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Wumiibo 3.0

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Amiibo Emulation for 3ds.

How To Use

  • Put the 0004013000004002 folder in luma/titles/
  • Download the amiibo you want to emulate from here. All this website does is produce a bin file with amiiboID in it, so the produced file can be shared freely!
  • Put the downloaded bins in sd:/wumiibo (Max 50)
  • Enable Title patching from luma menu
  • Open your game and reach to the screen where it tells you to place your amiibo.
  • Press L + DOWN + START to bring up Wumiibo Menu and select the amiibo you wish to emulate.
  • If everything went successfully, your amiibo should be emulated now.

Technical Details

This is a rewrite of the 3ds's nfc module to enable amiibo emulation.


  • @Luigoalma for advising me and for listening to my rants.
  • @HiddenRambings for noamii, which served as a base for me to extend and develop upon.
  • @3dbrew folks for the nicely documented nfc and amiibo pages.
  • @Socram8888 for amiitool, reversing nfc, etc.
  • @Luma3ds devs lots of code has been copied from rosalina
  • thomas, Marcus777, k9999, Mr.Faq, MissingNerd and many others who helped testing wumiibo
  • And surely many more people out there, whom I have forgotten to mention.

by hax0kartik.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0


  • Fix wumiibo not recognizing some amiibos correctly.
    • This was fixed by commit 069eff6. See issue #28 for more details.
  • All 47 games are now compatible with wumiibo.
    • With some games you still need to do the workaround for them to not freeze. Check the compatibilty list for such games.
  • File limit bumped to 400 per directory.
  • Introduce WumiiboHelper
    • WumiiboHelper is an easy to to use HB app. You can automatically download and install wumiibo from wumiibohelper.
    • WumiiboHelper has an option Generate amiibos for a game which can be used to produce compatible amiibos for a compatible game right from your 3ds!
    • Note: This app is not well tested, please open an issue if you encounter any error. Amiibos can also be generated manually by using this website:- https://hax0kartik.github.io/amiibo-generator/
  • Minor improvements have been made.

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