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nxdumptool (ex gcdumptool) 1.1.5

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Nintendo Switch Dump Tool

Main features

  • Generates full Cartridge Image dumps (XCI) with optional certificate removal and optional trimming.
  • Generates installable Nintendo Submission Packages (NSP) from base applications, updates and DLCs stored in the inserted game card, SD card and eMMC storage devices.
  • Compatible with multigame carts.
  • CRC32 checksum calculation for XCI/NSP dumps.
  • Full XCI dump verification using XML database from NSWDB.COM (NSWreleases.xml).
  • XML database and in-app update via libcurl.
  • Precise HFS0 raw partition dumping, using the root HFS0 header from the game card.
  • HFS0 partition file data dumping.
  • HFS0 partition file browser with manual file dump support.
  • Program NCA ExeFS section file data dumping.
  • Program NCA ExeFS section file browser with manual file dump support.
  • Program NCA RomFS section file data dumping.
  • Program NCA RomFS section file browser with manual file dump support.
  • Manual game card certificate dump.
  • Free SD card space checks in place.
  • File splitting support for all operations.
  • Game card metadata retrieval using NCM and NS services.
  • Dump speed calculation, ETA calculation and progress bar.
  • Operations related to installed SD/eMMC titles require a keys file located at "sdmc:/switch/prod.keys". Use Lockpick_RCM to generate it.

Thanks to

  • MCMrARM, for creating the original application.
  • RSDuck, for their vba-next-switch port. It's UI menu code was taken as a basis for this application.
  • Foen, for giving me some pretty good hints about how to use the NCM service.
  • Yellows8, for helping me fix a silly bug in my implementation of some NCM service IPC calls.
  • Björn Samuelsson, for his public domain CRC32 checksum calculation code for C (crc32_fast.c).
  • AnalogMan, for his constant support and ideas.
  • The folks from ReSwitched, for working towards the creation of a good homebrew ecosystem.

by DarkMatterCore.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.1.5


  • Built with latest libnx release, in order to fix HID problems under HOS 9.0.0+.
  • Added support for Korean and Chinese character sets.
  • Added browsing/dumping support for RomFS sections in Data NCAs from DLCs.
    • Compatible with orphan DLCs (Y button) as well.
  • Output directories for ExeFS/RomFS operations are now properly tagged as "(BASE)", "(UPD)" or "(DLC)" (RomFS only), depending on the title type being processed.
  • Some measures have been taken to help speed up dumping operations:
    • CPU boost mode type 1 is now used with appletSetCpuBoostMode - only effective under HOS 7.0.0+!
    • Removed the need for dynamic memory allocations in NCA AES-CTR block decryption/encryption steps.
    • Although these changes get me some extra ~4 MiB/s in most operations, keep in mind this doesn't do much to help with RomFS dumps from titles with lots of (small) file entries. Even so, although the calculated ETA can sometimes be discouraging, the dump most likely won't take that much time - just let the process advance until it hits bigger files. Sequential write speeds for the inserted SD card still play a huge role in these cases.
  • Moved base output directory from "sdmc:/nxdumptool/" to "sdmc:/switch/nxdumptool/". Both the NSWreleases.xml file and the NRO binary are also expected to be inside this directory.

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