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ps4debug 1.1

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This is a debugger for the PlayStation 4. Yes thats right! Look around and you will find some very useful tools online or on the PS4 Source Discord channel. Anything is possible, except kernel mode debugging, which I decided to leave out.

Quickstart Guide

I am going to try to give you a little rundown on how to use ps4debug....

  1. Download Debug Watch or another debugging tool, checkout the discord for downloads
  2. Load the latest version of ps4debug.bin on the console (on the release page)
  3. I recommend just loading ps4debug and your choice of HEN
  4. Start your favorite game!
  5. Attach to the game (or userland process)
  6. Start messing around with your debugging tool, try to find a bug for me!
  7. Make l33t hacks.

Please look at the libdebug folder for a library to use with this payload.

Created by golden, Twitter @cloverleafswag3

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