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RR (RetroReloaded CFW) 4.12

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This is a CFW for Switch based on already existant CFW like, Atmosphere, ReiNX, and SX OS.

This package will allow you to boot a CFW like a Boot Manager. This is a solution All In One. ( AIO )

Use Volume + , Volume - to move across the CFWs available and choose the one you want pressing Power. Touch support is incoming.


1.- Just download the latest release, extract it overwriting the existing files in your microSD.

2.- Boot using one of the next choices.

Option 1:

You will find the file payload.bin in the root of the microSD files. This package provides that file. Copy that file into your Desktop PC computer.

Using a payload injector, like TegraRCMGui, points the file browser to the payload.bin file. Connect an USB-C cable to link your Switch to your PC. Enter into RCM mode. If you don't know how to do that you will have to look for further info. That's not covered here.

Option 2:

You also can use R4i Dongle. Just using the official download link:


Connect your dongle to your PC using microUSB cable. Set it to Flash mode by pressing twice the button in the dongle. When you do that you will be able to browse the dongle folder. Drag & drop the new UF2 file downloaded from the link you used before. When the flash writing has finished the dongle folder will be closed automatically. You're ready to use. Use your jig, use your dongle. Enter into RCM and you will see the menu.


Boot Manager

You're ready to choose your CFW. Depending on your desires, you can boot one of the three existing flavours.

First choice:


Currently 0.8.4.

Firmwares supported: 1.0.0 - 7.0.0 / 7.0.1

Included support for playing to Super Lan Play. You can play with your Switch, even if it's banned, with other players, in multiplayer.

It's not the official online service.

Second choice:


Currently 2.0

Firmwares supported: 1.0.0 - 6.2.0

Included support for playing to Super Lan Play. You can play with your Switch, even if it's banned, with other players, in multiplayer.

It's not the official online service.

Third choice:


Currently: It depends on the boot.dat file you copy in the boot of your microSD. Remember to copy your license.dat file also.

Firmware supported: 1.0.0 - 6.2.0

You can play in Super Lan Play service, as the other CFW. KIP patch was also included in SX OS.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.12



This release fixes an issue that makes the reboot button be shown at the end of the auto update procedure.


  • Updated: SX Autoloader 1.30 ( Enabled by default. There will be a new setting to enable and disable in a new RetroReloaded release )
  • Updated: SX Installer 3.02:
    • Fixed issue creating dropbox directories.
    • Fixed issue not being able to b-button-exit when using title override instead of forwarder.
    • Fixed occasional crash when trying to install games that have corrupted metadata.
    • Added support for 9.1.0.
    • General font and translation improvements.
    • Added option to preload icons.
    • Added Help section.
    • Added "Recommended" section.
    • Added Parental Mode to make app safe for young children.
    • Changed game save backup format to store game saves in zip files (much faster syncs to gdrive).
    • Disabled sleep when backing up all game saves.
    • Added ability to set comments on game save files.
    • Improved Retroarch rom loading.
    • Rom icon's are now loaded automatically.


  • Fixed: Error 2021-0004 when using SX OS with Sys-con (latest version).
  • Updated: Incognito RCM supporting Firmware 9.1.0 ( tested and working ).
  • Updated: ReiNX with 9.1.0 firmware supported.
  • Emunand supported. Use the RetroReloaded emunand switch in the boot screen. It is now valid for Atmosphere & ReiNX. Emunand On/Off.
  • Sys-con supported.
  • Hombrew Tested.
  • Games tested.
  • Sigpatches included.
  • Notes: If you experience an error 2016-0247, which means imposible to read SD card when using emunand, probably you've got your emummc.ini file corrupt. Open it using Notepad, and remove lines with weird characters. Save and close. Reboot, and it should be fixed.


  • Updated: Sys-con 0.5.0 Added DualShock 4 support.


  • Fixed: An issue that didn't allow to launch any of the tools ( Hekate, incognito ....)
  • Fixed: Back to RR feature in Incognito RCM restored.bueno

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