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Python 3.8.2

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Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.8.2   See changelog



  • Core and Builtins
    • Fix a use-after-free in the single inheritance path of issubclass(), when the __bases__ of an object has a single reference, and so does its first item. Patch by Yonatan Goldschmidt.
    • Document all possibilities for the -X options in the command line help section. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  • Library
    • Remove obsolete check for __args__ in bdb.Bdb.format_stack_entry.
    • Fix a regression where the C pickle module wouldn’t allow unpickling from a file-like object that doesn’t expose a readinto() method.
    • Fix a regression in ArgumentParser where allow_abbrev=False was ignored for long options that used a prefix character other than “-“.
    • Implement PEP-489 algorithm for non-ascii “PyInit_…” symbol names in distutils to make it export the correct init symbol also on Windows.
  • Documentation
    • The language reference now specifies restrictions on class namespaces. Adapted from a patch by Ethan Furman.
    • Updated documentation of total flag of TypeDict.
    • In pyclbr doc, update ‘class’ to ‘module’ where appropriate and add readmodule comment. Patch by Hakan Çelik.
  • IDLE
    • Add tests for pyparse find_good_parse_start().



  • bpo-36216: Changes urlsplit() to raise ValueError when the URL contains characters that decompose under IDNA encoding (NFKC-normalization) into characters that affect how the URL is parsed.
  • bpo-35746: [CVE-2019-5010] Fix a NULL pointer deref in ssl module. The cert parser did not handle CRL distribution points with empty DP or URI correctly. A malicious or buggy certificate can result into segfault. Vulnerability (TALOS-2018-0758) reported by Colin Read and Nicolas Edet of Cisco.
  • bpo-35121: Don’t send cookies of domain A without Domain attribute to domain B when domain A is a suffix match of domain B while using a cookiejar with http.cookiejar.DefaultCookiePolicy policy. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.

Core and Builtins

  • bpo-35942: The error message emitted when returning invalid types from __fspath__ in interfaces that allow passing PathLike objects has been improved and now it does explain the origin of the error.
  • bpo-35992: Fix __class_getitem__() not being called on a class with a custom non-subscriptable metaclass.
  • bpo-35991: Fix a potential double free in Modules/_randommodule.c.
  • bpo-35961: Fix a crash in slice_richcompare(): use strong references rather than stolen references for the two temporary internal tuples.
  • bpo-31506: Clarify the errors reported when object.__new__ and object.__init__ receive more than one argument. Contributed by Sanyam Khurana.
  • bpo-35720: Fixed a minor memory leak in pymain_parse_cmdline_impl function in Modules/main.c
  • bpo-35623: Fix a crash when sorting very long lists. Patch by Stephan Hohe.
  • bpo-35214: clang Memory Sanitizer build instrumentation was added to work around false positives from posix, socket, time, test_io, and test_faulthandler.
  • bpo-35560: Fix an assertion error in format() in debug build for floating point formatting with “n” format, zero padding and small width. Release build is not impacted. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
  • bpo-35552: Format characters %s and %V in PyUnicode_FromFormat() and %s in PyBytes_FromFormat() no longer read memory past the limit if precision is specified.
  • bpo-35504: Fix segfaults and SystemErrors when deleting certain attributes. Patch by Zackery Spytz.
  • bpo-33989: Fix a possible crash in list.sort() when sorting objects with ob_type->tp_richcompare == NULL. Patch by Zackery Spytz.


  • bpo-35931: The pdb debug command now gracefully handles all exceptions.
  • bpo-36251: Fix format strings used for stderrprinter and re.Match reprs. Patch by Stephan Hohe.
  • bpo-35807: Update ensurepip to install pip 19.0.3 and setuptools 40.8.0.
  • bpo-36179: Fix two unlikely reference leaks in _hashopenssl. The leaks only occur in out-of-memory cases.
  • bpo-35178: Ensure custom warnings.formatwarning() function can receive line as positional argument. Based on patch by Tashrif Billah.
  • bpo-36106: Resolve potential name clash with libm’s sinpi(). Patch by Dmitrii Pasechnik.
  • bpo-35512: unittest.mock.patch.dict() used as a decorator with string target resolves the target during function call instead of during decorator construction. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
  • bpo-36091: Clean up reference to async generator in Lib/types. Patch by Henry Chen.
  • bpo-35899: Enum has been fixed to correctly handle empty strings and strings with non-Latin characters (ie. ‘α’, ‘א’) without crashing. Original patch contributed by Maxwell. Assisted by Stéphane Wirtel.
  • bpo-35918: Removed broken has_key method from multiprocessing.managers.SyncManager.dict. Contributed by Rémi Lapeyre.
  • bpo-35960: Fix dataclasses.field() throwing away empty mapping objects passed as metadata.
  • bpo-35847: RISC-V needed the CTYPES_PASS_BY_REF_HACK. Fixes ctypes Structure test_pass_by_value.
  • bpo-35780: Fix lru_cache() errors arising in recursive, reentrant, or multi-threaded code. These errors could result in orphan links and in the cache being trapped in a state with fewer than the specified maximum number of links. Fix handling of negative maxsize which should have been treated as zero. Fix errors in toggling the “full” status flag. Fix misordering of links when errors are encountered. Sync-up the C code and pure Python code for the space saving path in functions with a single positional argument. In this common case, the space overhead of an lru cache entry is reduced by almost half. Fix counting of cache misses. In error cases, the miss count was out of sync with the actual number of times the underlying user function was called.
  • bpo-23846: asyncio.ProactorEventLoop now catches and logs send errors when the self-pipe is full.
  • bpo-34323: asyncio: Enhance IocpProactor.close() log: wait 1 second before the first log, then log every second. Log also the number of seconds since close() was called.
  • bpo-34294: re module, fix wrong capturing groups in rare cases. re.search(), re.findall(), re.sub() and other functions that scan through string looking for a match, should reset capturing groups between two match attempts. Patch by Ma Lin.
  • bpo-35717: Fix KeyError exception raised when using enums and compile. Patch contributed by Rémi Lapeyre.
  • bpo-35699: Fixed detection of Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 in distutils
  • bpo-32710: Fix memory leaks in asyncio ProactorEventLoop on overlapped operation failure.
  • bpo-32710: Fix a memory leak in asyncio in the ProactorEventLoop when ReadFile() or WSASend() overlapped operation fail immediately: release the internal buffer.
  • bpo-35682: Fix asyncio.ProactorEventLoop.sendfile(): don’t attempt to set the result of an internal future if it’s already done.
  • bpo-35283: Add a pending deprecated warning for the threading.Thread.isAlive() method. Patch by Dong-hee Na.
  • bpo-35643: Fixed a SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence in Modules/_sha3/cleanup.py. Patch by Mickaël Schoentgen.
  • bpo-35615: weakref: Fix a RuntimeError when copying a WeakKeyDictionary or a WeakValueDictionary, due to some keys or values disappearing while iterating.
  • bpo-28503: The crypt module now internally uses the crypt_r() library function instead of crypt() when available.
  • bpo-35121: Don’t set cookie for a request when the request path is a prefix match of the cookie’s path attribute but doesn’t end with “/”. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
  • bpo-35585: Speed-up building enums by value, e.g. http.HTTPStatus(200).
  • bpo-21478: Calls to a child function created with unittest.mock.create_autospec() should propagate to the parent. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
  • bpo-35513: TextTestRunner of unittest.runner now uses time.perf_counter() rather than time.time() to measure the execution time of a test: time.time() can go backwards, whereas time.perf_counter() is monotonic.
  • bpo-35502: Fixed reference leaks in xml.etree.ElementTree.TreeBuilder in case of unfinished building of the tree (in particular when an error was raised during parsing XML).
  • bpo-31446: Copy command line that was passed to CreateProcessW since this function can change the content of the input buffer.
  • bpo-20239: Allow repeated assignment deletion of unittest.mock.Mock attributes. Patch by Pablo Galindo.
  • bpo-17185: Set __signature__ on mock for inspect to get signature. Patch by Karthikeyan Singaravelan.
  • bpo-10496: check_environ() of distutils.utils now catches KeyError on calling pwd.getpwuid(): don’t create the HOME environment variable in this case.
  • bpo-35066: Previously, calling the strftime() method on a datetime object with a trailing ‘%’ in the format string would result in an exception. However, this only occured when the datetime C module was being used; the python implementation did not match this behavior. Datetime is now PEP-399 compliant, and will not throw an exception on a trailing ‘%’.
  • bpo-24746: Avoid stripping trailing whitespace in doctest fancy diff. Orignial patch by R. David Murray & Jairo Trad. Enhanced by Sanyam Khurana.
  • bpo-35198: Fix C++ extension compilation on AIX
  • bpo-28441: On Cygwin and MinGW, ensure that sys.executable always includes the full filename in the path, including the .exe suffix (unless it is a symbolic link).
  • bpo-34572: Fix C implementation of pickle.loads to use importlib’s locking mechanisms, and thereby avoid using partially-loaded modules. Patch by Tim Burgess.
  • bpo-33687: Fix the call to os.chmod() for uu.decode() if a mode is given or decoded. Patch by Timo Furrer.
  • bpo-32146: Document the interaction between frozen executables and the spawn and forkserver start methods in multiprocessing.


  • bpo-36083: Fix formatting of –check-hash-based-pycs options in the manpage Synopsis.
  • bpo-34764: Improve example of iter() with 2nd sentinel argument.
  • bpo-21314: A new entry was added to the Core Language Section of the Programming FAQ, which explaines the usage of slash(/) in the signature of a function. Patch by Lysandros Nikolaou
  • bpo-22062: Update documentation and docstrings for pathlib. Original patch by Mike Short.
  • Tests
  • bpo-36234: test_posix.PosixUidGidTests: add tests for invalid uid/gid type (str). Initial patch written by David Malcolm.
  • bpo-29571: Fix test_re.test_locale_flag(): use locale.getpreferredencoding() rather than locale.getlocale() to get the locale encoding. With some locales, locale.getlocale() returns the wrong encoding. On Windows, set temporarily the LC_CTYPE locale to the user preferred encoding to ensure that it uses the ANSI code page, to be consistent with locale.getpreferredencoding().
  • bpo-36123: Fix race condition in test_socket.
  • bpo-27313: Avoid test_ttk_guionly ComboboxTest failure with macOS Cocoa Tk.
  • bpo-36019: Add test.support.TEST_HTTP_URL and replace references of http://www.example.com by this new constant. Contributed by Stéphane Wirtel.
  • bpo-36037: Fix test_ssl for strict OpenSSL configuration like RHEL8 strict crypto policy. Use older TLS version for minimum TLS version of the server SSL context if needed, to test TLS version older than default minimum TLS version.
  • bpo-35505: Make test_imap4_host_default_value independent on whether the local IMAP server is running.
  • bpo-35917: multiprocessing: provide unit tests for SyncManager and SharedMemoryManager classes + all the shareable types which are supposed to be supported by them. (patch by Giampaolo Rodola)
  • bpo-35772: Fix sparse file tests of test_tarfile on ppc64 with the tmpfs filesystem. Fix the function testing if the filesystem supports sparse files: create a file which contains data and “holes”, instead of creating a file which contains no data. tmpfs effective block size is a page size (tmpfs lives in the page cache). RHEL uses 64 KiB pages on aarch64, ppc64, ppc64le, only s390x and x86_64 use 4 KiB pages, whereas the test punch holes of 4 KiB.
  • bpo-35045: Make ssl tests less strict and also accept TLSv1 as system default. The changes unbreaks test_min_max_version on Fedora 29.
  • bpo-31731: Fix a race condition in check_interrupted_write() of test_io: create directly the thread with SIGALRM signal blocked, rather than blocking the signal later from the thread. Previously, it was possible that the thread gets the signal before the signal is blocked.
  • bpo-35424: Fix test_multiprocessing_main_handling: use multiprocessing.Pool with a context manager and then explicitly join the pool.
  • bpo-35519: Rename test.bisect module to test.bisect_cmd to avoid conflict with bisect module when running directly a test like ./python Lib/test/test_xmlrpc.py.
  • bpo-35513: Replace time.time() with time.monotonic() in tests to measure time delta.
  • bpo-34279: test.support.run_unittest() no longer raise TestDidNotRun if the test result contains skipped tests. The exception is now only raised if no test have been run and no test have been skipped.
  • bpo-35412: Add testcase to test_future4: check unicode literal.
  • bpo-26704: Added test demonstrating double-patching of an instance method. Patch by Anthony Sottile.


  • bpo-34691: The _contextvars module is now built into the core Python library on Windows.
  • bpo-35683: Improved Azure Pipelines build steps and now verifying layouts correctly
  • bpo-35642: Remove asynciomodule.c from pythoncore.vcxproj
  • bpo-35550: Fix incorrect Solaris #ifdef checks to look for __sun && __SVR4 instead of sun when compiling.


  • bpo-24643: Fix name collisions due to #define timezone _timezone in PC/pyconfig.h.
  • bpo-35692: pathlib no longer raises when checking file and directory existence on drives that are not ready
  • bpo-35872: Uses the base Python executable when invoking venv in a virtual environment
  • bpo-35873: Prevents venv paths being inherited by child processes
  • bpo-35299: Fix sysconfig detection of the source directory and distutils handling of pyconfig.h during PGO profiling
  • bpo-32560: The py launcher now forwards its STARTUPINFO structure to child processes.
  • bpo-35854: Fix EnvBuilder and –symlinks in venv on Windows
  • bpo-35811: Avoid propagating venv settings when launching via py.exe
  • bpo-35797: Fix default executable used by the multiprocessing module
  • bpo-29734: Fix handle leaks in os.stat on Windows.
  • bpo-35596: Use unchecked PYCs for the embeddable distro to avoid zipimport restrictions.
  • bpo-35596: Fix vcruntime140.dll being added to embeddable distro multiple times.
  • bpo-35402: Update Windows build to use Tcl and Tk 8.6.9
  • bpo-33316: PyThread_release_lock always fails
  • bpo-1104: Correctly handle string length in msilib.SummaryInfo.GetProperty() to prevent it from truncating the last character.


  • bpo-36176: Fix IDLE autocomplete & calltip popup colors. Prevent conflicts with Linux dark themes (and slightly darken calltip background).
  • bpo-36152: Remove colorizer.ColorDelegator.close_when_done and the corresponding argument of .close(). In IDLE, both have always been None or False since 2007.
  • bpo-32129: Avoid blurry IDLE application icon on macOS with Tk 8.6. Patch by Kevin Walzer.
  • bpo-24310: IDLE – Document settings dialog font tab sample.
  • bpo-36096: Refactor class variables to instance variables in colorizer.
  • bpo-35833: Revise IDLE doc for control codes sent to Shell. Add a code example block.
  • bpo-35770: IDLE macosx deletes Options => Configure IDLE. It previously deleted Window => Zoom Height by mistake. (Zoom Height is now on the Options menu). On Mac, the settings dialog is accessed via Preferences on the IDLE menu.
  • bpo-35769: Change IDLE’s new file name from ‘Untitled’ to ‘untitled’
  • bpo-35689: Add docstrings and unittests for colorizer.py.
  • bpo-35660: Fix imports in idlelib.window.
  • bpo-35641: Proper format calltip when the function has no docstring.
  • bpo-33987: Use ttk Frame for ttk widgets.
  • bpo-34055: Fix erroneous ‘smart’ indents and newlines in IDLE Shell.
  • bpo-35591: Find Selection now works when selection not found.
  • bpo-35196: Speed up squeezer line counting.
  • bpo-35598: Update config_key: use PEP 8 names and ttk widgets, make some objects global, and add tests.
  • bpo-28097: Add Previous/Next History entries to Shell menu.
  • bpo-35208: Squeezer now properly counts wrapped lines before newlines.
  • bpo-35555: Gray out Code Context menu entry when it’s not applicable.
  • bpo-35521: Document the IDLE editor code context feature. Add some internal references within the IDLE doc.
  • bpo-22703: The Code Context menu label now toggles between Show/Hide Code Context. The Zoom Height menu now toggles between Zoom/Restore Height. Zoom Height has moved from the Window menu to the Options menu.


  • bpo-35132: Fix py-list and py-bt commands of python-gdb.py on gdb7.


  • bpo-33817: Fixed _PyBytes_Resize() for empty bytes objects.

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