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Haku33 3.3.0

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Perform a Hard Reset of the switch, and leave it as if it had just left the factory.

Use 90s DNS or delete all internet conections and turn off AirPlane mode.



  • In case you don't have a clean copy of the nand, clean it and start using all original or use emunand


  • It is advisable to make a backup before using it, since despite being well tested failures can occur
  • The premise is elimination. Can it be the lack of info that makes you get banned? so far the case has not occurred
  • True that it is not 100% safe but the people who have tested it have not yet been banned
  • If you have a clean backup of the Nand it is better that, and under no circumstances use this in switch IPatched
  • If your console is Banned there is nothing to do
  • This will completely clean your switch so you will lose everything


Keep in mind that this program will not UNBAN you, or will it make you immune to BAN. You will have a console as just out of the box, that's it. So you can go online as long as you keep the console clean of cfw.

  • It is a program that temporarily stops critical console services. So if it freezes, you should heed the warnings on the screen before asking for support.
  • In case off freeze press 15s the Power and try again.
  • I recommend always have a backup of the nand for security reasons.


  • devkitPro for the devkitA64 toolchain.
  • And special thanks to Rumba the retrogamer_74 dog

Known Bugs

  • Freezes in sxos if FTP is enabled
  • It froze if airplane mode was activated, fixed in 1.4

by StarDustCFW.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.3.0


  • add support to 12.0.0
  • code was updated to work with the latest tegraexplorer

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