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OBS Studio 29.1.3

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Software libre y de código abierto para grabación de video y transmisión en vivo.

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  • Captura y mezcla sonido/vídeo a tiempo real de alta calidad, con escenas ilimitadas entre las cuales puedes cambiar fácilmente a través transiciones personalizadas.
  • Filtros para fuentes de vídeo como son las máscaras de color, correcciones de color, ajustes de chromas y más.
  • Mezclador de audio intuitivo con filtros predeterminados para las puertas de ruido, supresiones del mismo y balances. Coge las riendas con la ayuda del plugin VST.
  • Opciones de configuración potentes y fáciles de utilizar. Añade nuevas fuentes, duplica las ya existentes, y ajusta sus propiedades sin esfuerzo alguno.
  • Panel de ajustes optimizado para configurar rápidamente tus grabaciones y retransmisiones. Cambia de perfil con facilidad.
  • Escoge de una variedad de transiciones diferentes personalizables para cuando cambies tus escenas
  • Establece accesos rápidos para prácticamente cualquier acción, tal como cambiar entre escenas, iniciar/parar tanto retransmisiones como grabaciones, silenciar las fuentes de audio, pulsar para hablar, y más.
  • Modo Estudiote permite previsualizar tu escena y las fuentes antes de ponerlas en vivo. Ajusta tus escenas y fuentes o añade nuevas y asegúrate de que están perfectas antes que de tus espectadores puedan siquiera verlas.

Que novedades incluye la versión 25.0 RC4   See changelog


25.0 RC3 & RC4

  • Fixed the program sort of, uh, crashing in RC3, and groups not working (my fault)
  • Fixed text/color sources not being backward compatible with older versions
  • Fixed text/color sources from older versions not showing up in "Add Existing" when adding a source
  • Fixed a bug where the hook would sometimes not reacquire when alt-tabbing out of Vulkan-based games (such as Quake 2 RTX)
  • Fixed a bug where some Vulkan-based games would have red and blue inverted when capturing with game capture
  • Fixed a bug where restarting a media source with a hotkey would cause it to repeat multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where some programs (such as VLC) couldn't be captured by game capture
  • Fixed a bug where Logitech StreamCam's auto-rotation feature didn't always work
  • Fixed a bug where game capture could no longer capture Microsoft Store games (such as Sea of Thieves)
  • Fixed a bug where Microsoft Store would not be listed as a capturable window in Window Capture
  • Fixed a bug where newly applied filters wouldn't save correctly, causing them to disappear when switching scenes or hiding the source
  • Fixed a crash when capturing certain Vulkan-based games
  • Fixed another bug when importing streamlabs scene collections
  • Fixed override transition not working in some cases
  • Note: To capture Rainbow 6 in Vulkan mode with the new game capture, you'll need the Y5S1 update of the game

25.0 RC2

  • Fixed a bug when importing streamlabs scene collections with repeated names
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when using the new capture method in window capture and running OBS as admin or when using an older version of Windows 10
  • Fixed a bug where the new capture method in window capture was selectable even when it was unavailable, such as when running on older Windows 10 versions
  • Fixed a bug where SRT output wasn't working properly

25.0 RC1


  • Added the ability to capture Vulkan-based games with game capture. Big thanks to Ubisoft for the help! [Littlematth/jpark37/Jim]
    • Note: Currently may not work with Rainbow 6 Siege until the game is updated to support the new hook
  • Added a new capture method to window capture which allows capturing browsers, browser-based windows, and Microsoft Store (UWP) programs [jpark37]
    • By default, it will use "Automatic", which will use the normal method on most windows, and the new method on browsers, browser-based windows, and Microsoft Store (UWP) programs
    • The downside of the new method is that it can cause a bit of cursor lag, as well as a highlighted border around the captured window
    • You can choose which capture method to use in window capture properties
  • Implemented browser plugin on Linux [bazukas/cg2121]
  • Added advanced scene collection importing (on the menu bar, Scene Collection -> Import) which allows you to import from other common streaming programs [Dillon]
  • Added Media source hotkeys to allow control of playback (stop/pause/play/restart) [cg2121]
    • For now, these are just hotkeys. User interface for this is also planned for future updates
  • Added the ability to drag and drop URLs to create browser sources (after displaying a confirmation prompt to ensure it was by intention) [WizardCM]
    • Developers can add an embed to their web pages that let them pre-specify parameters that automatically get set in the source when it's dragged into OBS. See this link for more details: https://wizardcm.github.io/OBS-Drag-Demo/
  • Added T-bar to studio mode [cg2121]
  • Added support for the SRT protocol [boxerab]
  • Added a button grid mode to the scenes list, which can be toggled via right-clicking on the scenes list [Dillon]
  • Added ability to lock volume values of audio sources via their right-click context menu in the mixer [cg2121]
  • Added source icons to the source list that give a more visible indication of their function (can be disabled in the View menu) [cg2121]
  • Added support for cube LUT files in the LUT filter [jpark37]
  • Added an option to show all audio sources to advanced audio settings [exeldro]
  • Added an option to use percent rather than dB in advanced audio properties via right-clicking items in the window [cg2121]
  • Added a button to save replay buffer next to the replay buffer button (similar to the pause button on the recording button) [cg2121]
  • Added support for certain devices that can automatically rotate their camera output such as the Logitech StreamCam [Jim]
  • Added the ability to change the projector type to the projector's right-click context menu [cg2121]
  • Added the ability to copy/paste multiple selected sources [torresam]
  • Added an option to enable/disable BTTV and/or FFZ chat extensions when connecting your Twitch account in the stream section of settings [Rodney]
  • Added a system tray icon to show when the recording is paused [Programatic]
  • Added a "Custom Quantization Matrix" option to QSV encoder (available on Ice Lake or newer) [brittneysclark]
  • Added an option to toggle looping to the scroll filter [Dillon]
  • Added a "Fade to Black" option for quick transitions in studio mode [cg2121]
  • Added string specifiers to the Filename Formatting option in advanced settings which allows you to specify certain certain settings such as resolution and FPS to recording filenames [exeldro]
  • Added a hotkey to reset the stats window/panel [cg2121]
  • Video settings now shows aspect ratio of canvas and output resolutions [cg2121]


  • Fixed an issue where window capture could select an unintended window when opening its properties [Jim/Dillon]
  • Fixed browser source not loading files with a hash character in the path [Dillon]
  • Fixed a bug where importing profiles didn't work correctly in portable mode [WizardCM]
  • Fixed a bug where resizing docks wouldn't work when hotkeys were disabled while OBS is focused [WizardCM]
  • Fixed a bug where preview wasn't fully disabled when minimized [R1CH]
  • Fixed a bug where the program could crash on startup if the system had flash installed on it [R1CH/Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where the media source could sometimes lock up on a frame [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where Twitch browser panels would not use dark theme the first time they run [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where the recording audio bitrate would be too low when using a custom recording quality in simple output mode [Fenrir]
  • Fixed a crash when entering large resolutions in video settings [cg2121]
  • Fixed a crash with PulseAudio on Linux [cg2121]
  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks [jpark37]
  • Fixed an issue where the program would not let you know that the recording path was invalid [Lqlsoftware]
  • Increased default size of color source to the size of the canvas [cg2121]
  • Increased default size of text in text sources [cg2121]
  • Increased the rate at which window capture would try to reacquire a window once lost [R1CH]
  • Increased the number of files you can open with the image slideshow at once [Jim]
  • Added various minor performance improvements [jpark37]
  • The mask filter will now reload the mask automatically if the mask file has been modified [omkelderman]
  • The browser source now uses a monospace font for the custom CSS property [WizardCM]

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