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Wumiibo 2.0

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Amiibo Emulation for 3ds.

How To Use

  • Put the 0004013000004002 folder in luma/titles/
  • Download the amiibo you want to emulate from here. All this website does is produce a bin file with amiiboID in it, so the produced file can be shared freely!
  • Put the downloaded bins in sd:/wumiibo (Max 50)
  • Enable Title patching from luma menu
  • Open your game and reach to the screen where it tells you to place your amiibo.
  • Press L + DOWN + START to bring up Wumiibo Menu and select the amiibo you wish to emulate.
  • If everything went successfully, your amiibo should be emulated now.

Technical Details

This is a rewrite of the 3ds's nfc module to enable amiibo emulation.


  • @Luigoalma for advising me and for listening to my rants.
  • @HiddenRambings for noamii, which served as a base for me to extend and develop upon.
  • @3dbrew folks for the nicely documented nfc and amiibo pages.
  • @Socram8888 for amiitool, reversing nfc, etc.
  • @Luma3ds devs lots of code has been copied from rosalina
  • thomas, Marcus777, k9999, Mr.Faq, MissingNerd and many others who helped testing wumiibo
  • And surely many more people out there, whom I have forgotten to mention.

by hax0kartik.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0


  • Proper UID assignment and UID Randomization has been added.

    • Wumiibo no longer uses a hardcoded UID for every amiibo. It automatically assigns a new UID to every amiibo.
    • Some games limit users to only one scan of a specific amiibo per 24 hours. By randomizing an amiibo's UID you can overcome this limit.
      NOTE:- This depends on the game's logic, and may not work with every title.
  • Default wumiibo menu button can now be overridden.

    • This can be done by creating a wumiibo.ini file on the root of your sd card. A sample of this file is here.
  • DirectoryLister code has been improved.

    • You can now have upto 49 folders within the wumiibo folder. Inside every folder you can have even more subfolders or amiibos. So if you create your folders properly, there is virtually no limit on how many amiibos you can have at a time.
    • As a bonus feature, if you want to have a dedicated folder for a game, you can give a folder the game's TitleID and put all relevant amiibos in there. For example, for Super Smash Bros EUR, you can create a folder sd:/wumiibo/00040000000EE000 and put the amiibos in there. Wumiibo will automatically open this folder in-game.
  • Various bugs have been fixed and minor improvements have been made.

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