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Anonymous CFW 4.86 Cobra 8.2

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If you Try to Install this Update file on OFW/HFW ,HAN/HEN PS3 System, Unexploited with PS3Xploit Flash Writer or Bguerville Toolset
you will End Up with the famous error code 8002F957 meaning you can't install this update as your ps3 is not jailbreaked yet.

All PS3 Models to Know if they are Jailbreakble or Not :

  •  For CFW Compatible Fat NAND Consoles
    •   CECHA
    •   CECHB
    •   CECHC
    •   CECHE
    •   CECHG
  •  For CFW Compatible NOR Consoles
    • Fat :
      •   CECHH
      •   CECHJ
      •   CECHK
      •   CECHL
      •   CECHM
      •   CECHP
      •   CECHQ  
    • Slim: 
      •   20XX
      •   21XX
      •   25XX (Must check with MinVerCheckr)
        • If lowest firmware the PS3 can go back to is 3.56 or Lower then it is CFW Compatible 
        • If lowest firmware the PS3 can go back to is 3.60 or Higher then it is not CFW Compatible 

 UnJailbreakble Slim 25XX,3XXX and Super Slim 4XXX can have PS3HEN that offer most functions of CFW on OFW/HFW System
** To be sure of Minimum version the PS3 can go back to use MinVerChecker don't depend on SKU Model or DataCode as the PS3 can refubrished in factory and they change  to metldr2 (which cannot be jailbroken) and 3.60 or Higherversion,Replaced motherboard...etc

How to install this CFW PUP ??? :

  1. Plug USB Drive or External Hard Drive which is formatted with FAT32 file system
  2. Create new folder Called PS3 in root of Drive (PS3 is case sensative so name it PS3 not ps3)
  3. Inside PS3 folder create new folder named UPDATE (same as for PS3 its case sensative so UPDATE not update)
  4. Now Copy downloaded PUP file "Anonymous CFW 4.86 Cobra 8.2.PUP" to PS3\UPDATE\ and rename it to "PS3UPDAT.PUP"

** If your PS3 read your Drive and say no applicable data found then check your Computer setting ,the extension of file is hidden so when you name it to PS3UPDAT.PUP in fact its a PS3UPDAT.PUP.PUP so remove .PUP so the file will be PS3UPDAT even if you don't see the .PUP its already there 


CFW Features:
★ Built from the base of an Official Frimware 4.86
★ PSN/SEN Accessibility even If new $ONY Release new Update online will still work and no need for Update
★ Can be installed from any CFW CEX and OFW 4.82+ using Bguerville Toolset
★ Better System stability
★ Cobra 8.2 Added
★ QA Flag enabled if already enabled, so it is possible to downgrade to any FW version
★ Install All Packages Fixed (No more error 8002AE32)
★ There is Two Stage2 file one is stage2.cex (release type) and other is stage2.cex.debug (which is used for debug logs and output using socat)  
  1- To debug you must rename stage2.cex in " dev_blind/louay/cobra/ " to stage2.cex.release then   
  2- Rename stage2.cex.debug to stage2.cex
★ Compatibility PS1, PS2, ISO PSP, PSP Mini,PSP Remastered
★ ISO Support: PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/DVD/BluRay (Splitted ISO support on FAT32 drives)
★ Network Support: PS1/PS3/DVD/BluRay/PKGs
★ Compatibility ReactPSN last version
★ RSOD Screen Bypass(Red Screen of the Death)
★ Disable Search for Update on the Game Disc
★ Recovery (Safe Mode): Prevent accidental OFW update while on Recovery mode
★ App_home Deleted (Not necessary thanks to Virtuel BlueRay icon that is create by Cobra Payload,in the past there was games that require a disc to be in drive to use as cd boot to play games like god of war 3 or god of war ascension but now with cobra no need for that anymore)
★ Package Manager
★ Enhanced Compatibility and Improvement of Remote Play
★ CPU Cell / GPU RSX Temperature Now Appear on XMB in the Game While Playing PS2 Games
  - Appldr: LV2 memory hash check is disabled
  - LV0: All Loders security checks are disabled
  - LV0: Disable LV1LDR LV0 descrambling 
  - LV1: Disable System Integrity Check
  - LV1: CoreOS hash check fix to prevent brick no-Dehashed consoles
  - LV1: Disable PS2 LV2 protection  
  - LV1: Peek&Poke Added
  - LV1: ACL Checks Completely Disabled
  - LV1: Remove LV2 protection  
  - LV1: Adding the mmap Undocumented function 114  
  - LV1: Disable Health Check in System Manager
  - LV1: Peek&Poke Syscall 182 and 183  
  - LV1: Allow mapping of any memory area  
  - LV2: Allow execution of any LV2 internal function (Syscall 15) 
  - LV2: Syscall 11 : Cobra lv1 Peek  
  - LV2: LV2 to support LV1 Peek and Poke Syscall
  - LV2: LV1 Peek&Poke system calls (Syscall 8 and 9)  
  - LV2: Syscall 36  
  - LV2: Disable the ECDSA NPDRM Control  
  - LV2: QA Patch Flag
  - LV2: Peek and Poke Syscall 6 and 7  
  - LV2: LV1 CALL Syscall 10  
  - LV2: Peek&Poke  
  - LV2: FSELF (Fake Signed ELF)
  - Allow modification on Syscall 6/7/8/9/10/11/15
  - VSH: Disable PSP DRM Check  
  - VSH: Allow unsigned applications  
  - VSH: Allow unsigned act.dat and * .rif files (PSX, PS2, PSN games)  
  - VSH: correction of the missing act.dat after reboot
  - VSH: Game screenshot and XMB  
  - VSH: Launching FSelfs  
  - VSH: All ECDSA Checks Completely Disabled  
  - PS3MAPI support : allows you to attach process on both CEX/DEX via its own API app
★ Backup Protection Removal (Add full PS3 Backup support on all multiMAN/sMAN/webMAN,IRIS manager forks and ManaGunz)
★ Games with 4.86 and lower key works
★ Edited Boot Message (Epilepsy Warning) (For those who have problem my number on WhatsApp and Facebook account is there )
★ CINAVIA protection Fully Disabled
★ Homebrew Store compatibility (Downloading debug signed packages is now available on retail CFW)
★ Fixation of PKG PSP DRM, PSX and Blue Ray ISO
★ Support to start all burned optical media support for PS1/PS3 Games on All models 
★ Fix Homebrew Blocker (blocks homebrew access while Syscalls are disabled)
★ Cex, Dex and HAN PKG are supported (Install HAN Signed PKG with no need to use HAN Enabler)
★ Auto-Unlock C00 Demo Games
★ ECDSA control on EDAT Deactivated (allow all unsigned pkg)
★ Supports webMan Mod
★ HAN Toolbox Compatibility/Supports
★ Optional Graphics Modes can be installed

This CFW is created by LOU@Y KH@LED from Tunisia and Allows you to play online.

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