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Ultimate Switch Hack Script 4.3.9

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This is a set of batch scripts that automate many things.


  • Installation of the drivers of mode RCM (driver "APX") and the mode libnx_USB_comms used by Tinfoil (driver "libnx_USB_comms") of the Switch.
  • Launching a payload via the RCM mode of the Switch. You can place the payloads in a "Payloads" folder located at the root of this script or choose a payload file via an explorer. Note that the RCM drivers for the Switch must be installed for this to work.
  • Management of a toolbox for launching software in stand-alone mode with the possibility of managing a list of personal software. It should be noted that the programs can be integrated into the "tools \ toolbox" folder of the script which allows to have a possibility of portability if desired. Finally, avoid modifying the configuration files of the toolbox by hand, prefer the script.
  • Launch of Linux via the RCM mode of the Switch (either with the official kernel, or via a patched kernel (thank you Krazer89 GBATemp and Killua Logic-sunrise for info) for SD not compatible with the official kernel), either with a kernel file selected via a file explorer. Note that the RCM drivers for the Switch must be installed for this to work.
  • Recovery of biskey thanks to the payload Biskeydump in the file "biskey.txt" which will be located at the root of the script (the biskey start at line 7 of the file). Note that the RCM drivers for the Switch must be installed for this to work.
  • Download / update binaries of Shofel2.
  • Check if a console is patched, maybe patched or unpatched (imperfect functionality, may give erroneous results, the database still needs adjustments).
  • Mount the Boot0, Boot1, EMMC or SD card partition as a USB storage device on the PC.
  • Dump / restore nand or partitions of the Rawnand, extraction of partition of a dump file of the Rawnand, obtaining info on the nand or on a dump file ...
  • Creation of update packages via ChoiDuJour with all parameters.
  • Downloading a firmware and preparing the SD with it for ChoiDuJourNX, the homebrew is also copied during this script. This script also allows you to optionally create the update package via ChoiDuJour in stride.
  • Preparation of an SD, formatting (FAT32 or EXFAT) to the implementation of different solutions, see the documentation for more information on the contents of the packs.
  • Launch of NSC_Builder translated into French by me. This script is useful for converting XCIs or NSPs into XCIs or NSPs. Files converted through this script are cleaned and rendered, in theory, undetectable by Nintendo, especially for NSPs. Finally, this script also makes it possible to create NSPs or XCIs containing the game, its updates and DLCs in a single file. For more info, see this page.
  • Reunification of the files of a dump of the nand carried out by Hekate or SX OS on a SD formatted in FAT32 or on an SD too small to accommodate the dump in one time in a file "rawnand.bin" which can then be reused for restore the nand.
  • Convert XCI files to NSP.
  • NSP installation via Goldleaf and the network.
  • Backup, restore and reset important files used by the script.
  • Checking the NSPs.
  • Converting a Zelda Breath Of The Wild backup from Wii U format to Switch or vice versa.
  • Retrieving the certificate from a console via the decrypted "PRODINFO.bin" file.
  • NSP installation via Goldleaf via USB.
  • Cut NSP or XCI to put them on an SD formatted FAT32.
  • Launch of the necessary to play online on the alternative network Switch-Lan-Play. A list of servers can also be created.
  • Creation and launch of a personal server for Switch-Lan-Play.

by Shadow256.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.3.9


  • Fix Update Manager again.

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