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Luma3DS 10.2.1

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Luma3DS is a program to patch the system software of (New) Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles "on the fly", adding features (such as per-game language settings and debugging capabilities for developers) and removing restrictions enforced by Nintendo (such as the region lock). It also allows you to run unauthorized ("homebrew") content by removing signature checks. To use it, you will need a console capable of running homebrew software on the ARM9 processor.

Since Luma3DS v8.0, Luma3DS has its own in-game menu, triggerable by L+Down+Select

Que novedades incluye la versión 10.2.1


  • Fix system version 11.14 not booting
  • Allow out-of-region Download Play functionality (thanks @Pixel-Pop)
  • Fix a rare issue where the Rosalina Menu wouldn't be displayed during application launch (thanks @Nanquitas)
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience

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