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Apollo Save Tool 1.5.8

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Apollo Save Tool is an application to manage save-game files on the PlayStation 3.

The apollo-ps3 homebrew app allows to download, unlock, patch and resign save-game files directly on your PS3.


  • Easy to use: no crypto-key configuration or advanced setup needed.
  • Standalone: no computer required, everything happens on the PS3.
  • Save files listing: quick access to all the save files on USB and the internal PS3 HDD (+ file details)
  • Save SFO unlocking: allows the user to remove the copy-lock flag, enabling transfer of Copying Prohibited save files.
  • Save PFD resigning: allows the user to resign save files made by other users and consoles.
  • Save downloading: access to an Online Database of save-game files to download straight to your PlayStation.
  • Automatic settings: auto-detection of PSID and Account-ID settings.





Setup instructions

No special setup is needed. Just download the latest apollo-ps3.pkg package and install it on your PlayStation 3. On first run, the application will detect and setup the required user settings.


Using the application is simple and straight-forward:

  • Move UP/DOWN to select the save-game file you want to patch, and press X button. The patch screen will show the available fixes for the file. Select the patches and click Apply.
  • To see the item's details, press Square. It will open the context menu on the screen. Press O button to return to the list.
  • To reload the list, press Triangle.
  • Press left (L1/L2) or right trigger buttons (R1/R2) to move pages up or down.


  • USB saves: your files must be placed on /dev_usb000/PS3/SAVEDATA/ or /dev_usb001/PS3/SAVEDATA/.
  • HDD saves: files will be scanned from /dev_hdd0/home/000000XX/savedata/, where XX is the current User ID.

Online Database

The application also provides direct access to the Apollo online database of save-game files for PlayStation 3 games. These usually offer additional features such as completed games that can save you many hours of playing.

Currently, the list of available games and files is limited, but the project aims to add more save-games shared by the community.

Note: Downloaded save files must be resigned using Apollo before loading them in your games.


Where I can get a save-game for XYZ game?

You can check sites like Brewology.com, and GameFAQs. Also, searching on Google might help.

I have a save-game file that I want to share. How can I upload it?

If you have a save file that is not currently available on the Online Database and want to share it, please check this link for instructions.

Why is it called Apollo?

Apollo was the twin brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunt. Since this project was born using the Artemis-GUI codebase, I decided to respect that heritage by calling it Apollo.


  • Bucanero: Project developer
  • Dnawrkshp: Artemis GUI code
  • Berion: Artemis GUI design
  • flatz: SFO/PFD tools

by bucanero.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.5.8



  • Added Trophy edit support
    • Unlock trophies
    • Lock trophies (if not synced)
  • Added bulk trophy export to .Zip
  • Added custom checksum support
    • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
  • Improved file copy to USB


  • Fixed account_id update (special case)

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