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TinyVNC 1.0.0

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A VNC viewer for Nintendo 3DS. With this homebrew software, you can connect to any computer running a VNC server, see the screen contents and control it with your 3DS.


  • Install CIA with FBI, run 3dsx from homebrew launcher (put 3dsx file in /3ds/vice3DS-C64 dir) or run 3ds from flash card.
  • Apart from this, a DSP-dump is required for sound to work correctly in the CIA version.


During first start, TinyVNC will write its config files to the SD card. You can customize the file /3ds/TinyVNC/keymap to customize button mappings. Preconfigured button mappings are:

  • A: a-key
  • B: b-key
  • X: x-key
  • Y: y-key
  • L, R: q, w-keys
  • ZL, ZR: 1, 2-keys
  • C-Pad: Cursor up, down, left, right
  • D-Pad: t, g, f, h-keys
  • C-Stick: i, k, j, l-keys
  • SELECT: Escape-key
  • START: Disconnect

The touch screen acts as a touchpad for mouse control (tap-to-click, double-tap-to-double-click, tap-and-drag)

by badda71.

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