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NXPayload Converter 1.10

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NXPayload Converter is a program that allows you to create boot.dat files from Nintendo Switch payload files (.bin).

How can I use the program?

  • Download the latest version of NXPayload Converter
  • Place the executable and your .bin files in the same folder
  • Run the program

The corresponding files will be generated into the generated folder.


  • Flat Icons - Author of the rocket icon
  • CTCaer - Author of the original script written in Python
  • Pharuxtan - Author of the conversion of the original script to JavaScript

by MurasakiNX.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.10


  • Added node-fetch module to fetch files online.
  • Added Zoria to the authors of the program.
  • Added a system to put links in a links.txt.
  • Fixing some issues, and rewriting the texts.

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