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Hekate - CTCaer mod 5.0.2

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Custom Nintendo Switch bootloader, firmware patcher, and more.

This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools. No more SD card removals.

Que novedades incluye la versión 5.0.2


  • Full support for 9.0.0
  • Fixed SaltyNX for emuMMC 8.x.x
  • There was an issue with fs mitm patches where it caused hangs for SaltyNX and various plugins like ReverseNX.
  • Add support for forced AutoBoot via id key - Android reboot
  • You can now add id=max7char to your boot entries and hekate can be instructed to autoboot via only this.
  • This will be helpfull especially with many Linux distros and Android (id=SWRANDR).
  • AutoNOGC protection for fatal errors in emuMMC
  • NOGC will now be applied automatically when fuses are >= 9.0.0 and emuMMC is less than that.
  • And like always, the classic AutoNOGC was updated for lower fuses than 9.0.0.
  • Streamline power cycles for Sandisk U1 SDR104
  • No more hangs because of this.
  • Fix CPU/GPU on warmboot reboot from Linux/Android
  • Allow critical info to be shown when a fatal error occurs while AutoBooting HOS
  • Now, before booting Nyx right away, it will show the error message and wait for a button press briefly.
  • Add exosphere/kernel no user exceptions handler cfg
  • And many other bugfixes

Nyx v0.8.2 Changelog:

  • 9.0.0 support for info and tools
  • Fix AutoBoot list for inis (More configs)
  • You can now select a cfg from ini folder for autobooting
  • Update AutoRCM status when a eMMC restore occurs
  • Add Fix Archive bit support for emuMMC folders
  • Fix eMMC split restore when < 10 parts
  • (FYI nyx supports splits that are 4MB aligned. Only last part is allowed to be unaligned.)
  • Do not hide delay time option (for bootlogo) when AutoBoot is off
  • And many other bugfixes

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