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Universal Updater 3.1.1

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Universal-Updater is a 3DS homebrew that allows easy installation and updating of other 3DS homebrew!

Some features include:

  • Flexible and easy to make scripts
  • Pre-made scripts that anyone can submit available for download from within the app
  • Translated to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
  • Customizable interface colors
  • Get some useful Homebrew apps thanks to the TinyDB implementation








  • Main Developers
    • Epicpkmn11: Helped me with the JSON parsing stuff and a lot more!
    • StackZ: Main Developer of Universal-Updater.
    • Translators
    • _Mapple²: Russian
    • antoine62: French
    • Chips: Portuguese
    • David Pires: Portuguese
    • Epicpkmn11: Japanese
    • lemonnade0: Lithuanian
    • Roby Spia: Italian
    • StackZ: German and English
    • YoSoy: Spanish
  • Others
    • devkitPro, Fincs, Smealum, WinterMute: devkitARM, Libctru, Citro2D, and Citro3D.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.1.1


This is just a little update with a single bug fix, but it's a pretty important bug fix. For a while 7z extraction has just been randomly failing sometimes and we figured out it was due to the 2013 version of libarchive devkitPro provides, but we weren't exactly sure how to get the latest version working, we finally did so here's a little update.

The updated pkgbuild patches are at Epicpkmn11/pacman-packages, I would PR them to devkitPro's, but we're all banned so I can't. If anyone at devkitPro wants to upstream those changes please do. I will note though I have basically no idea what I'm doing when it comes to porting libraries, so please report any extraction problems and if upstreaming you may want to check if I did anything really dumb 😜

Apps that were known to be broken before but work now are:

  • open_agb_firm
  • OpenTitus (New 3DS versions)

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