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Fluffy 2.9.1

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A one-dependency, feature-rich GUI for Tinfoil!


  • Show current NSP being installed.
  • Individual NSP selection.
  • Progress bar.
  • Switch connected indicator.
  • 5.x USB Fix (Thanks to satelliteseeker)

Instructions For Use

Install and Setup Zadig Driver (Windows 10)

  • Download Zadig.
  • With your Switch plugged in to your PC using a USB-C cable, open TinFoil(on your Switch). This will ensure your Switch is visible.
  • Open Zadig > Options > List All Devices.
  • In the scroll box above the button "Install Driver", tap the arrow until arriving at "libusbK".
  • Click "Install Driver"
  • Done!

Install Python and PyUSB

  • Fluffy requires ONLY the latest Python 3 and PyUSB.
  • Download and Install Python 3. Ensure no previous version of Python is installed. This may cause an error "PyUSB not found".
  • Open Terminal/CMD
  • Run "pip3 install pyusb"
  • MacOS users must also run "brew install libusb". For more info on brew, head to https://brew.sh/.

Install TinFoil

  • These steps apply for all custom firmware. This includes but not limited to: Kosmos, ReINX, SXOS, etc.
  • Download Recommended TinFoil
  • Copy and paste "TinFoil.nro" to a folder named "Switch"(create it if necessary) on the root of your SD card.



Complete beginner? No problem.

  • First follow the installation steps above for Zadig Driver, TinFoil, Python 3, and PyUSB. Done? Let's continue!
  • On your Switch running Custom Firmware open TinFoil > Title Management > USB Install NSP
  • Double-click on Fluffy.pyw to start it
  • Click "Open Folder" and browse to a folder where your NSPs are located then select "Open". A word of caution, try to select a folder with 3 or less NSPs. TinFoil is unable to parse large amounts of files.
  • If "Switch Detected!" is visible. Click "Send Header".

Troubleshooting Tips

PyUSB Not Found and I've followed all the steps!

Answer: Ensure no previous versions of Python are installed. If necessary, uninstall them. For example, if you have Python 3.6.6 and Python 3.7.2 installed at the same time Fluffy may throw this error.

What kind of cable does the Switch use?

Answer: USB type C cable.

Does Fluffy work on MacOS and Linux?

Answer: Absolutely! Python is cross-platform and so Fluffy should work on both operating systems.

Which Custom Firmware works best with Fluffy and TinFoil

Answer: All of them will work the same. That is up to you.

Still having problems? Consider making a bug report on this GitHub page to request assistance.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.9.1


What's New in 2.9.0:

  • Added: Goldleaf v0.6 Compatibility†‡§
  • Including all file-handling features.
  • Added: Goldleaf: File access security.
  • Default protections are in place to safe-guard users from a potentially compromised Goldleaf file.
  • Default: File operations such as file creation, deletion, renaming will result in a user-prompt(yes or no).
  • Default: Read-only access for all files.
  • Default: Read/write to non-NSP files are restricted.
  • All of these security restrictions are changeable in fluffy.conf.
  • Added: Windows Executable(.exe), should help many users that struggle to run Fluffy.
  • Added: About dialog with credit list, find your name there!
  • Fixed: Scaling issues with Fluffy logo on certain resolutions.
  • Fixed: Improved install aborting. Proper thread elimination.
  • Fixed: Improved multi-threading. All threads are now daemons.
  • Fixed: No more false error messages when canceling a task.
  • Fixed: usb.core.NoBackendError: Revert to Network Mode, stops crash.
  • Fixed: Dark Mode checkbox will remain checked despite being off in some scenarios.
  • Changed: Config and log files for linux users now stored in $HOME.fluffy folder.
  • Misc: Code overhaul. Significantly more object oriented. Improved logging and exception handling. So many changes. Such wow.

Changelog 2.9.1:

  • Fixed: MacOS: About menu not appearing.

Special note: This is the biggest release yet with 1.5k lines of code changed!

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