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SX OS 2.8 beta

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SX OS is our revolutionary Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch.

Works On (Almost) Every Switch

SX OS Works with every Nintendo Switch console released before June 2018 out there. On every firmware version! If in doubt, please check here if your switch is compatible.

Play All Games!

With SX OS you can play all your favorite games straight off of the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch.

Homebrew Games & Apps

Using SX OS homebrew menu launcher you can enjoy all the quality games and software by independent developers.

Continued Support

We're actively working to bring more exciting functionality to SX OS. Customers are eligible for free lifetime support and updates.

Backwards Compatible

Using the SX OS Launcher you can easily boot into the normal Nintendo Switch firmware to enjoy your original games.

Team Xecuter




Que novedades incluye la versión 2.8 beta


We are back with another update for SX OS. As you probably all know, one of our top priorities is to ensure that existing users can continue to benefit from SX OS.
This update provides full compatibility for the recent firmware update 8.1.0.
No more no less. We have some very interesting features that are not yet ready for primetime. And we did not want to make you wait until next September, either.
So what are you waiting for? The beta version of SX OS 2.8 is available for download on our website now! (and through the built-in online update part of SX OS, of course)

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