réglage de l'ecran
    Ajout : option pour configurer les dossiers scanné au démarrage
    Ajout : options de montage "avancées". On peut désormais configurer (1)le payload, (2)le type d’émulation, (3)la libfs.sprx, (4)le montage de /app_home ou non,(5)explorer_plugin.sprx patché ou non.
    Correction : écran noir avec les fw 4.60+
    Ajout : GUI "Flow"
    Ajout : GUI "XMB"
    Correction : Nouveau regex sur le nom des pkg : [a..z][A..Z][0..9][ ]
    Correction : bug pour les raccourcis XMB: freeze lors d'un montages ISO en CFW cobra
    Ajout : liste de favoris (pour l'instant visible uniquement avec le GUI "XMB")
    Correction : La notification est + belle
    Ajout : GUI "Grid"
    Retrait : l'entête "ManaGunZ"
    Correction : bug lorsque aucun jeux n’est détecté
    Ajout : compatibilité 4.65
    Ajout : Structure GUI/THEME
    Ajout : GUI "Liste"
    Ajout : Thèmes
    Ajout : creation des fichiers explore_plugin.sprx patché
    Correction : L'EBOOT.BIN sert uniquement à lancer managunz.self
    Correction : 1 seul SELF avec 2 type d'utilisations, type "manager"  ou type "launcher"
    Correction : mise au propre des messages debug
    Correction : mise au propre des offsets pour tout les FW
    Ajout : Patch "anti-error"
    Ajout : Compatibilité avec le fw 4.60
    Ajout : Message d'alerte si plusieurs hdd ext sont branché pour le montage BD-Mirroir
    Correction : mineur
    Ajout : Nouveau ICON0
    Ajout : refresh automatique si vous branchez ou debranchez un support USB
    Correction : le payload mamba est installé uniquement si vous lancer un jeux sous forme iso avec un fw non-cobra
    Ajout : ICON0 "Bullet"
    Ajout : écran de chargement "Bullet"
    Ajout : icone USB et ISO
    Correction: nom des PKG en ASCII
    Correction: control flag
    Ajout : notification
    Ajout : "Make PKG", permet d'obtenir des pkg type "lastman" permettant de monter le jeux via l'xmb
    Ajout : écran de chargement
    Ajout : informations manette
    Correction : bug montage mamba iso non splitté
    Ajout : compatibilité HDD NTFS 
    Ajout : UTF
    version initial

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  17. MinVerChk (Minimum Version Checker)

    PS3 Firmware Checker.
    Things you will need:
    MinVerChk, PS3, and a Computer... (duh) USB Flash Drive (Formatted to "FAT32" O N L Y = Not "NTFS", Nor "exFAT") Time- A few minute learning curve the first time (after that, it shouldnt even take a whole minute) Steps:
    Create a new-folder in the ROOT of the Flash-Drive. (name it "PS3") Create a new-folder in the PS3-folder you just created. (name it "UPDATE") Copy the PUP-file, included with this README, into the UPDATE-folder you just created. (Basically, it should look like this, "PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP") Insert the USB-Flash-Drive into your PS3. (Are these steps getting too difficult for you ? Only 1 left) Install the PUP-Update, via your PS3-XMB, just like it was an official-update. (PS3 XMB\Settings\System Update\Update via Media Storage) NOTE: The update should fail and display the Base-Factory-Firmware for your PS3. (The number given is the lowest-firmware you can install on your PS3)
    by UniqueUserName 

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  18. multiMAN

    Gestor de copias de seguridad de juegos, películas AVHD y Bluray para PS3 creado por Dean.
    También incorpora un servidor FTP, así como un gestor de archivos y un navegador web.

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  19. Nor Inspector

    I was working on this application for a little while now. By its release, it doesnt mean others should stop their work.
    Keep up the good work !
    Coded in C# - Requires .NET Framework 2.0
    * Drag'n'drop your dumps! * Drag'n'drop Core OS / Revoke Package to replace! * Diplay of general informations  * Additional reverse engineering related information * Tree View of your Nor Dump * Extract Option for contents * Verification of Operating System Files * Hex-Region Viewer * Byte reverse dumps supported * Error Logging in Status-Tab (OK/ERR)   "The Tab is green, the dump is clean!" Greetings:
    + ps3devwiki people for their hard work and still updating every day ! (so much names i cant write them all, you know who you are ! :o)
    P.S.: This is just the beginning. I'm planning to add alot more stuff. To be continued....

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  20. OpenPS3FTP

    OpenPS3FTP is an open source ftp server for the PS3. It has an implementation of most
    ftp commands and also supports most ftp clients. It has some compliance to the ftp RFC.
    To compile the source, you will need the PSL1GHT homebrew SDK installed on your computer.
    Version 1 of the SDK is required to compile versions prior to v2.2, and version 2 of the
    SDK is required for v2.2 and later.
    Default login details:
    - username: root
    - any password is accepted unless if the passwd file (containing the password) exists
    Source code git: http://git.dashhacks.com/openps3ftp
    License: GPL (version 3)
    Follow me on Twitter: @jjolano
    Visit my homebrew website: http://jjolano.dashhacks.com
    Support me by donating: http://bit.ly/gmzGcI
    Thanks for using this program!
    Get a chance to win some prize money for being a dashhacks fan! Follow @dashhacks on Twitter!
    Visit http://dashhacks.com for more details.

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  21. OpenSplit

    This little tool lets you split the BIG files (bigger than 4GB) in your games on your PC, so that you can use them with Open Manager 1.0 for the ps3.
    * How do I use it? *
    Press "(->) Split BIG files to .666xx" in order to select a folder with your games. OpenSplit then will search the folder and all its subfolders for BIG files and split them according to Open Manager 1.0. All game folders that contained BIG files will be renamed accordingly. (example -> "BCESXXX" to "_BCESXXX") Press "(<-) Merge .666xx files to BIG" in order to select a folder with your games. OpenSplit then will search the folder and all its subfolders for .666xx files and merge them to BIG files. All game folders that contained .666xx files will be renamed accordingly. (example -> "_BCESXXX" to "BCESXXX") Check the checkbox "Don't delete splitted BIG / merged .666xx files" if you want to keep both BIG and .666xx files. You can choose your whole GAMEZ directory, then all games will be processed.
    An important issue: PLEASE DON'T TRY TO MERGE .666xx FILES ON A FAT32 HDD! There files can't be bigger than 4 GB! You will only encounter errors!
    v1.0 - Initial release v1.1 - Bug corrected (files could not be deleted). & Slight improvement of stability. v1.2 - Now the chosen folder doesn't return to "default" after one job done. Added a soundeffect when job complete. Buttons look better. Enjoy!
    by Fejwin

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  22. Overflow CFW 4.83

    Overflow 4.83 v1 standard cex edition IMPORTANT NOTE: Ccapi (console manager) uninstalls when you install new cfw so make sure you have your cid saved if ccapi is set to change your cid at boot. If you already have Webman setting your cid keep a copy before updating. Features of this cfw... * Built from 4.83 ofw * LV0- All security checks disabled * LV0- AppLdr patched to disable sig checks on pkgs * LV1- Disabled lv2 protection * LV1- Disabled Hash Checks * LV1- Added Peek & Poke * Lv1- Added mmap-function 114 * Lv1- ACL checks removed * LV2- Added Peek & Poke * LV2- Lv1 peek & poke support * Games with 4.83 keys and lower will start * RED SCREEN OF DEATH Bypass * Added app/home * Added option to xmb Install Packages with three paths (USB or HDD or DOWNLOAD to usb option) * Warning message disabled for faster boot time * Update from any cfw up to 4.83 and 3.55 ofw * Toggle qa all cfw inside cfw for convenience * QA flag compatable * Both dex and cex packages supported * React psn compatability * Visual updated * Cinavia protection disabled for disc and hdd * Some trophy sync errors removed/bypassed * Remote play supported on non Son# product * ingame screenshots supported * psp drm checks disabled * Removed annoying singstar icon * Full blu ray and dvd support * fselfs are native (debug/dex files like eboots run) * Added option to visit you tube channels and websites (pre selected some helpful ones like psx place, ngu and ps3hax) * Added download and install to what's new in psn column (updated packages will be sent to the ps3 when they are available, option in boxed tools to clear cache and check for updates will update download list) Massive thanks to PS3 Extra and devil_303 :) * Added Restart System options to power options in xmb user column Tested on: DECH-A00A CECH-A00 CECH-A01 DECH-A00A CECH-C03 CECH-G04 DECH-J00A CECH-L04 CECH-2003a CECH-2103b CECH-2503b All worked flawless with no problem. If you have some sort of problem just contact me on fb. **************HOW TO INSTALL*************** Your ps3 must be jailbroken or must have just been flashed with a hardware flasher to install cfw. Make sure your usb is formatted to fat 32. 1. Create a folder on your usb called PS3. (in capitals) 2. Inside the PS3 folder make another folder called UPDATE. (in capitals) 3. Put the PS3UPDAT.PUP file inside the UPDATE folder. 4. Put your usb into your ps3 and go to the settings column, go to system update and update via storage media. ***************HOW I GO ONLINE************** IF COBRA DEX. 1. start ps3. 2. Use any homebrew apps your gonna use like multiman or rebug toolbox (Dex users must set the cid in lv2 memory, webman does this at boot up if you set it to). 3. load game to xmb with WEBMAN or put disc in. 4. press R2 and triangle to wipe history and disable cfw system calls. (R2 and triangle do the same job as ps ninja and psn patch) 5. start game and/or sign in. IF COBRA CEX. 1. start ps3. 2. Use any homebrew apps your gonna use like multiman. 3. load game to xmb with WEBMAN or put disc in. 4. press R2 and triangle to wipe history and disable cfw system calls. (R2 and triangle do the same job as ps ninja and psn patch) 5. start game and/or sign in. IF NON COBRA 1. start ps3. 2. Use any homebrew apps your gonna use like multiman. 3. load game to xmb or put disc in. 4. Open psn patch and disable cfw system calls. (psn patch does the same job as ps ninja, deletes history at exit) 5. start game and/or sign in. Don't hate cuz I've been on psn with cfw for 5 years and never been console banned, up to you how you want to do it. If you have problem loading a game from hard drive, open multiman, highlight the game and press triangle for options, select bd mirror and internal options then select permissions, then press x on the game to load it to xmb (must have a game disc in). ....GO TO ps3updat.com FOR NEWS AND SUPPORT.... Visit the overflow page for updated and new packages such as my xmb editor. IMPORTANT NOTE: I only use facebook, ngu and portal centric, psx place and sometimes psn. I only ever go by the name Bobby Downgrades, if you come accross the name on a site other than those it's probably not me and if the name is not "Bobby Downgrades" IT'S NOT ME. If in doubt contact me on facebook or through ps3updat.com. **************CREDITS AND THANKS**************** SHOUT OUTS IN NO ORDER... Rogero Zofmodz Habib Evilnat Enstone Karakoto Graf Chokolo Hermes Estwald The rebug team The ita team Aldo vargas REDdOT Haxxen NzV dark jiros Dean k Joonie Judges Naehrwert Waninkoko If I missed anyone out, no dissrespect meant.

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  23. PeXploit

    How to use PeXploit
    1) get a copy of your PS3 backup  2) Open PeXploit and select PeXploit 3) Click on Select backup and locate your backup 4) Select pkg ( i would use rebug Toolbox) 5) make sure it read the usernumber someetimes it does this automatically if not then you have to find out the user number just click whats this  6) Patch and Go ( remeber it will patch it to the bsame backup files) 7) copy it back to your hard drive or usb and follow steps bellow
    How to run it 
    1) install official firmware 4.82 2) quick format under settings 3) inject ps3 pkg rebug toolbox only for now your backup and then onces its patch restore it onto your ps3. ( it says it fails it doesnt matter along as you get the rebuild database it thats fine, you dont need to reformat the hard drive otherwise you have to do the rocess again. 4) go to http://www.ps3xploit.com/writer/index_nor.html and right the flash_482.hex file on the ps3 once it done turn off ps3 and tun it back 5) Now your done you can run homebrew check rebug toolbox out and you can ftp into it you can swap debug settings to get that also.

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  24. PeXploit Lite

    PeXploit Lite is the lite version of pexploit. It Installs pkg file one OFW 4.66+ .
    It uses kakarot's ps3xport to do all the major work
    Bonus No Need For Your IDPS.bin
    *Initial Release *Added Bubble Install Method Works Best With C00 *Same As PeXploit *better Speed *Installs pkg's without need of idps.bin *Half The Speed Of PeXploit

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  25. PKG Linker

    PKG Linker is a PC application that is used to serve packages to CFW/HAN enabled PS3s, it utilizes a webserver to fool the PS3 into thinking it is downloading the package from Sony servers.
    Using this method to install a package, gets around the 4GB maximum filesize limitations of fat32, normally faced when using external storage devices.
    With PKG Linker there is no limit. With a wired network its quick too, I have transferred a 15GB package in under 20 minutes. It should work over wifi, but that same 15GB package could take 10 hours or more.
    New Features
    Complete GUI overhaul Better error handling for corrupt pkgs Saveable settings Server control and better server error handling Better IP/adaptor detection Better port control, now settings controls app and server Minimise to tray Tray notifications for important actions Tray controls while app is minimized PS3 side server controls via new server setup item on the XMB. Now detects package signing type and lists it in the app and on the XMB Ping Tool for checking PS3 is reachable in direct connection situations PS3Xploit Resigner Tool - all packages in unsigned folder can be signed with one click Warnings when packages in folder have changed but pkg list not updated. Warning when port has been changed but server not restarted. Auto list generation when its required, like after saving new settings. Theme settings, colors, Light/Dark. Help section with trouble shooting for connection problems

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